Good morning lovelies Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings ) Those of you who follow our the Love My Dress Facebook page (where we almost always provide preview details and information about what we are up to/have planned for the blog) will have seen this feature about Emmy Shoes appear around 9pm last night.

I could rave and rave about Emmy Shoes all day long if I were allowed. I’m the original Emmy shoes fan girl. I wore an amazing pair of Emmy shoes for my wedding, for the Love My Dress Summer Soiree and for my book launch party in Shoreditch last month too (a divine pair of fuschia pink Leila’s, god they are amazing!).  So you could say, I’m pretty smitten with these gorgeous shoes and so I was absolutely delighted when Emmy herself suggested that she could give a pair of Emmy shoes away to one of our readers.  That’s um, YOU.

Images Copyright (c) 2013, Lucy Tanner

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

But before we tell you how you can slip your tootsies in to one of the most elegant pair of wedding shoes you will ever find, let us first say hello to designer Emmy herself and learn a little more about this talented lady and what she does best…

‘I graduated from Cordwainers
(specialist shoe college) with a 2:1 degree and then took off to Italy
for 5 years. I designed shoes and accessories for some of the most
prestigious fashion houses in the world; Bottega Veneta and Armani to name a couple, before returning to London to launch my own collection. 
When I worked in Italy I was in a really fortunate position to work with the factory that make Manolo Blahnik shoes. The craftsmanship and accuracy of their work has always inspired me to raise the bar.

2004 the ‘Emmy’ brand was born. Originally making my name in bridal
shoes and later being recognised for offering 1st class bespoke service
for ‘Emmy Signature’. Which is a collection made up of our favourite
shapes offered in a choice of subtle, seasonal shades.’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

‘I’ve always had a passion for shoes. I grew up in Somerset and my
village was home to super brand ‘Mulberry’ so to launch my own luxury
label didn’t seem that unrealistic.  I was obsessed by shoes at an early
age, one of my first memories in fact is putting wooden building blocks
in my socks to create instant high heels!.  I feel blessed that I have
always known what I wanted to do, so it was so it was more about how
than what.’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

‘My inspiration never really comes from shoes! Although I’ve a collection of vintage shoes that I use to base some of me last shapes on. I’m really drawn to architecture. I love the structure of windows and doors, repetition of tiling etc. Plus, jewellery and insects play a big part in the detailing.

I absolutely love the glamour of the 1930’s, I’m completely obsessed by this era. When we got married nearly eight years ago our wedding was based on the film, Gosford Park. I’d love to design a pair of shoes for Kristen Scott Tomas, I think she’s got the perfect balance of femininity and strength of Character. On a more day-to-day level, I’d be pretty chuffed to see Kirsty strutting her stuff in a pair of ‘Emmy’s’ on location location location!’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

‘My favourite Emmy Shoes are my fuscia Chloe’s (seen below). They are my most recent, but they really get so many comments, they make an outfit are unbelievably comfortable. They are my ‘can’t go wrong’ quick fix for a day at the studio or night out. They are from the Signature collection. This collection is available online or by appointment at the Emmy Boutique, it’s a great opportunity to indulge in your favourite Emmy designs in gorgeous seasonally shades, perfect for special events or simply as a treat.

Gift vouchers are really popular too, especially for wedding anniversaries. Warning! May require quite a bit of hint dropping!!’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

‘We offer a bespoke service exclusively available by appointment in the Emmy studio. However, we also offer our signature and bridal collection as ready to wear online or from the studio.

Staying true to the brand, we offer a selection of beautiful details (often beaded) to ensure they are a perfect match for your dress. Also, we add a crystal to the sole of your shoes to ensure you twinkle as you kneel at the alter, we’ve added a choice of a blue crystal as your something blue.’

The beauty of ready to wear is that you can potentially take your beautiful shoes home with you, perfect for being organised for dress fittings etc. Our bespoke service takes around 12 weeks, so the ready to wear collection is perfect if timing is tight.’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

‘Ordering online is pretty simple, we can always guide you over the phone in terms of styles/size. However the shoes are fully refundable (minus shipping) if you need to exchange size of anything. If you have any doubts we are always here to help.

We love to offer the bride the complete head to toe look. Shoes, belt, clutch and hair decoration. We basically love accessories here! When I got married, as much as I loved my Jenny Packham bespoke dress, for me, it was all about the accessories and the detail I could add to the look myself.

I love styling hair too; I get lots of practice at home having twin girls! I am always keen to style brides hair, offer style advice and try new things out. Our hair decorations are the perfect echo of the shoes detail; super easy to wear, as they are so light. We pride ourselves on offering a soft, effortless look.’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

‘My collection works well with so many designers, but if I was to get married again I’d be hot footing it down the to the new Suzannah Boutique to check out a tea length dress – perfect for showing off amazing shoes!

I absolutely love my job, I’m surrounded by beautiful things, meet genuinely lovely people at the happiest time of their life. There’s really something very special about the relationship between women and shoes, to be part of that is immensely fulfilling. I am ambitious and hugely driven and feel very lucky to be doing a job I love and have the balance of family life.’

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

Ahh, you can just feel her infectious zest and passion for what she does can’t you? I can safely say Emmy Scarterfield is possibly one of the loveliest people I know in this industry and I love that she loves working to inspire brides as much as I do, it’s quite a privilege.

So readers, Emmy and I are inviting you to visit this page on the Emmy Shoes website which is full of Emmy’s beautiful ready-to-wear designs with something to suit everyone; closed toe, open toe, high heel, mid heel, low heel, court shoes and sandals. We would like you to pick your favourite design, then pop back here and leave a comment in the comments box below stating which design (by name) you would like to win, and why.

Tell us a little about your wedding too if you like, we LOVE to hear about your plans, stories and experiences Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

Will it be the showstopping vintage inspired Francesca design?

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

…or the Gatsby glamour inspired Elizabeth wedding shoes?

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

…or the divine Eva, another 1920’s inspired design featuring a beautiful deco-inpsired mother of pearl T-bar trim?

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

Or if super sexy shoes with a discreet raised platform heel are more your thing, what about the Matilda

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

…or my all time favourite, the Leila design (I wore a silver pair of these shoes on my wedding day!)…

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

There are lots more pairs to look through here (remember to click through to page 2).  Remember, choose your favourites then leave your comment below on this page to be in with a chance of winning a pair of these divine shoes from Emmy.

This competition will end at midnight on Tuesday next week and we’ll be announcing the winner the next day.

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

I would like to thank Emmy for her kindness generosity and for always being such a loyal supporter of Love My Dress. I like to think we’re a match made in shoe heaven (shoe maker, BIG FAN shoe wearer….no?)

Very best of luck everyone!


Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )

Terms and Conditions

1. This competition will run from 09.30 on 15 May to midnight on Tuesday 21st May. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 22nd May on Love My Dress and notified by email.
2.  The choice of shoes on offer is limited to the ready to wear collection by Emmy Shoes – and will be subject to availability
3.  Only one entry per person only.
4.  This competition applies to brides only who have yet to get married.

Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day (Weddings )


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157 thoughts on Win A Pair of Emmy Shoes For Your Wedding Day

  1. Wow, these shoes are just amazing! I’ve been drooling over the website for a couple of months now but they’re above my budget so I’m just torturing myself (as us girls do!) The Francesca and all of the Leila’s are to die for. They would match my dress perfectly :) It’s hard to pick a favourite but if I had to pick one I’d pick Francesca!

  2. Well… this is a much tougher choice than I had anticipated! They. Are. All. GORGEOUS! I’m a petite bride (5 foot 2 on a good day) so I’d love a wedding shoe that’ll give me a bit of a boost (particularly as my lovely man is 6 foot 3.. I don’t want to have to jump to kiss him at the altar!). I adore the Matilda – the platform is subtle and that flower detail… so beautiful! I’d absolutely love to wear these on my wedding day.

  3. So all the shoes are beyond stunning and well up my street as a life-long deco fan. However, all beyond my budget and more expensive than my dress, so definitely a dream for me! I’m getting married in the beautiful Sheffield City Hall, so to match my shoes to the deco-r(!) would be perfect. Francesca is out of this world, and I’m quite torn between Eva and Elizabeth, but think it’s Elizabeth that would most best match my dress. Beautiful work Emmy, the accessories are gorgeous too :)

  4. I’ve been lusting after a pair of Emmy shoes for my wedding since I first laid eyes on a pair, and fell head over heels in love!
    Unfortunately my budget (and my boyf) will not allow me to buy any!
    I would LOVE to win the Francesca shoes in a size 4 for my wedding on 13 September 2013. The vintage style, beading detail and gorgeous blush colour would match my lace dress beautifully, and I would feel amazing walking down the aisle in these beauties!
    Fingers (and toes) crossed I win!

  5. I adore the attention to detail on all of these! They are all works of art. I’m getting married this summer and am desperately in search of some statement shoes with gold in to go with my vintage gold dress (not an easy task at all!) – the Ivy Gold would be absolutely perfect!

  6. The Francesca is one of my favourites, but they are all so lovely. It’s so refreshing to see some tasteful designs, ,that are classy. So many wedding shoes are homogeneous tat I adore the vintage feel and know that on my wedding day I would adore to wear a pair of these. Designed to truly make the bride feel special and look elegant.

  7. Just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes! They are absolutely gorgeous. I am not very good with heels and have always struggled to find amazing flat/low heels shoes that I could wear on nights out but still feel fabulous! I have found the same issue whilst looking for wedding shoes as all I seem to find is beautiful HIGH shoes but plain flat shoes which really frustrates me. I want to be able to enjoy my day without the need of taking my shoes off due to aching feet. My choice out of these shoes would definitely be the Amelia Kitten design as they are the perfect heel for what I have been looking for but soo pretty at the same time. They would fit in beautifully with the theme of our wedding which is vintage. I would be one VERY happy bride if I had these to wear and show off!

  8. Wow this is amazing, I’m getting married in August and don’t have shoes yet and I think it’s because I can’t stop pining over Francesca. It is just the most AMAZING shoe I’ve seen! The embellishment is to-die-for gorgeous and best of all it looks sooo comfortable with a heel that is not too high, not too small, just right :) I can see myself in these shoes all day, all night and best of all at many more events after my own wedding!

  9. They are all lovely shoes, but Emmy Silver would fit perfectly with my wedding dress which is a sleek 40’s style satin gown! It’s the perfect colour with a little silver and beading that makes it so special. it also has the perfect heel hight for dancing!

  10. I have been DREAMING about Francesa ever since I laid eyes on them. They are the most exquisite shoes and it would be an absolute privilege to wear them to my art deco glamour inspired wedding in June 2014. Would also be amazing to represent Emmy in Australia! LOVE your work Emmy, you have an incredible talent, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  11. Ok stay calm… Emmy shoes are my all time favorite shoes, for many reasons, but mainly because they capture a timeless elegance that’s just not available in today’s market.
    My favorite pair? This goes to the beautiful Eva. I am in love with the T bar and jeweled fan design that incorporates 20’s glamor with a 40’s style shoe. The heel height is high enough to create the all important posture but not too high as to (knowing me) cause a pile up down the aisle!
    My dress is a simple yet stylish number and I think a peek of these shoes underneath will add the extra glamor necessary for my big day (eep!) We will be getting married in July this year with a Secret Garden theme with mint green and hessian accents.

