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Oh my! Every once in a while a photoshoot comes along that is so utterly jam packed with gorgeous inspiration, but this one has kind of blown me away!

Anyone looking for wedding day floral inspiration need look no further, this photoshoot captures a huge variety of styles, looks and colours and I am completely in love with every single bouquet and boutonniere – creations of the wonderful Sophie from I Heart Flowers {who I am slightly obsessed with!}.

This photoshoot was an attempt to showcase the glamour and elegance of the 1930s alongside the vibrant and feminine styles of the 1950s.  The creative team behind this project chose the gorgeous art-deco backdrop that is 'The House for an Art Lover'; designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, his venue reflects the resplendence of beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and perfectly suited the themes of glamour, elegance and feminity that drove this creative team.  Florist Sophie from I Heart Flowers told me…

Love My Dress, Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Zoe Campbell Photography + Struve Photography + Mack Photography

red wedding dress, red weddinb bouquet 

"Our shoot was a collaboration between a team of emerging and established wedding industry creatives from across Scotland and England.   Over the course of several months, we worked closely to devise ideas and themes for the shoot which would allow all members of the team enough room to explore and develop the various ideas and themes in different ways. 

Our dress designer-maker, our jewellery and accessory designer-maker, our florist, stationer and make-up artist all worked in meticulous conjunction with each other. They finalised colour palettes, narrowed down styles and picked out details from each other's work to elaborate on…"

Beautiful black birdcage veil below. Me love…

Black birdcage veil 

"Our finishing touches were provided by our hair stylist, and in the form of suits for our male models, a vintage car and a gramophone. The beautiful venue that we found echoed many of the ideas and themes of the shoot.

One of our aims for the whole shoot was to show how different the same photo shoot could look through the eyes of different photographers. To this end the shoot features the work of three photographers, each with their own, individual style.

We all worked together really closely to make sure that everything co-ordinated, came together and looked beautiful. It was such an exciting project- a first shoot for many of us. We enjoyed creating the images and we hope you enjoy looking over them too. Feast your eyes on all the gorgeous vintage details!"



"As it was raining on the day of the shoot we took the opportunity to spend most of the time inside the House itself. This allowed the photographers to incorporate many of the unique details of Mackintosh's design into their work: the beautiful piano in the music room; the panelling; the doorways; the windows; and the light fittings.

Our beautiful hand made dresses were designed and made by Flossy and Dossy, and were complimented by stunning jewellery and head pieces designed and made for the shoot by Gioia Mia. Our handsome male models wore sharp custom made suits from the wonderfully helpful people at A Suit That Fits.

We added sumptuous, colourful flowers by I Heart Flowers, lovely bespoke stationery by Caroline Hill Wedding Stationery and the splendid antique gramophone and records provided by Butler and Taylor…"

NOV_ZCP  132 NOV_ZCP  369


Sophie from I Heart Flowers told me…

"There were a lot of colours and details to take into consideration with the various beautiful dresses and head pieces on the shoot, so I designed a different bouquet to compliment each different look. I used as many unusual varieties and interesting colour combinations of flowers as I could, as I wanted to show how much choice there is other than the flowers most commonly used at weddings…"

NOV_ZCP  150 NOV_ZCP  266



From bright reds, to burnt oranges, fuschias, teals, deep purples and pretty shades of blue, this shoot is a rainbow extravaganza of inspiration….

"I chose unusual "green eye" roses, and large, open roses with a beautiful scent, and teamed them with seasonal ranunculus, anemones, amaryllis and black viburnum berries. I wanted to give my designs a quirky feel, so I included scabious pods, cotton, and clematis in some of the designs, and added in classics like carnations in bright colours for texture and scent. The bouquets and buttonholes were finished off with seeded eucalyptus, my favorite foliage of all time!"

NOV_ZCP  207 NOV_ZCP  226

NOV_ZCP  019

Dress designer Wendy of Flossy and Dossy spoke about their involvement with this shoot and how she turns to the 1930s and 1950s for inspiration when designing…

"As a designer of vintage-inspired frocks and bridal wear, I'm always actively seeking inspiration from iconic sources. The long and elegant lines of the 1930s, the fun femininity of the 1950s, using these themes to create dresses that are graceful and understated, but also individual. 

By working with a talented team of professionals on this photo shoot, it presented the opportunity to design gowns not only influenced by the elegant setting – cut and fabric intended to compliment the backdrop  – but also to demonstrate how all of these elements accentuate the radiance of each and every bride on her special occasion…"

Who says you need to wear white on your wedding day?

NOV_ZCP  159

NOV_ZCP  160 NOV_ZCP  175


…and with the prettiest boutonnieres/buttonholes to inspire your Grooms look!

NOV_ZCP  246

But of course this shoot wasn't just about flowers, it was about bringing a whole creative team together to join forces and create something beautiful, and of course that included some very lovely dresses.  Supplied by

NOV_ZCP  328 NOV_ZCP  162





Nov_SP_065 NOV_ZCP  050


I love the accessories used on this shoot, they have a really very distinct look that I've not seen elsewhere and were designed by Gioia Mia…..

