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Hello hello! How’s the weekend treated you?  I am back at my desk today having had a sweet Sunday tidying up the house and being with my children – a much needed chance to switch off a little after a busy day in London and Surrey last Friday, when I joined over 70 top designers, boutique owners, suppliers and wedding professionals working in the UK today for a very exciting meeting at the stunning wedding venue that is Fetcham Park in Surrey – I’ll be blogging about all of this soon but you can read why we met here).

For now I want to kick off the week with a ruddy fabulous real wedding that I’ve been chomping on the bit to share with you all.  Well you would, when it involves a hooded wedding cape, an exquisite feathered cape from Miss Selfridge, bridesmaids in short black velvet dresses with vintage brooches, blue sparkly shoes (yes, flat wedding shoes can be fabulous and glamorous too!), a flapper style tassle beaded headpiece, a bake off wedding cake competition amongst friends and winter warming blankets we favours for each guest!  Add to that a truly very personalised day and a couple who knew they wanted to keep it real, and honest and reflective of who they are. I adore these images…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012 – Mark Tattersall


This is Sophie and Julian and they got married on New Years Eve last year with a ceremony at Congresbury church followed by a reception back at Sophie’s parents home in North Somerset, and one of my favourite photographers, Mark Tattersall, was there to capture it on camera.   Sophie’s dress was a Cymbeline design, a purchase from the Mirror Mirror wedding boutique in Islington, London…

“I must have tried on fifty dresses! Anyone who says you find the
right dress in the first shop is either lying or not picky enough!   My mum and I went all over London and all the dresses I tried
were ‘fine’ as such but none stood out for me. At the end of a very long
weekend, we chose a dress together in Mirror Mirror…”



“I went back to Mirror Mirror the
next day on my own to ‘confirm’ that I wanted the dress. As I stood
there, I just didn’t feel right. The lady in Mirror Mirror said, “look,
you’ve picked out a lot of dresses in this shop and haven’t loved any.
I’ve seen a lot of girls in a lot of dresses here, can I chose you
one?’.  Well, she did. And you know what? It really was perfect!  It had
a hint of Grecian which I loved and
because it was so simple I could accessorise to add a vintage touch.

My feather cape was from Miss Selfridge.



“My mum and grandparents styled all our flowers. They covered the all
archways with greenery and lined the same greener as a runner on the
tables. Everything  was picked from our garden. 
My bouquet and the bridemaids corsages were from our local florist, Trug in Wrington, Somerset (no website).”



We both really wanted a Winter wedding, because it’s cold and gets dark early.
You can then control your environment a little more, ie, candles can be lit by 5pm,
the fire pits could be lit to create warmth. The darkness created a
beautiful, romantic mood. 
We wanted the theme of our day to be honest and bespoke to us.  When
we initially looked around wedding venues, I didn’t like the idea that
another bride and groom would be marrying in there the next day. Almost
like a wedding conveyor belt.

Being a designer, strange things
are important to me like cutlery, crockery, chairs, tables, wall
colour. At a venue I felt it was compromising our taste.  In
the end, we decided to marry at my parents home so we could have free
rein to choose everything and work out logistics like where the
dance-floor would be, where the band should sit etc.
Jules and his family are massive ski fanatics. We took this idea
to create a luxury, wintery ski lodge. We hung old wooden skis, some of
Julian’s ski medals and the table plan was different photos of us both on
ski holidays. Then the table numbers were in snow globes so that it
‘snowed’ on the numbers.”


“The bracelet was borrowed from my boss/friend Shona at Mulberry. Its from Liberty.”

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“My veil was cool. It was basically a hooded cape that I have never come across before. Again it was Cymbeline, Paris from Mirror Mirror.”

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“The greenery was a big part of the styling. We tried to hang
greenery around all the doorways and add pine cones that Jules dad
picked from the Woods. 
 Then, in place of flowers, we
used an abundance of candles. In the church, we turned off the lights and
filled the church with candles. At dinner, there were also no lights,
just candles.

We collected hundreds of jam jars and painted them with glitter and lit candles in these too.



How uber cool are these little tots in their H&M and Monsoon garb – with magic wands straight from the fairy Kingdom (actually, Lberty Children!)…


Jules was ‘my older brother’s friend’ who I’d always
fancied at school. He once came to our house on a night out with my
brother and I said to my mum “oh my gosh, Julian Titchener’ is in OUR

Last New Year’s we climbed Killimanjaro for
Jules’ dads 60th birthday. He proposed at the top! We were married by
the following New Year.  We have always found it
strange when
people get engaged and set a date years in advance. Instead, we had a
whirlwind, manic year of being engaged and planning our wedding and
being married.”



