Hello dear readers and welcome to this Sunday lunch time’s feature from our friends at The Wedding Garter Co. As the sister company to accessories favourite Britten, The Wedding Garter Co focuses entirely on wedding garters and their designs are just fabulous.

Today, we’re sharing their garter buying guide for men but first, let me just tell you a little bit more about this company who are putting a wholly modern spin on this traditional wedding accessory.

So, The Wedding Garter Co handcrafts absolutely beautiful garters from their studio in the gorgeous Wiltshire town of Bradford on Avon. The garters themselves are made using traditional skils and super high quality materials. Think soft Somerset tulle, fine London silks and the most extraordinary lace that’s been made, by the same family, in the north of England since 1848.

There’s a definite heritage feel about these pieces and the service you’ll receive is just what we all dream of right now. Beautiful packaging, great advice and assistance when you need it not to mention super fast and safe shipping if you prefer to buy online.

A Guide To Buying A Garter With The Wedding Garter Co (Bridal Fashion Supplier Spotlight )

Now you’ve met the creators of these garters, let me hand you over to the lovely Luna who has a garter buying guide for you with a seasonal twist. Over to you, Luna!

“As Christmas is coming up I thought I’d write a little garter guide. This may be a subtle hint for Christmas presents ladies but it’s a comprehensive guide that everyone will find useful!”

“We get lots of inquiries from men about purchasing their bride to be a garter as a special wedding gift. It’s a lovely present but can be a daunting task choosing something that you know they will love! Hopefully this guide will demystify some of the garter terms and make the process a bit easier for you.”

A Guide To Buying A Garter With The Wedding Garter Co (Bridal Fashion Supplier Spotlight )


“Hopefully you will know your future spouses dress size but as our garters come in a range from XS to XL you will need to work out which one correlates.”

• XS – This size would fit anyone size 8 and under, however for someone with incredibly slender legs let us know and we can take a few cms off
• S – This is our most popular size and would fit most people from a 10 to a 14
• M – Would fit someone between a 14 and 18
• L – Size 18 and up
• XL – We find that a L fits most of our plus sized girls but this is an option

“As our garters stretch its always best to go for the smaller size if you’re not sure! We also have a no quibble returns policy and provide an exchange form so if it is wrong we can always change it.”

A Guide To Buying A Garter With The Wedding Garter Co (Bridal Fashion Supplier Spotlight )


“This is probably the hardest part as as tradition states – you’re not allowed to see the dress before the big day! However you may have been given hints as to if your fiancee is going to be wearing a big full skirt or a more slinky number, if it is the latter you will need to choose something more sleek in which case our Ferne and Elme garters would be perfect. Another option would be to go for something monogrammed, our Iris garter comes with two beautiful initials hand embroidered in blue thread, this is such a thoughtful and personal gift that will surely be treasured.”

“If you think she might be wearing a more full skirt where the garter won’t show underneath then the world really is your oyster or if your partner love all things vintage a classic lace garter would be a great choice, one of our personal favourites is the Sara, it’s super soft and feminine and feels lovely to wear.”

A Guide To Buying A Garter With The Wedding Garter Co (Bridal Fashion Supplier Spotlight )

“If she’s a more is more girl then a decadent silk garter is probably her thing, the Iva garter comes in both gold and silver beading and the beautiful beaded chain makes it really luxurious. For the woman that doesn’t like fuss but still wants something pretty then our tulle garters would be perfect. The Bluebell is a gorgeous choice, the blue flowers are great for getting in that little bit of ‘something blue’ tradition.”

“Finally, if you can’t find anything here that you love but you have an idea of what she might want we can work with you to come up with a bespoke design and honestly we can’t think of a more romantic wedding gift! We can do something simple such as change the colour of ribbon or beading or we can make you something completely unique.”

“We’re always happy to answer any questions you have by phone or email so do get in touch!”


A Guide To Buying A Garter With The Wedding Garter Co (Bridal Fashion Supplier Spotlight )

A massive thank you to Luna and the team at The Wedding Garter Co for that incredibly helpful guide. Whoever’s buying your garter is sure to find the whole selection process a joy now.

For more information on The Wedding Garter Co, their selection of handmade garters and more, do take a look at their website.


Tamryn x

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A Guide To Buying A Garter With The Wedding Garter Co (Bridal Fashion Supplier Spotlight )

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