As I embarked on planning my wedding, it never occurred to me the myriad of decisions I'd have to make.  Favours or no favours? What kind of stationery? Colour of the Bridemaids dresses? Type of flowers? Food to serve? What to do for the children?  How many canapes? The list goes on and on and on.  What I was surprised at was how easy it was for me to make these decisions.  I pretty much knew what I wanted from the get-go in every aspect of my wedding.  Call me naturally wedding obsessed What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk ) The decisions came easy, that is, except for one.  The music.

During the wedding planning process, I loved having a good nosy on the wedding forums and reading all about other people's plans.  I especially loved to read about the song choices of other Brides to be, when it came to their first dance.  This is the part where I, or should I say 'we' came a bit unstuck.  I remember googling everything 'first dance ideas', 'first dance track choices', 'ideas for your first dance song', blah blah blah.  The thing was, I kept reading Brides mentioning how they would be dancing to 'our song' – you know, that special track that means something to you and your beloved.  Only problem was, we didn't really have an 'our song' and for a little while, that made me feel a bit like I wasn't member of the the cool club, like I was missing some small but vital little ingredient in my life that should have been there to qualify me as a legitimate Bride to be.

After discussing this with my then Fiance, I soon realised that it didn't matter if we didn't have an 'our song'.  What we did have was a mutual fondness of many musicians, bands, albums and individual tracks alike.  I hadn't stopped to think about this before until now.  Infact, our shared likeness was so vast that the prospect of trying to identify a single 'our song' became quite daunting.

In the end, it must have taken us a week or so of sampling a million tracks on iTunes to find a track we felt would make a good first dance track for us. We tried them all, the soppy romantic ballads, old skool, disco, contemporary, classical.

In the end, for us, we went with a track that lyrically summed up in a very simplistic way how we imagined we would feel on our wedding day.  And for us, that was 'Our Day Will Come' by Jamie Cullum.

It wasn't an earth shattering song.  It didn't massively pull at my heart strings or anything, it was just a fun track whose lyrics represented something a little bit lovely…

Here are the lyrics…

"Our day will come, and we'll have everything
We'll share the joy, falling in love can bring
No one can tell me
that I'm too young to know
Cause I love you so, and you love me, love me

Our day will come, if we just wait a while
No tears for us, think love and wear a smile
And our dreams are meant to be, because we'll always stay
In love this way, our day will come

Our day will come, if we just wait a while
And no tears for us, think love and wear a smile
And our dreams are meant to be, because we'll always stay
In love this way, Our day, our day, oh day, will come…"


And if I'm completely honest, it was less of a first dance, more like a first 'shuffle'.  With a 3 year hold  human being sandwiched firmly in between us…

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What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk ) What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk )

Of course, if you even choose to do a first dance {and you don't have to!} the song choice is a very personal one, but I thought it would make a fun discussion post for me to ask you, 'what was, or is your first dance track, and why?'

And maybe in so doing, we can inspire other readers without an 'our song' too What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk )

Let's get some chit-chat going this morning – I look forward to your responses What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk )

Much Friday morning love all – oh, and you might want to pop back by at 10am. I have THE most stonkingly fabulous wedding to share with you right then! What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk )

Annabel xXx

ps – under no circumstances what so ever are you to feel any shame for not having an 'our song'…..!  What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk )

pps – have your say on other discussion posts on Love My Dress here.

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What Was/Is Your 'First Dance' Soundtrack, And Why? (Wedding Talk )


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60 thoughts on What Was/Is Your ‘First Dance’ Soundtrack, And Why?

  1. Well ours was a bit of a disaster, but everyone loved it! We (like you!) spent the whole six months of our wedding planning trying to decide. We are big music fans and my husband has two left feet…the night before the wedding we excitedly settled for ‘Anyone Else But You’ by Moldy Peaches. The actual wedding was v laid back and we didn’t actually donoyr dance first. But when we decided it was time, everyone gathered round as the band plugged in my iPod. Nothing. It was broken!! So they asked us what we would like to play….But they’d already played a lot of our songs in their set. I said “Argh Anything!!” Everyone was waiting, but my husband was calm and happy. The two guitars began to play Im Yours by Jason Mraz. Not a song we ever would have chosen but SO glad they did! It was perfect to swing my fifties style dress to, the words were gorgeous and our guests even asked if we’d had dance lessons! In the end the song chose us…(and our photographer Jodie Chapman captured it perfectly!).Happy memories.

