Our 2016/17 survey results are now available. This article contains a discount code valid until the end of March 2017, that will provide a £25 saving in accessing our full set of statistics. Please ensure you read this article in full before attempting to access our survey data, and make sure you use the code ‘SAVE25’ at checkout.

You may be aware that in May last year, we launched a big survey through our wedding blog pages, the purpose of which was to gather data on how weddings are being planned today. You can read more about the reason for the survey hereIn all, 2157 individuals took the time to reply, exceeding everyone’s expectations – and positioning our survey alongside some of the largest British national wedding surveys to have taken place. Almost entirely all of these respondents were brides to be planning a wedding today or who have recently married.

We have spent the past few months burning the midnight oil, number crunching, analysing and preparing our data for sharing with anyone who may wish to view it.

Save £25 in March on our Full Set of 2016/17 Wedding Survey Results (Business + Money Let's Talk Wedding Talk )

Anyone can access the data, though it will be of primary use to wedding industry suppliers who would like to gain an insight into how couples are planning their wedding today – their experiences (both good and bad), budget, preferences, priorities and thoughts for how things could have been better. The data we have gathered is both vast (it covers weddings that took/will take place in the period 2011-2018) and fascinating and is a rich resource of information for wedding brands currently working on their marketing plan.

Access to our survey data is via a paywall, but throughout February and March 2017, we are running a promotion where you can purchase the data with a £25 saving.

Please visit http://survey.lovemydress.net/subscription and click on the ‘SIGN UP’ button.

Complete the form entering ‘SAVE25′ into the discount code field.  

You will then receive an email instructing you how to log in.

You may wonder why we are putting this data out there and charging for it at all. Why not keep it to ourselves and use it to our own competitive advantage?

I’ve been blogging since 2009, and in the time since then, so very much about the wedding industry, both online and offline, has changed. Couples have so much more choice available to them – much of it at the tip of their fingers. They book suppliers based solely on their favourite apps and social media feeds, they are shunning tradition and family pressures to pursue more personalised, modern formats of marriage celebration and their purchasing choices are being influenced by what they see and love on their favourite wedding blogs. As the industry grows, competition has and will continue to increase and become fierce.

I have always wanted  Love My Dress to be part of an industry that supports one another and is proud of everything that it does. I know so many individuals who work their backsides off to help create beautiful wedding days, and I mean, work their backsides off to the ground a lot of the time. And yet weddings continue to receive a bad press for ‘being so expensive’, boutiques unfairly condemned en-masse for the poor experiences of a tiny minority and media coverage of weddings is abysmal. According to most newspapers and TV programmes, we’re all a bunch of bridezillas.

Don’t get me started.

I am extremely proud to be a part of this industry and to be surrounded by so much creative and hard working talent. It truly does inspire me every single day of my life. Media Commissioners need to get way more inventive when it comes to incorporating weddings into mainstream TV. And articles that slam the industry for being pricey and old fashioned certainly aren’t aware of the industry that I am a part of.

I want Love My Dress to be able to contribute to the bettering of this wonderful industry and to continue to support and raise the profile of the brilliant suppliers we work with and the industry as a whole.

We have spent weeks and weeks on this data, transforming it from a mass of numbers and lists into something kind on the eye and easy to digest. The fee won’t come anywhere near close to covering the effort we’ve invested into this project but that’s OK. We do however all need to pay our bills somehow and a price tag that also reflects the high quality of data gathered as a result seems only fair. There are tables and charts in pretty colours aplenty, and we’ve included a whole lot of general feedback from our survey respondents too. A whole lot!

My advice? Get a cup of tea and set some time aside to read through our survey data carefully. Take full advantage of it. What is working and not working for brides today? Can you improve your products and services to better meet their needs? Do you have a big enough presence (or presence at all?) on the social channels that matter? Are you finding yourself losing money in advertising your business in the wrong places?

We have already made and continue to prepare for significant changes at Love My Dress based on feedback received through our survey and via our closed Facebook group. And as eagle eyed readers and social media followers may have already spotted, that might well include the creation of a brand new blog. From scratch. YIKES! You’ll have to keep your beady eyes peeled for more news on our biggest most exciting project yet.

I hope you find our wedding survey data as useful and fascinating as we have. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on hello@lovemydress.net.

Love Annabel x

Save £25 in March on our Full Set of 2016/17 Wedding Survey Results (Business + Money Let's Talk Wedding Talk )


Annabel is the founder of Love My Dress. She lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, two daughters Eska and Leanora and three dogs. If she's not being a Blog Queen or practicing her photography, you'll find her fighting her way through a renovation dust cloud as she and her family transform their forever-home.

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