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Hello you lovely peeps!  Regulars may know that I'm rather a fan of Californian based accessories designer and Etsy shop host extraordinaire, Kat Swank, owner and director of The House of Kat Swank, and crafter of women's high fashion accessories and wearable textile art…

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

I fully credit the wonderful Giselle Scanlon for helping me discover Kat – I found out about her via Giselle's Goddess Guide books and have been addicted to Kat's work ever since. I adore the way she fashions elaborate headpieces out of vintage elements, so much so, I commissioned her to create a one-off piece for me to wear to the first major networking event that I hosted last August, the Love My Dress Summer Soiree…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Katy Lunsford

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

When the piece arrived, I was just taken aback by the beautiful, hand applied, intricate detail. It really was astounding and I will treasure the piece forever, knowing it was made with such love! 

Kat loves to design for Love My Dress brides.  Here is one of her more recent customers, whose wedding was shot by the talented Dasha Caffrey – doesn't she look amazing in her headdress?

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Exhibit Emotions

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

Kat's work has previously featured in Vogue and she designs all of Courtney Love's beautiful, extravagant, theatrical headpieces.  She has been designing for years and learned her craft via her Grandmother. You can read more about that here.

Kat is a wonderfully generous person and one of these days I really hope to be able to meet her and give her a hug for supporting my blog and always believing in it. We chat regularly, and during one of our recent conversations, Kat suggested she'd like to giveaway a custom/bespoke headpiece, to the value of $650 {approximately £400} to one of my readers.

Photography Credit Looking Glass Photography

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings ) Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

How To Enter…

To be in with a chance of winning this prize and the opportunity to design your own beautiful headpiece, all Kat and I would like you to do is leave a comment below, describing {only briefly} what your ideal headdress might look like and maybe why you are looking for a headdress like that.

To start being inspired and to view Kat's signature style designs, visit her website.

We will pick a winner at random at the end of next week Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

Photography Credit, Spencer Lum of 5 West Studios

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

I will connect the winner with Kat as soon as the winner is announced.  Whilst based in California, Kat will liaise with the winner via email, Skype – whatever you prefer, and identify your personal styles, tastes and preferences.  She will then mock up a design for your approval, or tweaking, then set about creating the piece just for you. Your winning item will be shipped over form America* once it is complete {usually takes around 4-6 weeks to produce an item from scratch}.  Full terms and conditions are below.

Now how does that sound folks?

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

I'd like to leave you to start commenting, but if there is anything at all you need to ask or are unsure of in the meantime, please don't hesitate to shout! You can visit the Kat Swank website for further information. Kat is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Photography Credit Solar Photographers

Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )

Terms and conditions sit below the jump link below…

Lots of love and good luck to you all my lovelies Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings ) I can't to see who the winner will be.

Much love as always,



Terms and Conditions

1.  Only one entry per person
2.  This competition will end at midnight on Friday 20th April
3.  The value of the winning prize will be $650/£400 and may take up to 8 weeks to produce
4*.  The winning prize will be shipped via a recorded method of overseas delivery and marked as a sample, to help reduce any potential import tax.
5.  This prize is not refundable or exchangeable

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Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400... (Weddings )


Annabel is the founder of Love My Dress. She lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, two daughters Eska and Leanora and three dogs. If she's not being a Blog Queen or practicing her photography, you'll find her fighting her way through a renovation dust cloud as she and her family transform their forever-home.

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47 thoughts on Reader Giveaway ~ Bespoke Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece, Worth $650/£400…

  1. My dream headpiece would look alot like yours I think Annabel – soft and romantic as well as dramatic! I am getting married in a 50’s sequinned dress with tulle skirts – not typically bridal or traditional but I love it – a head piece that combined the gold, champagne and shimmer of my dress would complete my look and also make me feel more bridey! Would also help me had interest to my staright, boring and uncooperative hair – no-one would be looking at the ‘barnet’ with one of these masterpieces on your head!