  12. Hi Annabel! My absolute favourite would be the ‘Eva’ shoes! Its so hard to find a beautiful pair of shoes with a wearable heel height that are a t-bar style, without being too ‘bride-y’! These are perfect and would make me feel even more special on the big day :)
    Many thanks,
    D x

  13. I am due to be married December 2014 in South Africa where I plan to bring Gatsby to the bush and the beautiful Elizabeth would complete my Gatsby inspired bush wedding perfectly! I have always loved that magical era and look forward to a day filled with love, pearls, pink champagne, the African bush, fairy lights, feathers and hopefully Elizabeth!! X

  14. I’m getting married this summer and I cannot wait, I am enjoying the preparations so much!
    Winning a pair of dream shoes would be spectacular!
    …My slightly unconventional route to my dream wedding has involved bidding for my engagement ring and wedding band at auction and finding my amazing Annasul y dress on Preloved!
    The dress is tight and fitted with delicate beaded lace, strapless with a beautiful bow bustle at the back and puddle trail. The only thing is, I’m still looking for the perfect shoe…I love the simple elegance of ‘Poppy’. It’s so understated and effortless. The heel and toe shape is just beautiful…. x x
    P.s I loved reading the bit about Emmy putting wooden building blocks in her socks to create instant high heels when she was a child!
    I had little silver ballroom dance shoes with a mini cuban heel that I took so much pride walking around the park in!

  15. These shoes are amazing! I haven’t even begun to look for shoes yet but I know that I want something that makes a statement and these are incredible. I’m obsessed with the 20s through to the 50s and given that George is a pilot our wedding is set to be a cross between vintage aviation and glamour. These would just be the icing on the cake!

  16. I am aware and have been an admirerer of Emmy Shoes for a while now, since my friend got married last year and we were looking at shoes for her. Now it’s my turn!
    I am getting married in August at Chelsea registry office, followed by a vintage bus tour / champagne reception, then a traditional fish & chip wedding breakfast and then onto Hollywood Arms in Chelsea for the evening reception.
    The ‘Francesca’ shoes I have had my eye on for a long time (as I have everything except the day shoes!) but as much as I want them to complete my day look, I can not stretch to the price (as much as I wish I could).
    We have a vintage theme running throughout the day (some 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s). My daytime look is very 30’s inspired and the shoes would be a perfect match. My evening look is more 50’s inspired and I have everything I need for that.
    It would absolutely mean the world to me to be able to proudly wear and showcase a pair of Emmy shoes……….and I WILL be sending off our wedding story and photographs of our special day to RockNRoll Bride for publication (bit of advertising there too).
    Please pick me!
    Khyly x

  17. Brillant & beautiful just as my wedding will hopefully be. We are celebrating our wedding at an amazing baroque villa in switzerland with an old french garden. I guess this scenery would fit perfectly with your designs & “francesca”. I’m very lucky to wear 2 wedding dresses on “the day of the days” from the most lovely designer Claire Pettibone. “Queen Annes Lace” & “Constance” both are exactly what I imagined…and now I’m still looking for the perfect shoe..for francesca I guess.
    Merci for creating shoes like this.
    Marie xx

  18. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a pair of 30’s style shoes to go with my lovely Belle & Bunty gown – but it’s been hard, because my fiance is not much taller than I am! Enter the Amelia Kitten: the perfect height, with just the right amount of delicate beading, and a closed toe for my chilly October date. Perfect. However, I’m an American bride (sweeping in a la Wallis Simpson to carry away a British boy…) and most of the wedding budget is devoted to bringing my family over from the States for our London wedding. So unless I’m lucky and can win these shoes, they’ll have to be just a dream…

  19. I’m getting married in November at Prested Hall. We have gone for a quirky mix of everything we love.. Combining pearls and pheasant feathers with Adam Ant and planet of the apes! I’m wearing a knee length, antique ivory prom style dress, and so the right shoe is very important to me! It will be my statement. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t stretch too far shoe wise, but if I was to choose a pair from the beautiful Emmy collection it would definitely be Matilda! Firstly, because courts rock and I love the heel height, and secondly because Matilda just so happens to be the top of our list of names for if we have a baby girl in the future. Fate? I hope so :) xx

  20. For a day that will be celebrated like to other – it has to be Francesca. Perfect for my 1930s-feel wedding on the Bluebell Railway! These timeless beauties will also be perfect heirlooms to pass on to my flower girl – Francesca, when she grows up!

  21. Wow. I am in love with all these gorgeous Emmy shoes and have been for some time. This competition literally took my breath away! In a good way!
    The Francesca shoes are my absolute favourites and every time I see them in a magazine I swoon and salivate and then feel so sad because I cannot justify spending that much money on shoes for our wedding when we’ve had to make sacrifices elsewhere to stay in budget. :( I’m not the girliest of girls so for me to go so nuts over a pair of shoes is a massive deal! Even my fiancé knows these shoes as he’s seen me adore them!
    We’re getting married in a barn on September 7th this year, which would have been my maternal grandparents’ 70th wedding anniversary. I am planning for rain (cute wellies & brollies, anyone?!) however we are secretly hoping for some sunshine so we can make the most of the gorgeous outdoor space our venue offers. Our ‘themes’ are rustic and literary, with a hint of vintage class and some good ol’ northern soul!
    Thank you so much for this competition. It gives me a tiny spark of hope that my dream shoes could actually be mine! :)

  22. Why did i not know about this website before?!
    If I won I would choose the the Amelia Kitten – firstly because I love the delicate, understated beauty of them and secondly, as a tall bride-to-be, I’ve scouring all around for a gorgeous, elegant low heeled shoe!
    We’re still in the early stages of wedding prep, though we do have a venue and photographer booked! We’ll be getting married at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield, something a bit different! We want the wedding to reflect our personalities and we’ll have some DIY touches in there! Themes not quite decided yet, as the museum speaks for itself!

  23. Wow, I am in shoe heaven!!! The collection of shoes by Emmy are truly beautiful. I love them all. However the pair of shoes that stand out for me and fit in with my style are the beautiful Matilda platform round toe shoes.
    We are getting married in September this year and we have a vintage theme wedding. I have managed to source the most amazing vintage 50’s lace dress. I love it so much and is so different and unique from other dresses I tried on in a number of wedding dress shops.
    I have been looking for the perfect wedding shoe for sometime now. I know that I want a closed toe platform shoe. I am 5’2 and 3/4’s!!!! However my fiance is 6’3 so I most certainly require the height to ensure we look in proportion on the pictures!!!!
    My shoes will be visible as my dress will just skim the top of my shoes so I would also like shoes that have an impact. The Matilda shoes tick all these boxes as they are sophisticated but the vintage style embellishment provides the impact I am looking for.
    x x x

  24. I could spend all day looking at these gorgeous shoes! I can’t resist a peep toe and the deco detailing on Francesca is exquisite! They are the perfect combination of sophistication and sparkle and I’d love love love a pair to wear on my big day.

  25. I AM IN LOVE with the simplicity of POPPY, they would look fabulous with my VWDC 60s style dress and I love the fact they would go with everything else in my wardrobe too! So excited about my wedding, I just need these beautiful shoes in my life and to complete my look, LOVE LOVE LOVE xx

  26. I am in awe of Emmy Scarterfield. Every shoe oozes individuality, personality and sophistication. My favourite has to be Ivy Silver. The shoes take me back to childhood, as they remind me of the shoes my first ballet teacher used to wear. She was so elegant, poised, strong and always with beautiful shoes. A memorable person in my life who was truly inspiring. Ivy Silver would go perfectly with my vintage, 1920s inspired, bespoke wedding dress for my wedding in Hertfordshire in October 2013. It is a small wedding with a relaxed vintage style theme (with hints of dark plum and cameo) for close family and friends. To have these shoes would be incredible! They look so comfy which is a necessity for me so that I can dance the night away without having to worry about tired feet!

  27. Leila gold Kitten caught my eye like nothing else.
    For our wedding day I will wear a fantastic dress from the 50’s bought in the Netherlands, my grandmother’s and also later mother’s Swedish brouch from the 40’s, a hair style from the 20’s.
    I am Swedish and am to marry a half Dutch, half English man. We are trying our best to combine the three countries and cultures in our everyday life as well as for our big day. As Sweden and the Netherlands already are a part of my wedding outfit, would could be better than to complete with English shoe design by a designer who absolutely loves the glamour of the 1930’s?

  28. The Leila Silver Kitten Heals are divine! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love them, they don’t love me. I have funny sized feet and nowhere makes half sizes anymore, so heels often slip and are a bit uncomfy. I know that good quality brands like Emmy make good fitting shoes – I’ve heard so many good things about how comfortable as well as elegant they are – but I can’t afford to splash out on shoes for the big day. We’re moving house (and to the other end of the country) a week after the wedding (eek!) and I need to save pennies for the big move. We’re having a 1930s/40s style day, based loosely on our love of Agatha Christie’s Poirot novels and the feel of house parties of the era. My dress is a 1930s style evening dress with a halter-neck – think Jean Harlow! So a pair of Leila kitten heels in silver would go perfectly. Even better, I’d look glamorous and be able to dance the night away!

  29. These are gorgeous! I have spent much of my engagement pouring over the Emmy website and lusting. The Francesca Shoes are just beautiful. The beauty of all the Emmy shoes, is that they look so comfy. Having perused many shops in search of the perfect, and most elusive, wedding shoe, more often than not the ones that attract are just instruments of tourture!
    Good luck to all! xx

  30. I couldn’t belive my eyes this morning when i clicked onto ‘love my dress’ blog ( standard morning read with my cereal and tea ) Oh My God The chance to win a pair of Emmy shoes? …..yes please i gapsed!!! I have been searching high and low for the pefect wedding shoe and nothing comes close to the Francesca shoes. I am absoluetley in LOVE with these shoes. Im getting married in London on 29th September and I am a wearing Dentelle by Jenny Packham and with a pair of Francesca Emmy shoes I would feel like a complete princess on my Big Day. Jenny Packham and Emmy shoes what a DREAM combintation. I woukd literally be floating down aisle xxx

  31. I am totally in love with Francesca. I can’t think of a more perfect shoe to complement my stunning David Fielden dress. I’m having the dress slightly above the floor to show off my shoes so I need a pair that make a statement as bold as these. Sadly they are completely out of my budget so I may have to keep dreaming.
    Our wedding is in October and will be in a grand Georgian ballroom so these shoes would fit right in, and the soft chandelier lighting and candles would pick out all the beautiful detailing. We are going for a theme of ’30s/ ’40s Hollywood Golden Age and these are certainly shoes made for the silver screen! xx

  32. Now these are simply gorgeous shoes and I am not a shoe lover a lot of the time and positively hate shoe shopping but I could be a convert for a pair of these shoes!
    I know that’s not typical of a lady but these shoes are very different and I totally love Art Deco too so what a match!
    For me the Leila Silver kitten shoes would be perfect in a size 5 and a half… nothing too tall as I would tower over my fiance!
    We will be having a small, intimate ceremony in a register office in Nottingham in June 2014 and then renewing our vows on board a swanky cruise ship while on honeymoon.
    The wedding and honeymoon is combining our love of Art Deco, blue, silver and Greek islands so those shoes would fit the bill… and I get to wear everything twice!

  33. Aww man they’re all amazing but my favorites would have to be the Leila in Silver too – you have great taste! These would look sooo much better with my dress than my £10 ones that the budget dictates at the moment! We’re getting married ina proviate country house in Northumberland next May and are hoping it will ahve a vintage feel that these shoes would be perfect for!!! Crossing everythign!