  2. We also didn’t have a song, mainly because we had a slightly whirlwind wedding and haft known eachother all that long :)
    I’d set my heart on an oldie but my then fiancé wanted modern. Of course, I won!
    We had my best friend, a classically trained singer with the most amazon voice sing for us.
    I’d chosen Come Rain or Come Shine, the Bette Midler version. Ww had 6 weeks of dance lessons and a beautiful foxtrot routine to do. On the day unfortunately, my dress wasn’t taken up enough at the back and we ended up just being able to twirl around. Shame but still my favourite part of the evening. Xx

  3. We didn’t have an ‘our’ song either, and spent hours listening to everything from the Beatles to Snow Patrol. In the end we found an acapella band on YouTube who were willing to create a piano remix of Bruno Mars ‘Just the Way You Are’ especially for us!! We surprised our guests with foxtrot and then a traditional Afrikaans sokkie (a type of swing dance) at the end! I still get shivers everytime I hear the song played :) xx

  4. Ah, currently a hot topic of debate for us! Music has played such a big part in our lives together- gigs, festivals, mix tapes/CDs- and there are so many songs that are meaningful to us. Some of these we’ll incorporate throughout the day (during ceremony, recessional etc.), but for the first dance we’ve settled on a classic with a twist. ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ (Frankie Valli/Andy Williams) but sung by Muse! When the electric guitars kick in I think there might be some raised eyebrows, but I can’t wait to go mad on the dancefloor with my boy :)

  5. I agree, it can be a daunting task to choose a first dance song. More important, I think that it should be kept brief on the day. If it is too long, I feel that it drains too much energy from a wedding that is in full flow, especially if you choose a ballad. We covered a wedding a few years ago and they wanted the band to play Feeling Hot Hot Hot, this had lots of energy. At another wedding, they started with Always and Forever by Heatwave, this was fine for the first verse and chorus, but they dragged it out and no one applauded.

  6. We had so many “songs” throughout the day, all of which are personal to us but our first dance was a song I loved that we’ve since connected as one of our “songs”, Etta James, At Last. At the time it wasn’t one of the big first dance songs (otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen it!) and I love what they lyrics say about finally finding the person to spend the rest of your life with. Whenever I hear that stringed intro my heart flutters!

  7. Well, looks like there are more of us without an ‘our song’ than you’d imagine!
    We ummed and ahed for so long and finally after much awkward swaying around the living room to various tracks, a week before the wedding, decided on ‘To Be With You’, by Mr Big, which went down a treat!
    I gave the DJ strict instructions to ask everyone to join us after the first verse as I’m not really one for being in the middle of things with people looking at me for too long, and it stopped people from getting bored half way through!

  8. We are keeping our song a secret so *shhhhhh* keep it on the low but we are having God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. It was a song the boy suggested a long time ago, before the ring touched my finger, he mused that would be a lovely first dance song and he had a little glint in his eye when he said this looking at me. I feel like it might have been one of the times he realised really wanted us to be married :)

  9. Morning folks! It’s good to wake up to some great feedback from ya’ll ;)
    Lel – we had way too many songs we liked too, so the Hubby created two CD’s full of tracks to being played from people immediately sitting down to eat their meal, through to when we did speeches and just beyond. We heard the music go on and couldn’t hear at first – the sound didn’t rise above the general chit-chat and noise in the room, so I waved our wedding venue co-ordinator over and asked her to subtly turn it up. Two mins later we could her it. I don’t think our guests were that tuned in to it, they were too busy enjoying their food/getting to know each other/catching up with old friends – but we could hear it, and each and every track had been selected especially for us – it was a kind of ‘squeeze our hands together tight under the table because *WE* know why this track is on right now’ kind of thing. It was lovely :) We still have the CD’s, they are crudely marked with a black open ‘wedding meal 1’ and ‘wedding meal 2’ but they mean the world to me :)

