Sooo, on Monday, I ran a feature where I shared 3 gorgeous inspiration boards full of Christmas gift ideas. Did you see? My lovely side-kick Franky did one, and so did my other regular contributors Michelle and Erin

Today, I thought I'd share my (only mildly extravagant) personal gift ideas along with those of the lovely Charlotte, who has recently been working with us on inspiration board production, and Jess too, who has written some really engaging debate posts of late.

Let's start with Jess, because that red lipstick is luring me in to the screen…

What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

'1. The new Bruno Mars CD – I just love him, he reminds me of a modern day Sting!  2. Jo Malone candle.  3.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m mad about pugs!  Also, being a writer, I collect gorgeous notebooks – I adore this one, I think it would make me smile every day.
4.  Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume – my dream fragrance but never been able to justify the cost!  5.  Cornish Sea Salt & Caramel Truffles – pure heaven, you’ll never want Cadbury’s again! 

6.  Marilyn Monroe 'My Story'.  7.  Tallulah Love Dinner at the Ritz lingerie set.  8.  Philosophy Pure Grace bubble bath or body scrub. 9.  I have always coveted a pair of diamond earrings – the jewellers Michael Spiers where I bought my wedding ring provide the best service in the South West and always stock the finest jewellery (they serve great coffee too!),  10.  And finally, A MAC make-up session to try all of the goodies, followed by one of their new Marilyn lipsticks.'

Thank you Jess! Loving your choice of a spot of Marilyn and red lippy. My kind of gal What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

So what does lovely Charlotte have on her list? Let's take a peek…

What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

'I really love
everything about Christmas; the decorations, the deserts, the dancing, I start
looking forward to it from about September onwards! Of course Christmas
wouldn’t be Christmas without a few gifts, I love buying presents and this is
the one time of year you can spoil your nearest and dearest with a few treats
that they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves. However, I find asking for
presents for myself a bit indulgent I much prefer a surprise however should
anyone ask here is what I have secretly been wishing for this year…

1 + 2.  I spend a lot of
time (and money) on Amazon I could spend days looking at books, anything that
has an eye catching cover and the promise of inspiration finds itself on my
wish list. These two are currently featuring very highly.  3. When I’m at home I
always have a candle burning, I usually but mine from the supermarket so it
would be a nice to upgrade to one from Diptyque.  4.  I have fallen back
in love with hot chocolate recently so I’m really hankering after some good
quality drinking chocolate
, like this from Rococo Chocolates. Pretty packaging
is always a winner I use the boxes to store my jewels in.  5.  I have
been searching for a gold clutch for my collection for quite sometime and this
version is just what I am after, I love the leather detailing and old gold
colour it would jazz up many a black dress.

6.  We’re hoping to
move next year and I have a file in my head marked “dream house” where I store
all the things I’d like to have around me. This light at the top of my list,
its so fun!  8.  My
addiction to lipstick shows no sign of slowing; I have had my eye on this Schiap
pink Nars
one since March, I would love to find it under my tree.  7.  Jewels,
Jewels, Jewels – I love jewellery, yes I usually make my own but I would love
to receive something from Lulu Frost in my stocking.

The mix of modern and
vintage is perfect for all of us glamorous ladies.  9.  Every girl
needs some shoes she can slip on and dance the night away in. These Topshop
are just perfect – I have gone as far as trying them on and they seem
pretty comfy!'

Thank you Charlotte.  I think I may well need those earrings in my life too, but then I have already got plenty on my Christmas wish list (Ahem….)

What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

Er, yeeeahh, I know, it's a bit of a long list isn't it! I massively culled it too (seriously, there were about 50 here to begin with! Can I have a wish list part 3, please? I'm not even kidding).

1. This French Connection lace 'London' dress, because I adore lace and it's a little bit racy and I love a new frock at Christmas.  2.  Having recently fallen out of love with my Mulberry Alexa (I just couldn't be doing with non adjustable straps!), this Hobbs Lanesley Bag – currently reduced from £210 to £126 is looking rather special. A Christmas present to myself maybe. Who knows? ;) 

3.  Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Bath and Shower Gel
– I have an obsession with this product. To me, bathtime is the
ultimate treat when it's full of blissful templetree bubbles. The divine
scent that wafts up from the warm waters includes frangipani with
jasmine and patchouli, it is an exotic and intoxicating scent. I
completely and utterly adore it. 

4.  I'm hugely in to blankets. I already have a little stash of them at
home, but I love to use them to accessorise my home with by throwing
them over my bed, my sofa and my shoulders during the winter months – so
this pretty crochet blanket via Knittingdays on Etsy would be so perfect. I love the colours too. Just call me Granny Beeforth.  5. This Hobbs leopard print Apsley Purse
ticks all my boxes, I genuinely need a new purse and I Love this bold
print!  6.  The Diana F+ Dreamer camera in mint – I'm so keen to start
dabbling in some Lomography, and so I need this object in my life.  When I'm not using it, I'll just look at it and smile at it.

7.  These plain gold court shoes
to go with my new frock. I went off gold for years but am in love with
it all over again right now. I already have a pair of high heel glittery
gold shoes and open toed mid heel shoes. All I need now is some simple
courts and I'm fit for gold heels on any occasion – they would also look lovely with that there French Connection dress.

8.  In writing for
my book recently, I started to develop a bit of an obsession with the
1960's so this limited edition vintage style print of Twiggy
is right up my street.  I think I'd pop it in my new office to remind
myself of the reaction I'd get if I stay up too late blogging maybe? hehe!

9.  Extending my new born obsessions
with anything mid-century vintage, I am absolutely in LOVE with the new
G Plan inspired range of furniture for John Lewis, so, Father Christmas, darling man, I know I"m asking for a lot here and it might not fit into my stocking, but heck, a girl can dream of beautiful new vintage inspired seating to fall in to after a long day of blogging, can't she…?  10. I also adore these Cream & Duck Egg Reproduction Tolix Stools via Uniche Furnishings – but would actually like to have a couple to use as little side tables in my new living area. Uniche says 'The skillfully aged  paintwork gives these metal stools a look that would suggest they have been in use since the originals first appeared around Paris in 1934. A design classic.' Sounds perfect to me! They'd match the 2 gorgeous new seats I have recently ordered from the same website (which I'm a tad fixated with!) 

11.  I adore this Rules To Live By print by More Than Words Art. I'd put it up in the living area in our new house as a gentle reminder to all my family members of the positive little steps we can be taking daily that enrich our lives.  12.  If I could have just one vintage vogue magazine to add to my growing collection, that would make me very happy! What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

13.  Chiswick embroidered cushion via Laura Ashley
– I adore roses, my husband is a keen rose grower and I like the idea
of a touch of pretty traditional in our new home decor, so a couple of
these will do nicely, thank you Santa baby ;)  14.  A Volpe and Volpe swan vase, via Lotte and Bloom, because I love them sooooo much and have been meaning to get one to match the one in my blog header for ages! I'll have one in pale gree, and one in white please What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

I've not asked for too much, have I?

So that pretty much leaves me to ask, what is on your christmas lists? Why not leave us a linky or two below so we can go and have our own nosey What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

Big shiny Christmas bauble love to you all,


What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()

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What's on Your Christmas Gift List? Part 2... ()


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  1. Thanks so much for this feature Annabel. I’ve just had to order the Lanesly bag – what a find. Hope Santa is good to you! x

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