“I didn’t want the bridemaids in the same dress but they insisted so
we eventually found a black velvet dress with Peter Pan collar from

We gave each bridesmaid a different, vintage brooch to wear with
the peter pan collar. These wear from all sorts of vintage shops in
London and Somerset.  I also didn’t want them to carry flowers because I
find bridesmaids just put them down after an hour. Instead they wore
beautiful corsages which were tied on their wrists and stayed on all

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“For our honeymoon, we both packed in our jobs in London. Jules a
Quantity Surveyor and me, Senior Graphic Designer for Mulberry. We
decided to enjoy our honeymoon properly and go travelling together for a
year. (We’re in Penang, Malaysia as I write this!)”


“As a Graphic Designer, I was able to design everything. I have a studio called Deer & Co Stationer
who create beautiful bespoke invitations, at any budget the client has.
I also design Order of Service, favours, table names etc.


“We brought blankets for our favours. It was a little extravagant
but we knew they would look great hung over the chairs, plus, as we all
had to go outside to see in the New Year, so it doubled up as a
We also got labels made saying “Warm Wishes, love Soph and Jules NYE 2012” which we sewed into the blankets.”

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“Our photographer was Mark Tattersell, who
was absolutely perfect. We don’t like staged photos because more then
anything else, it leaves yours guests waiting around. Instead, Mark
captured the whole day through real emotion.  
Photography is
the one budget we were happy to use up because it’s the best momentum of
the whole day that you will keep forever.”



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“We married in Congresbury church, North Somerset, UK. It is a
church next to the infant and junior school I went to – our school would
go there for Christmas carols when I was a little girl.

 The venue was at my parents home in North Somerset
also. Dad built a glass block extension on the back of the house to
accommodate 100 people to dine and dance! His thinking was that money
spent would become an investment, not just completely wasted on one

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“My father, David Towler gave me away.  We walked down
the aisle to the song from Romeo and Juliet. Everybodys Free by Quinden
Tarver. It’s a beautiful acoustic choir which sounded absolutely amazing
in the church.

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We had two readings. One was biblical and the
other was a poem my brother wrote that was personal to us and had
everyone laughing…”

‘You may all be wondering today how Julian and Sophie came to be,
So this poem is to let you know that it’s actually down to me.

The first time I met Julian, I thought I would be polite
So invited him along with all my mates to a party on a Saturday night.

My parents had let me host this party but made sure I was aware
That my sister would be present in the house, so I had to take extra care.

So, like any older brother would, I told all my mates to steer clear
Except for Julian it would seem, who was probably too busy drinking beer.

And just before I had the chance, to make sure I let him know
He spotted Sophie from across the room and his smile began to grow.

I said to myself don’t overreact and tried to keep things calm
Until I watched him move in for the kill and turn on the Titchener charm.

I said to Julian this has gotta stop, I’m putting my foot down as Sophie’s brother
But my little chat didn’t seem to work as within weeks they were going out with each other.

Sophie insisted to me she was falling for Jules, but I would just sit there and scoff
Told her he had chicken legs but that still wouldn’t put her off!

Pretty soon I began to realise that this love they had was real
And as time passed by with Jules still around, things became less of a big deal.

It seems crazy today when I look back, and regale these thoughts out loud
I’ve gained a brother now who couldn’t be better, and for that I’m extremely proud.

And when we see Julian and Sophie together today, I think we can all agree
That they are quite simply the most perfect couple, that we could wish to see.’ 



“The bible reading was; ‘And Ruth said, Intreat me not
to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou
goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall
be my people, and thy God my God.

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“The caterer was a friend of a friend in our village. We wanted really
simple honest food. We had our starter at the pub after the ceremony,
this was just simple nibbles. Our main was chicken in a Somerset cider
sauce with root veg and salted jacket potato.

The cakes were brilliant!  We invited 10 friends and family members
to take part in a ‘Shake and Bake-off’. We sent them their invitations
attached to a wooden spoon!
  There was a tie between two cakes at the end, so we held a ‘clapometer’… the loudest cheers one!”

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For the evening, I changed in to a beaded sheer shirt, a purchase from Annie’s Vintage in Camden Passage, London…



“One of our favourte parts of the day was when the band we
about to sing their last song. We were all still in the middle of eating
but knew they would be finishing up imminently. Jules asked the band to
play Journey. We had little sparklers for everyone on the tables. Jules
and I lit our sparklers, then everyone else did too, then suddenly we
all stood up, linked armed and sang the whole song with our sparklers.
It was completed unplanned and just a beautiful, happy moment.

The best part is Mark captured it too!

