Being the sentimental fool that I am, I have a compendium-like memory of our wedding gifts and who gave them to us. I often find myself feeling a little misty eyed over the Kichenaid from my Grandmother or the beautiful Denby platter sent by old school friends. These seemingly inanimate objects are part of the fabric of our day-to-day lives and a constant reminder of the love and support afforded to us by our nearest and dearest as we embarked on a new chapter of our relationship.

However, when you're planning a wedding, compiling that all important gift list is another task on what is already a packed 'to do' list. As much fun as it might be to wander round a large department store scanning barcodes, perhaps you don’t want to waste your precious weekends choosing gifts? As readers of Love My Dress, you're also bound to be pretty style conscious and therefore wary of feeling limited by the options available to you. That's why Annabel and I think you're going to love Prezola.

Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )

Launched in 2011 by husband and wife team Dom and Ali Beaven in response to a huge gap in the market, Prezola is now the UK’s leading wedding gift list specialist and on track to manage 5,000 gift lists in the coming year. The beauty of the site is that you can select items online over a period of time, from the comfort of your own home.

Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )

Working with over 100 of the UK’s favourite retailers from Debenhams to Heal’s, The White Company to Graham & Green and NotOnTheHighStreet to Amara Living, Prezola couples can add any item from any retailer to their gift list alongside cash contributions, a honeymoon fund and donations to any charity, giving you the choice of everything the UK wedding list market has to offer; all in one place.

'Our design experts hand-pick 30,000 products spanning 500 fabulous brands for our couples to browse on site. And if you can’t find everything they’re after, each couple has a Personal Shopper who can add anything else from any UK site to their list.'

The gift list service is completely free of charge, including free delivery for guests and couples within mainland UK (delivery of an entire gift list outside mainland UK can be arranged from just £99). The honeymoon and cash contributions fund is available for just £29, after which all transactions are free of charge too. The concept behind Prezola is to bring together all the best elements of the wedding list experience in one place, and to combine this with total ease of use for you and your guests.

Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )

'We don’t limit the life of a wedding list, so you can open the list as early as you need to and close it when you think that all the shopping has taken place! You can monitor your list and add extra items at any time (guests are sometimes unexpectedly generous and it’s great to be able to ‘top up’ the list as the wedding date approaches).'

Once the wedding is over, you can close the list and await the delivery of your beautifully gift wrapped wedding presents. Prezola is sure to be popular with your guests as they can quickly and easily select and purchase gifts, vouchers or cash contributions for you all on one site, safe in the knowledge that their present will arrive looking suitably special. 

Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )

Prezola wedding gifts can encompass any price range that suits you and your guests. There's gifts priced from £1 (sandwich tin, teaspoon) right up to a £7,000 coffee table (yes, really!). Couples are often surprised by random relatives, or even groups of friends clubbing together, who spend a large amount on a gift, so Prezola always suggest adding a few higher end options to the list, just in case!

'We often hear of ‘wedding list angst’ amongst modern couples, where they debate whether they actually need a wedding list, or whether it’s impolite to include the details with the invitation. In our experience, we find that most wedding guests wouldn’t dream of attending a wedding without buying a gift and are delighted to be directed to a list full of gifts/vouchers/experiences that are truly wanted and will be appreciated for many years to come.'

Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )

I couldn't agree more! For more information head over to or stay up-to-date via Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

Happy gift listing!

Love Franky

Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )


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Prezola ~ All Your Favourite Shops, One Wedding Gift List (Supplier Spotlight )


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