*Jolly Edition are delighted to offer a 10% discount to all Love My Dress readers who place an order before April 2013. Simply mention 'Love My Dress' when ordering*


Hello Saturday people! How are you today? The world is looking mighty fine from my comfy pew at the Kitchen table this morning, watching the world unfold in all its glory, isn't it beautiful?

I'm really pleased this morning to be sharing something rather wonderful with you, something that caught my eye a couple of weeks ago and made me think, what a brilliant, beautiful idea!  Ladies and Gents, say hello to artists Laura and Tom, aka, Jolly Edition.  They make really, really pretty illustrations for wedded folk…

"We are Jolly Edition, and we create custom stationery and bespoke illustrations for weddings
and events. We are Laura and Tom, a married couple who met in New York
City and moved to Cambridge, England. Laura plans, draws and paints the
illustrations while Tom’s graphic and web design skills (along with his
charm) help everything run smoothly!"

  Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Jolly Edition

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

Isn't that just the sweetest?   Working with illustrators is one of the most rewarding things I've done since establishing Love My Dress; I chose to create my own unique brand identity by working with an illustrator and absolutely adore my little alter-ego glamorous 'lady Love My Dress' sitting up there in the header of this page, typing in to her Macbook.   Jolly Edition craft unique artwork and stationery for people who want their special occasions to be unforgettable.  And I really really love that too

"We draw and paint our artwork from scratch to capture the bride and groom's story: no one else in the world is getting that same imagery! We've also never come across anything like what we do. We focus on illustrated portraits and stationery, invitations, RSVP’s, information cards etc. We enjoy the occasional hand-lettered and painted ceremony posters too!"

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

Jolly Edition founders Laura and Tom tied the knot themselves in 2011…

"Laura illustrated a dozen portraits as gifts for friends and family for our wedding. Our photographer (a mentor of ours) suggested we create bespoke illustrations because she liked the portraits we'd done. It just clicked after that. We love illustration and design and, conveniently, we work very well together!"

Ahh, I love hearing how brilliant little businesses like this one started up, well done guys!

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

"We began to specialise in Wedding illustrations because wedding clients are the most invested in great quality services. They care so deeply about the projects that when they choose us to create their stationery they've put their trust in us and that enthusiasm fuels us to give our all.

The time, care and attention we put into creating one custom stationery project is a huge investment for us and we love that our customers really appreciate it and will have those pieces as keepsakes decades after their wedding…"


"We love creating a new feel for each stationery project and the couple’s reactions when they see it! We invest time and care into learning about our couples, the projects never get muddled in our minds and it's telling that we can remember each wedding and their story.

Our awesome customers get the credit for that, they keep things interesting; One couple asked us to include an origami pillow in their portrait since the couple had met at a pillow fight party. We love weaving those details into the fabric of our work…"

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

"Our work has a vintage inspired look but we are always aware to create pieces that could be of any time. Laura spent her childhood watching black and white movies in between visiting antique stores. She has a very well informed appreciation for art and design history and how to create artwork.

Mary Blair, an amazing illustrator of the 50's and 60's, was a huge influence on our illustrative work initially, we've broadened over time to incorporate more contemporary design elements…"

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

I was curious to know what happens, once you have approached Jolly Edition – what the process is behind actually creating the illustration itself.  Here, Tom and Laura explain…

"People tell us what stationery they'd like and when they would like it and we provide them with a quote. After payment we ask clients specific questions about their ideas, influences, wedding aesthetic, and their story as we need to understand their history to represent the narrative of their courtship and represent their story in the most compelling way.

We provide frequent updates, arrange Skype calls and take feedback on the general direction to keep clients involved. We rely on the clients trusting our judgement and ability. We send sketches, drawings and in-process shots to nail the appropriate direction and ultimately print and ship"

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

"Custom Portraits usually take a week to sketch and paint, they're usually the most intensive illustration involved in the custom stationery. The flourishes are quicker and usually detail ceremony accompaniments such as flowers or items that have significance to our couples.

Custom stationery projects require 2–3 months before delivery, depending on the size and complexity of the project. We spend around a month on each custom stationery project and we only work on one project at a time so it's an intensive process for us."

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

And the price?

"Our custom illustrations are
£130 and our stationery projects start from £600 (with a free custom
illustration). All our stationery projects are illustrated by hand from
scratch. Everything we produce is original artwork.  We're really delighted to be able to offer all Love My Dress readers a 10% discount on any product they order, as long as it's before April 2013 – just quote 'Love My Dress' when you get in touch (see contact details at the end)."


Illustrations for wedding and special occasions by Jolly Edition

For further informaiton, please visit the Jolly Edition website.  You can also find Jolly Edition on Facebook and Twitter and they also have a rather cute blog.  And remember, order before April 2013, and you get a scrum-diddly-umptious 10% discount, exclusive to Love My Dress readers.  Brilliant.

Laura, Tom – watch out for an email from me – I can't wait to place my first order!

Much love all,



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