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I am lucky enough to have been blessed with long eyelashes. They came to me by way of my Father, who had a set so long they could make grown women swoon with a combination of admiration and attraction. In turn, I have bestowed my interminable lashes upon our two children. My three year old son has eyes many women would die for, and all without the aid of even the tiniest smudge of mascara…

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How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

That said, even I opted to have a few individual false lashes added on my wedding day in order to create a fuller look with even more impact. Ever since, I've been desperate to perfect the technique myself so I can add an extra touch of glamour to my makeup for nights out and special occasions.

Thankfully, expert Makeup Artist Lucy Baker was only too happy to share her tips and tricks with me during our shoot at the glamorous Luton Hoo Hotel with photographer Naomi Kenton and filmmaker Frances of Reellove Films.

If you feel your lashes are lacking, or if you simply want to go all out on your wedding day, then the next tutorial in our beauty series is just what you need. Be sure to keep reading below for Lucy's step-by-step instructions, as well as her tried and trusted product recommendations…

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By the way, if you like the neutral look I'm sporting on my eyes in this tutorial, you can find details of how to achieve it here. For now, I'll leave you in Lucy's capable hands…

How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

Individual false lashes are a must if you want to add a little extra ooomph to your look! They appear really natural when applied well, and bulk out any sparse areas beautifully. I regularly use, and would highly recommend, lashes by Ardell or Eylure. You will also need some eyelash glue {Duo is my preferred brand}, a pair of tweezers, and a steady hand!

How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

Place a small amount of glue on the back of your hand {be sure to replace the lid straight away as it dries out quickly} and pick up one of the little groups of lashes with your tweezers. Dab it into the glue, root only, and let it dry for 15-20 seconds. This part is the key to easy lash application as it ensures the glue isn’t too wet or slippery when you place the lash onto the eyelid.

How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

Add lashes to the outer corner first. Just as you are about to put the lash on, look down or close, if easier, so that your eyelid is taut. Place the lash right next to your lash line and use a finger to press it into place if necessary. Repeat this process as many times as you like, I used 3 on Franky but this is not to say you can’t go right across the eye for a fuller effect.

The glue will dry clear and your new lashes will be secure all day long. They may even feel like are part of you – until you pull them off that is!

How to Apply Individual False Lashes - Tutorial

I have to admit, adding this little bit of extra flutter to my lashes left me feeling terribly glamorous, if a little overdone for my tube ride back to West London! 

In our next post in the Love My Dress beauty series we'll be amping up the seduction even more, and helping you channel your inner femme fatale, with a covetable smoky eye look.

Has today's tutorial left you feeling more confident about false lash application?

Have you considered 'faking it' with false lashes on your wedding day?

Do you have any questions for our expert Makeup Artist Lucy Baker?

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Makeup Artist: Lucy Baker
Venue: Luton Hoo Hotel
Photographer: Naomi Kenton
Videographer: Reellove Films
Franky's Hair Stylist: Victoria Fraser Gadd 

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  1. Yay, thanks ladies. I had individual lashes for my wedding and I’ve been wanting to get some myself and give it a go. You do make it look very easy indeed so, eek, here goes…must try not to get glue in my eye!

  2. I also had individual lashes for my wedding. It was a bit of a risky last-minute choice and not something I’d planned on, but I was in such a flap about mascara that it suddenly seemed like the best solution. I’m so glad I made that decision! I felt so glamorous and ‘made up’ without looking overdone. There was no worry about smudging or running, plus they stayed on for my honeymoon which was a nice bonus. I haven’t yet tried to recreate the look myself but will give it a go after this tutorial. Thanks!

  3. Hi Helen, make sure you let us know how you get on. Be patient with it, even if you muck up first time, take the lash off and try again — you will get it! :) x

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