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Hello loved ones – I'm absolutely bursting with pride this morning to be able to tell you that my first book, Style Me Vintage: Weddings is now ready to purchase from Amazon and all good high street book stores, including Waterstones and Foyles.


This is such a huge pinch-me-moment.  I still cannot believe that some 18 months after being approached by the publishing house Anova Books, and asked if I would be interested in writing a book (pinch myself 'till I was numb moment!) that the finished product is now sat in my hands. And it is beautiful. It really is so beautiful – I can't stop just touching it, holding it close, running my fingers over it's pretty hardback cover, flicking through it's pages bursting with gorgeous imagery and yes, actually reading it! I keep reading my own book and thinking, 'you know what, this is pretty good!' Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

Images Copyright (c) 2013, Joanna Brown, for Style Me Vintage: Weddings

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

The images in this feature today, taken by the fabulous Joanna Brown, provide all but the tinest of insights into the book contents, because I'd like to encourage you to purchase your own copy to enjoy at your leisure!  Style Me Vintage: Weddings is a fabulous resource for any bride interested in the beauty and aesthetic of vintage style weddings.  I address everything from what I think a vintage wedding is, to why you should wear vintage or replica vintage, to where and how to buy an original vintage wedding dress.

Style Me Vintage: Weddings
has been written to inspire and appeal to all
brides, because I believe that there is so much beauty that can be drawn
from the past that can translate in to the modern day wedding, regardless of your personal styles, tastes and preferences. This is not a book for purists, it is a book that celebrates beautiful things!

Here is what the book looks like, and if you click here or on the image below, you will be taken to the Amazon sales page where a book purchase is but a few clicks away…

Image courtesy of Joanne Fleming Design (whose 'Goodbye to Berlin' coat features on the front cover of the book modelled by our 1920s style bride)

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

Chapters cover every era from the Edwardian period through to the 1970's
– each key era chapter providing a historical context of the times, a
focus on bridal fashion, beauty, and suggestions for styling your day
with a focus on florals, cakes and stationery.  Other chapters look at
wedding day scent, photography and film, fashion labels to look for and
there is also a very useful list of suppliers.

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

I'm beyond thrilled that as well as being stocked in Amazon and the major UK book stores, Style Me Vintage: Weddings has been shipped out to America and Australia to sell too! My overseas readers can purchase the book via


'Beeforth clearly has done her homework… Brides
would do well to consult her if they are considering a vintage wedding.
Her ideas are spot-on for a memorable day.'

Chicago Review Press, Publishers Weekly


If you
are, or know of a potential stockist, please contact Frida at Anova Books on  Frida is really lovely and will be happy tot take care of any stockist queries for you.

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

I want to make a BIG shout out to the amazing team behind the styled images in the book – they worked so incredibly hard and their creativity, passion and commitment absolutely blew my mind. The whole experience was an amazing bonding session and it was such a privilege for me to witness talented folk doing what they do best;

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Photographer – Joanna Brown
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Styling – Zoe Lem
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Styling & Decor – Pocketful of Dreams
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Props/Style Advisor – Kate Fletcher of Vintage Style Hire
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Hair Stylist – Hepburn Collection
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Makeup Artist – Amanda Moorhouse of Lipstick & Curls
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Photoshoot Assistants – My Husband Philip, along with Lizzie Jones of Wedding Yurts and Leyla Seydo
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Scent Specialist – Lizze Ostrum, aka, Odette Toilette
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Vintage Manicure Specialist – Sharon of MInnie Moons
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Models – the beautiful Claire, Sarah C, Ivana, Tahuonia, Gia and Rebecca of Zone Models
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  Venue – Dalston Heights (with special thanks to Ricky)
Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()  and Anova Books

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

And without the collaboration and support of the following contributors, the book simply would not have been possible.  I purposefully tried to include as many suppliers as possible in the book, in an effort to celebrate the rich pool of home-grown talent our UK wedding industry should be very proud of;