  2. I had Kat do my head dress for my wedding and it was amazing! I would recommend anyone to look into her pieces and to purchase one for their special day!! I got so many compliments on mine and loved the vintage appeal that the head dress added to my look. Thanks! -Billie Jean

  3. Oh. My. Gosh.
    In an ideal, perfect world I’d be wearing a Kat Swank head piece when I get married in September. Sadly we don’t have a huge budget so I can’t afford one. Winning this would be a dream come true.
    My ideal head piece would be bold, bright (purple to match my shoes and cardigan) and beautiful.
    I’m having an outdoorsy wedding with a humanist ceremony in a field, weather permitting, so the headpiece should also be freespirited and fabulous.
    I am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed to win this.

  4. Opps, forgot to say why I would like a headpiece like that. Well I’m definitely not going to be wearing a veil so I am on the hunt for something gorgeous to adorn my head on my wedding day instead!

  5. How beautiful! I’m still on the hunt for a headpiece. My ideal headpiece would be a mixture of art deco elegance and Jean Harlow glamour in silver and brilliant white to go with my bright, white, 1930s style dress.

  6. Kat your head pieces are unbelievably beautiful!! I’ve been spending many an hour day dreaming about the perfect headpiece and while I could picture it, I could not describe it or draw it………THEN I saw this post. Your designs are exactly what I had been trying to describe to my mum, sister, best friend and just getting puzzled faces in response. Now I can show them what I mean! I would love something with a bit of colour, dramatic and eye catching that is a piece of art in itself. Off to look at some more images now!!x

  7. I’m currently working on sewing my wedding dress – it’s short and covered in gorgeous lace – I’m going for a 1960’s look. I never felt comfortable in the traditional long white dress and veil, and I’d love a headpiece to compliment my dress. It’d be pretty and feminine, relaxed and unstructured, happy and fun, but most of all handmade with love. This is how we want everything about our wedding day to be.
    But most of all I’d like a beautiful headpiece to prove to my husband-to-be that it’s possible to wear a big flower on your head and look amazing because up to now he hasn’t believed me!

  8. I would love my headpiece to be vintage style, with peacock feathers (to match the lace on my dress), beautiful flowers, big and show-stopping, colourful (it may help me actually pick a colour scheme for my wedding) and most of all a headpiece that I could perhaps pass on to my children. It would be amazing to have something that in 100 years time a future generation of our family (all being well!) may wear to their wedding as a vintage piece!

  9. I have searched high and low to find my perfect headpiece. In fact my friend has made one for me- fully pearls- and unfortunately it doesn’t match my dress, or jewellery….so the search is on again (sigh). My beautiful vintage/ country garden wedding is August 2nd 2012, so time is ticking. My dress is fully lace, v neck with a hint of cheeky cleavage and is it beaded beautifully. I have forties/ fifties style, pink, swing dresses for my bridesmaids and am currently designing my own (and maid of honour’s) brooch bouquet! This headpiece would complete me :) in my head it is a beaded side headband, with a sparkle to catch the light…not too big, or too raised up from my head and maybe with a pearl or two to catch the colour in my dress. My dress is ivory with gold stitching throughout, which are a flowery style; maybe a touch of gold would be quite nice. I would luuuurrrrve maybe a hint of blue to be my something blue. Plus, if I did win my sister would be very jealous mwahahah xxx Jo

  10. these headdresses are the first ones that have really made my heart miss a beat! I am going to be rocking a multicoloured rainbow theme so would love to offset the madness with something sophisticated, glamourous and vintage like these beauties

  11. firstly, thank you guys for such a wonderful opportunity, wouldn’t be able to afford one of these masterpieces on my budget but here’s hoping.
    My ideal headpiece would reflect my kooky, quirky personality and style. This is some what reflected in our vision for our ‘big day’. We are getting married in December and are thinking old world Hollywood glamour, intriguing and intricate, sparkly and creeping slightly onto my face.
    I envisage a piece to put on after the ceremony once I’ve removed my veil. I would like it to make as much of an impact as the veil did -without it trailing on the floor ;o). Kat’s pieces CERTAINLY do that everytime!!!!
    Thanks again.
    PS love love love the blog xxx

