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"When I create a wedding hairstyle, I look to create a certain magic…..
je fais des contes de fées amoureux.”

Severin Hubert, Hepburn Collection


I receive a lot of emails from Brides asking me if I can recommend a hair stylist for the wedding day, and usually, I always shave just one answer:  Yes I can…

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1940s hair style

You want to know who it is now don't you? :) Of course, I'm happy to tell you it is the wonderful French man that is Severin Hubert, who, via his company 'Hepburn Collection', offers a full suite of wedding day hair styling services with a touch of creative French flair.

Hepburn Collection was founded in 2006 and has since become one of the UK's most reputable wedding hair specialists.

That's Severin and I below at Love My Dress Summer Soiree last month – he is one of a very small number of people I would trust completely to style my hair for a very important event. And he is certainly the only person I know out there who can work a fabulous marcel wave and 20's inspired finger curl look…. 

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I have worked with Severin several times infact and he is amazing to be around; calm, focussed and with a great sense of humour – which is brilliant to get you through those nervous moments…


Severin {that's him below} and Hepburn Collection' are based just outside of London in Surrey but travel throughout the UK and internationally.  Just to emphasise this, this means that it doesn't matter where you are located, Severin can come to you to style your hair on your wedding day. And Severin's fees are very reasonable too!


"My starting years were at college and from there I gained experience working in a salon close to my home town in Blois, France. It was here that I had my first taste of dressing hair…our evenings were spent practicing on endless dolly heads!"

The image below is from 'The Big Fat Bloggers Photoshoot', where Severin styled my hair beautifully with a 1930's inspired marcel wave

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Devlin Photos 


 "I was entered into competitions for my artistic work but unfortunately I became tired and frustrated at not being able to get my hands on the real thing…a woman's head! I had been invited to a show in Paris to see the maestro of hair, Jean-Pierre Cazaus and it was here that I became truly inspired, the man was a genius and I wanted to be like him.

I pestered him into hiring me as his junior so that I could watch and learn – he was my vision for the future…"

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Severin also styled my hair for my recent PR shoot with Polly Alexandre.  I was very nervous about this shoot, but the experience of preparing for the shoot with Sev really put me at ease…

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Annabel-35 Annabel-23

Me Annabel-32

"From Paris to London I travelled with a one way ticket. I was still driven by dressing hair and with sheer determination I quickly became involved in the world of session work in the music and fashion industry…."

The images below is taken from 'A Sneak Peek – Behind The Scenes at the 'Big Fat UK Wedding Bloggers Photoshoot' with Luellas Boudoir'

Love My Dress Wedding Blog, Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Amy Bartlam for Devlin Photos


"Here I was on my own and was allowed to express myself to another level but I wanted something more…a connection with the person. A fellow hairdresser and friend who dressed the hair of brides only encouraged me to follow in the same footsteps and Hepburn Collection was born!"

Louise Selby gown collections Copyright Emmy 1

Hepburn Collection prices very much depend on the number of people in the bridal party, though Severin can create bespoke packages for all of clients, depending on their needs and the location of the wedding. To give you an idea of the type of packages available, click here.

Marianne Taylor

I asked Severin if he could talk me through one of his favourite hair styles…

"There is one that has a very special place in my heart, not just because of the style but because it was the first time that I fully understood what I wanted Hepburn Collection to represent. For us it's not just about creating a hair style on a head. It's about the woman, who she is and what she represents. Her wedding day is one of the biggest days of her life and it's not just the dress that's important, it's the hair, makeup, the "whole" look.

So when I met our bride-to-be, she and her dress designer, Stephen Hanks, had very specific ideas on what they wanted for the hair creation. There was a lot going on with the hair accessories such as flowers and this wonderful black fabric belt encrusted with rhinestones. It was my job to find a way of incorporating them into the hair.  The three of us sat down and set to work. The process was long as this wonderful belt was not the easiest to place in the hair. But the finished look of the bride in her dress complete with hair and makeup was stunning.

"I suppose what I'm trying to say is it's not just about saying, "Hi, I'm the hairdresser" and here we go. There is a story behind every bride's hair that I create. There is a process, a design, a special relationship…it's about the whole experience and bringing it all together. Therefore my favourite hairstyles I have are all of them because it's purely about the bride on her special day…"

Peter Dyer

I was curious to know what Sev sees as the latest wedding hair trends…

"Ballerina buns are hugely popular right now. The beauty of this style is there are so many variations from relaxed, soft and romantic to structured – all can be achieved depending on what the bride is looking for…"

Images below from the 'Be Beautiful Photoshoot'

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Nobu Yamaguchi, Sponsored by Milkshake Hair Products
Hair: Severin Hubert
, Make-up: Lucy Baker, Dresses: Tobi Hannah {top} + Matthew Williamson


"Brides are still asking for braids and I think this will continue for a while longer. Braids are fabulous for romantic, garden style weddings or for that beautiful beach setting.

Of course the other trend is the recent look of Kate Middleton – the long natural curls left either down or like Kate, half-up, half down. Pippa's style is also one that is being asked for a lot…would you believe by the bridesmaids!"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Funky Photographers

 That's Blogger Elizabeth from Bridal Musings above, {who I was with last Friday evening in London, lovely lady she be!}

So what about any advice for Brides to get their hair in the best condition possible in the run up to their wedding?

"To make sure your hair is in tip top condition, first take off any unsightly ends that may be splitting. Once you have had your trial with your hairdresser, do not change your style as this could alter the look for your wedding day. If in any doubt ask the stylist who is creating your hair for your wedding day when you should have a trim. 