  34. Firstly let me tell you how talented you are…wow.
    These shoes are impressively divine and truly breath taking!
    I am getting married on 25th July 2015 at a beautiful countryside setting- (Woodhill hall, Otterburn), we are planning a “summer fete” handmade style wedding with a lot of the Accessories and stationary being handmade by myself and my groom.
    We’ve both been through a rough time of late loosing my father.
    I am currently on a 5 stone weight loss with 1.5 currently lost- 3.5 to go!
    I want to feel like a princess on my wedding day and i know slipping on a pair of “Amelia Kitten” heels will add that special touch to the emotional day.
    The “Amelia Kitten” shoes are just to die for!!
    With the low heel keeping it traditional and the beautifully delicate applique i just adore them!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to enter!
    Many thanks
    Jane G

  35. Leila silver kitten for sure- the ideal blend of pretty and practical. I have visited the Emmy site several times but can’t justify the cost on top of everything else at the moment (budget is getting stretched already) so to win a pair would be just lovely! Our colours are greys, maybes, dusky pinks and silvers, so Leila would tone in perfectly. The best thing about these shoes is that they are so classic and wearable they would have many more outings after the wedding.

  36. Wow, what an amazing collection! I’ve never seen shoes like this before. Emmy is clearly a very talented lady.
    My family has a tradition of keeping their wedding dresses, shoes and accessories to pass down the generations, and since being very young I have great memories of trying them all on and playing ‘weddings’! I’d love to have a pair of Emmy shoes to wear with pride on my big day, then pass onto my children in the future.
    Sadly my Grandma passed away recently and in her memory I have had a headpiece made to wear on my wedding day, which is made out of the pearls that my Grandad gave to her on the morning of their wedding in 1959. I even still have the note that went with it, which says ‘To my darling wife to be. With my fondest love.’ The pearls are attached to 1920s-inspired art deco combs. Emmy’s Elizabeth shoes would match my headpiece perfectly, and I would love a chance to wear them.
    Thank you so much to Emmy and Love My Dress for this opportunity xx

  37. Oh my word, my heart lept today when I saw there was a chance to win a pair of Emmy shoes!! Francesca just has to be the most beautiful pair of shoes I have ever seen! I first saw them during one of my daily visits to the love my dress website and instantly fell in love with them. I think everyone woman I know has been shown a picture of them and they unanimously agreed I should buy them, but unfortunately, with only 4 weeks to go to the wedding, there is no room left in the budget :-(..
    I am wearing a fabulous tea length dress from Alan Hannah which is beautiful in itself, but the length of the dress is just crying out for a stunning pair of shoes to finish the look..
    Love them!

  38. I would like the Elizabeth shoes. They would so match the art deco styling of my wedding venue – the Electric Cinema, B’ham. I have a long halter neck dress so it would finish the outfit off perfectly.

  39. Wow, what a generous giveaway! Thank you Emmy and Annabel. I would love the win the Francesca shoe. It really is a showstopper!! Unfortunately, I am not blessed with beautiful tootsies. They are a little wide and I have a high instep. Basically, they’re hobbit feet! But the buckles on both sides of the straps means I could finally wear a beautiful T-bar without it being all twisted. A C-bar if you will. I’m getting married in Yorkshire in July and I’m currently saluting the sun as much as possible in the hopes of it peaking out for some of the day at least. We’re having a rustic mismatched wedding with the theme ‘things we like’. I’m hoping it will all come together a bit like an Alice In Wonderland adventure for our guests with treats and surprises hidden all over. We’re currently in the throes of manic crafting but we’re both really enjoying it. These beautiful shoes would be the icing on the (wedding) cake and I’d love to have the blue crystal on the sole as my something blue. What a lovely touch! Fingers and toes firmly crossed! xx

  40. Wow these shoes are amazing! I would love to wear a pair for my August wedding. My dress is quite simple, with a gorgeous ‘floaty’ silk chiffon skirt and some silver detailing on the belt area. The Leila shoes in silver would look amazing and I could wear them many times again after the wedding :-)

  41. I would just love love love to win a pair of the Francesca shoes, their timeless elegance is absolutely exquisite and I would then give them as ‘something borrowed’ to one of my best friends who is getting married soon after me. They just capture the magic of the era and I am sure would make me feel so special.
    All the other designs are fabulous too but Franceseca is just that little bit more special.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  42. I’m a complete shoeaholic! I’m like a magpie when it comes to anything shoe-related and when I heard about Emmy shoes I was smitten.
    Unfortunately my jokes about marrying a rich man didn’t work out and I’m marrying for love, so Emmy shoes are completely out of my budget, and I would absolutely love to win a pair.
    My favourite are Francesca, and they would go perfectly with whatever dress I end up having. After a few set backs with THE Dress, I am hoping a friend of a friend will come up with some sort of creation that I can wear to my wedding in September 2013. If all else fails, at least I will have a stunning pair of shoes to walk down the aisle in!

  43. Francesca…my middle name! I would absolute ADORE to win these for my oldest childhood friend who is getting married this year! she would look absolutely amazing in them! I too am getting married next year and think they would be an out-of-this world “something borrowed,” they are so beautiful and elegant!
    thank you for the chance to make us both feel like a million dollars on the day!

  44. How exciting! The entire collection is absolutely gorgeous, but my favourite is Elizabeth… the sparkly fan is just incredible. My dress is ‘Dalia’ by Jenny Packham, and the Elizabeth heels would be the perfect match for the 1920s glamour of my dress and our wedding in general. I went above budget with my dress because it was so perfect for me, but it means I’ve had to cut back on other areas of the wedding – so lots of DIY! I’m making our centrepieces, and sewing the table runners myself, and it’s been a challenge to maintain that glam feel on a smaller budget, but I can’t wait to see it all come together in July. Walking down the aisle in a pair of Emmy shoes rather than heels from the highstreet would be the icing on the cake.

  45. I found Emmy shoes through Love My Dress and have been courting the website since even before we were engaged, it is so nice to be able to put a face to and learn a bit about the fabulous designer behind the shoes – great idea for an article.
    I love them all but I REALLY love Francessca, they were already top of my wish list (with Leila running a close second), if only budgets were never ending. I can’t explain how amazing I would feel on my wedding day with a pair of Emmy shoes on my feet.
    Our wedding is in June 2014 and Love My Dress has been a huge inspiration so far to us, we found both our venue Newton Hall (after falling in love with Julie Turners wedding photos) and photographers The Twins (how could anyone not love their work)on LMD. Not to mention countless ideas and inspiration. Keep up the great work x

  46. I absolutely love all of these shoes!!!!!!!! I have been on your website many times day dreaming. I have found it sooooooo hard to find shoes that go with my vintage wedding dress, and my dress length is ankle length so you can see my shoes, have been trying to find a beautiful pair but I also have a tight budget :-( never imagined I would find it so hard to find wedding shoes! Our wedding is now only 3 weeks away on saturday eeeek!
    If I was able to pick my favourite pair I would have to go with the Ivy gold…… my dress is cream and ivory! I think the creamy beads and ivory silk/satin would compliment my dress!
    WEll here goes fingers crossed….. thanks for such a great competition opportunity!!!

  47. Is it weird that some of these shoes are so pretty it makes me want to cry a little bit?? For me, it has to be Eva – which is my darling Nana’s name. She is too poorly to come to our wedding in September, but I will be wearing her pearls on the day – and now hopefully some namesake shoes with pearl detail to match! I’m also having a fifties length dress, so they’d make it into every photo in all their gorgeous glory.

  48. I would love to win the Francesca’s. They are beautifully ornate, have a ideal heel height (being a shorty with a rather tall hubby-to-be – I don’t want him to have to slouch) and look like there is no way my feet can escape them which is particularly important to me as I am making my entrance into the ceremony hall down a 20-stair staircase and I really, really don’t want to fall. I am totally and utterly in love with these shoes.

  49. I am not even a “shoe person” but these shoes have changed my whole way of thinking!! I am so incredibly in love with the Francesa’s that I now don’t know what I can throw off the budget to have them. I saw them only recently when browsing the Internet, and typically now see them everywhere.
    I need these to add a gorgeous bit of Sparkle to my early autumn woodland wedding! (After all my soon to be married name will be sparkes!) they are truly beautiful shoes, and deserve to be worn beautifully, great designer!
    Laura. X

  50. I am not even a “shoe person” but these shoes have changed my whole way of thinking!! I am so incredibly in love with the Francesa’s that I now don’t know what I can throw off the budget to have them. I saw them only recently when browsing the Internet, and typically now see them everywhere.
    I need these to add a gorgeous bit of Sparkle to my early autumn woodland wedding! (After all my soon to be married name will be sparkes!) they are truly beautiful shoes, and deserve to be worn beautifully, great designer!
    Laura. X

  51. O.M.G. (Trying to contain excitement and not shout EEEEEEEEEEEEK across the office inappropriately.)
    I have been lusting after these shoes ever since I got engaged. I look at the site pretty much on a daily basis (not even exaggerating) and the only thing stopping me from buying them with immediate effect is the fact that they are way out of my budget. This makes me sad. The chance to win them makes me very, VERY HAPPY.
    We get married next Spring and we’re having a vintage themed wedding with lots of 1920’s influences running through it. My dress is an absolutely beautiful Jenny Packham with silver lace running through it, and even though I bought it as an ex-sample at a fraction of the full price (could never have afforded a full price JP either) it has totally blown my budget outfit wise. The Ivy Silver would look incredible with it, and the baguette shape crystals on the front even match my art-deco inspired engagement ring!
    Thank you for the chance to win. These are literally the shoes of my DREAMS. TOES CROSSED!

  52. Thank you Annabel, Emmy and Love My Dress for yet another fantastic competition! I have loved these shoes since I first saw them on the blog a few months ago and choosing just one favourite is very difficult as they are all incredible. But after a lot of deliberation Elizabeth would be my choice. My wedding is this August and is being held at oakfield manor which is a gorgeous house in the centre of Chester Zoo (near the lions!) We have chosen to style the day in my own interpretation of art deco, using peacock feathers and pearls, so many elements have been inspired by this blog. One of the last things I need is to get my shoes and Elizabeth would be perfect. Elizabeth is also the name of my gorgeous little flapper flower girl! X

  53. All of these shows are absolutely beautiful! If I had to make a choice (a ridiculously tough thing for me to do) I would love to win the Francesca! I am getting married July 2014 and am aspiring to get either a beautiful 1930s inspired wedding dress from Eliza Jane Howell, or a 1950s tea length wedding dress. The Francesca will suit either of these perfectly and I cannot think of a better start to choosing a wedding dress than by having the shoes already picked out.
    Fingers and toes are crossed that I am lucky enough to win!