  12. My dream headpiece would be able to infuse modern day style with that of the old vintage 20’s wedding headpieces. I have been searching for the perfect juliet cap and have so far been unlucky. I want something that is unique, eccentric and that will wow all my friends and family. I have always had a liking for vintage style, when I was in my teens it was the sixties and seventies, today and for my upcoming wedding in Dec 2012, I want my bridal party to be the modern vintage, with truly vintage key pieces such as the fascinators and my veil/headpiece. When I look back on my wedding day, wedding photos and choices for the accessories, I want to be able to see the timeless quality and not think, “what was I thinking” seeing something that is too trendy and a fad that quickly passed. Flapper wedding style has always been my fav! Thank you for the opportunity to enter, and I look forward to continue reading your blog! ♥

  13. i am not the most creative person so it would be amazing to have someone so talented design and make something so beautiful. All i know is i would love something that resembled a sparkly, flowery crown!

  14. Ooh, beautiful! I’m getting married in the UK in spring 2013, but am living in the US until June this year. As such, we’ve not been able to plan a single big detail (church, reception venue, or even DATE!)yet, but I have had many months to obsess over dresses and headpieces and accessories online! I was lucky enough to find a wonderful Anne Barge dress at a sample sale, with a drop waist bodice of intricate ivory lace, a sweeping A-line skirt, and a tiny puddle of a train. It makes me feel like a 1920s silent movie goddess (remember the scenes from the silent movies in Hugo?) I’d love a striking headpiece that somehow incorporated lace, jasmine flowers, pearls, and diamante, maybe in a fabulous cloche shape that hugged my head and still showed the finger curls that I’m praying will work out on the day? (I spend a silly amount of time practicing my finger curls!)
    Anyhow, Kat, your headpieces are extraordinarily beautiful, and Annabel, thank you for sharing them with us! Fingers crossed! XxX

  15. Firstly I would like to say that after months of trawling wedding sites and blogs nothing compares to how unique and refreshing your blog is and the same can be said about Kat and her amazing headpieces. Absolutely unique, stylish and flattering and I think anyone would be lucky to wear a beautiful creation. My dream headpiece would have a 1920’s art deco inspiration with gold tones which would b perfect for my destination wedding next year. I am sure that a Kat creation would certainly set the tone for anyone’s wedding and be a talking point for years to come

  16. Hmmm i’m not sure if this is allowed but i would like to try and win this for one of my bridesmaids who is getting married this year on a very tight budget. I think she would like something quite classic with pearls but with gorgeous modern touches, very similar to the mini alana. I would just love to pay her back for being my most supportive friend, not only towards our wedding but throughout our whole friendship. What a fantastic comp though and i wish everyone luck :D xxx

  17. Wow what a great giveaway. My dream headpiece would be made of stars much like Rodarte’s Fall 2012 runway show. My bridesmaids would wear similar matching barrettes and I would have a tiara or crown of stars.

  18. I’ve never seen anything like these, they’re gorgeous! I’m getting married in October in a venue with exposed brick and big vintage windows and I’d love to have a headpiece that gave a modern, speakeasy vibe.

  19. This blog is amazing!! My dream headpiece would include an elegant mixture of flowers, intricate beading and pearls and would fit perfectly with my secret garden wedding theme. I don’t think I can describe my vision accurately in words but suffice to say the end result would be stunning!! xxx

  20. Kat’s work is amazing. I only just learned of her recently through a mutual friend, but I love following her updates and seeing all of her new incredible creations. Each accessory is a true masterpiece–intricate and elegant, delicate yet bold.
    Honestly I haven’t yet seen something of hers I didn’t drool over, but if I were to try to describe my own vision of the perfect headpiece, it would probably involve a lot of muted colors–offwhite, beige, dusty pink. Maybe some albino peacock feathers, and definitely a lot of lace with beadwork (I’m a sucker for lace trim with clear beads that bring a sort of 3-dimensional life to the design). Asymmetrical with a 20s vibe–a statement without being in your face about it. And preferably more form-fitting to the shape of the head, so more like the first picture on this page, as opposed to the ones of Mallory with the big flower (#s 4-6).
    I’m still in college, so my wedding day is still a far away date in my hypothetical future… but I’m the type of gal who enjoys dressing up to the max when I get the opportunity. I am also a photographer, so I’m always on the hunt for interesting and unique pieces to add to my wardrobe and prop collection. So if I happened to be the lucky winner of this contest, Kat’s work would certainly get good use. :)
    Thanks! Good luck to all!

