Good morning my lovely people and happy 1st of December to you!  It's an exciting morning over here at Love My Dress H.Q, for I'm doing something I absolutely love to do – giving goodies away!  With a little help from my friends that is, over at Glitzy Secrets. And what girl doesn't love a sparkly bit of goodness in thier life?

For the uninitiated amongst us, Glitzy Secrets is a fabulous online bridal accessory store, where you will find all manner of wedding day glamour, from winkling necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings, hair combs, pins way way more.  To celebrate the launch of their brand spanking new website, the Glitzy team have partnered with Love My Dress to bring you 'Sparkle Week' {ta-daaaa!} and as part of Sparkle Week, all Love My Dress readers are being offered a super sparkling 25% discount off all purchase!  This offer is available for one week only as of today.  And just to make it even better, the first 20 Sparkle Week orders will receive a Glitzy Angel Brooch.  How incredibly kind! Thank you, you Glitzy lot!

To redeem your exclusive 25% discount, simply place your order online at Glitzy Secrets by 8th December and enter "SPARKLEWEEK" in the voucher box at checkout.  Go go go ladies!!

Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... ()

That's a pretty generous offer if I do say so myself, but just to reassure you of this generosity, Gitzy Secrets are also giving one of my readers the opportunity to win £150 worth of gift vouchers to spend online at  Glitzy Secrets

In addition to this, you have the opportunity to win yourself a £150 voucher to spend at Glitzy Secrets, purely by answering the following question {leaving your answer in the comments box below – or here on the Glitzy Secrets website} – and yes, this competition is open to ALL my readers, Brides to be or newlyweds!


Tell us your dream Christmas dinner guest/s, past or present, and why
they would be joining you at the table?

Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... ()

Now wait a moment – before you hop on over to the Glitzy Secrets website, let's just look briefly at some of the new features that you an expect:- 

♥   Slideshows of top trends, offers & features…
♥  Hover over your favourite pieces to see how they look on a model… 
  Shop quicker & easier by filtering your category to view only the colours & prices you want to see…

Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... ()

  New Gift category showcasing top gift ideas for Brides, Bridesmaids, Sisters, Mums & Grandmothers
♥  Share your favourite pieces with your friends by using new Share buttons (Like, Tweet & Google +1)

Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... () 

♥  A new bridal gallery featuring many new brides who sparkled in Glitzy Secrets on their special day.   Click on each Glitzy Secrets Bride to see what they had to say about their jewels and find exactly which jewels they wore to ‘Steal Their Style’…

Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... () 

I love Glitzy Secrets. It's been such a pleasure liaising with them over this promotion.  They are a team genuinely passionate about what they do and they absolutely love weddings! My kind of people. 

So there we have it; a £150 Glitzy Secrets shopping voucher up for grabs as well as the opportunity to save 25% over the next week.  I wouldn't be wasting any time if I were you! Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... () By the way, Glitzy Secrets can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

In the meantime, don't forget my lovelies, who would be your dream Christmas dinner guest/s, past or present, and why would they be joining you at the table?  Get your answers down below please and this time next week I'll let you now which one of you can look forward to receiving a £150 gift voucher! Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... ()

Happy sparkly shopping everyone {remember you have until 8 December only!} and all the very best of good luck entering this competition too! Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... ()

Much love all,

Annabel xXx

 ps – Glitzy Secrets Advent Calendar starts today! Go and open a window to be in with a chance towin a Glitzy Secrets ‘piece’ every day between now and Christmas… 

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Glitzy Secrets 'Sparkle Week' ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win... ()


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29 thoughts on Glitzy Secrets ‘Sparkle Week’ ~ 25% Discount For All Readers + £150 Voucher To Win…

  1. So much sparkle!! For Christmas dinner I would invite, Bruce Forsythe (to top the bad jokes in the crackers!), Stephen Fry (for a lot of comedy and intellegent conversation), Audrey Tatu (because I am in love with Amelie, and have a mega girl crush), and Jamie Oliver (in case my cooking went horribly wrong and to make sure everyone ate their sprouts). Finally, ALL my family would be there, as I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I’d like to!