With regards to colouring, we strongly recommend against deciding on a completely different shade just before the big day as you may not like it. For regrowth/highlights – about 10 to 14 days before is ideal. 

To condition the hair, treat yourself to a deep penetrating conditioner. You may have to spend a little more but it will be worth it. For pure indulgence treat yourself to a course of treatments at a salon."


And some more hair styles created by Severin, you can see more of these via the Summer Soiree pages…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – All Photography on this page, Copyright (c) 2011, Katy Lunsford



LMDSoiree_-179 LMDSoiree_-185 LMDSoiree_-194

Huge thanks Severin for sharing some of your time and expertise with my readers.  For further information on Hepburn Collection, visit  I cannot recommend the services of this company highly enough :)

You can see other feaures on this blog that feature hair styled by Severin here:-

  Sev at work on the Summer Soiree film + The Love My Dress Summer Soiree – Part 1
♥  The Be Beautiful Shoot + Behind the scenes video interview with Severin
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  Behind The Scenes at the 'Big Fat UK Wedding Bloggers Photoshoot'


♥    ♥    ♥

I'd love some feedback on this post.  What kind of hair style are you considering for your big day, what is your inspiration. Are you an up/down or half 'n' half girl.  Will you be wearing a headpiece on your big day?

Much love all,

Annabel xXx

ps – did I tell you I've just had my hair dyed really dark brown? ;)

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15 thoughts on An Interview With Top UK Wedding Hair Stylist, Severin Hubert of ‘Hepburn Collection’…

  1. Hi Roz and Sev *Waves*
    Mum and I met Sev at the Designer Wedding Fair and Mum and I LOVED him. Super charming and he make you feel amazing, exactly the type of people you want around you on W-Day morning. We’re getting married oop North and Sev and Roz really do travel, and are reasonably priced. I didn’t believe it either because he is SO amazing and complete wedding royalty, but it’s true.
    If you do not book this man you are an idiot.
    Cannot wait to have Sev sort my hair for the big day. It’s going to be AMAZING.

  2. I have met the man and see him do his magic and is so so lovely to have around! I can only stress how important I think it is to get a great hairdresser AND make-up artist for your wedding day. Some brides spend a lot of money on their dress but then the overall look doesn’t work because of the hair and make-up! Think of how wonderful it will be to have someone make you look a million dollars and then have pictures to look back on forever! Can I also through in a recommendation if you live in Scotland! Leigh Ferguson is the most incredible hairdresser and I can not recommend her enough! X

  3. Yay! I’m honoured to be included in this fab post celebrating the amazing talents of Sev {and the lovely Roz} of Hepburn Collection.
    I can’t recommend Hepburn Collection enough ~ I agree with Becca, Sev is ‘complete wedding royalty’ but the wonderful thing is he treats each and every bride like a princess.
    He put me completely at ease by really listening to what I wanted and worked with me to create the style that I had envisioned for my wedding day. My hair has never looked so gorgeous! xx

  4. Love this post, I really NEED a Sev in my life, to just once have my hair in a proper Rita Heyworth style wave. I’ve tried to do it myself and it looks ok-ish, I tried a hairdresser who proceeded to crimp my hair onto oblivion (at the LMD soiree no less – cry!).
    Now as I’m not a bride-to-be, I just need some form of fancy do or night-out so I can enlist The Hepburn Collection to turn me into a glamourpuss…hmmmm!
    Oh and Annabel, stop teasing and show us a proper picture of your new do.

  5. Michelle, I didn’t recognise Annabel when I saw her on Friday – SO embarassing. It was only when she went “it’s ME” that I was like “oh holy crap”.
    It’s like not recognising Posh Spice or something.

  6. My wedding is in February 2012 and it is 1920’s inspired. My hair now is long, and the plan is to get it bobbed for the big day, but I’m not sure whether I will cut it all off now or closer to the wedding. Right now, I’ve been looking at Love My Dress and also checking out You Tube videos from the 1920’s. I’m really looking forward to the second season premiere of Boardwalk Empire in a couple of weeks (I’m in the USA.) and also to the premiere of the new Ken Burns series about Prohibition, which starts on PBS over here in October, not sure when/if you will get it in the UK.
    I’m not doing a veil or elaborate headpiece, really just a band with a nice beaded design on it. My hair is rather insistently straight and averse to being curled, so I’m struggling with the decision to make the effort to have it curly or wavy, versus accepting its natural preference. The trouble is, so many 20’s hairstyles took advantage of curling irons and perms that there aren’t too many straight styles I love, And I don’t have the face for a Louise Brooks bob. . . tried that as a teenager and ended up with hair extensions to mitigate the damage, lol.

  7. It was the most amazing coincidence that I found Severin. I live in Texas, and we were planning our wedding at Highclere Castle, when I met another Texas bride who was getting married in the UK as well. She gave me Sev’s name, and the rest is history. He and Roz created a stunning style for me, I was astounded with the upfront work, planning and creative process. So fun, I didn’t want it to ‘end.’ But on our wedding day, he surprised me even more with his sheer talent of turning my bridesmaids into utter movie stars. I think their husbands fell in love with them all over again as they emerged for the ceremony. Severin and Roz are fantastic, I consider myself VERY lucky to have found them!!

  8. I love how he made the brides into classic Hollywood icons. If I was a bride and Severin was my stylist, he may be able to turn me into Audrey Hepburn. I’d have a wedding motif with a 50s setting. =)

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