It's been a while since I focused on the sweet stuff here on Love My Dress, and having woken this morning to an email full of the imagery you see on this page today, I've simply had to reschedule this morning's post to bring you these heavenly cake designs.

All the cakes you see on this page are by Olofson Design a luxury bespoke wedding cake company based in London but providing baked perfection all over the UK>

I was first made aware of Olofson Design by Tiffany Grant Riley, the stylist for the Oxfam Wedding Shoot that I'll be blogging about on Monday.  Tiffany asked Ceri, the owner, if she'd be willing to participate by providing some cakes to help style the scene, and Ceri was only to happy to be a part of it. And I'm so delighted about this because Ceri has to be one of the most talented cake designers I have ever come across in my life.

I got chatting with Ceri, who has a background in art and design, having gained a degree in Fine Art Photography at The University of the Arts London, as I was really keen to learn more about the genius behind these sugary delights.  Check out the exquisite 'Marie Antoinette' wedding cake beauty below – get your Pinterest buttons at the ready folks…

"At Olofson Design, we specialise in design driven wedding cakes, biscuits and cupcakes, which means that the majority of our time is spent researching, developing and executing original designs for each client…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Cake Design and All Imagery Copyright (c) 2012, Olofson Design

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

How did you get into cake design?

I have been baking since I was very young and have always had a love affair with gorgeous French patisserie, but my eyes were opened to the potential in cake decoration after I graduated from art college. Having dabbled in the fine art world with several exhibitions of my work, the resulting combination of time on my hands and a wondering imagination found me learning sugarcraft from the ground up and translating my creative ideas in sugar.

For several years I worked for an award winning London based company known for their intricately iced biscuits, which are stocked in Harrods and Selfridges and shipped globally, before launching Olofson Design specialising in wedding cakes.

The best thing about working in the wedding industry is that it is a creative goldmine, you are constantly surrounded by incredibly inspiring businesses who are consistently producing the most stunning work, I find that really exciting.

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Where do you seek your inspiration from?

That's something that changes daily! I'm always inspired by my clients, listening to the details of their day and getting to know their personalities, which help me to interpret their ideas and design a cake that really feels personal and unique to them.

On a personal level, I'm hugely inspired by the textures and silhouettes of bridal couture as well as various periods in history. I rarely look to other cake designs, preferring to pull elements from various sources, as I just find it more inspiring that way.

Who inspires you?

My clients, always. I may have a style or idea in my mind but it always starts with them and grows from there. That's how it has to be really, it's about finding that starting point and then bringing my own style and vision to it. That's why clients come to us, they want to be involved in the design but are happy to see where I take their initial inspiration to.

I love it when a client is excited about their cake and has plenty of design ideas, but is open to my suggestions and ultimately trusts my creative judgement, that's the ultimate indulgence!

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

How would you describe your signature style?

That's a tough one as I think it bounces about a little. I'm still cultivating a signature style, but I suppose you could say that what unifies our work is colour, texture, embellishment and gold, I just can't get enough of a bit of antique gold! Our designs do tend to lean towards a sort of reinvention of the classical, so a feeling of grandeur and sophistication, but always with a contemporary twist like an unexpected colour palette. On the other hand, there are the designs that focus more on the textural and sculptural.

I suppose I'll never really leave behind my art college days and this affects the aesthetic…

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Where/how can my readers purchase your products/services?

Our website where you can view our portfolio and get in touch. We don't have a collection of cakes to choose from, your cake is designed as a completely bespoke one off piece. After discussing initial ideas and details via email we can progress to the final design and all important tasting to firm up the specifics.

We have an extensive menu which allows you to combine different flavours according to your taste, meaning there are so many more options and another way of making your cake unique to you. My favourite at the moment is rose, raspberry and lemon, it's so summery and absolutely delicious!

All designs are bespoke and therefore we do not have a set price list, once we have an idea of design and servings, we can give you a rough guide.

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Do you have a favourite cake design at all?

I fall in love with each new cake design as I finish it- it's usually the culmination of ideas that have been simmering away or something that has inspired me recently, so when I look back on the cake designs they almost form a timeline for me. But if I was forced to choose one, then I'd probably have to go with the Marie Antoinette {see first image at top of page…}.

It was one of the first designs I got completely absorbed in and people still talk about it to this day, I suppose it is a bit hard to miss!

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

Any advice on wedding cakes you'd like to share?

I believe your cake should get your heart fluttering and you should be excited about it as a centrepiece for the reception, so it's really important to choose a designer that you think will design something beyond your dreams.

Of course for some people, the cake isn't high on the list of priorities, which is fine and you shouldn't feel pressured to meet with convention. That's the privilege of couples these days, you don't have to be bound by tradition and can have your day exactly how you both want it- although of course I think the cake is second only to the dress!

Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()

To find out more about Olufsen Design, visit the website.  You can also find Olofson Design on Facebook and Twitter and she also has a blog.

Come on then, which is your favourite above?

Much love all,


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Olofson Design ~ Luxury Wedding Cakes and Biscuits... ()


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  1. These are exquisite, so much beautiful natural detail. I did see some Olofson cakes when I dropped my dress off at the Oxfam wedding shoot and they are as beautiful in reality as in the pictures.

  2. A very belated thankyou to everyone for the lovely comments! It is a privilege to be interviewed by Annabel and have my work featured here, the feedback has been a wonderful bonus.

  3. Thankyou Sally, I love the lines and detailing in your stunning collection, the dress you supplied for the Oxfam shoot photographed so beautifully. I love to look to the work of designers such as yourself for inspiration.

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