  2. my dream Xmas dinner guests : my hubby big family and my big family on one table like at the palace :D they are so care and love me, hope can serve special dish for them:)

  3. All of my fabulous family and in laws, I love being surrounded by family it makes Christmas so
    much more magical.
    But most of all I would love for my fiancé to be here for dinner as he’s working away in Japan for six months and won’t make it back this Christmas. Soppy I know but id much rather have them all here than somebody else! :-)

  4. My little brother. He died earlier this year under really terrible circumstances and I really miss him. He would have loved to be at my wedding in a few weeks, but since he won’t make it, I would love to have him back for just one more Christmas dinner – to laugh with him, tell him all about my day, and let him know how much I love him.

  5. Rachel A – oh my word my love, I am so very very sorry to hear this :( God I’m going to find my Husband right now to give him a bit squeeze!
    You will have an amazing wedding day – your Brother will be there in spirit with you, absolutely no doubt. Please drop me a line once you are married, I would so love to hear from you and see the photos.
    Sending you lots and lots of love,
    Annabel xXx

  6. My dear Father. He died 3 years ago to Cancer very suddenly and to have one more minute with him would be so magical. To have one more hug and hear his voice one more time. Christmas is a very joyful time but also for many the hardest time of the year. You truly miss those special people in your life who can no longer be with you. I get married on 29th December so this year is going to be feelings of pure happiness and joy mixed with tears and sadness that my dad, such a Special person, can not be with us to share this extra special time.
    Love to all of you who this christmas will be missing that special someone.

  7. I would love to entertain Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy for being a sophisticated, musical genius; Morecombe and Wise for their humour and ridiculousness; my nephews for bringing the sunshine into my life and Father Christmas ^_^

  8. Wow! This is fantastic! Just bought my jewellery for the big day! Thank you so much for this Glitzy Secrets and Annabel! :)
    For my dream Christmas dinner I would love to invite ALL my family and extended family and my other half’s family as it’s so hard to get everyone together with most of my family being in Wales and everyone else going off in different directions to spend Christmas with different people.
    The only time we will all be together is at the wedding, but if I had the space and money I would get everyone together for a HUGE family Christmas!
    If it was a ‘fantasy’ dinner type thing I would invite all the old movie starts I love so that I could steal their style tips for the wedding – like Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Deborah Kerr, Lauren Bacall….Humphry Bogart, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Fred Astair! This winter weather is making me stay in and watch old movies – How to Marry a Millionaire, High Society, Casablanca, An Affair to Remember….I just Love ’em! Need to get some Hollywood Glamour into my big day! :)

  9. This is just too exciting – I’m having a pretty party at my computer!
    Ok, so I’d have David Attenborough – I love, love, LOVE frozen planet and I’d love a bit of “frosting” from Glitzy Secrets ;), Audrey Hepburn – she was the epitome of style and didn’t mind a bit of G.L.A.M.O.U.R! I’d also have Tori Amos – amazing voice, and a strong, confident woman to boot! I’d need Dave Lamb (the narrator of “Come Dine With Me”) to provide the laughs, and my lovely fiance…because if I’m cooking I need someone to do the dishes, and it’d be rude to ask the others! Hehe x

  10. Who to choose….mmmm.. Marie Antoinette (with her head on!)for decadent style, Marilyn, Rita and Audrey for Hollywood glamour, my family, my wonderful boyfriend, Ron Burgundy and the Anchorman crew for humour and finally my cats – who love a Xmas dinner.

  11. I would have to invite my idol “Marilyn Monroe” we would try every item on and sing “Glitzy Secrets are a girls best friend” with a lush red pout and a glitzy wiggle XxX

  12. Both myself and my fiance are in awe of Nelson Mandela so I think he would be my/our dream guest. He’s such a living legend and someone that I really aspire to. I’d ask him a few questions about his life – but seeing as it would be Christmas and I wouldn’t want to make everyone sad, I’d mainly like to tell bad jokes to hear his brilliant laugh and get him to join in with some badly sung carols! My mum was lucky enough to meet him about 20 years ago (well, she does work at a school named after him in Birmingham!) and he said he was a real a real gentleman with a cheeky smile!

    Ok, so I was joking, but you’d be more than welcome :D
    No in all seriousness I think I would have to have my family and closest friends, the people i spent the most time with and I have the most love and respect for but never get to spend enough time with, the ones that make me smile when I am down and giggle hysterically when I’m up. The ones who are there for me through rain and shine. They would be my ideal guests.
    And maybe Jamie Oliver too if he was cooking, he seems like quite a nice chap.