  54. My favourite unobtainable shoes… In a competition…. On my favourite wedding blog. I almost can’t even think about actually winning them- because that’s not going to happen – i can’t let myself get carried away with the thought of slipping the most beautiful shoes IN THE WORLD underneath my Lusan Mondongus dress on the morning of the best day of my life. I’ve started to get carried away- my heart has started beating faster and I’m starting to sweat. Is this normal?
    I first saw Francesca in a wedding magazine (without price) when I first got engaged. I was so excited that I’d found ‘THE shoes’ to perfectly go with THE ONE and raced to the website to face the price. Steve would kill me- I had to do the sensible thing and stick to the budget (4x over would not have gone down well)
    Since this chance meeting – Francesca and beautiful Emmy Shoes have been haunting me like a lost love. Nothing else made me feel the same; nothing could replicate what I had seen.
    Despite my yearning and searching- I had to settle on another pair. Don’t get me wrong- they’re pretty, but I will never feel the same about them.
    My wedding is on August 10th. I am in a frothy tulle and lace dress- layers and layers of tulle skirt over fitted lace. My colour scheme is bright clashing colours- bright bouquet of gerberas and roses. The bridesmaids are in a bright red orange whistles dresses, grooms party in royal blue. Flower girls will be wearing a liberty print dress to match my fiancé’s tie – oh and Doug our Pug has a matching bow tie. Too much?!
    We are getting married in Co Durham – the beautiful church I was christened in and the village hall in my small village. We are filling the hall with giant bright coloured balloons! Will it work- who knows- we won’t know until the day.
    We are so excited because we are all traveling to the location- holiday cottages and B&Bs – lots of our guests are making a week of it in beautiful Teesdale.
    Francesca is everywhere i go. That’s the way it is when you want and are obsessed about something, isn’t it? Seeing her on here- so close to our wedding, has to be fate, meant to be?
    I just need to work out what to say to my other shoes. Will ‘its not you, it’s me’ cut it? Shall I tell them the truth about how I feel about Francesca- or will that be too much for them to take? They can still come to the wedding, just with someone else.
    Size 4 would be perfect, thank you, please.
    Verity xx

  55. The detail on Emmy shoes is so beautiful! I too was first introduced to them via a real wedding on Love my dress, the bride had a gorgeous bespoke pair.
    I’m quite tall and about the same height as my husband to be so I’ve really been struggling to find some low heel shoes, there’s so much more choice in high heels. To see beautifully designed kittens is so refreshing, I would absolutely love a pair of Leila Silver Kitten, I haven’t see any others that compare. They’d also be perfect for dancing the night away, our first dance to Paolo Nutini’s Pencil of Lead will hopefully get the dance-floor full straight away!
    Jen x

  56. I’m getting married in January.. but I fall in love with Franchesca, was love at first sight..Those shoes are gorgeous!!
    If a lady is defined by the shoes she wears.. I want to be a beauteous bride, wearing this amazing pair of shoes on my wedding day..

  57. Without a doubt my favourite shoes are ‘Leila Gold Kitten’, beautiful, elegant and perfect for my vintage inspired wedding.
    I am getting married at my childhood church and then my reception is being held at an abandoned Victorian train station. With the old train carriage and waiting room as my back drop, I would LOVE the chance to dance the night away with my Emmy shoes, kitten heels of course so I can keep up with the jazz band and my new husband.
    Thank you for this chance and introducing me to these gorgeous designs!

  58. The Francesca is simply the most beautiful shoe I have ever seen, I just can’t believe my eyes!
    My engagement is very recent and I am just starting to plan what celebrations we will have and where, because my fiance and I are from different countries and we’ve met during our travels two years ago. So far we decided to have 3 weddings: we will marry privately in Italy, have a symbolic ceremony followed by a reception in Paris, then do the same in my hometown.
    If I win the beautiful Francesca, I would make them the inspiration for my Paris wedding! I would pick a dress and choose a venue that complements their deco feel and have their beautiful detailing recreated on the invites!

  59. Dear Emmy and Annabel- I am getting married in 3 weeks, and have not yet found any shoes – EEEEK! No big deal though right? WRONG! A massive deal indeed as i love shoes, but the truth is, i haven’t found anything i liked on the high street and I haven’t wanted to get any, because i felt like i was yet to find The Ones! I think these might be your gorgeous Elizabeths!
    We’re getting married in the West Country in a Somersetonian-Irish mad mix of yummy food and good music and i think this would be the perfect showcase for your lovely shoes.
    Please please make my last minute, cutting it fine, disorganised wedding dreams come true!

  60. I have been lusting after the Francesca shoes for ages and genuinely believe that they are the perfect shoes for my dress! Despite having begged my fiance to buy me them as a pre-wedding gift, he has politely declined – when I saw that I could WIN a pair I couldn’t believe it!! xx

  61. How exciting! I’d spotted Emmy shoes a little while ago on lovemydress during one of my ‘fantasize about our perfect day’ internet sessions! We are planning a Spring rustic wedding – very informal but still with all the lovely details that make a wedding really special. We want our day to be a reflection of us, so there’ll be lots of lovely fresh ingredients for our Italian inspired menu, wild flowers everywhere, lots of twinkly lights and candles and chintzy china (the list could go on…!) My husband to be will be wearing tweed and I’m going for a vintage inspired lace dress. The Amelia kitten shoes would make me extreeeemely happy (and finish the outfit perfectly!) Keeping my fingers (well… toes) crossed!

  62. I have been eyeing up the Francesca shoes ever since I saw them (through a previous feature on this very blog) but they are sadly out of my budget. It would be such a dream to win them! They would go beautifully with my glamorous, glittery, dramatic fishtail dress from Stephanie Allin (aptly named Hayworth). We’re getting married in a chic countryside wedding in 2 months (eeeek) and I have not found the perfect shoes yet. I’m so picky when it comes to shoes and they have to be absolutely right. These might be The One! xx

  63. The Elizabeth shoes are my favourite – absolutely stunning!
    I have very big feet (size 8), which very rarely look pretty or dainty, so it would be amazing to have such beautiful shoes to show off on my wedding day. I think even my fiancés size 11s would look dainty in these beauties (not that I’d let him try them on)! xx

  64. To be honest I think I would be over the moon with any of the styles and such a beautiful website! All so beautiful and so elegantly detailed. I think the Francesca has tipped it for me though. Dave and I are finally getting married in August 2014 after what some people (namely family ) see as a very long (6 year) engagement. It’s taken a long time to get there but we have been blessed by family, some of who unfortunately can’t be with us on the day, that have been instrumental in helping us find our dream home, and now have our dream wedding. From a Bridalwear background (I had a job straight after graduating in 2008 as an Bridalwear assistant and then bespoke designer) I always assumed I would make my own dress but then I saw my almost exact dress come to life from Jenny Packham in 2011. All the sketches that I had been doodling since we got engaged was right there in front of me. It’s actually a very subtle style with more lace and chiffon than ‘bling’ so the Francesca shoes will set off the tiny pearl and crystal detail perfectly. Don’t get me wrong I would have liked to have made my own but I am no JP and it was just perfect! I am still doing all the Bridesmaids dresses in cream vintage laces, with original art deco embellishments as well as the flowers, and all the styling of our venue in Derbyshire so happily have my hands full! All our guests are invited to dress ‘vintage’ (1920s-50s) if they choose too and I can’t wait to see everyone I know and love entering into the spirit of our Art Deco/Vintage and Music (Dave is a musician) themed day. I love the idea that I could look at these beautiful shoes after the day (they would be on display in our house afterwards!)and see the all the people who helped/are helping make our day happen. Marrying Dave (and it’s about time according to mum!) is going to be beyond words regardless of whether I have a stunning pair of Emmy shoes or not, but to do so would be a little bit special  xxx

  65. I think of myself as a girl wih simple tastes and this is reflected in my choice of dress (Jesus Peiro 3051) so my choice of Emmy shoes would be the Poppy – simple and understated with the option to dye the suede and wear them for many years to come. Plus, after blowing my meagre budget on the dress, free shoes would be amazing!

  66. Help Wanted!
    Small pub wedding, with dapper groom and tea dress clad bride, seek the most gorgeous shoes ever to feature on a wedding blog. Responsibilities would include, but are not limited to:
    1) Making the bride tall enough to kiss the groom at the ceremony (the Francesca shoes would look so much better than the stack of Yellow Pages we had planned use)
    2) Looking awesome during lovely conversations, photos and light dancing.
    3) Being spoken about to anyone who will listen and worn with love beyond the wedding until the brides feet are no long fit to be seen in public

  67. Emmy shoes are simply stunning, any bride would love to wear a pair on her big day. Our wedding day is very soon on the First of June, we are having a small family wedding with a vintage afternoon tea party. My dress is 50’s inspired with lace and tulle, I want to wear it everyday. I’m planning on wearing a simple pair of ballet pumps. Although it’s hard to pick a favourite I think Eva would be my first choice. It’s deco inspired design is so me and would match my antique art deco engagement ring. Wow, it would be amazing, my feet would be in heaven :)

  68. I have known my fiancé since I was 16 years old. I am now in my last year of university, currently studying for my final exams and I will be getting married in July! So, whilst I should be revising I am instead procrastinating, reading wedding blogs like the brilliant Love My Dress and dreaming of the summer. When I saw this competition, just like many of the other ladies who have commented, I thought my dreams had come true!
    I will be 22 on my wedding day, and my fiancé and I will have been together for six years. However, I am young and not very well off! My university debts mean that we cannot even afford a professional photographer, although I have a good friend who is going to take pictures for us on the big day.
    I currently have a pair of nude Zara courts that I am planning to wear with my knee-length, cream Topshop lace shift dress. However, the opportunity to wear a stunning pair of Emmy shoes like the beautiful, but classic ‘Leila Gold’ would be one extravagance that would truly make my day.
    The heel height is perfect for all-day wear (not that I would ever want to take them off!), as are the supportive straps. The cut out detailing is simple but the most delicate and divine I have ever seen. The shorter length of my dress means that my shoes will most definitely be noticed, and the ‘Leila Gold’ shoes would make my outfit very memorable indeed! Although my day is not going to be particularly lavish, winning these shoes would make me feel like a princess.

  69. Annabel,
    I am to be married in April 2014. My desire for a pair of these beautiful Emmy shoes is two-fold.
    Firstly, I am currently a student (as is my fiancé), and have been for the last four years (doing an undergrad. in geology and a masters in hydrogeology) which has rather drained my funds. Me and my fiancé have been engaged since our first year at university in 2009, and have been desperately saving up throughout our courses. I’ve been able to find most items on sale or by bargain hunting, and it would therefore be really, really lovely to have one item in my wedding that I haven’t had to scrimp on or specifically choose the cheaper option for.
    The second aspect is that I am tall (nearly 6ft), and I have been looking for a pair of low heels so that I won’t tower too far over my mid-5ft bridesmaids! I have been having great difficulty with finding any within my budget that won’t consign me to a day of looking like I’ve stolen a pair of my nan’s shoes. I live my life in flat shoes, so would love the chance to wear some beautiful heels that would make me feel elegant on our wedding day, but would also not make me look like a giant.
    I would therefore love to be considered for this prize, and would like to submit my interest for the Leila kitten heels in silver, to compliment my floor-length, fishtail lace dress, my husband-to-be’s grey suit and my bridesmaids grey dresses. Our wedding colours are silver grey and yellow, and our theme is slightly vintage, slightly rustic and also includes a few choice features related to mine and my fiancé’s love of comic books and video games.

  70. I LOVE the Elizabeth!! I love everything about that show! I love the closed-toe look for weddings and the shape of the toe is perfect – not too round, not too pointy. The height is also perfect as well – tall enough to make a statement, but short enough to portray classic 20s glamour. One of the first things I noticed (besides the beautiful adornment on the side of the shoe) was that the strap crosses diagonally over the foot. I LOVE this! That style makes your foot look longer and more elegant. And most importantly, that beautiful adornment on the side of the shoe!! It reminds me of the classic lace and bejeweled fans women used to have as accessories in the early 1900s. It actually reminds me a lot of one that I have that my grandmother gave to me.