"My label, Gioia Mia, specialises in making bespoke jewellery and accessories. For the shoot I designed and made all the jewellery and accessories worn by the models.

My starting point (and the way I always work) was to draw inspiration from the dresses that Wendy of Flossy and Dossy was designing and making. We met up one afternoon, very early on in the whole process, to discuss the designs she was planning to make, look at fabric swatches and look through some books of historical and vintage costume.

Wendy's designs were quite linear and architectural. I felt instinctively that the accessories for these dresses needed to be very essential in form, so I chose simple, pared down shapes. Wendy's dresses were also extremely graceful and feminine, so the simple, pared down shapes needed to be softened and tempered in some way. I decided to embellish my pieces with rhinestone, with Swarovski crystals and pearls, with veiling, paper flowers and with gemstones…"



Photographer Zoe Campbell told me…

"This was such a fantastic opportunity to work with wonderfully talented and inspirational industry professionals, to see their thought processes and work together from concept to final product. Everyone involved worked hard to make this come together and the level of care and attention to detail really was astounding. 

Working in such a beautiful, romantic venue created an elegant ambience to the shoot which really helped gel everything together. Inspired by this the images came naturally, creating their own unique story…"

NOV_ZCP  094


Kristin Mitchell of Struve Photography told me…

"I was really struck by how the outfits and accessories that the team created were so evocative of the glamour era of the silver screen. I love telling stories with my photographs, and I wanted to use this shoot as an opportunity to create images that felt like movie stills, to complement the work of the team.

This shoot was a fantastic opportunity to work with an incredible team of wedding creatives. What really stood out though was the camaraderie, the positive and vibrant atmosphere was thoroughly exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside two great photographers – it was fantastic to discover how we could all see the same things, and came away with different images…"

NOV_ZCP  256

NOV_ZCP  262

Nov_SP_039 Nov_SP_051


NOV_ZCP  217

NOV_ZCP  210 NOV_ZCP  205


The gorgeous vintage Beauford Classic Tourer from Nuvo Limousines gave a very luxurious feel to the outside shots, enhancing the vintage feel of the shoot….






Wedding Stationer Caroline Hill told me about designing bespoke stationery for the shoot…

"As a wedding stationery designer I supplied the stationery for the shoot, I wanted to give inspiration and to show that the stationery can be linked to the whole wedding styling such as dress, venue, flowers etc.  I began researching the fashion and style of the 1930s and the 1950s, which were the eras I knew the whole shoot wanted to portray.

The 1930s are thought of as glamorous and sensuous, so I tried to depict the elegance in the invitations. For the 1950s influence invitations I used vintage style typewriter keys and a quirky red 50s telephone. I wanted to show the pretty retro styling of this time.  The colours were matched to the Flossy and Dossy dress colours which were to be featured in the shoot. I wanted to use the same palette to co-ordinate well with the whole image…"

NOV_ZCP  351 NOV_ZCP  349


NOV_ZCP  154





Lindsey of Mack Photography said…

"My approach all photo shoots is to create the best composition and enhance any theme or style that is part of the shoot. I drew upon my architectural background and for our styled shoot as the is important part of our design and architecture history. This provided a fantastic setting to show off our dresses, jewellery and accessories. It was important to me to compose elegant images of the model within the stunning surroundings whilst highlighting the elegant, delicate detailing of the clothing and jewellery…"


NOV_ZCP  382

NOV_ZCP  156

NOV_ZCP  367 NOV_ZCP  372

NOV_ZCP  187



Nov_SP_052 Nov_SP_067


Nov_SP_061 NOV_ZCP  338

NOV_ZCP  330

NOV_ZCP  347

NOV_ZCP  343 NOV_ZCP  342

This shoot has made me smile no end this afternoon. I just adore it.  Huge thanks to the whole creative team for providing such wonderful imagery for my readers to enjoy.

I'd love to know what you think to this wonderful collection of inspiring images folks – anything jumping out to you and making you think 'I want that!!'? What about those lovely dresses – beautiful options for something 'non-white' and in colour. 

Some folk are saying the 'vintage' look is on it's way out. I say they're talking rubbish. It's all a case of semantics in my opinion – people are using the words retro more than vintage these days and if that suits them better, so be it; brides will always love looking to the past for inspiration for their modern-day wedding.

Did you know you can explore lots more yummy art deco, 1930s, 1950s and bridal photoshoot inspiration here? :) Well you can! I've a whole two and a half years of gorgeous wedding blog inspiration archived for your enjoyment.   Use the drop down menus at the top of this page to enjoy and if you can't find what you're looking for, using the search bar.