  10. We spent hours discussing this one! Music is a big thing for both us, so all of the music on our day has been picked because of its meaning to us as a couple or its meaning as a song. ‘Our’ song, whenever played makes me smile, when it comes on the radio I turn to my husband to be and smile, I come over all gooey and emotional. It is ‘Mountains’ by Biffy Clyro. We thought this might not go down well with our guests as a first dance song due it not being slow and having a great drum and guitar presence. So we looked about some more and found some alternatives but none of them gave us that same gooey feeling. So we went back to our original choice and decided ‘to heck with it!’. Now when I hear it I picture us swaying to it on our wedding day, adding a new meaning and a new memory to the song for us.

  11. Our song choice (thankfully) was simple, it was a song I sung to hubby when we first met to calm him down, he was drunkily upset (bless) when he lost the keys to his new flat. We always said if we got married it would be our first dance song, and it was.
    Better Together by Jack Johnson

  12. We don’t have an ‘our song’ but we do have an ‘our film’ which determined the cake toppers. This was the first wedding decision we made within seconds of being engaged. So it only felt natural for us to take a song from the movie. The film in question is WALL-E and our first dance will be to La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong.

  13. My husband used to be a DJ but we grew up on the same music vibes and have musical favs in common, albeit my taste is slightly softer. We had a couple of songs that just came to us in the run up to our wedding… Green Eyes by Coldplay and Be Mine by David Grey… we lost ourselves completely to both of these as our evening ‘do’ got underway. They make me tingle still… might pop them on tonight, thanks for the reminder!

  14. Sorry, but I’m in the our song group. We’re having Iris by the Goo Goo dolls. It has always been our song (I’m not really sure where it came from but it stuck). We toyed with Micheal Buble’s Everything (the boy can’t dance) or Adele’s version of Make you feel my love. But in the end we came back to Iris.

  15. My husband is a terrible dancer, and as much as he likes to think he’s got moves, he hasn’t, he’s more akin to David Brent… so for that reason, we knew we weren’t ever going to dance to something slow and soppy that required any form of coordination. Plus any kind of public display of affection/smooching for extended periods makes us both coil up and cringe!
    With that in mind, the only option was to do a comedy dance. As I’m half Chinese and we had asian influences in the decor, we choreographed (in the loosest sense) a routine to the song Chinese Children by Devendra Banhart. It was a song that he had sent to me when we first got together, so it did have a special connection to us both, but it never occurred to me to use that as a first dance song! No one had heard of it and we had great fun making up silly moves, but we were massively worried that no one would get it or laugh! Thankfully everyone found it hilarious and it was one of the highlights of the day.
    My brother uploaded the video to youtube and if you type in the right keywords you’ll probably find it (there’s no other first dances to that song up there surprisingly!) but I’m too embarrassed to share the link! ;)

  16. I married a man who’s favourite two songs are ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’ by PJ and Duncan and ‘Can;t touch this’ by MC Hammer so I was at somewhat of a disadvantage when it came to choosing…
    We, too, made several play lists with some main stream choices and some older classics. We wanted something that wasn’t screamingly current (yeah, like the boy would know!) but also something that we *might* just hear on the radio as we approach our dotage and we could instantly be transported back to that moment.
    In the end we went for ‘My baby just cares for me’ by Nina Simone. Upbeat, makes you smile and easy to bop to. Spinning around with my new husband was one of my favourite moments of the wedding – and captured some of my favourite photos too.

