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Good Monday morning my lovely and loyal readers – and welcome to new followers too :)

Usually, I'd open up the week with a beautiful wedding, but you're going to have to wait until this afternoon for the nuptials today, because this morning, I'm going to do things a little differently, for I am in the mood for a little 'DIY Bride' style'.  And when it comes to DIY Wedding Flowers, the delectable Miss Pickering  {Florist Extraordinaire} is one of the BEST in the business. 

Miss Pickering is going to tell us how to make Buttonholes like you see on Wedding Blogs.  You know, the ones the beautiful and creative wedded couples over at the likes of Style Me Pretty and Ruffled Blog have?

This is one to print off and keep safe in your wedding inspiration folder.   And so, without further ado, it's over to you  Miss Pickering 

"These Buttonholes are the laissez faire eclectic ones. The ones with the right colours and striped ribbon.  The ones they make in America.

These are so easy to make, and like I say about all elements of floristry. If you start with beautiful flowers and foliage, you can't go wrong...

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Miss Pickering

IMG_3423 IMG_3151



(1)  This is the time to plunder the garden foliage, sprigs of mint, rosemary, sage, seed heads, and berried foliage. These buttonholes need texture to work, your 3 wired leaves of ivy have no place here…"



(2)  Then you will need some flowers, anything you like, pretty things like a single head of spray rose, an anemone, and then mix in something a little more quirky. A scabiosa seed head, or the achingly cool crespidia – the bright yellow balls you see everywhere…


(3)  you will also need your ribbon jar, some string and some nice sharp scissors for ribbon cutting, and maybe a gin and tonic…


(4)  Then all you have to do is lay them all together, bearing in mind that they will pinned onto a body, so keeping the back flat, and building up, at the front.




(5)  Once you have achieved your design, tie with string at the very top. Not too tight that you snap any stems, but tight enough that they hold still.


(6)  I like the string, but finishing off with ribbon means you can raid your ribbon jar for the scraps. go mad, clash colours, use stripes, they can be all the same or all different.





(7)  The world is your oyster – repeat as required :)



Because they are not wired, you can make them the night before, and pop into very small vases to keep.

Do not attempt to make these on the morning of your wedding. On the morning of your wedding you must drink champagne.

That is the law.


♥   ♥  

Thank you so much Miss Pickering ! What a simple way to add a beautiful, hand-made DIY element to your wedding – and save yourself some pennies in the process! :)

Miss Pickering runs a Flower School for Brides and I'd urge any Bride to be to consider attending – take your Bridesmaids along and have some FUN! I am attending the School myself in August with my Mummy! Expect a pretty floral blog feature thereafter :)  For further information, email Miss Pickering on, or visit the Miss Pickering Flower Emporium websitePlease note that Miss Pickering is closed on a Monday, but all emails and voicemail messages will be responded to from tomorrow :)

Click here to read my interview with Miss Pickering.

Want to see more DIY features on Love My Dress? :)

Much love all :)

Annabel xXx

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20 thoughts on How To Make Buttonholes Like The Ones You See On Wedding Blogs…

  1. Really lovely post! Like all the colour combinations and what a great tutorial! Would love to attend the flower school one day, even though I’m not a bride))

  2. Love this so much and have printed off already!!! I get married in Spring next year so hopefully will be able to reproduce something quite similar to this! Going to get my bridesmaids to help me out. Brilliant post x

  3. Becca – you are a VERY lucky lady!!
    Dasha and Rachel – you have to some to the flower school! Doesn’t matter if you are a married or not :)
    Lyndsey, I’m so thrilled you have found this helpful – that is exactly the purpose of the post! ;)
    Much love all,
    Annabel xXx

  4. I love this! One of the most informative DIY posts I have seen in a long while! I would love to recreate these but I’m worried about having the time the day before the wedding :(
    Where would everyone suggest sourcing their flowers and foliage from? xxx

  5. I am an American florist who follows Miss P.,’s every move.
    I don’t believe we do them quite as pretty here…
    All American florists should take her course.
    It should be THE LAW.

  6. Hello All!
    Miss Pickering is having problems posting a comment on her PC (I’ve told her, she needs to get a MAC!).
    But here is her reply, via me :)
    “Thank you for your comments, blushing.
    Sourcing the flowers and foliage to make this sort of buttonhole is the key part. Start in the garden, the herb section.
    Think of scent, rosemary, mint are readily avaialble, even in pots from the supermarket.
    The flowers are probably best sourced from a florist, they tend to have more interesting blooms. A combination of a pretty rose, and something slightly more quirky works best.
    You don’t have to make them at all, email the link to your chief bridesmaid….or better still have the boys make their own. Such fun!”
    Via Mrs Beeforth, aka, Love My Dress ;)))

  7. I am extremely grateful for this post and also now that I know that drinking champagne on the morning on the wedding is law, I will go out of my way to make sure I dont break that one!!!
    Gorgeousness as per usual.x

  8. Oh brilliant Kelly! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)
    Hey, I had a whole case of vintage champagne stashed in my ‘getting ready’ room on my wedding day! Most of it was reserved for the evening, but boy, I had a tipple before the ceremony!!!
    Enjoy lady :)

  9. I do love this post! such sweet floral selections too!
    I couldn’t recommend more to brides to make your own DIY items for your wedding. It’s fun to try and when you look back at your photos as the years pass you’ll always remember you made a little something that just made your
    day feel more personal to you. I made something similar for the grooms men at our wedding. Though I made them from woolen pompoms tied with ribbons and sewed on buttons as a center point. They still look fab… (if I say so myself) lol. Thank you for posting this Annabel and Miss Pickering, always lovely to learn something new :)

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