Much love,





Photography – Zoe Campbell Photography + Struve Photography + Mack Photography
Venue – House for an Art Lover, Glasgow
Dress Designer-Maker – Flossy and Dossy
Flowers – I Heart Flowers
Jewellery and Accessories – Gioia Mia
Stationery – Caroline Hill Wedding Stationery
Make-up Artist – Sophie Edwards
Hair Stylist -  London Ross
Menswear – A Suit That Fits
Car – Nuvo Limousines
Gramophone – Butler and Taylor
Models – Emily Morton, Caeley Elcock, Jamie Hillen and Omar Zingaro Bhatia

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31 thoughts on Art Nouveau 1930s Meet Vibrant 1950s ~ A Floral Fancy Delight At The House For An Art Lover…

  1. This whole shoot is filled to the brim with such beautiful colours and exquisite style. I’m in love. Having previously attended a beautiful family wedding at The House For An Art Lover, it’s also bought back some wonderful memories for me today Xx

  2. Oooh, I just LOVE that red dress with the black headpiece and the ochre one too. Sigh. Wish they were on the Flossy and Dossy website…

  3. @Rachel A – it’s mine too! This has totally brightened up my afternoon – I’d forgotten how gorgeous it is :)
    Thanks for featuring this Annabel! x

  4. I love, love, love House for An Art Lover and ever since visiting it have had a dream of re-newing our wedding vows there. Shame my husband doesn’t see the need for re-newing vows. Maybe an anniversary party then?! Love the red dress look!

  5. Love this shoot, House for an Art Lover was my wedding venue 10 years ago! Fantastic work by everyone involved, especially the lovely pieces by Sonia at Gioia Mia. The vibrant colours have certainly cheered me up on this rainy day. Thanks for sharing Annabel x

  6. Hi everyone!
    I’m so absolutely delighted you love this shoot, I was so thrilled when the submission landed in my inbox – it’s a real honour that the creative team chose Love My Dress to showcase their fabulous work!
    *Carms – I comletely agree, I was sent so many photographs and it was difficult for me to whittle them down to a ‘bloggable number’ – I really struggled!
    *RachelA – send me details! I’d love to know more about your wedding at The House for Art Lovers!
    *Zoe – thanks for your comment lovely :)
    *Amanda – red wedding dress and black birdcage veil – slightly awesome no? :)
    *Lynsey – I need to know about your wedding too!! Will see if I can find some more images of the venue to feature for you :)
    *Rhona – you have made an excellent choice with your florist! I ADORE Sophie’s work, I totally forgot to add a link above to where her work has featured elsewhere on Love My Dress, but it’s her:-
    *Andrew Billington – Thanks for taking time to leave a comment! ;)
    *Gillian – we need to work on a plan to convince your Husband!!! ;)
    *Wendy – Absolutely LOVE your designs, thank you so much for allowing me the pleaure of featuring them on Love My Dress…
    *Corrine – thank you my love, so kind to see one accessory designer leaving kind comments for another :)
    *Sabs – ooooh, can you share more details?!?
    *Matt – ‘vintage’ has been big over the past 2 years, but some people are lashing oaut at the concept now, perhaps overuse of the word and also saturation in the wedding po photography market of an attempt to ‘vintage-ise’ images. I think when it boils down to it, the concept of vintage/retro weddings aint going nowhere. The style, elegance, glamour and fashions of the past hold to much by way of a legacy to modern brides of today to be ignored, and provide huge influence and inspiration.
    Thanks so much everyone :)
    Annabel xXx

  7. Annabel, I just spent the day with Sophie, flower planning for my wedding in four and a half weeks. She is amazing, and I am so so excited. She has so many great ideas, and we got a bit over excited about making an arch for the door of my 16th century chapel. I’m still buzzing! Couldn’t even eat my tea! Thanks for sharing this. That turquoise dress and flowers look amazing!!!!!

  8. woo hoo! thank you so much for featuring our shoot Annabel <3 Such a great bunch of very talented people to work with, and a very beautiful venue. Hope it serves as inspiration for your readers :) x

  9. Thank you so much for featuring our shoot on your beautiful blog Annabel!
    We had an amazing time working on the shoot. It was so inspiring to be collaborating with such a fantastic creative team, and we’re really over the moon that you wanted to share it with your readers xx

  10. Kristin gave me a sneak peek of these images back in January when I went up to stay with her and I am so thrilled to see them here! Such a beautiful shoot. The colours are so uplifting and there’s an underlying sense of elegance to it all. Amazing venue, obviously. Just gorgeous. The flowers seriously make me swoon. They’re just so quirky and creative. And I do so love Flossy & Dossy and Gioia Mia – can’t wait to work with them both later this year. Yay! x

  11. Thanks for posting our shoot, Annabel! It was an incredible shoot to do with such a wonderful team who have now become good friends, and it’s just such a pleasure to see it on your blog. Also a big thank you to House for an Art Lover. Aside from being a stunning venue, they were extremely accommodating and helpful while we were there. I’m sure Rachel A and Lynsey will have gorgeous weddings there! xxx

  12. Gorgeous photo’s! I’m particularly excited because Wendy is making my wedding dress! I can’t sing her praises enough!

  13. Had just contacted Wendy from flossy and dossy 2 days ago about making my wedding dress and/or bridesmaid dresses and then saw this which is totally fab! The blue dress with the sheer top section is beautiful!

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