So as I sit here on the sofa writing my second post (you can read my first here) I have a big lump curled up next to me, a very delicate- feeling sorry for himself lump.  Yes, Jack has just got back from his stag do and itʼs safe to say he is definitely paying for it! And whilst neither him or I would wish his hangover on anyone (trust me he is really suffering!), his hangover does get me a bit excited.

Not because I am a horrible person who enjoys seeing people in pain (although I am not going to lie, I am finding this a little amusing!) but because it suddenly feels like everything wedding related is all really starting to happen, and quickly.

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

All engagement shoot images by Miss Gen

In a months time I will be sunning myself in Ibiza. ON MY HEN DO! Yes I really do have the kindest friends who as well as putting up with wedding madness, including demands they collect 100ʼs of jam jars (more on that later), have also organised a week long hen do in the sun for me.

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

In particular my best friend of ten years and ʻMan of Honourʼ Jordan who has supposedly been coming up with lots of plans and ʼthemeʼs’ for the trip.

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

Hopefully they will be kind and not make me do anything too silly – Iʼm still in the dark about most of it but whenever Iʼve seen Jordan recently he has this glint in his eye and a smug smile that says ʻI know what you are in for…!ʼ Iʼll also probably get hit by karma for not being sympathetic about Jackʼs current situation when I get back, and the tables are turned, and I am the one who is suffering from a hen do hangover.  Iʼm pretty sure itʼll be Jack who is laughing then.

But asides from Jack’s hangover making me excited it feels like lots has been going on! Ever since the RSVP’s started to pour in, its really felt like ‘wow, this is actually happening!’. I know in my last post I said it has been fairly easy going so far but I think that was because we hadn’t quite hit the final leg of this wedding planning marathon. Believe me, we certainly have now! It feels like if we are not doing something for the wedding, the we are talking about it and if I am not talking about it we are thinking about it! Most weekends now are being taken up by some sort of DIY task, from spray painting animals gold to painting jam jars.

Aaaah, yes, our jam jars…

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

Images via Pinterest

A year or so ago I had the casual idea of collecting jam jars that I would paint completely in the Colours of the Wedding (mint and gold accented by a lot of glitter) and use these as centrepieces on our long tables at the reception. I did some ‘jam jar maths’ and came to figure out that to get the amount we needed for the wedding would be around 300. Now at the time, the number 300 did not phase me at all, I thought ‘we have a year!’, between me and Jack we could easily make our way through that many jam/honey/pesto/basically anything in a glass jar and manage to paint them in time too.

Oh how wrong I was, 300 is a whole load of jars and to be honest Jack and I hardly even eat jam so how I thought we’d ever be able to collect that many is actually quite laughable! Cue our amazing friends and family who I’m pretty sure have been eating an unhealthy amount of preserves in order to help us reach that magical number of 300! Every so often we are blessed with a bag of lovely, lovely jars, in all different shapes and sizes and it’s like wedding christmas!

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

My Auntie who lives all the way up in Scotland even managed to get some down to us in London, all beautifully painted and glittered! I think between our friends and family and Jack and I finding ourselves buying food in the supermarket purely because we like the jar, we may just about get there by September.

And, for your information,  if you’re thinking of going down the jam jar route for your wedding, pickles come in really great large jars! I hate pickles but the jars great! My only concern now is not that we won’t manage to get 300 jars all painted and ready, but it’s what we are going to do with them after the wedding! The same can be said for a lot of the wedding decor really. I am a bit of a hoarder and will definitely keep some, because 1) it’s a memory of the day and 2) and this is the most important part; they look good! But really I don’t think we can keep that many.

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

In fact I am pretty sure Jack wouldn’t even let us! I guess that’s probably a problem that most couples face after the big day? Once the excitement and wonder of the day it’s self is over, there is nothing that will bring you back to Earth with a bump than the clean up with all your Wedding decor! After we’ve put so much effort into creating everything for our day, it seems sad to just throw it away after. But what to do with it? I would gladly take any suggestions if anyone has any!

In amidst all these weekends spent painting jars, we managed to find the time to do something very exciting – we had an engagement shoot. Now, I’m not going to lie, the thing that makes me most nervous on the day is getting our pictures taken. Jack is the same, in-fact together we are probably a bit of a Photographer’s nightmare as we both hate/are rubbish at having our photo taken.  So when our Photographer, the wonderful Miss Gen suggested Jack and I have a pre-wedding shoot I was not initially sure.