  17. We were kind of the same in that M and I both share many of the same music tastes, but we just couldn’t find something that was right for our first dance. The one thing we knew was that we wanted to have a jazz band, but despite contacting loads of bands I didn’t get around to booking anything for ages. Then, one night, we were in the kitchen and were listening to a US jazz radio station when a lovely song came on, one that we’d never heard before. M turned to me and said “this is beautiful. This should be our first dance…” The next day, I was looking at the website of one of our potential bands, and what was on the top of their playlist? The song we’d heard the previous night – All The Things You Are. It felt like fate. :) It’s a beautiful song, rather old fashioned, and the lyrics are just right. It still stirs up a lot of emotion today when I hear it.
    Here’s the great Ella Fitzgerald singing it:

  18. I am struggling not to litter your comments with capital letters shouting “Don’t bother with a first dance, it’s absolutely archaic and painfully embarrassing and not worth the energy you’ll consume thinking about it!”
    Needless to say we had an awkward shuffle rather than a dance. We chose ‘Memories are Made of this’ because I don’t think you can find a lyrically more apt song for a wedding. We chose the Jonny Cash version because we both love the man in black.
    And then we cringed internally as we shuffled round the dancefloor with all of our friends and family trying to look emotional but actually looking a bit bored because they a) didn’t know the track and b) could probably tell we wanted to die.
    It’s still a fantastic song, though I think I’ll always regret not throwing caution to the wind and choosing the Arctic Monkeys’ version of ‘Love Machine’…

  19. Cloggins – hehehe!! SO TRUE!!!!
    I was dead set against a first dance at first, I really didn’t want to do one. Then we went to meet with our venue and the manager/co-ordinator was very old fashioned and talked us through what we’d need to do on the day, the various stages of the schedule and in her mind the first dance was a bit part of it. I remember us both sat there silently nodding in acceptance, not really speaking up. Now I look back and wonder why? I have learned so much about weddings and ‘having your day your way’ but even 2 and half years ago when we tied the knot attitudes were much different.
    I’m glad we did it though, it’s just another part of the day we can reflect on fondly, mostly giggling about it because it was silly really – not being a dance at all, just an attempt to adhere to tradition, a bad attempt at that,but it was still part of our day ;)

  20. Oh we’ve gone round and round in circles with this one! I say that this IS the song but I bet it isn’t. We were going to dance to Brighter than sunshine by Aqualung but I just got really nervous and said I can’t do a slowy it’s just not us. So then we thought Crazy in Love by Beyonce because it was actually the first song we danced to in a club when we first met (oh I hope it doesn’t get mentioned in his speech). But the club was an indie club believe it or not and when we were a fully fledged couple we always loved dancing to Jet Are you going to be my girl? and that is the song :)

  21. Ours was not an ‘our song’ either. I (yes me the groom) spent weeks looking through our iTunes and giving Kelly suggestions and disliking them for one reason or another until I played K-Ci & Jo-Jo and then we both knew that it was the track we wanted.
    It went beutifully dancing to it on the beach of our St Lucia wedding as the sun went down behind the horizon.
    Here is the youtube link to it

  22. I still have no idea what we are going to dance to OR how we are going to dance.
    Even before the engagement I always wanted to do something abit up tempo, and I’ll be honest, I really wanted to do something with a few moves thrown in.
    The Mr isnt so keen and would rather a little shuffle and then get everyone on the floor. (I have written a little bit about dance decisions here:
    Some of the songs that have been thrown about include:
    You do something to me – Paul Weller
    English Rose – Paul Weller/The Jam
    ANYTHING BY MJ (boy disagrees strongly on this though so I might have to give up on that)
    As – Stevie Wonder
    Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
    Mouldy Peaches
    The Mr thinks the following would be ‘funny’
    Paradise by the dashboard lights – Meatloaf
    You can go your own way – Fleetwood Mac
    (see the lyrics of both)
    We both love Dylan (well he got me into Dylan) but there isnt one song that feels ‘right’
    Prince – I would die for u OR little red corvette
    I could go on….

  23. We had some songs we just loved and were dancing around the house when they were coming in the playlist, so we simply chose one of those. It ended up being “You do something to me”, sang by Ella Fitzgerald (simply because it was the best version; we had the Sinead O’Connor version in the playlist first). It was beautiful, easy to dance to and pretty much our idea of a romantic song.
    the link:

  24. Ours is much the same story! Lots of great songs that we like…..but some with lyrics we really couldn’t use for a first dance song!! In the end we choose the upbeat Paolo Nutini, Candy. Our band who didn’t normally do that in there set, learnt the song and played it for us. Because the song was quite upbeat we move around the dance floor alot and by the second chorus our guests couldnt wait so joined in-It was perfect!!

