How many of you brides to be are planning on having your wedding filmed? And if so, have you thought about the option of a super-8mm movie?

If that means nothing to you, then I'd like to introduce to a gentleman today who can explain all.  The mighty Mark W. Brown, super-8mm movie film maker extraordinaire.

Mark W. Brown is brilliant. There. I've said it.

There's no hiding the fact I just adore the work this man produces, and having met Mark in person for the very first time only a couple of weeks ago, I can safely he is an absolute joy to be around.  We not only had a good old giggle and catchup about what's happening in the wedding industry right now, but talked passionately about what Mark knows how to do best – make beautiful wedding films using his trusty bit of super-8mm kit.  I realise it might sound a bit cheesy – but it's true – Mark is the kind of man you want around on your wedding day; with a comforting smile and cheery disposition to help alleviate those wedding-day nerves and get you on your way for looking actually, rather marvellous in your own movie!

The man with a movie camera himself, Mark W. Brown

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Britt Spring

A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films )

Several of Mark's gorgeous vintage inspired movies have featured on Love My Dress prior to today but today I'd like to share some of Mark's very favourite films with you. 

All movies on this page were produced by Mark W. Brown himself…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Film Production and Direction Copyright (c) 2011, Mark W. Brown

Mark, can you explain what super 8 is to a complete novice?
With pleasure! Super-8mm is a film format widely used around the 1960ʼs/70ʼs before video reared its mighty head. Unlike video, that (nowadays) records the footage electronically onto a memory card, Super 8 prints the footage onto a roll of film, creating a wonderfully unique and timeless image.

Why do you think Super 8 has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last couple of years?
Because itʼs beautiful. Itʼs timeless, itʼs authentic, itʼs cool… and itʼs different. I think a lot of couples are rediscovering this format, they comment on how it brought back memories of their childhood, their parents and grandparents. They are almost reacquainting themselves with film like a long lost relative…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Marianne Taylor

A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films )

Beyond the immediate beauty and grace of Super 8 it offers a more “organic” alternative to wedding videos, youʼre inviting an artist not a videographer, thereʼs subtlety to this format, it allows the day to go undisturbed which in my view creates a genuine film, a halfway between a wedding and a fairy tale. 

What drew you to super 8?
I have always been in love with Super 8 ever since I was a child playing around with my fatherʼs and grandfatherʼs cameras. I was attracted to the camera, the antique look of them and their mechanics, the rolls of film, the sound it made, the development, the final premiere, the history!

I started rediscovering Super 8 through West Coast wedding filmmakers and was absolutely hooked. My first Super 8 wedding was my sister’s… And it was love at first shoot…

A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films )

Nowadays it is the opportunity to say something through my work, to show people that wedding films donʼt need to be the same as everyone elseʼs… They can be fun! Super 8 allows me to blend in, go unnoticed, and that really creates an intimacy of the day… The laughs, the eye contact, the holding hands, the love that radiates from the screen… Itʼs all real, spontaneous, Super 8 allows me to be unobtrusive and I love it for that!

How do you pick the music for your films?
I looove music, film and music go hand in hand. I’m really into Californian artists as they complement my West Coast style, like JJ Heller, Rosi Golan and Brandi Carlile. They have such amazing voices, and pair beautifully with Super 8. I’m always on the look out for new artists and I usually have a song in mind during the wedding … I’ll hum it quietly to myself whilst I’m filming. But for the longer film version I let the couples choose their all time favourite songs.

Is it important to have a film of your wedding?
ABSOLUTELY! For the couple there is almost too much to take in and they simply forget about the finer detail, those intimate glances, the way their eyes light up when they first see each other, the loving whispers, the way the wind rustles through the trees as they take a private walk… Super 8 captures this perfectly, in ways photography cannot, and without it these important little moments are gone forever. Every married couple I have met that chose not to get a film of their wedding have regretted it… so donʼt be worried, just do it and treasure it.