  14. my lovely nan who’s 92 just because she’s lovely, my beautiful old ponies past and present as they have all been my best friends and seen me through the smiles and tears, Salvador Dali as Im constantly amazed by his artwork and love his profound quotes. Norman Wisdom to thank him for the giggles and Sid Vicious to thank him for my previous teenage angst! Not to mention my gorgeous fiance who has already been there through the good times and the bad and still loves me when i come home smelling of horse poo :0)

  15. its out first christmas without my beloved grandad this year. he died in february and was a massive part of my life. last christmas was spent going back and forth to the hospital/hospice and it was heartbreaking watching him go from a larger than life character to a man ravaged by cancer. he had proper family values and always made sure the family spent as much time together as possible. christmas dinner was always a massive occasion filled with laughter, good food and good company. what id give to hear him tell one of his jokes again. i miss him loads

  16. I would love to surprise my beautiful mum on Christmas day and have her brother there. Because he very suddenly died this year and she misses him so much and didn’t get the chance to say goodbye.I would also have to extend the invite to my mother in law as that would be the best present i could hope to give my wonderful

  17. This is an easy choice… Charlie (aged 4) and Hannah (aged 2), my niece and nephew who live in Australia. So no fine dining or topical debate on the menu! Fish fingers, ice-cream and a Ben 10 / Tinkerbell theme. And as many cuddles as I can squeeze in!! Perfect! x

  18. For Xmas dinner I would ask Jane Austen – because if her intelligent, funny and witty books are anything to go buy she would be a great conversationalist over dinner.
    I’d ask Colin Firth, as it would make my mum’s year and it’d be interesting to see whether Jane thinks he her Mr Darcy.
    I’d ask Ellie Goulding to provide some after dinner entertainment and I’d have Mary Berry there to provide lots of lovely tea time sweet treats!
    Plus, all my family there at the same time for once!

  19. First things first, I only have four dining chairs. Well, three chairs and a stool. (My fiance ‘walked into’ the other chair and ‘it broke’.) So with that in mind I can’t invite all and sundry. Obviously I’d have to be there and it’s tradition that my fiance is around to massacre the turkey/drop it on the floor/knock a wine glass over over me. So that gives me two seats to fill.
    The first of these would have to go to the person that brought my fiance and I together. Because he doesn’t know. And before we get married it would be a good idea to tell him. That man is England Cricket Captain, Andrew Strauss. For whatever reason my fiance (a man unknown to me at the time) thought it would be a good idea to ‘pretend to be’ Strauss on Twitter and for whatever reason I liked what he had to say. Obviously I was disappointed when he turned out not to be Strauss, but I liked him enough to – some twelve months later – agree to be his wife.
    My second choice is slightly trickier. Do I go for the lawyer in the knowledge that my fiance might need one come dessert time or do I go for someone like Johnny Depp to keep me in good conversation and wine while my fiance is washing the dishes? Actually, that’s not tricky at all.

  20. Wow amazing!
    As to who I’d have over… Patrick Stewart. I’m a geek and loved him in Star Trek and as Professor Xavier in X-men. Also his voice.. oh I love it! I choose to ignore his age and just enjoy his voice.

  21. My dream dinner party guests would be: Vivienne Westwood, because she seems fun, creative minds are always interesting, and I think she’d have some controversial opinions on hot topics (especially wedding-talk – which is my favourite kind of talk). Also I’d have Freud, (alive obviously, it would involve some time travel on his part I know) because I’d love to hear him apply his theories to us modern lady-folk (and I think he and Viv would clash spectacularly!) I’d invite Liz Hurley, just so that I could listen to her voice all evening because (I say this as a straight woman) it is OH-SO-SEXY! And she’s also my number 1 bridal crush from her wedding to Arun Nayar (excusing the fact that they’re now divorced!) and last but not least, I would invite my Nan – good ol’ Mavis – and my late Grandad (Douglas) – because I truly believe that they would be able to share with all of us the true secret to a happy and successful marriage and who doesn’t want to hear a lovely story over dinner?

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