  21. Oh my. Want.
    I would love something that I could wear with a chinese Cheongsam, maybe something like the RED Kat Swank Luxury Headdress to liven up our traditional chinese banquet.

  22. OOooh aren’t these the most fabulously delicious creations you have ever seen???
    Amazing work and design Kat – you clever and talented girl.
    I am getting married in August in a Gold Vivienne Westwood Cocktail Dress! A little bit OTT but I had a dream when I was 14 that I would be married in Westwood. I have the dress and the shoes but I have no idea what to do to finish the look.
    I have toyed with the idea of a birdcage veil but now after seeing Kat’s designs a headpiece would finish my look perfectly. The dress is a pale gold with an iridescent colour running through so when it catches the light you can see red and green. I am seeing a vision of beads and crystals with a bold flower to the side. The dress is very structured so the headpiece can be as flamboyant as Kat would like.

  23. I am getting married in December 2012, a Christmas wedding with a 1920’s twist. I am looking for the vintage glamor with all my guests leaving with that Christmas excitement, you had when you was a Child. My flowers are Cream Norma Jean scented roses, Champagne vendella roses, spray roses,Hipnosse vintage rose, Amnesia vintage roses trailing ivy and a little rosemary wired in a small petite bouquet with a little trail and would love something that compliments this theme. It would be an honor to wear a Kat Swank Bridal Headpiece on my big day.xx

  24. My ideal headdress would be all feathers and lace with some subtle beading detail – ivory / cream in colour with gold beads – vintage look with a bit of modern sass! Just thinking about having one of these A-MAZING head pieces on the day makes me feel excited!
    My dress is sleek without masses of over-detail and so the head piece would be the focus of my outfit – it’s not everyday you can wear such a statement piece of headgear after all!
    Hope I win! Fingers crossed!

  25. I’m getting married next year in June 2013. I’m still umming and ahhing over my dress but I’m quite keen on the 50’s/60’s styles and would love a headpiece to match!
    I’m profoundly deaf and wear a hearing aid – I’d love a headpiece to disguise my hearing aid. Primarily because my ear-mould is bright blue and I don’t think it would go very well with my dress!!!

  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous, amazing.
    Ideally I would love
    a vintage headpiece to set off the look perfectly.
    My bridesmaids are in a dusty pink and I’m wearing a champagne Sassi Holford gown with gorgeous lace and lots of little beads sewn in the bodice. I’m wearing my dark brown hair up and would love a dramatic side tiara that brings out the colours in the dress in an amazing way.
    Good luck to all who’ve entered and thanks for the comp,

  27. My ideal headpiece would be fitting for Marilyn Monroe-soft and romantic enough that all the little girls will want to touch it, but sexy, glamorous, and alluring too. I think of gold beading, blush and peach flowers and a bit of “diamonds”. I think Marilyn would be tinkled to wear this headband style or as something like a juliet cap.

  28. To match the Ginger Rogers meets Moulin Rouge fabulous feather dress that the AMAZING Rachel of Heirloom Couture is designing… I’d want my headpiece to look like how a great dance feels – wow! Roll on NYE wedding night!! :-) xx

  29. I have been told in this life, that I will only ever have “One” child, she is my daughter….. and it is very simple. On the day she marries, and I imagine it even now, I will want to see through Art , her spirit, and her beauty crowned… on that beautiful head of my child, made from my body, my self, I want it to be Kat Swank <3