Artcadia, Berinmade, Beautiful Bird Creations, Belle and Bunty, Tyler Branch, Blush Floral Design, Charlotte Casadéjus, Eliza Claire, Emma Case, The Couture Company, Candy Anthony, Cherished Vintage, Christopher Currie Photography, Circa Vintage Brides, The Cotton Candy girls, Cutture, Dana Bolton, Lisa Devlin, Doris Designs, Dottie Creations, Edwina Ibbotson, Elizabeth Avey, Emily & Jo, Emmy Shoes, Freya Rose, Fur Coat No Knickers, Steve Gerrard, Harriet Wilde Shoes, Heavenly Vintage Brides, Hetty Rose Shoes, Sheena Holland, House of Istria, HT Headwear, Jo Barnes Vintage, Joanne Fleming, Katya Katya Shehurina, Lila, Lucy Marshall, Luellas Boudoir, Anneli Marinovich, James Melia, Graham Morgan, Olofson Design, Madeline Bride, McKinley Rodgers, Paper Poms, Rosie Parsons, Ed Peers, Poppy Children, The Real Cut Flower Garden, Vicky Rowe, Sally Lacock, Shoot Lifestyle Photography, Rachel Simpson Shoes, The State of Grace, Studio 1208, Nick Tucker, Unforgettable Vintage Brides, The Utterly Sexy Cafe, Victoria Millésime, Vicky Trainor, Vintage Fur Hire, Vowed and Amazed and Zoe Clark Cakes.

Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()

That leaves me to *high five* absolutely everyone that has been involved in this wonderful project – I am so proud of you all and still cannot stop feeling this is a dream.  Certainly, for me, this is very much about a real life dream come true, and I will be forever be so very, very grateful to my much loved blog and all who read it for making that a possibility in the first place.

So now my labour of love is finally comlpete,  it's time to celebrate this achievement – starting off with popping a copy of Style Me Vintage: Weddings in to your Amazon shopping basket! Closely followed maybe, for me at least, by popping a champagne cork!

Huge thanks to the Cotton Candy girls who pre-ordered an early copy
and blogged about the pretty package the postie delivered earlier this
week.  Will you be ordering the book or do you already have a copy? Please link to any blog feature or images of the book in the comments box below – I'd love to see! As I know the team who worked on the book would too! You can also join in the conversation about the book over on Twitter by using the hashtag #SMVWed.

Have a wonderful morning everyone – I'm off to read my book,


Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings ()


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42 thoughts on Buy My First Book Now ~ Style Me Vintage: Weddings

  1. Just beyond over the moon….. I know how hard the team worked to produce this and with Annabels awesome vision this is truly a great achievement and I am so grateful for being involved… Bring on more books I say as good god woman you look great in this one. Big love xxxx

  2. Fantastic- am logging on to amazon now to pop in my order. How very exciting!!!! Love the cover btw!
    On a side (and selfish) note – so jealous of the pocketful of dreams styling – they are so talented – on my wish list but very sadly it wasn’t meant to be on the tightest of tight budgets! I shall live vicariously thru the book!

  3. I received my copy on Monday! It came earlier than expected and I was so happy it did! I just love it! It’s an amazing book and a wonderful ressource.

  4. Congratulations Annabel, very well done!! You very much deserve to be proud of this achievement. Ever since you showed me this book I was waiting for it to be released so that I can buy it and carry it with me to make up appointments and show my brides as well as keep the bridal party entertained whilst waiting for their turn in my make up chair. I have just placed my order on Amazon and can’t wait for the Postman Pat to deliver it (according to my 5 year old son, every postman is Postman Pat :)
    Hope to see you soon! xx

  5. Huge thanks Anne, this comment has made my day! I’d love you to leave an Amazon review if you have a minute to spare, that would be amazing! I really value your feedback :)
    Thank you again,
    Annabel xXx

  6. That’s fantastic feedback Adi, thank you so much! If you have a spare moment, please do drop by the Amazon sales page (assuming you purchased it form there) to leave a review – I’d really value your feedback!

  7. A huuuuge CONGRATULATIONS and an equally huge THANK YOU for featuring our floral headpieces in the most beautiful book I’ve seen for a while! (Although slightly bias, I am honest!!!)
    I LOVE it so much!!! Really well put together, really beautiful imagery and styling and so many little gems throughout the book. And it’s not just the visual delight and inspiration, it also contains lots of useful advice and guidance for brides and, really, anyone who wants to loose themselves into a little pretty dream of eras past. If anything, I’m sorted for present ideas for the foreseeable future (already ordered two today by the way..), so thanks for that too!
    You’re an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you! xxx

  8. Wow! It looks amazing. Can not wait to get a copy and share it with my brides. Having worked in publishing, I know how much work you would have put into it. Well done!

  9. Ahh, Lisa, thank you so much. It really was such hard work which makes it quite surreal to now hold it and touch it and see it’s really really real! ;) Thank you so much for taking time to leave such a lovely message, I really appreciate it.
    Annabel XX

  10. My copy arrived in the post this morning – can’t wait to have a proper look through it when i get home! Congrats again Annabel, and thankyou for making life just a tad easier for all us brides to be out there! :)

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