How would you describe your Signature style?
Iʼve worked at styling my films in the vein of West Coast reportage, but I like to think Iʼve also snuck in a little London edge. Cosmopolitan Magazine recently called my work a spectacular spectacle… So maybe thereʼs more to it these days. Iʼll let the audience decide.

Where are you located and how far do you travel?
I am based in London. Most of my films are shot in the UK and Europe, but I am starting to travel further afield for destination shoots such as the USA and Hong Kong. Lucky me!

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Britt Spring

A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films )

Lucky you indeed Mark A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films ) …. and thank you for sharing this ever-so-helpful little insight into the world of super-8mm movies with my readers.

So readers, what do you think to this film format?  Did you have a super-8mm movie of your own made, or, will you be looking into having one created for your wedding day?

I'd love your feedback A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films )

For more information about Mark and the services he provides, visit the Mark W. Brown website.  You can also follow Mark on Facebook, Twitter and view more of his films on Vimeo.

You can see more from Mark W Brown on Love My Dress here, and also browse through many more video blogs here.

Much love all,


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A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown... (Films )


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26 thoughts on A Guide to Super-8mm Wedding Films, by Mark W Brown…

  1. Ohhh this just made me so sad.
    I really wanted Mark to film our wedding, but he’s already booked on our date and no one else really compares!!
    So have decided not to have a videographer at all…*going to sulk now*

  2. Hi Nina – I do believe Mark’s fee is fixed yes, £1,500 per wedding {is that right Mark?} But worth every single penny if you ask me…
    Thanks for your sweet words already my lovlies.
    Amy – I am so so sorry Mark isn’t available on your big day!! Have you asked him if he can recommend anyone else? *crosses fingers!!*

  3. i’ve never been so moved by a wedding video as i was by these, i was in tears. they are just beautiful. Mark has a wonderful talent.

  4. oh my god!!!!! ive wondered if this exists for years!!!!! I love Super8!!!
    I havent even looked at the footage yet i am SO excited!! And so glad im not married yet ;) hehehe
    going to have a nosey now ………

  5. Might have to book Mark before im even engaged!! ;)
    And i really love the fact there is no sound too – hate the sound of my voice!
    This could be big times for Mark what with the release of the silent film!
    Love love love! and im so jealous i didnt think of it! ;)
    Great work Mark!!!

  6. I’m just starting out doing this myself and hope to be as good as Mark one day. There’s not many of us out there. Lots of people using vintage filters on digital films but I think there’s nothing like the real thing.x

  7. overwhelmed doesnt even cover it. me and my fiance were talking about this type of video the other day and toyed with the idea of buying a camera ourselves and here he is on my fav blog!! im stunned we were both in awe of the beautiful images he chooses to portray in the films. i’m also now thinking how i can stretch my budget! i need him in my life!!! x

  8. Mark, it’s always such a pleasure to feature your work on Love My Dress, and you are just fab to work with too. Did I mention you are also quite fun to hang out with to? ;)
    I think we need another excuse to drink champagne and giggle at silly things :)
    Thanks ALL of you for leaving Mark these lovely comments :)
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  9. This is absolutely fantastic, so refreshing from the usual wedding stuff you see. I am another one revising the budget for this! So pleased you posted this, another couple of weeks and I’d have all spent up on something else but determined to put money aside for a super 8 film now, thank you Annabel!

  10. Lovely 3 minute films, but how does the longer version look like, is the ceremony filmed on super 8?. I see Mark’s packages include a short and long version, is the longer version as well filmed as the 3 minute version? £1500 is a lot of mony for a cool looking 3 minute video!

  11. Mark filmed our wedding…. We’re the first film featured on this entry.
    I can honestly say Mark is a hero, he was a joy to have around and I wanted him to stay as party with us in the evening as he made us so relaxed.
    The footage is beautiful, my mum is a photographer and ‘pro film’ so it was the only option for us and so glad we did it.
    If you can book this fella! You won’t regret it now or in ten years when you have an amazing memory on film of your special day.

  12. Oh my goodness, these are divine. I really must stop looking at your blog whilst waiting to collect the children. The mascara smudges aren’t an attractive look at the school gates. Xxx

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