  71. Browsing the website, my heart did a little flutter when I spotted the Francesca pair. What can I say? They are just beautiful! I just love the roaring 20s and 30s, dreaming of a jazz age style for my wedding in the Highlands of Scotland next year. As you can imagine I am very excited about the upcoming Gatsby film! I could just see the Francesca’s and all of the gorgeous Emmy shoes tap dancing the Charleston on the feet of Daisy Buchanan! I am wearing a beaded vintage style gown to marry my high school sweetheart and would love to have such pretty shoes to wear as the Francesca’s to dance the night away to Louis Armstrong <3 Wish me luck and thank you for the chance :) xxx

  72. Browsing the website, my heart did a little flutter when I spotted the Francesca pair. What can I say? They are just beautiful! I just love the roaring 20s and 30s, dreaming of a jazz age style for my wedding in the Highlands of Scotland next year. As you can imagine I am very excited about the upcoming Gatsby film! I could just see the Francesca’s and all of the gorgeous Emmy shoes tap dancing the Charleston on the feet of Daisy Buchanan! I am wearing a beaded vintage style gown to marry my high school sweetheart and would love to have such pretty shoes to wear as the Francesca’s to dance the night away to Louis Armstrong <3 Wish me luck and thank you for the chance :) xxx

  73. I have been dreaming over these shoes long before getting engaged. I love every little inch. If dreams came true and I won these shoes I would go for Lelia silver kitten! I love how beautiful the shoes are without having a sky high heel, I want to dance the night away on my wedding. Not be in pain. :) thanks for the give away!

  74. With tea cups, a county house, wild flowers, a tea length dress, and pair of Converse (for him not me!) a vintage inspired country garden wedding we are throwing in May 2014.
    A lot of time has been spent looking for the right pair of shoes, they have got to be stylish, but not to over the top, vintage, but not like I borrowed my Grandma’s, but most of all they have to me, oh and come in a size 3! Shoes have always been very important to me, but ever so on this special day, my dress is knee length so they will be on show from the moment I walk down the aisle to being the last person on the dance floor.
    How I found you my lovely Leila. One day I was paying a visit to all my regular web based haunts, looking to see if there were any new creations out there and that’s when you appeared to me on a blog.  Well I had to follow you to see where you would take me, there I was at Emmy Shoes a vintage heaven, as pretty as jewellery for feet.  The Swarovski crystals, the mother of pearls, the divine leather and every pair I was in love with! 
    But like any good girl I only had eyes for one, and you were still there talking to me. With your delicate detailing and your timeless class oh lovely Leila, I see you not just as my shoes for my Wedding day but my ‘sole’ mate, a lifelong friend for those special occasions or times when you just want to be glamorous.  Oh Leila I love you and would I love for you not only just be part of my wedding but also my life, but only if that’s ok with you Emmy? 

  75. Stunning Shoes to die for!!! There all gorgeous, but personally i love the ivy gold there were made for my dress! I’ve been searching for something to suit my dress and now i know exactly what i want!!!! they have a suttle vintage style and are very, very elegant. They also look comfortable as they have the perfect heel height for me, my husband to be isnt much taller than me, so that would make his day too!!!
    Emmy is an amazing designer, keep up good the work!!
    A genuine new fan!! :)

  76. I would love to win a pair of Francesca shoes for my amazing daughter.
    My daughter suffers from Hypermobility Syndrome – a connective tissue disorder – and has problems with all her joints, particularly her hips, knees and ankles and is in pain a lot of the time. She also suffers from a rare bone and skin disorder called SAPHO syndrome which causes her a whole range of symptoms. Despite this she gets on with life with very little fuss and does loads for me, as I suffer from M.E!
    Finding the right shoes for her wedding day is proving difficult as she needs really good shoes that are going to be comfortable for her to wear for most of the day, as well as looking fabulous and making her feel like a princess! All the more difficult on a limited budget.
    She is having a 1920s/30s themed wedding in May next year and has an amazing vintage dress from the late 20s, which was originally a sheer silk nightgown belonging to a very glamorous Parisian lady! The gown is very elegant and simple and she plans to wear it with a pink underslip to give a beautiful overall blush effect!
    This needs to be teamed up with a most amazing pair of shoes!
    The beautiful art deco styling, and the blush pink colour of these would be absolutely perfect!
    I would be over the moon to win a a pair of Francesca shoes for her, she deserves so much for her big day to be extra special.
    Oh, and I should maybe mention that her name is….Francesca!
    (Her sister is also called Emmy and my name is Elizabeth!…is that a sign?!!)

  77. Dear Annabel, dear Emmy,
    I’m desperately looking for the perfect shoes at the moment that’s why I clicked on your article immediately.
    I’m from Germany, Stuttgart and I’m getting married in a Grace Kelly inspired dress on June 28th in an old castle with rustic design but the search for the perfect shoes is driving me nuts. Got some amazing Stella McCartney shoes from but the heel was much too high so I had to return them. Last week I bought some Pradas in the same look with a smaller heel but at home I realised that they are too small for me.. got them in 39.5, however I actually need 40 (tried to avoid this fact as the pair I bought was the last one in the shop ;)). My panic made me buy them and now I try to widen them with frozen water in the freezer though I don’t think this will work…
    I absolutely fell in love with the ‚Eva’ shoes and would be the happiest bride to dance the night away in them.
    All the best for you both – you are such an inspiration!
    Kind regards,

  78. Ooooh what a fabulous competition!! I’m getting married next spring in the most beautiful gardens on the edge of a forest… it’s going to be amazing! Think bunting, lawn games, flowers, ice cream… and a steel band! Just because :)
    Like Emmy, I’m going to be a Jenny Packham bride (so excited) and I’ve already been eyeing up the Francesca style (in a size 5) to match my dress, they are just beautiful. Unfortunately (for the shoes, I’m rather pleased myself), I’m currently working towards my PhD in psycho-oncology where I work with newly diagnosed cancer patients around their psychological and social needs, and I’m struggling to see how I can justify the cost when I’ve already spent so much on my dress! Student bursaries don’t match up to my shoe aspirations! So when I saw this competition I couldn’t not enter, this could solve all my wedding shoe problems! As problems go it’s a minor one I admit but I think all brides-to-be will agree with me here, the shoes are important – how else will I dance the night away on my wedding day?!
    Loving both the blog and the shoes,
    Brooke xx

  79. The Amelia Kitten shoes are the ones for me! They are the perfect combination of beauty and practicality which is what I am looking for as I have unfortunately been cursed with not being never been able to walk in heels. Many a time have I gazed longingly at sky scraper heels in shop windows or stumbled around a shop floor in 10 inch heels only having to settle for the less glamorous and more sensible flats.
    But for my wedding in April 2014 I am determined to feel 100% glamorous and wear heels, even if they are only kitten ones!
    I also love that the suede could be dyed and that I could turn my special wedding shoes into special occasion shoes that I could wear again and again!
    Keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed! xxx

  80. This is so exciting! I have been dreaming of these shoes for some time now. I will be marrying my high school sweetheart next Summer. When I met my fiancè we were 15 and we were the same height. Well, as time went on I grew and he did not. I want to have a beautiful pair of shoes for our prohibition themed (we are both in the wine industry so we thought this fit) garden wedding but it is difficult to find flats or kitten heels as gorgeous as these shoes. I love the Ivy Gold as I think this shoe fits perfectly with our theme and the shorter heel would add style without too much height. They also seem comfortable enough to wear during the whole event. I can already see myself wearing them in during our first dance.

  81. I would love to win the Leila Silver Kitten shoes for my winter wedding in November this year. As a 5ft10 girl with size 8 feet since I was 12/13 I have always had a really difficult relationship with shoes! I couldn’t count the amount of times I have walked in to a shop, found a pair I really love only to be told that “we don’t have any in a size 8” combined with a slight look of disgust from the shop assistant! Even my maid of honour affectionately calls me ‘boat feet’ as she is 5ft 2 and a size 4 in shoes! In addition to this, in the last 2-3 years I have worked really hard to lose over 3 stone in weight and I am determined that on my wedding day I will feel absolutely amazing in a size 10/12 David Fielden dress and a pair of absolutely stunning shoes that look and feel amazing and so I would LOVE to win a pair of Emmy shoes as this would be the icing on the cake!!

  82. love love love Emmy shoes. I spent hours trying to find something a little more unique for a wedding shoe in my budget but had zero luck, so ended up plumping for something bog standard. I would LOVE to win the Eva shoe to wear on my big day. The detail adds such class and will tie in with my champagne coloured sash on dress. These shoes would ‘make’ my outfit and make me one very happy bride :) xx

  83. Wow! I would love to win a pair of Emmy shoes! They are all beautiful! But the Francesca and the Matilda are my favourites! (Size 4!) My fiancé would be shocked on the wedding day to find me in some amazing heels as I live in my riding boots/ wellies! He is certain I’m going to have my stable yard boots on under my wedding dress! At this rate I will be as I cannot find any shoes I like, apart from yours!! The shoes could be worn again for different occasions and so would be loved for life!!
    We are getting married next year, in a country wedding. Complete with our dog walking down the aisle too…… Do you do matching dog shoes….!!! We all have our fingers, paws and hooves crossed!! Xxx

  84. Thank you “Love My Dress” for introducing me to Emmy shoes!!! I had never heard or seen such beautiful shoes until this morning when I opened up my FB and went through my newsfeed. I was in awe of the photo of the Francesca shoe. I love shoes, especially ones with such beautiful details. Although I would love to buy this pair myself, I would by lying if I didn’t say this would totally be blowing part of my wedding budget. These shoes would absolutely add a whole lot of sparkle to our wedding! If I won a pair of the Francesca shoe, I would be flaunting these babies all day! :)

  85. Cinderella was the first to discover that stunning shoes lead to magical and romantic evenings. Emmy’s shoes are our modern day glass slipper and any bride who yearns to feel like Cinderella simply needs to slip these on to feel the thrill of being the belle of the ball. My fairy godmother hasn’t been able to stretch to Emmy shoes; the house that she is planning to transform from a marrow is proving too costly. Winning a pair of beautiful Emmy shoes would help this princess feel like she was dancing on air with her Prince Charming. The perfect pair of shoes would be the Poppy Flower, as this would suit the garden setting and the beads would mimic the glass beading on my chiffon, swishy dress. Please Emmy, be my fairy godmother and complete my fairy-tale wedding with my very own pair of magical glass slippers!

  86. My wedding checklist so far…
    One awesome groom – check!
    A date for the big day -check!
    A beautiful venue hired – check!
    A group of amazing bridesmaids – check!
    All decisions so far have been easy until now… what on earth am I actually going to wear!!?? Having never been the girl who knows exactly what her dream wedding should be or what the dream dress should look like I use this blog as my guide. The wedding dress saga so far has been stressful to say the least as I don’t find picking a wedding dress easy but I may have found my solution. I love shoes and choosing shoes are easy! Perhaps if I pick my Lucy shoes first, then I’ll find that elusive Lucy wedding dress. Its worth a try!

  87. I saw this competition and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I think Emmy does the most beautiful shoes, and in truth I know I couldn’t afford them normally. I can’t not apply and try!
    I get married next month (yikes!) on June 29th. Being not especially organised, all the little details I’m now fussing over – shoes being one of them. We have no absolute theme – just things we like. We’re getting married in a barn. I’m wearing a lace dress and my make up and hair will be done in 1940s style as I have some beautiful pictures of my nan from this era and shock horror, a recent make over highlighted that the look really suits me. There’s also no tradition at our wedding: no bridesmaids, Best Man, speeches… Just our wonderful friends and family, joining my love and I on our first day of marriage for delicious food and some serous dancing (Motown!). Perfection.
    What would I do with a pair of Eva shoes in size 7? Well my friends and family will be seeing a whole lot more of my legs than normal, and I’ll probably spend most of the day looking down and grinning like a maniac, how could I not?! I’m sure my new husband will understand, he loves me!

  88. Dear both … I am a huge fan of Emmy’s shoes, I adore the 1920s and my absolute favourite are your beautiful Francesca shoes! I am getting married at the end of August in the woods in a tipi tent and my dress is called the Gatsby! … I couldn’t think of any better shoes which would match my dress perfectly and I would love to wear on my wedding day. X

  89. These shoes are so gorgeous! I absolutely love them! I know I will never be able to afford them, I have really been struggling to find wedding shoes that I love, they are all so plain and boring all the time. The Francesca shoes are my favourite they are so detailed and elegant. (I am a size 7) Emmy is such a talented designer and I would love to wear her designs on the most special day of my life. :)

  90. I love these shoes! The Elizabeth shoes have been on my wishlist since I got engaged. I am getting married next summer and I would love to have the chance to win them!

