Hey lovelies! Didn't think we'd forget about you completely over the Christmas holiday did you? No no noooooo, we've a few posts coming up over the next few days, before we return to a semi-normal schedule next week and a fully up and running schedule by Monday 7th January – hoorah!

To ease us into the weekend, I thought I'd run a bit of a Saturday matinee feature – a blog post with a film that was submitted by someone I've so enjoyed working with in 2012, the fabulous Mark W. Brown – he, the master craftsman of the most romantic super8-mm wedding films I have ever seen. By the way, for the uninitiated amongst you all, there is a nice little feature that explains what super8-mm is all about right here.

This film being featured today includes a collection of weddings filmed by Mark across 2012 – a little end of year celebration, if you will…

"It has been a fantastic twelve months, I have met some truly wonderful people, have been privy to some incredible parties and have traveled to some amazing lands! And as the year comes to an end, I am lucky enough to not only have some 200+ rolls of Kodak run through my trusty old Bauer + Canon + Minolta cameras, I have worked alongside the best photographers around and have also been landed with a prestigious award, and another nomination that will be called in January 2013.

Looking back, it all seems like a dream, I am so very lucky to be able to do what I love doing."

Yes you are Mark W. Brown, and we are super lucky to consistently be the chosen wedding blog for featuring your exquisite films….

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Film Copyright (c) 2012, Mark W. Brown

For more information about the stupidly talented Mark and the services he provides, visit the Mark W. Brown website.  You can also follow Mark on Facebook, Twitter and view many more of his beautiful films right here on Love My Dress.

Big Christmassy weekend love everyone,


A Year of Beautiful Super8-mm Wedding Films (Films )

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A Year of Beautiful Super8-mm Wedding Films (Films )


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4 thoughts on A Year of Beautiful Super8-mm Wedding Films

  1. Beautiful yes, but all very much staged and set up for the camera, genius way of filming a wedding without waisting footage on reportage type coverage.

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