  25. Hey all… Thought Id pop in my 10 pennies on this. Im a total muso (having played piano since i was 11 and now drums for 11years) so the first song choice was for me all about the lyrics and the meanings.
    My wife isnt that much into music and ‘our song’ wasnt instantly obvious. But i had loads of ideas and finally we settled on ‘Its a mans world’ by James Brown as of course it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl. So true.
    It was a great track and we had a shuffle and really a big emotional cuddle for 3mins or so!
    More recently, my band had to learn Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi as the first song for my sisters wedding. My sister was adamant on a rock ballad and that was the one we settled on.
    10 pennies well spent ;)

  26. Jade Lisa – I’ve just watched it!! Hilarious!
    Until about 3 weeks ago we were going to have Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ but then it got released and so everyone will know it now so I’m not sure :S Thought it would be a fun one that everyone could get up and dance to!! I was gutted when it first came on the radio. Never mind – hopefully it’s not going to be a massive hit (sorry, Bruno!) and everyone will forget about it again before the wedding!

  27. We couldn’t decide on anything for ages – I wanted it to be a song that meant something to us, and I cared a lot about the lyrics. For example we decided against Absolute Beginners by David Bowie because I didn’t like the line about “I’ve nothing much to give.” It was nearly The Wild Ones by Suede as that’s quite a meaningful song for us, and we also considered Rule The World by Take That (Stardust was the first film we ever watched together).
    Then he texted me one night while away for work saying he’d thought of a first dance song: Annie’s Song by John Denver. I wasn’t keen because I’d never heard the song and wanted a song that was meaningful to us. Just listen to it, he said. So I did. And bawled my eyes out! I couldn’t believe he’d picked something so romantic – and with my name in it, though I’m mildly paranoid people will think I’ve chosen it out of some kind of arrogance because of the title!

  28. We’re still thinking about the song we want for our February 2012 wedding, but we’re spending more time right now thinking about songs that we want to use for the soundtrack to the wedding video. It’s important for us to do that because my fiance’s parents won’t be able to go to the wedding, so this will be their experience of it. As we are planning a (roughly) 1930’s wedding, I’ve been poring over jazz standards and other period music I have on my iPod. . . and wondering whether Love My Dress is going to have any features on period music in the near future. ;)

  29. We were yet another couple without an ‘our song’ so we spent weeks in the run up to the wedding listening to our ipod on shuffle, searching for inspiration. Then one day, a song came on that neither of us had heard before or even realised we had in our music library. We both looked at each other and knew that it was the right song.
    It was The Beautiful South’s cover of You’re The One That I Want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.
    We took lessons for a choreographed twirly, waltzy type of dance that had a modern twist and we loved every second of it.

  30. Oh I’m so happy to hear that others also don’t have any special song. Indeed I too felt a bit less worthy bride to be. The songs that we do have special memories too are more silly driving songs or party songs so not anything even to consider. We spent a lot of time planning the music for the cermony so the first dance got a bit overlooked and in the end we decided to go with a movie soundtrack, just as someone else posted. The song was Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and since the two of us can’t dance, nor practiced even once, we stumbled around awkardly, laughing all the way through it. But atleast it looks good on the photos : ).

  31. Another one without an ‘our song’ here! No date as yet either so I’ve got lots of time to think on this one. I love your choice though but then I am more about lyrics than I am about the music so I would want a song that would actually mean something to my lyrically, saying the words that I want to say myself.
    By the way, I love Lel’s song choice. Actually one of my favourites is Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ also sung by Muse!