  91. I am a massive fan of Emmy shoes and can only dream about owning a pair, they are all absolutely stunning, my fave being the Francesca shoe. This shoe would match perfectly with my wedding dress with all the detailing on them and would fit in so well with my vintage wedding theme in September. The reason I would love to win these are because they are just…”simply beautiful!”… x

  92. I have been lusting after the Elizabeth shoes since long before we were engaged! They would fit perfectly with our vintage wedding, with oodles of pearls. I am obsessed with shoes, when we moved house I filled 4 boxes just with heels. I have very recently been longing after Emmy’s beautiful headpieces where I probably visited the website daily for a few weeks whilst I try to maintain the willpower! In all honesty, I wish I could own every item on the Emmy website. If I ever win the lottery, then I think one of every pair of Emmy shoes would be my first splurge! :)

  93. I am a massive embellishment fanatic whether it be clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery so winning/owning a pair of Emmy shoes would be FANTASTIC! Literally as I am obsessed with the ‘fan shape’ motif used in the 1920s/30’s…. Even my diamond engagement ring is this shape so the Francesca shoes would be my dream shoes – not just for my wedding day but also any day – would it be wrong to wear them doing the housework!?! :-) xxx

  94. We’re getting married at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe next year. It’s an original art deco hotel with guests like Wallace Simpson and Clark Gable. I love the faded glamour of British seaside resorts and the wedding day will mix 1920s seaside fun and glamour. I’ve been lusting after a pair of Emmy shoes and the Eva shoe would match perfectly with my dress. Every girl deserves to feel special on her wedding day and these shoes would make me feel like a 1920s part hostess………strawberry daiquiri anyone? X

  95. When I fell in love with my fiance, I knew I would be starting my life-long fairy tale. He proposed with a 1930s art deco engagement ring which he picked out with my mother. Planning our wedding has been incredible and I am counting down the days until I walk down the aisle.
    Our wedding theme is ‘storybook romance’, Summer of 2014. We plan to have very rustic decor, filled with twisting tree branches, whimsical centerpieces, and endless candles.
    If I had to choose just one pair of shoes, I would chose the Francesca design. Some princesses wear glass slippers, but this bride would love a pair of Emmy shoes.

  96. This has to be the best competition. It has made my day!
    I’m getting married next month and have been desperately trying to find the right shoes. I have spent the last few weeks searching the high street trying to find a shoe, exactly like the Ivy but there is just nothing like it. Everything I’ve seen just doesn’t suit my wedding or my taste. I want a soft, romantic feel for the day, yet most shoes seem too gold/silver, or too uncomfortable or 5 inches high too high. I have even looked for a pre-owned pair of Ivy silver’s, on sites like ebay but to no avail.
    A few years ago I would have bought these without hesitation, even if I wasn’t getting married (they are just that beautiful), but after having my twin girls, my shoe budget in general has taken a big hit.
    Most people are trying to convince me that shoes aren’t a big deal, they keep saying “no one will even see them”. I just don’t agree, I think they are just as important as the dress and I will make sure people see them. Most of all, I know that they’ll be there and it’ll make me feel elegant (surely what anyone who puts on a pair of Emmy shoes would feel).
    Can’t wait until next week to find out!! xx

  97. For me it would have to be the absolutely swoonworthy Francesca shoes. My engagement ring is a vintage art deco ring and these would add the perfect deco twist to my bridal outfit. I am so enjoying planning our wedding with a Gatsby edge but it’s always tricky for a bride on a budget – a day to remember with our family and friends is what it’s all about, not all the little details. But as a very wise woman once told me “good things happen when you wear the right shoes” and I believe they’re the right pair for me!

  98. Ooh Francesca and or Elisabeth!! These are a ‘pass on to your daughters’ shoe… Oh now I love that idea!, I have two daughters, I do not want them walking in my shoes so to speak but THESE… Oh Yes! Happy bride, happy mummy, happy feet!!!!

  99. this is amazing! For me, the winning shoes are the Leila design!! They are actually sexual.
    My dress is a charlotte balbier vintage style lacy number which I have customised with a pretty art deco style belt and cap sleeves! I won it on ebay as I a) I have expensive taste and b) couldnt afford some of the ridiculously expensive dresses I kept insisting I try on!! If I revealed the price that I won it for I would have to kill you.
    Our wedding is at a museum of historic buildings in worcestershire – we get to have an actual working windmill on the premises and everything (obviously fairly sensibly heeled shoes would be a must while trying to navigate my way up the rickety old wooden stairs!)
    i hope i am in with a chance of winning these – I would be a right giddy kipper if i did :) x x x x x

  100. I LOVE Emmy shoes, swooned over them for month’s while looking for shoes for my impending wedding, 9 sleeps!:)
    I unfortunately couldn’t stretch my budget that far, sad face, however, my beautiful sister is getting married next year and I would love her to have the shoes I couldn’t!
    She has found her dress and I know that the Francesca or the Matilda shoes would look amazing on her feet!
    She has been through a lot in the last few year’s and I am so happy that she’s found happiness with the man she love’s and is finally planning the wedding she has always wanted.
    So if I was to win a pair of these stunning shoes, I would give the prize to my beautiful, funny, sweetheart of a sister:)
    Goodluck everyone

  101. My favourite has to be Francesca, they have been on wedding wishlist for years before we ever got engaged. Unfortunately due to our relatively short engagement, I’ve not been able to get them as my wedding shoes.
    I’m also still waiting for my wedding shoes to arrive which after I had my confirmed order were out of stock so I’ve been waiting patiently for them to arrive- still no sign of them!
    Anyway back to Francesca they are soooo beautiful. The colour is a lovely mixture of cream, ivory and blush perfect for wearing again after the special day. These aren’t just shoes for the day, they’d have to be worn for years on special occasions and be saved for your daughter to wear!
    Being a wedding dress designer I can appreciate the beautiful craftmanship that has gone into the intricate beading. The patience that some has had to sew so many different shapes and colours of beading onto one shoe. The shape is the comfy peep toe, not too high, not too low, my fiance is 6ft so 95mm is perfect height! The shoes has got just the right amount of sparkle, enough crystals to shimmer without being distracting.
    The detail on the back of the shoe is just in the right place so it wont get caught on your dress. As there is a hairpiece means that if you saved up for them both regardless of them being ivory you could get years of pleasure from them.
    Our wedding is coming round fast, less than two months to go now, I’m bust sewing my own dress and winning these would be the perfect present to myself for all my hard work. We’ve arranged our July wedding in just a few months, stressful but we didn’t want to wait any longer.
    We’ve tried to have people we know do things, from the photographer a work colleague of my fiance, our cake maker the mother of our electrician’s wife, we designed and printed our own invites. We want to whole day to be personal to us.
    I’m going to keep everything crossed and go to bed dreaming about waltzing (ok so more likely moshing) round the dancefloor in Francesa!

  102. Without a doubt it has to be francesca, top of my wishlist but unfortunately can’t get the budget for our september wedding to cover these! I keep holding out looking for other shoes as I’m in love with Francesca and anything else I have happened to come across just doesnt come close…
    They would perfectly suit me and my wedding as I want something different and fun yet still classic and elegant.
    Fingers and toes crossed xxx

  103. I was so excited to see this post! Love My Dress has been so influential in my wedding decisions, the first time I saw my wedding dress was on these pages and I loved it immediately. After discovering the price I tried to put it to the back of my mind and then saw it again in another feature here . After commenting on the piece about my love for the dress, Annabel gave me a nudge in the right direction. What could be more perfect than wearing Jenny Packham Joy when your name is also Joy! My wedding stationery was also found on these pages from Emily & Jo.
    Emmy’s shoes are absolutely beautiful and so hard to pick my favourite ones. I think Francesca would go with my platinum JP Joy best and will have my fingers firmly crossed that they come my way. After breaking the bank with the dress this is the only way I’ll be getting my tootsies in them! Xx

  104. This article is a show stopper I LOVE shoes I have many but none as beautiful as these! They are all so beautiful and the detailing is amazing but Francesca or Elizabeth um it’s to hard to pick either would suit my dress I think it has to be Francesca they are effortless I would feel like a princess in these with that vintage sparkle glamour! I am a wedding florist so I love design, but back in the school days in 2 of my school projects for design I did shoes as I have had an obsession with them since I could totter!! I poured of Manolo blahnik books for hours on end and these shoes defiantly have this feel. Gorgeous is all that is left to say and pretty please!

  105. I love the Eva shoe! Heel low enough I could walk in it/get away with lowering the foot rests on my wheelchair – check! Straps so I’m less likely to clumsily kick them off – check! Absolutely beautiful – Double check!!

  106. absolutely gorgeous!!! i am in love with Francesca, it would be the perfect touch to go with my embellished drop waist reception dress. just beautiful!

  107. Every shoe from the collection is beautiful and timeless but from the moment I laid eyes on Francesca, I was in love. We are soul mates! My wedding is October 4, 2013 and is vintage-inspired from top to bottom. From my 1920’s engagement ring and wedding band to the steam train that will be taking us to our reception which is being held at an old Lace Factory. I will be wearing a lace dress by Sarah Seven and have been searching for the perfect pair of vintage-inspired blush heels and then I found Francesca. I stop by the Emmy website almost daily to swoon over her, I am absolutely smitten. I have never seen a more beautiful shoe than her. I just cannot find anything like Francesca (and I don’t want to) . I feel that neither my day nor my attire will be complete without those magnificent shoes on my feet. I have been trying to save for them, calculating pounds into dollars and trying to calculate how much shipping is to the US but weddings are expensive, hidden costs keep appearing somehow and Francesca seems to be getting farther and farther away from my budget. My fiance and I are paying for the whole wedding ourselves and if by some small chance of luck (or maybe fate) if I won, my wedding would be even more complete and special. I can just picture it now :my lace dress, my blush vintage embellished Emmy shoes on the vintage train next to my handsome groom… it gives me goosebumps!! Thank you for this generous opportunity and good luck to everyone!

  108. WOW THESE SHOES ARE SO PRETTY! Francesca is my choice. Those pretty things are the show stopper. I am getting married in the spring sometimes next year in……the island of paradise…my home town…BALI. The theme will be – the journey to the east – inspiration during the world exploration era around art nouveau era. My partner is British and I am Indonesian. We will try to married two details of culture in one wedding. I will use a simple long lacy white gown with detailed intricate oriental design wore as belt accentuation. Francesca will be absolutely a beautiful pair for my gown. Thank you and “keep my finger crossed” for a bit of luck! x Sheila x

  109. As a young bride, I want to stand out and strut my stuff down the aisle in shoes I can show off. The Francesca shoes definitely fit into that dream!
    I am getting married to a man of my dreams. We met as teenagers on a cruise for one week and kept a long distance relationship until we came to college. We made it through a lot and I’m ready to stomp past that with someone who will be by my side always.
    Our wedding is fun, sassy, and full of bling! We are incorporating coral, yellow, and gray with hints of sparkle around every corner. I really want to personalize our wedding and shoes like the Francesca definitely bring the sass!
    I think I should win these shoes because they will be that surprise factor to my bridal apparel. I hope I’m lucky enough to wear these shoes on one of the most important days of my life!

  110. Francesca please xxx simply chic! I would pick my dress to compliment the shoes, as I only want a simple dress – perfect!

