I just had to post this pretty word cloud, which I generated for Love My Dress, using Wordle!

Random Stuff ~ Love My Dress Word Cloud (Weddings )Wordle takes words from any website page/blog post and converts them into a word cloud. It's amazing! You can customise font type, colour, layout and all sorts Random Stuff ~ Love My Dress Word Cloud (Weddings )

The larger words above are those that are used with most frequency on the Love My Dress blog address that I keyed into Wordle (www.lovemydress.net).  I just love how 'Wedding', 'beautiful', 'love' and 'dress' are up there Random Stuff ~ Love My Dress Word Cloud (Weddings )

Get your own Wordle Word Cloud here….

Much love,

Annabel xXx

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Random Stuff ~ Love My Dress Word Cloud (Weddings )


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2 thoughts on Random Stuff ~ Love My Dress Word Cloud

  1. I love Wordle! I’ve used it within client proposals to express the feel and experience they would like for their wedding and in the colours they love too. I think they complement mood boards really well.
    I haven’t done one for the Cherry Topped website yet, so I shall do that! : )

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