  32. we still cannot decide which song to go for as i have notoriously cheesey taste in music and would probably choose a mcfly song if i could but at the moment the front runner is ub40s baby i love your way. its my favourite part of wedding planning picking the music, just need to pick the aisle song as well now. Grow old with you from the wedding singer is a contender x

  33. hahaha Ruth, well done on finding it!! It cracks me up, though I am mortified in equal measure! I LOVE that Bruno Mars song – I’d love to see a wedding party dancing down the aisle to it, it’s so uplifting and happy! I think you should go for it, even better if people know it, then they will want to get up and dance to it too! :) xx

  34. We did in fact bicker over our first dance, feeling a mild amount of pressure to produce something cool and impressive was ever present. I wanted Billie Holiday ‘The Very Thought Of You’ because I’ve loved it since I was about 12 yrs old, but it’s never had anything to do with our relationship so it seemed unfair. Mr A offered ‘It Must Be Love’ by Madness, but this was vetoed for the same reasons. Then we were watching some youtube videos and stumbled across Barack and Michelle’s first dance as Pres and First Lady….At Last. We both almost cried watching it (sssssh). So for as often as I could manage before the wedding I would play the Etta James version and find Mr A for a smooch. We made it our song. Behavioural conditioning….romantic in a round about way. Seems like loads of ppl are having is as their song now, I don’t blame them – it’s spectacular.

  35. My boyfriend plays in a wedding band. The first dance choices are always interesting ranging from the usual ballads to obscure folk bands & even the Jungle Book’s ‘King of the Swingers’!
    For our wedding we want two songs as both bands mean a lot to us. Paramore’s ‘The Only Exception’ & Florence’s ‘You Got the Love’. Dont care if none of our guests ‘get it’ every word will be for my husband (to be) :-)

  36. Hi Guys!
    Sorry, been out all afternoon with the children :)
    Paul! I love that track! ;)))
    WeddingCampter {that’s man number TWO to comment on this post, yay!} – FAB choice, I so adore that track, James Brown at his absolute finest!
    Jade Lisa – LOVE LOVE Devandra – and I jus tsaw your video – heheheheheeeeeee!!! ;))
    I’m still swooning over Etta James’ ‘At Last’, long may it reign a popular first dance track :)
    Big love all and thanks for dropping by to leave a few words.
    Hope you’re all having a good Friday evening.
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  37. Hi Annabel,
    We are one of those lucky couples who didn’t have to think twice about our choice of first dance song. When we began dating as 18 year olds we used to spend all night sitting in my husbands Metro listening to a green cassette tape of Beatles songs and there was no question that When I’m Sixty-Four would be THE song. In those days we used to sing “when I’m twenty-four” and now it’s “when I’m thirty-four” and I’m sure that one day we’ll be singing “when I’m one-hundred-and-four”!
    I’ve really enjoyed hearing everyone’s choices of songs, what a great discussion! X

  38. We don’t have a ‘song’. Music is massively important in our lives and we’ve chosen the music for the ceremony. Thing is, my fiancé hates dancing. Hates it. Seeing as he’s a Scott we’ll be having a ceilidh at our wedding. And he loves a good ceilidh. So, I think our first dance will actually be a Scottish dance of some sort. We do Scottish dancing together every week, so we can pick a nice dance and practise our moves!

  39. Ahhhh we have been thinking about this (even though we have been engaged less than a week!) and we can’t decide! Though my man has very little musical ‘taste’ as such, though I am a big muso myself. We have considered You do something to me- Weller, Stay with you- John Legend and more so Last of the Ladies by the Courteeners- my personal fav. No one will know it, but it was one of the first gigs I took/dragged him to!

  40. We’re a little geeky and quirky, so much as I loved lots of love songs (“She” by Elvis Costello was one we were on the verge of using), we wanted something a bit different. So we ended up with a song from the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called “Under Your Spell”. I think we had ONE guest who recognised it, but it was so very us!

  41. CassiefairyTutu, Femke, Laura Harris and Kat Forsyth – thanks for your comment ladies!
    Kat, It’s been a long whilst since I listened to any Elvis Costello – LOVE him!
    Laura, I LOVE that song Ordinary People by John Legend – is that the one you meant?