I’ve seen these types of engagement shoots before where the couples look amazing and always thought if Jack and I did that it would just be total cheese-on- toast-fest because we are so un-natural in front of the camera, but Gen assured us that it would be OK and that it was something that was really worth doing if you want to feel less anxious on the day. I am so glad we did decide to do it because Gen is AMAZING.

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

She put us at ease so effortlessly and quickly it was like she’d done some sort of magic trick. It didn’t feel un-natural or posy, she just chatted to us about how we met and the wedding and managed to get in some sneaky snaps at the same time. It’s made me feel 100 x better about the day and having our pictures taken and when she sent us through the images of the shoot I was so happy, because they’re exactly the style we want for our day, relaxed, candid and more importantly very ‘us’.

I know she will capture our day perfectly. I still feel a little nervous about having my picture taken, which I am sure all brides do. However I am sure on the day, after being pampered with hair and make up and putting on my beautiful dress I will soon feel a lot more at ease having my picture taken. Oh yes, the Dress and this is probably the most exciting thing that has happened recently, My dress is ready! I had a call from the lovely team at The Secret Dress House to say that my dress had arrived at the shop! So exciting!

The Lovettes (Katie) - Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot! (Get Inspired Proposals + Engagements The Lovettes )

I don’t want to say too much about the Dress itself because, well you know, some things need to kept a secret until the Big Day! But what I can say is the ladies at The Secret Dress House were so wonderful when I went in there initially to look for dresses.

I think a big factor in my final decision with the Dress was down to the team there. I didn’t feel pushed into buying a dress, there was no hard sell, it really felt that they wanted to help me find the right dress for me, even if it wasn’t necessarily in their store. But fortunately the ‘one’ was in their lovely store and I have an appointment this weekend to go in and have a fitting, accessories and all! But I am afraid, just like Jack, you will have to wait till the big day to hear and see more of the Dress!

Katie xx



Katie Smith is marrying her fiancé Jack Whatley on 5th September this year at Stoke Newington Town Hall followed by a reception at 6 St. Chads Place (Kings Cross). The photographer Miss Gen will be shooting their wedding.  You can connect with Katie via her website and Instagram and read Katie’s other posts on Love My Dress here.

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6 thoughts on The Lovettes (Katie) – Hangovers, Jam Jars and an Engagement Shoot!

  1. Hello Katie!

    We are getting married on 3rd September 2016 in London and I am also collecting Jars at a frustrating pace! If any of your gold jars need a loving home after the wedding I can promise I will care for them for the faithfully until my wedding! Wishing you all the happiness, fun and hopefully sunshine on your wedding day!

    Nadia x

    1. ‘Collecting jars at a frustrating pace’. Soundbite of my day! Hehehe!

      What a lovely comment Nadia – hope you have the loveliest wedding ever. And Katie – there’s a solution right there to your ‘what to do with all the stuff afterwards’ dilemma! WIN-WIN! :)

      Love Annabel xx

  2. It all sounds so exciting Katie! I can’t wait to see how all the jam jars turn out – you sound very on top of things! :)

    We didn’t have a chance to do a shoot with our photographer before coming out to Singapore and I’m very aware of how few nice photos there are of us together – we definitely both prefer being on the other side of the lens! The shots from your shoot are just looovely though, I really wish we could have had one now!


  3. Everything sounds so exciting!! We are getting married on 10th October also at 06 St Chad’s Place and I cannot wait! We also have a gold/ glitter theme going on so if you need any jam jars taken off your hands then please do let me know as they sound awesome and I’m no where near as organised as you in terms of decorations etc! :-) Also, I’m not sure where you live but I live very close to the Secret Dress House too…!

    Wishing you all the best for the big day! I cannot wait to read all about your wedding and see all the lovely photos!

    Hannah xx

  4. We’re getting married on 18th July and our jar and bottle collection is pretty hefty! I had the idea of giving the decorated jars as favours, guests have tags as their placecards, and tie them around whichever jar they fancy taking home with them. Then they could either take it after the party, or we would get it to them after the wedding. I don’t think everyone will do this, and postage might be tricky for some, but anyone who wanted them could have a little piece of the day as a reminder and a lovely, hand decorated pressie too. Good luck with everything, we have 3 weeks to go and can’t wait to see it all come together! Esme xx

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