  30. What an amazing competition! Some fab entries too! I’d love the chance to wear one of Kat’s fantastic designs, I’m struggling to find my perfect headpiece but think this is definitely the place to look! I’m never really known for being a girly-girl, or someone who likes having attention on me, but on my wedding day I want to surprise everyone with my choices and really make the most of being a bride- I’m wearing a 50’s-style dress with a tulle skirt, blush-coloured Lady Dragon shoes, and think that a huge blush/pale pink flower surrounded by lace, feathers and pearls, with a lace and pearl headband securing it would really be the icing on the cake (as it were!!)
    Fingers crossed!!xx

  31. Too exciting! Kat Swank is amazing. I’ve been a huge fan of Courtney Love’s style since the 1990s and the days of Hole, so any opportunity to get anywhere close to her look is out of this world!
    I’m going for a 1960s-ish style wedding. I’ve got a wow venue & wow party planned but my outfit is still quite understated….I think perhaps a Kat Swank headpiece would just finish me off nicely!
    I’m thinking of something like a slightly toned down Elizabeth Taylor in Boom crossed with Jean Shrimpton’s first Vogue cover shot with the big daisy hat (love daisies!).
    I’ve gotta win something one day!! Who knows?!

  32. I love all of Kat Swank’s work! I’ve been following her on Facebook for a while now and it’s all just gorgeous.
    Anyway, I think my ideal headpiece would be of a solid color in either black or white. As far as design goes, I really like the Alana style headdress. I love an asymmetrical look with an ornate headband. I also love dangling beads and pearls and the use of feathers for a fascinator.
    I would love one of these headdresses as I am an aspiring fashion photographer. I’m currently pursuing schooling for photography but I already have my associates. I definitely can’t afford a headdress on my own, but I really want to incorporate it into my work!

  33. These are beautiful!
    I’m getting married in October 2013 and going for a not too strict 1920’s/30’s look to the day. I had fallen in love with Jenny Packham’s Joy dress but the budget won’t quite stretch to it! I’m now planning to wear a vintage 30’s satin dress which I found via Ebay and one of Kat Swank’s headresses would be the perfect accessory. I’ve been married before and don’t want to wear a veil or anything that resembles the first time so a headpiece that this would be ideal!
    For my engagment ring my fiance was given his great-grandmother’s emerald and diamond ring which we’ve had reset into an art deco style setting. I’d love to have a headress that was inspired by the emerald in my ring and have fallen hard for the Joanna headpiece!

  34. Such beautiful headdresses. My idea of a perfect headpiece would be a fine alice band which could be worn with antique lace veil. Possibly a cascade of white silk chiffon peonies with delicate peach and grey painted velvet leaves and embellished highlights of pewter bugle beads. Not much to ask for!?! Beautiful work above xx

  35. Every time a keen store assistant puts a long veil on me, I want to run screaming out the door! Luckily my mum agreed – the problem is my dad hated the birdcage veil/fascinator I was considering as an alternative! Back to the drawing board… I would love a sparkly alice band with a cream lace/silk flower on the side to match my dress. Then for the detail – I’m wearing vintage purple suede shoes and would love to add a pop of purple to my headpiece, plus some diamante sparkle. Its so hard to find the right headpiece – having one custom made would be amazing!

  36. What a lovely competition! My ideal headpiece would be an ivory 50s inspired longish birdcage veiled, broach and layered antique lace on a Sinamay Teardrop Base – i could almost picture it! wish i had it! :)

  37. My Mum and I saw one of Kat’s headdresses in a feature in “Wedding Flowers” magazine- we both looked and each and went WOW! They are truly amazing. My dream headdress would be extravagant and incorporate my vintage dress with gold colouring and details of lace and beading. It would be something I’m sure everyone would remember from my wedding day!

  38. I’m getting married in December to an amazing Aussie gentleman. All the planning is happening while we are apart (He’s in Queensland, I’m in California).
    While I have got the dress (lace sheath) and am inspired by vintage/rustic themes, I had trouble seeking something that fits the theme. Thanks to your blog, I wouldn’t have known about Kat’s headdresses, which fits perfectly, and would sure be memorable!
    I would pick a design that showcases vintage lace, gorgeous white flower with touches of red and black (perhaps in feathers), beaded with crystal-like details. (Our wedding colors are red, white, black with metallic accents)
    Thank you for the opportunity, and best luck to everyone!

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