  42. No, its called Stay With You, lyrics are very lovely, about how ‘I will stay with you through the ups and the downs…when the dark clouds arrive, I will stay by your side…’ Google it if you have a minute (which from reading your personal blog, I doubt it, but we all have time for lovely songs sometimes right?!) x

  43. Ah, this brings back fab memories from almost 5 months ago. We originally settled for Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love. The lyrics are just beautiful and we’re both big Cohen fans. But then we practiced dancing to it – impossible! They song is almost too personal and intimate. So what did we do?
    Went to the totally opposite end of the scale! We had Marc Bolan & T Rex I Love to Boogie. Perfect for getting everyone up and dancing and perfect for us as we went dancing for our first date and both like a bit of a boogie. Another plus is it’s just a couple of minutes long and we didn’t really practice at all – just clicked our fingers and had a bit of a giggle ;) xx

  44. Cathy – GREAT choice, I was listening to that very track sang by Cohen only 2 Sundays ago! Love love love it, he has such a moody, sensuous voice.
    I love to Boogie – love love love it too! Reminds me of that scene where it plays in Billy Elliot {adore that film ;)}

  45. for those of you struggling to chose between old and new, we had ‘Baby I’m yours’ by Arctic Monkeys. New band, old sounding tune and meant the world to both of us as we’ve been to see the arctics together several times.

  46. We were terribly conventional and ended up with Ellie Goulding’s version of Our Song. It’s a lovely song, and we both get the warm fuzzies whenever we hear it now, but I now wish we’d stuck with our original choice which was Johnny Cash’s Hurt. Not the most “wedding-y” song, but we both love it, and I do wish we’d stuck with it.

  47. Its always hard deciding on your first dance, we had Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell at our wedding in Las Vagas a special request to the piano player in the bar we went to after the chapel. I play in a wedding band myself and every week we have new first dances to learn and there are some really great choices out there from Johnny Cash’s version of “first time ever… I saw your face” to “Rainbow connection” by Kermit the Frog. Most popular this year so far has been “Chasing cars” by Snow Patrol and “Make you feel my love” the Adele cover of the fantastic Bob Dylan song.

  48. My fiancé and I are having a 1940’s/50’s themed wedding, as we both adore that era.. it’s part of our lives, not just a theme for our wedding.
    We knew straight away we wanted a first dance because we’re so traditional, and were going to go with something very lovey-dovey and emotional like ‘Love Me Tender’ or ‘Earth Angel’. After much discussion however, we decided we wanted to go with something more upbeat so we can just sing and dance and shout about how much we love each other for our first dance, so we’re going with our joint favourite song ever- “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by Dean Martin :D
    I am so excited to dance with my beloved to this song it’s making me cry right now :’)

  49. We didn’t want a first dance (in fact didn’t really have an evening “do” just a follow on from the day time, where we had music playing and people chatting and drinking) but our photographers forced us into it. We’d been joking about our first dance for our whole engagement and in the end when the photographers were so adamant that we would regret it if we didn’t do it (Not true, I’m still not bothered that we did it!) we chose “Happy to be Stuck With You” by Huey Lewis and the News. It was obviously tongue in cheek, but suited our goofy personalities.

  50. we are having ‘earth angel’ by the penguins – we always said we would from when we used to sit and watch back to the future togther :-) its going straight into ‘johnny b goode’ so we can have a lil air guitar and get everyone up on the floor :-) xxx

  51. I am a wedding singer and often sing the first dance. I think the most requested song is Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. Although this year I think the most popular song for me has been Always and forever by Luther Vandross. Often the Bride and groom are very nervous about the first dance but it doesn’t have to be so stressful and choreographed. Think of it as a symbol of your marriage. All your guests enjoy this moment as it is the first time you dance together as husband and wife, let them take their pictures and tell your friends and family to join in halfway thought the song to break the ice.

  52. We danced to a combination of Moon River by Andy Williams, which was formal and short. Our next song was I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and we invited all our guests onto the dance floor, it was wonderful to see everyone dancing together, plus it got everyone on the dance floor for the rest of the evening!

  53. Our first dance is going to be to “The Only One” by The Black Keys. It’s honestly not what I would’ve picked, but way before we got engaged my now-fiancé played it to me saying it makes him think of me and that he would want our first dance to be to that if we got married. How can I say no to that?

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