"It’s not difficult to appreciate why Etsy has the potential to bring something
special to your wedding day. The website is awash with a wealth of stunning

wedding goods.  It seems natural then that, as of yesterday evening,
the online marketplace has launched Etsy Weddings. .."


This past Friday, I braved the wind and rain {and the chaos that is the London Underground} to travel to Home House in Portman Square as a guest of the UK branch of Etsy.com. I was thrilled to be able to attend this particular event on behalf of Love My Dress, as the website played a fairly central role in our own wedding day, with both our save-the-dates, and formal wedding invitations having been procured from Etsy sellers.

For those of you unfamiliar with the site, Etsy stands as the world’s largest handmade and vintage marketplace. The driving force behind the venture is its mission to enable people to earn a living from making things. Isn’t that a simple, but wonderful, concept? Etsy aims to reconnect makers with buyers and, with a community of 15million members spread across more than 150 countries, it certainly seems to be achieving its goal.

Currently there are over 13million items listed for sale on the site. Etsy’s pages overflow with antique treasures and handmade items, and it plays host to an incredibly diverse range of crafts and artisanal skills. The consummate browser can find one off pieces of jewellery, exquisite millinery, stylish paper goods and precious ceramics all in one place. There are works of art made out of wire and ornaments crafted from buttons. The right search terms will bring forth an array of vintage fashion and unusual accessories. In short, Etsy offers a truly unique shopping experience.

Friday was all about the launch of 'Etsy Weddings'.  This inspirational new feature for brides and grooms is designed to help couples create a unique day with plenty of personal touches, all while supporting
independent and creative businesses;  from rings to save-the-dates to personalised decor. In fact, the more I pore over the beautiful imagery in the look book I took away from Friday’s event, the more convinced I am that you could create a complete wedding from items sourced entirely through  sellers.

Yes, even the dress!

A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ 'Etsy Weddings' is Launched... (Weddings )

A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ 'Etsy Weddings' is Launched... (Weddings )

Not only does Etsy Weddings bring together a carefully curated selection of products that is easy to search and explore, it also allows you to keep up to date with the latest Etsy Wedding trends and read expert advice and inspirational stories from real couples. Those planning their big day can now find inspiration to shape their wedding vision and the special touches needed to help make it a reality – all in one place.

A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ 'Etsy Weddings' is Launched... (Weddings )

A top tip I picked up on Friday is to use the ‘Shop Local’ feature on the left-hand side of the homepage to filter your search. This will allow you to support Etsy sellers in your own country or region {and avoid the potential customs charges that go with ordering from abroad!}.Here are a handful of my personal picks from some of my favourite British and European Etsy sellers…

A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ 'Etsy Weddings' is Launched... (Weddings )

Image Credits: 1. Verity Bridal Headband by Corrine Smith Design 2. Wooden Wedding Couple by Proverbial Daisies  3. Vintage Style Birdcage Veil in Silk by Agnes Hart 4. Miami Beach Pom Pom Set by PompomD  5. Pink Birds Wedding Invitation Set by Victoria Whincup  6. Timeless Romance Veil by Sibo Designs 7. ‘Elise’ Wedding Dress by Milla Miska 8. Personalised Initial Cufflinks by Beauty Spot

It doesn’t end there though. The new Wedding Registry allows couples to choose gifts that reflect their personal taste or lifestyle…

A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ 'Etsy Weddings' is Launched... (Weddings )

The Etsy marketplace has such a vast range of styles available – from country rustic to vintage to contemporary, fun and funky – you should be able to guide your guests towards items that will make your home as stylish and personal as your wedding day. Having been party to a brief demonstration of this new feature on Friday, I can assure you it is incredibly easy to use and will certainly give you a gift list with a difference.

A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ 'Etsy Weddings' is Launched... (Weddings )

Etsy is a dangerous place! Researching this blog post quickly turned into something of a shopping spree! There’s just so much pretty to tempt you, and with their simple sign up process and the ability to use Paypal to settle your account, it’s both an easy and safe way to shop online.

Have you, or did you, use Etsy to source any items for your wedding? Let’s fill the comments section with some seller recommendations!

What do you think of the new look Etsy Weddings? Are you tempted by the Wedding Registry?

Is supporting small independent and creative businesses something that’s important to you while planning your wedding?



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20 thoughts on A Marriage Made on Etsy ~ ‘Etsy Weddings’ is Launched…

  1. Great point about using the “Shop Local” tool – I bought some speech bubble shaped chalk boards for our wedding photo booth from the US and the custom charge almost doubled the price! Once bitten, twice shy!!

  2. I Love Esty, as a seller and a buyer! I used Etsy for my own wedding, sourcing unique items from wonderful crafts people. I think it is great to use the ‘shop local’ tool as it helps support local sellers plus keeps down postage and custom charges! It is really addictive though… so many pretty things! :)

  3. I am using Etsy for my wedding- I had some custom made bracelets made for my bridesmaids- with pearls and a charm in our wedding colour. Each one has an individualised initial of each of my girls. I love Etsy in that you can get beautiful, handmade treasures made for a not too crazy price! Amazing!

  4. I really do love etsy – I can spend hours just browsing and buying. I haven’t made any wedding purchases yet but am open to it. I think cake toppers, ties for the guys etc. aaaaannnnnd, one of those wedding dresses above is like soooo similar to my wedding dress! I’ve been having internal wobbles about the dress but seeing up there has made me feel better (sorry to go off on tangent!) xx

  5. You are definitely another of my favourite Etsy sellers dear lady! I wish I could have crammed more of you into the post!
    I wish I had discovered the ‘shop local’ tool sooner, it would have been a great help when we were wedding planning ourselves. And yes, it’s very addictive, I love finding things I never knew I needed!

  6. I had my fair share of dress wobbles so I know what you mean. Glad this post has helped in some way :)
    Check out STRAND Redesign for handprinted neckties for the boys and Dainty Ginger and Miss Sarah Cake for cute cake toppers :)

  7. I bought my dress on Etsy! Just waiting for it to arrive this week….nervous!! :)
    I agree though, it is a dangerous site to be on, so many gorgeous items on page after page! I love it! :)

  8. I totally love Etsy. As a seller it’s such a fantastic way to get my business known outside of the UK, and it has given me lots of amazing opportunities. As a buyer it is very addictive, I’ve lost count of all my amazing finds over the years x

  9. We Etsy sellers are pretty excited about the new Weddings pages too, just waiting for Etsy to work out some of the kinks. Thanks so much for your wonderful post about Etsy and shopping handmade!

  10. Thanks so much for highlighting this Helen. I had a read through the thread and it seems like Etsy are aware of some of the problems and working on solutions.
    I really hope they manage to iron out the kinks and make it worthwhile for as many sellers as possible because, in principle, I think it can only be a good thing. I’ve already heard some great feedback from brides-to-be.

  11. Oh wow! How very exciting, do pop back and let us know how the unwrapping and first trying on session goes. I’m really curious to know what it’s like to buy a dress in this way. xxx

  12. There are so many wonderful products and vendors on Etsy (I am one) that I encourage brides to really dig deep in the searches and not just use this feature, which is limiting.
    Brides should also check out the blog 3d-memoirs.com where every Thursday she profiles her favorite Etsy Wedding Finds.

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