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I do love to end the ‘working’ week with a beautiful wedding, and today’s is no exception.  Love My Dress is strongly associated with glamorous and elegant style, and it doesn’t get any more glamorous than beautiful Bride Samara, who married Tok on 20 October 2012.  The couple’s wedding ceremony took place at The Marylebone
Old Town Hall in London
, followed by a reception at The Marylebone
, and these charming photographs were sent in by lovely friend and talented photographer Cat Hepple – who I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone looking to work with a photographer who has a really very beautiful, sensitive, feminine style.

Samara told me that she was aiming for a 1940’s glamour inspired look – men in smart tuxedos and ladies in their ‘femme fatale’ garb.  Choosing a Vera Want from Browns Bride design to wear with a ridiculously chic fur (how perfect does it look casually thrown across her shoulder like that?) was rather genius. I adore Samara’s whole look, she looks like a Hollywood Starlet about to set foot on the red carpet to collect her Oscar!

“My dress was deceptively simple,
yet incredibly elegant. I wanted something sleek and beautiful, like a
Calla Lily.
   I used to live in Bayswater and would walk past the Vera Wang at Browns
shop on Brook St in London on my way home most days. Each time I would
stop and admire the “Roses” gown through the window. It was the epitome
of elegance and I thought that I would like to wear something similar
when I eventually got married.   So when I got engaged, I called and enquired if they still had the dress.”

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2013, Cat Hepple


“They did, but only one sample dress, in-store, and it was my size. I
didn’t have the usual nine month lead time they require to have a dress
made before our wedding so I made an appointment to try it on and
crossed my fingers that it would fit. When I tried the dress on, it fit
like a glove and I felt like Marilyn Monroe. I knew it was my dress. So in the end, I
only tried on one dress and that was the one I bought.

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Our photographs were taken by Cat Hepple.
Cat responded quickly to our initial request for information and
availability and we got a really good feeling about her from our first
contact. Great energy, full of ideas and made us feel very comfortable
about the shots with an engagement shoot before the actual wedding. We
got a sneak peek of the wedding shots the day after the wedding and the
pictures were great. Would recommend her highly to anyone.”



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“Our first dance was to ‘Walking in the Sun’, by Fink. A simple, beautiful song that has meaning for us both…”





Words of Wedded Wisdom…

“Try to stay calm. It’s very easy to get caught up in the
whirlwind and become very stressed out. I just focused on my main
objective for the day – marrying my wonderful husband, and tried not to
focus on the details of the day. I took care of every detail I could
think of. And then let everything else just fall into place. And it was


How absolutely beautiful and incredibly glam! I love those first dance shots, so beautifully captured on camera – thank you so much Cat Hepple for sharing your work with us today, and thanks too to the ridiculously good looking Samara and Tok for so generously sharing their wedding day and inspriation wtih our readers.

What do you think Friday people? Any other Vera Wang fans? Anyone else looking to create this red carpet style on their own wedding day?

With much love,



Photographer – Cat Hepple
Venue – he Marylebone
Old Town Hall in London
+ The Marylebone

Wedding Dress – Vera Wang at Browns Bride
Brides Veil – Borrowed from a girlfriend
Brides Shoes – Jimmy Choo ‘Lance’ Glitter Leather Sandals in champagne
Brides Hair Accessories – Swarovski Crystal Daisy Flower Hair Clips + PYNK Jewellery hair clips
Grooms Suit – Moss Bros
Bridesmaids Dresses – Various, the girls brought own dresses
Entertainment (ceremony) – Solo cello by Natalie Rozario
Entertainment (reception) –  Martin Young Trio with Duncan Eagles on tenor sax

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  1. She looks so glam, loving the fur too, where is it from do you know? Looks like something a very glam Gran would have passed down – a proper heirloom piece.

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