  111. One! The shoes are all incredible. I would love a pair of ivy silver as a) they are incredibly beautiful (and stunning shoes are essential for my tea length dress) and they would look fabulous treading the cobbles around Manchester Town Hall and b)they look exactly like my lovely Nana’s dancing shoes when I was little..and I definitely need some dancing shoes for my fiesta!

  112. I love these shoes! The Francesca and the Leila designs are my faves!. I am getting married next summer in Spain and I’m going to wear the wonderful Jenny Packhamand Dentelle gown and these shoes would be perfect!
    A dream come true!

  113. I remember when Emmy started out, her shoes were as beautiful then as they are now, I met her at a training session in a London boutique and i have now moved on and opened my own, but i always remember her stunning shoes! I would love to win the poppy flower, simple, stunning and i can walk in the heel without falling over, which is always a bonus lol..

  114. The Leila kitten’s would go with the ceiling in our venue!! The dress will have to be chosen to match the shoes..

  115. These would truly be a pair of fairy tale shoes for a magical day :) I would love to win!!!

  116. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous. In May 2014 I get married to a wonderful woman who has (for some reason) put up with me for over 10 years. These shoes would be a perfect wedding present and I can only imagine the joy on her face if she were presented with a pair by surprise on our wedding morning :)

  117. The Leila Silver are just so simple, but stunning. I would wear them time and time again, not just on my wedding day which REALLY appeals to me. Whatever I end up with, I hate the thought of my wedding shoes sitting in a box at the back of my wardrobe. Emmy Shoes are the business! x

  118. I love the Francesca shoes! They are so detailed and exquisite! I cannot afford them and it would break my heart not to have them as I have fallen in love with them! I am getting married in April next year and cannot wait! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these shoes. Emmy is an amazing designer!

  119. Wow what amazingly gorgeous, beautiful shoes, I can’t find the words to do them justice! Out of them all I think that Francesca are my favourite, the detail on them is incredible and I’d be tempted to for-go the dress alltogether to show off the shoes!

  120. Thank you so much Annabel and Emmy for this wonderful competition! After a particularly gruelling day at work I was looking on Love My Dress for some cheer and joy, as I do every day and have done for 15 months (and I’ve only been engaged 5 months!) and low and behold my dreams may possibly have been answered! I am in love with early 1930’s style, architecture and literature so for me it was a no-brainer to incorporate this into my wedding day (Using LMD for LOADS of inspirational ideas).
    I have loved Emmy’s ‘Francesca’ style to an obsessive degree! But alas, I am ‘banned’ from spending so much on shoes. I have searched everywhere for a copycat pair but have found absolutely nothing on the internet or high street. I have even attempted to craft my own pair! I went to the market and bought 100s of beads, sequins and other adornments, locked myself away with a tube of superglue for the weekend and appeared with….something my family say wouldn’t look out of place on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!! So I am at a loss as what to do.
    My boy and I been together since the end of 6th Form (9 years)and are getting married in our local Catholic church,(I shall be the 3rd generation of my family to marry there). We have hired a routemaster for the guests and 1930’s cream cars for the bridal party. The reception will be held in Lord Byron’s former home with 90 in the day and 150 for the evening. ‘Glamourous Deco Country House Party’ is the theme, with a healthy dose of dancing and decadence. A jazz band will hopefully set the scene for a fun night, complete with vintage photobooth, BBQ and mountains of hydrangeas and peonies in jars and silverware I have been collecting.
    My dress is champagne in colour with heavy blush/ gold beading and embroidery. It is a ‘mermaid’ shape and I have a lace edged chapel length veil and vintage Dior pearl necklace to finish the look. The boys will be in traditional morning dress and my girls have long, chiffon ‘deco’ gowns in the palest sage. They will have ivory floral crowns and I will have a floral headpiece of ivory orchids and roses. The flowers will be a mix of blush pink, gold, ivory and pale green. I promise I will not let your shoes down Emmy, they are soo perfect for my 1930’s day in 2 months time!!xxx

  121. Elizabeth is the Choice of mine! It’s so delicate it would totally fit my vintage kneelong lace dress! The strap is oh-so-sexy, my husband to be will freak out, when I walk down the aile(well, the garden ;-))
    We will have a vintage romantic garden wedding. Pompoms hanging down from the trees, Lapinons hanging in blooming briers… And our colours are all airmail (After war theme!) red-and blue:-) Can’t wait…

  122. I have bought a beautiful vintage dress for my wedding in August. It is a lace dress in 50’s style and I would love to wear a pair of Emmy shoes to it, I have been looking at the webpage several times, the shoes are so beautiful but a bit over my budget. Francesca are my absolute favorite.

  123. What a fantastic and generous competition!
    We are getting married in late November 2013, quite possibly in the Adelaide (South Australia) hills or at the South Australian Art Gallery.
    Not long after we became engaged, I discovered this blog (love), and shortly after, I discovered Emmy Shoes. I now have a picture of the Elizabeth shoe on my phone. I take this picture dress shopping with me – the dress must suit the shoe! We havent settled on our venue, I havent settled on my dress, but the only thing I’m sure of (except the groom of course!) is that I would love to be wearing a pair of Emmy Elizabeth shoes on my wedding day. Unfortunately we have just done our wedding budget, and the amount set aside for shoes is a little anemic (especially when you convert the cost to Australian dollars!). I’m a shoe girl (even on fat days I can still feel happy about something I’m wearing!), and these shoes make me smile : )

  124. Wow! My favourite are the Leila Silver Kitten. As they have a kitten heel, my feet will not start to hurt while still looking very good.
    I will have a wedding in an old Manor House in the Cotswolds. It is still over a year until the wedding, but if I would win those shoes, I could tick off one item on my loooong “to-do” list.

  125. My pick would definitely be the Francesca shoes. I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of shoes to compliment my soft gold vintage wedding gown. I’m getting married in a beautiful old medieval monastery in Italy – as an art historian celebrating somewhere with a perfect mixture of history, natural beauty and art has always been a dream. The wedding will be very simple, and quite rustic. Just good food and wine, the love of our friends and family, and a ceremony amongst the olive trees. Now I just need the shoes to go with all of this! I’ve been looking for a pair that are not too high, not too obvious, but with a sense of timeless beauty and elegance that will compliment my dress, and the beauty of our surroundings.
    The Francescas really fit the bill, and I wouldn’t be able to justify the expenditure in ‘real life’, so it would be an absolute dream come true to win this competition! FIngers crossed…

  126. I have had my eye on FRANCESCA for a few months now but I have put them to the back of my mind as they are out of my budget but now I have seen this competition I have brought them forward to the front of my mind!! I would love to win these shoes to wear on my wedding day in September!!

  127. Wow…I’m in love! These shoes are gorgeous but I think my favourites are the matilda design. I’m yet to make the final decision on my wedding dress but seeing these tempts me towards a lovely tea length Justin Alexander I’ve tried on! x x

  128. LOVE, love, love the Lelia Gold Kitten style. Emmy have the only wedding shoes I want, but can’t afford. We are having a vintage style weddiing in the Tuscan countryside, we can’t wait! Yes please xx

  129. I absolutely adore Emmy shoes- so beautiful and elegant with a classic vintage twist. I started planning our wedding two years ago and a pair of Emmy shoes were a must for me- until my fiancee lost his job 3 months ago and unfortunatley non necessities had to be cut :( (secretly these shoes are necessary to me!) I am getting married in August and shoe shopping has probably been the most difficult experience of planning my wedding. My fiance and I are very nearly the same height, so finding a shoe that looks amazing but is not a flat has proven difficult. This is why i would choose the Leila kitten heel or the Amelia kitten heel. The Eva shoes are also stunning but a little too high for me. I am wearing a lace dress with JP hair piece and having a pair of Emmy shoes to call my own would make me so happy. My Nan wore very similar shoes on her wedding day and loves that all of the styles from her day are coming back! I love everything vintage! Emmy shoes would go perfectly with our vintage inspired tea party so fingers crossed!

  130. I absolutely adore Emmy shoes- so beautiful and elegant with a classic vintage twist. I started planning our wedding two years ago and a pair of Emmy shoes were a must for me- until my fiancee lost his job 3 months ago and unfortunatley non necessities had to be cut :( (secretly these shoes are necessary to me!) I am getting married in August and shoe shopping has probably been the most difficult experience of planning my wedding. My fiance and I are very nearly the same height, so finding a shoe that looks amazing but is not a flat has proven difficult. This is why i would choose the Leila kitten heel or the Amelia kitten heel. The Eva shoes are also stunning but a little too high for me. I am wearing a lace dress with JP hair piece and having a pair of Emmy shoes to call my own would make me so happy. My Nan wore very similar shoes on her wedding day and loves that all of the styles from her day are coming back! I love everything vintage! Emmy shoes would go perfectly with our vintage inspired tea party so fingers crossed!

  131. Shoes, shoes shoes! Don’t we all just love them. My favourite is the bespoke Petal Cluster (not in the list but the first picture in your feature) and I will have them one day. Elizabeth is my favourite in the ready to wear – just so beautiful and elegant.

  132. I’ve been steadily falling in love with Emmy Shoes for what feels like forever and a day.
    I love that all of the designs are simple but have beautiful details that keep them classic yet contemporary.
    I would be matching the shoes to a rather simple 1930’s inspired lace illusion silk crepe bias cut gown and an art deco ring that was my grandmother’s so any of the Emmy designs would match perfectly, but the Chloe’s make my heart beat faster. I would would absolutely love a (something) Blue pair- with her stunning T bar strap, sky high heel and closed toe Chloe would be the perfect partner for dinner, dancing and eternity!

  133. It would have to be Francesca (size 36 please). I would feel utterly divine and heavenly and very honoured to wear them!
    Billy and I are saying ‘I do’ at my local church on 27 July 2013 followed by a walking procession including handbells and a ukulele to Rowheath Pavilion for Afternoon Tea and dancing! We have been on an extremely tight budget and thus our special day is very much a DIY, rustic affair with lots of family and friends helping out! This has made it even more exciting and we both feel very humbled. Old uni friends have offered the use of their dad’s vintage jag and others are filling our sweet table with their signature bakes and home made fudges. Our wedding cakes been kindly donated by a bakery founded by homeless people – how privileged are we! We have made everything ourselves from our invitations made from brown paper and luggage labels tied up with string to the hundreds of jars we’ve collected to serve our drinks from. Of course, Love My Dress had been my constant companion and source of wonderful inspiration – thankyou!
    My dress is lace from head to toe, with a high, embellished collar and cap sleeves.

  134. OMG couldn’t believe it when I saw this competition! I have been dreaming about the Francesca shoes to go with my beautiful dress for my wedding next year! They’re so beautiful and ornate! I have a picture right on the first page of my wedding scrap book! Unfortunately our budget isn’t going to allow for me to buy them (unless I come into some money in the next few months). What a deam it would be to win them!!