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“Our first dance was to ‘Pressure Drop’ by The Specials.
It is one of our favourite songs because its so happy but with loving
meaning. A friend told us not to have a slow song because its very
difficult to dance to. This song had a beat so we could actually have

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Words of Wedded Wisdom…

“I have seen a lot of checklist for things you need
like florist, cars, cake etc. They are all so expensive. We didn’t
scrimp on things but we prioritised. I didn’t want to spend £400 on a
car to drive me ten minutes down the road for example but I did want to
make sure I had a great photographer so I could always remember the

Again, flowers are expensive, by wearing a corsage, the
bridesmaids wore their flowers all day long which meant it was money
well spent.
  Also, at the beginning of our planning, Jules and I
wrote down all the weddings that we had recently been to and then named
the best thing that happened at each of them. Then we took those points
and made sure they were a part of our day.

Finally, don’t invite people just to fill the room. We
were really ‘cut-throat’ with our list. If we hadn’t seen someone for 12
months, we didn’t invite them. It was harsh but it meant only our
nearest and dearest were there.



What a beautiful and stylish day, with images that are making me smile and lifting my mood this Monday morning.  What about you?  And I absolutely need to hear if any of your reading this now are planning on
wearing a hooded cape?  Please someone else do this so that we can blog
more of them! I love them!  I’m also keen to hear from other Cymbeline brides – leave some wedding blog love in the comments box below my friends, we’d love to say hello to you!

You can click here to see more beautiful wedding photography from Mark
Tattersall on Love My Dress
. You can also see more Cymbeline brides, Winter weddings and black as colour inspiration.

Hooded cape wedding veil love everyone,



Photographer – Mark Tattersall
Venue – Reception at the Bride’s parents home + Table hire from South West Marquees
Bride’s Dress + Veil – Cymbeline, Paris at Mirror Mirror in Islington, London
Brides Shoes – Carvela in Selfridges
Tassled beaded headpiece + bracelet – Vintage from Camden Passage + Liberty
Feathered Cape – Miss Selfridge
Beaded Shirt worn in the evening – Annie’s Vintage, Camden Passage, London

Groom – Acne suit from Liberty. Cardigan from Cos + Liberty print tie

Bridesmaids – Cos
Flowergirl Dresses – H&M and Monsoon. Wands were from Liberty Children
Florist – Brides Mum
Cake – Friends
Entertainment – Bespoke Acoustic Duo
Favours – Blankets with ‘warm wishes from Sophie & Julian’ sewn in, via Tweedmill
Rings –  Grays Antiques (Julian) + Alex Monroe at Liberty (Sophie)
Hair Stylist – Louise Alway
Stationery – Deer Stationer

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  1. Stylish, unique, personal and gorgeous- my favourite kind of wedding! The conservatory/ski lodge is astonishing- what lucky guests to be invited to such a stylish and thoughtful affair!
    Were those tables hired or bought? It’s so hard to hire decent tables here in the UK!
    I can’t believe my Dad hasn’t offered to build me a conservatory for 100. Think we’ll be having words today… xx

  2. Gorgeous! I love everything about Sophie + Julian’s wedding… the stunning cape {I’m so in love with it!} the beautiful stationery to the amazing work by Mark Tattersall – having worked with Mark previously, I cannot recommend him enough. A most perfect wedding to make us smile on this snowy Monday morning here in England!

  3. Beautiful wedding! I just love the feathered cape and beaded shirt. Where they from? Keen to find one for my wedding! Regards, Emily

  4. This wedding has literally made my HEART SMILE!!! beautiful touches but made ever so more special with the love between the married couple, Sophie and Jules but also all of the guests….
    I will be getting more of mu brides in the hooded veil from here on!!!
    Beautiful!! xxx

  5. Hi Emily, I have added these details to the list of suppliers at the end of the feature above now. The feathered cape is from Miss Selfridge – and the beaded shirt is from Annie’s Vintage in Camden Passage – links to both websites above! xXx

  6. Just beautiful… fantastic shots that make the most of the soft winter colours and warm candlelight. What a lovely story too – the poem is just the right blend of touching and funny. I ordered my gorgeous Cymbeline dress last week and I’m ridiculously excited about wearing it this July!

  7. Gorgeous wedding, can’t believe her Dad built an extension especially for the Big Day – that’s some dedication right there!
    I don’t have a caped wedding veil but I do have a caped back wedding dress, which I am so excited to wear!

  8. Oh my. Dear me. What a lovely lovely wedding. And I don’t mean the very pretty details, I fell in love with the couple & their happiness. Seriously. Beautiful photography by Mark. Thanks for sharing. B xxx

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