  135. HI Annabel,
    I adored and Love Emmy shoes since seeing them at London Vintage fairs. I daydream putting the Leila Gold Kitten shoes and looking so beautiful and worthy of a beautiful wedding day.
    I am getting married to my sweetheart of 9 years this August 2013 in a Church hall and it will be a union of cultures and worlds. The theme is Vintage Thailand, which my fiance and myself are doing shoestring-budget-DIY approach. I am designing the invitations as I am a illustrator, my mum is cooking a Thai feast and my father putting his skills to flower arranging. Everyone is getting involved and collaborating, which means so much as we cannot afford such luxuries.
    Everyone of my family works so hard for this big day. They knows I and my fiance been working so hard and making sacrifices to make our dream wedding come true. They would have seen me blossom from awkward teenager into a young elegant lady.
    I would love to win the shoes and wear them on the most important day of my life. Importantly just feel beautiful for one day xx

  136. Simply beautiful shoes, I absolutely love them. Leila gold kitten is my very favourite. Thank you for sharing.

  137. It’s got to be the beautifully intricate Francesca. These would look fab on my mantlepiece let alone my feet, on what I hope to be the happiest day of my life so far xx

  138. Loved the article above – Emmy sounds so down to earth!
    Like many of the brides-to-be above, I fell in love with Emmy’s shoes when I first starting looking at options for my wedding day but they’re just that bit beyond my budget. I’m getting married in August in a small village in Surrey, and the theme/ethos is village fete – think bunting, bobbing for ducks and a candy floss machine on the lawns around the tiny church, with my beloved 1924 gramophone at the heart playing Glenn Miller and Gracie Fields. So yes, a pair of Emmy shoes would perfectly complement my Charlie Brear Vintage Wedding Dress Company dress, as well as the dusky pink beaded flapper dress I’m changing into to dance the night away. Hand on heart, I haven’t ever seen a more beautiful pair of shoes than the Francesca design – but what better than the Elizabeth pair for an Elizabeth? Love the fact they have a “something blue” on the bottom too!

  139. Dear Emmy,I am so in love with the francesca shoes for my wedding. I have never seen a more beautiful pair of shoes in my life they are absolutely stunning. I would be so privileged to wear these for my wedding it would just be a dream come true for me as unfortunately i just couldnt afford to purchase them, the theme to my wedding is vintage glamour and these shoes would just be the perfect match and would make my wedding day truly magical!

  140. When I tried on my vintage 1920s style tea length wedding dress in the shop I put on a pair of emmy shoes with it and fell totally in love with them! My favourites are the Leila gold kitten heels as its so hard to find beautiful bridal shoes that aren’t really high! I’m not used to big heels.

  141. Choosing my ideal wedding shoes has been slow.
    With vintage and classic, sling back or peep toe.
    Until I saw The Emmy Shoes collection.
    The finest wedding shoes without exception
    So after 10 years of wedding pending.
    This bride-to-be has found the perfect pair for her happy ending.
    Classic charm and romance equally shared.
    The Poppy Flower shoe and my dream day perfectly paired.
    Beautifully embellished, ivory suede with style.
    Makes all the waiting extremely worthwhile.
    A wedding shoe tailored to delight.
    A dream come true guaranteed to excite.

  142. My husband-to-be always notices beautiful shoes and I don’t wear heels often enough for him, so I know that if I were to wear the gorgeous ‘Elizabeth’ shoes on our wedding day, he would be in heaven. It is his second marriage (but my first) and it’s taken me over 9 years to get him down the aisle so I think me in a stunning pair of shoes would be the icing on the cake, and show him that getting married again is absolutely the right thing to do.
    I have already treated myself to a lovely Emmy hair accessory which features the same fan design as the Elizabeth shoe, so I would be perfectly co-ordinated on my wedding day in September.

  143. Oh wow, it would have to be the Leila Gold Kitten!! All the shoes are absolutely beautiful, however I’ve been desperately searching for some amazing kitten heel shoes. I promised myself a special pair of shoes for my wedding after learning to walk again after surgery last year and the Leila’s are more than I could have ever have dreamed of! Our wedding, at the end of August this year, is going to be a real celebration with our friends and family for several days in the Somerset countryside. Coming out the other side after a difficult few years there is much to celebrate and we are both so excited!!! There will be bonfires and music and amazing cake made by my mum, along with ice cream and games. I’m spending hours making decorations to hang from the trees and line the paths. It will be so special to have so many generations all together (Ian’s niece has just been born and his gran will be there too) along with friends from all parts of our lives. These shoes will just add to how amazing I will feel on such a wonderful day! So beautiful.

  144. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous – and I speak as a straight man! I would love to win them for my fiance, who has (for some reason) put up with me for more than 10 years, and becomes my wife next year. I know how absolutely thrilled she would be to receive a pair on the morning of her wedding – it really would make her day that much more special!

  145. Wow!! What a competition, I haven’t been able to leave a comment until now….couldn’t decide which ones i love more. Ever since I discovered love my dress and the fabulous Emmy shoes I have been able to spot them straight away in any magazine. I would be delighted to win this competition and be able to wear a pair of Leila gold shoes on my wedding day next may. Good luck to everyone else who enters!!!!

  146. I too share your love for the unique, gorgeous designs of Emmy shoes. I’m particularly hooked on Francesca and Lucy. The first one is just oozing glamour and simply I can’t take my eyes off them, while Lucy have the pretty flower detail, which would go so well with my lace Jade gown, adorned with blossoms on the waist line.
    Our wedding has a romantic & rustic theme, with a touch of glamour and it take place at the chic Alveston House Hotel. We are blending elements from English and Romanian weddings, to suit our personalities and background.
    I must admit I spent a long time looking for the right pair of wedding shoes. However my budget didn’t stretch wide enough to afford an Emmy pair.
    If you choose me, I promise to wear them with pride and huge grin on my face and look after them with the same care and love that was put into designing and making them.

  147. Dear Emmy and Love My Dress,
    I stumbled in on this post by chance due to my love for the Emmy Shoes Elizabeth. I realise I am almost in the 11th hour here but what great luck to find the competition is not yet over! I am a big fan of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and plan to get married in a vintage lace dress fitting this era that I have designed myself. The hunt for the appropriate match of shoes have been going on for quite some time and I am convinced I have found the perfect match here.. simple beauty, details and handcraft in one exquisite pair of shoes. I plan to walk down the isle in a beautiful church in Stockholm from the 11th century and then travel in Great Gatsby style to a nearby castle where the festivities will kick-off in the true decadent likings of Mr. Fitzgerald himself I’m sure.
    What a great honour and completion of the look it would be to wear the Elizabeth’s on my feet this very precious moment in my life.
    “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”
    F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

  148. I love the Ivy Silver. The shoes are beautiful and would match my gown perfectly. The heel is the perfect height and the shoes add just the right amount of sparkle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. I have a little confession to make (deep breath, and hope Emmy and Annabel can forgive me)… I’m not really a ‘shoe person’. I know, I know, don’t look at me like that… I don’t have much sense of style, I know nothing about fashion and honestly I’m a little bit terrified that our whole day will end up looking a shambles. BUT I know without a shadow of a doubt that my feet at least would look fabulous if I was wearing Emmy’s Elizabeth shoes.
    My fiance and I have been planning our wedding for nearly three years now and I’ve still not managed to solve my footwear as I’ve as yet refused to accept that I won’t be walking down the aisle with Elizabeth on my feet. We decided on a long engagement so that my fiance could finish his medical degree (he graduates just two days before the wedding!) and so that I could save whilst he studies, but instead it has just given me extra time to develop expensive tastes which we don’t have the means to satisfy. Oops! It’s a cruel pleasure, this wedding planning lark!
    And just a little about me, my guy and our day (since Annabel asked!): Joe and I are getting married on 20th July this year, which is also our tenth anniversary! We met when I joined his school in the sixth form, pussyfooted around in true inexperienced teenage style for aaaages, then finally one evening, after a group outing to the cinema with friends (Charlie’s Angels II and Nando’s!) Joe finally asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve never looked back! Four years doing the long distance thing whilst at seperate universities, another four of supporting Joe through his second degree to become a doctor (so so proud!), weeks at a time of passing like ships in the night whilst he studied hard (often just sneaking in short snuggly catch-ups on his return from the library hours after I’d already have gone to bed, having left the house before I woke in the mornings in order to get to his hospital placements on time), for it all to culminate in us getting married…It’ll be emotional! We’re being married by the school Chaplain, in our school’s church which is also where my Dad is the Director of Music then heading to a rowing club for the reception, just metres away from the bench by the river where we had our first date and where we also got engaged. I absolutely can’t wait :-)
    Good luck everyone and thanks Emmy and Love My Dress for the wonderful opportunity!

  150. What a great competition, you’re going to make one lucky girl very happy. OOOOH I love these shoes! It’s pretty hard to decide but I think it would have to be Leila Gold. Both me and my fiancé are what I like to call pocket rockets….we missed the height branch when it was being doled out haha so whilst I love heels I don’t want to wear anything too high and these would be just perfect! Elegant, detailed and classic plus they look like you can dance in them…a must for wedding shoes. As for wedding plans, I’m a Geordie living away from the north east but I could never be wed anywhere else….so we’re getting married at a lovely venue called Newton Hall in Northumberland next year. We can’t wait. xx

  151. Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like that of a beautiful pair of shoes.
    And I am totally sure that come late August I will be wearing the biggest
    & most heart felt smile of my life. The only thing that worries me is how big that grin will be knowing the size of the smile I get just looking at the Emmy shoe website. Francesca are the one’s I can feel it happen with. It’s the attention to detail, and imaging that detail on your feet. Gliding around your wedding with something that finished you dress perfectly but matches that smile.
    As you say to your guests, thank you so much for coming have you seen my shoes!
    It’s the detail that can get left behind or sacrificed for comfort. But for the day you feel a million dollars and your partner can take your eyes off you, you know your beautiful from the smile to your toes

  152. Years of dreaming about my wedding day,
    Meant that when he (finally) popped the question I knew what I wanted straight away,
    My vision was all pearls, blush bridesmaids & mercury glass,
    Rustic, but with a touch of vintage class.
    Set in a marquee on our family’s little Cornish farm,
    A labour of love, Mum’s beautiful garden couldn’t fail to charm.
    But this bumpkin bride, was dazzled by the big city,
    Went to London & blew the budget on a Jenny Packham dress oh so pretty.
    Post dress, these times of austerity have tried my dexterity,
    Churning out 65 metres of hessian bunting for the big day,
    Hours spent searching for vintage wonders in charity shops and on ebay.
    Of course, Emmy shoes were always part of the dream, until the bank balance ran out of steam.
    Heavenly little numbers to guide & float me down the aisle,
    My hunky chunky farmer to beguile.
    ‘Silver Ivy’ so tasteful and graceful,
    A classic T-bar delight of just the right height,
    Send me gliding and boogying into the night.
    Oh Ivy please, please be mine, with you on my feet my confidence will shine.
    The alternative keeps me awake at night
    Imagine the looks of fright
    My green wellies poking out under my Packham delight
    My Mother-in-law would surely faint at the sight
    My fiancé would take flight!
    Annabel & Emmy I hope & pray that on the 22nd May
    You will make my wedding day xxx

  153. Firstly congratulations for such a fantastic collection of wedding shoes. I have been online all evening looking at your website after The White Closet in Didsbury posted a photo on Facebook today. I’m taken away with Francesca, the detail is so soft and pretty. I also love the Laila Gold too, and the idea of being able to dye them after the wedding and be able to wear them again and again is such a lovely though. As luck would have it I’ve just been on Love My Dress site and wow a competition to win a pair. I really struggled to find a dress and never though I would fall totally in love till I found Claire Pettibone Kristene. It was a true Cinderella moment, full of emotion and tears. To be able to wear Emmy shoes really would be the icing on the cake. As I’ve gone over budget on my dress I really couldn’t afford to buy a pair. I’m a mum of 2 and can’t wait to marry their daddy. The White Closet has really been a gem of a find for me, and I hope that seeing your shoes on their Facebook page brings me further luck to win this competition. I’ve found my dress with them, bought my headdress at an accessories event there and hopefully will win my Cinderella shoes now too. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck in the future. Cinderella aka Catherine xxx (6 min to spare phew)

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