Hello lovelies, and so, the world-cup dream ends. Alas, we shan’t, as a nation, be collectively glued to our TV screens this coming Sunday, well, at least not in the same way as we had hoped we would be. Our focus is shifting to other things. Things, like our wedding planning again, maybe? 🙂

Also ladies, whilst you’re here, I want to mention our two closed groups as they are both fantastic communities. Our main Love My Dress group is for bride’s only and those looking for support and recommendations whilst planning their wedding. The second, is our ‘A Life Loved’ group – a space for those already married or looking to be a part of community that considers issues beyond the wedding. Both groups are wonderful and in both groups, I have seen regular mentions and recommendations for the company this article is about today; Prezola.

Prezola are the UK’s best and most popular wedding gift list company and I hand on my heart truly adore working with them. A family run business (led by husband and wife team Dom and Ali), they are absolutely committed to providing a modern gift list service for couples marrying today who require an easy and stress free way of supplying gift ideas to their guests.


I’ve written many times of my adoration for this company and all the great services they provide and gorgeous brands they work with (hello Soho Home!) and today, I’d like to take a moment to share with you my ultimate, personal favourite, top-ten must-have wedding gift ideas** Because I’m pretty sure you will love them as much as me. Firstly, you need to bookmark this site on your mobile phone now. Secondly, you need to put some time aside to browse these inspiration pages because they’ve been really thoughtfully put together and are so helpful and finally, you need to go grab a pen and paper so that you can start jotting down your own wedding gift ideas.

Wedding gifts lists should be for all year round! You can add a gorgeous picnic hamper for a December wedding or matching bath robes in June. You don’t have to stick to the latest trends, choose items that will appeal for years to come and become heirlooms of the future. (Prezola)

Before we go any further, please pause for a moment and remember, your wedding guests *will* want to gift you something, so don’t be shy or worried about presenting a helpful list of suggestions! Gifting is a wonderfully old tradition that really comes into play at a wedding and I promise you, your guests will appreciate a gentle spot of guidance from the bride and groom (as opposed to wasting money on something you may not appreciate or have already!).

Let’s get started, shall we? And in no particular order, my top 10 ultimate, must-have list of wedding gifts. I have peppered this article with useful tips and advice from the Prezola team.

1. A high quality linen bed set

However many bedsets you have, I have come to realise, you should always have a good quality set of linen products in a colour that will suit any room decor. You’ll never need to iron again (honestly though, who does iron bedsheets these day, anyone?). I adore this simple white and pale grey set by Eve Sleep.

Bedlinen by Eve Sleep at Prezola 1 - The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Have Wedding Gifts (for now, anyway!)

2. A beautiful piece of wall-art

I love the concept of adding wall art and creating mini wall galleries in areas of your home. Layering up the art and changing/adding to it overtime to represent your current tastes, style, love of a certain aesthetic or to help prompt memory is a lovely way to add personality to your home.

Prezola have a whole ‘Wall Art’ section waiting to be explored, but here are a few fave prints of mine.

3. Cushions Cushions Cushions

Just like you can never visit Ikea without buying at least one bag of tealights, you can’t compile a wedding gift list without including at least one fancy soft cushion 🙂

Utterly Instagramable and practical too – when your friends who gifted you visit they will be delighted to see you putting your gifts to such good use (and so many daytime naps). I love a good set of mismatched sofa cushions and adore these ones in particular – see more in this ‘Bohemian Desert‘ inspiration piece on the Prezola site, or explore all the cushion designs here.

Mismatched cushions - The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Have Wedding Gifts (for now, anyway!)

4. Something lovely for your outdoor space

Regardless of whether you have a sprawling lawn or small backyard area, there is always something you can add to the space to make it lovely and hopefully remind you of wedding day memories.

For couples who already have what they need, choosing items for the garden is always popular with guests, such as a chiminea and planters. As the sun goes down, there’s nothing better than soft lighting adding that ambient glow to your surroundings. Our new range of Festoon Lights add just this, emulating festival style lighting. (Prezola)

I absolutely adore the idea of festoon lights – a romantic string of golden bulbs hung nearby your seating area. They will add charm and a pretty focal point to any outdoor space for years. I guarantee you.

5. A trip somewhere lovely

Prezola have a whole section dedicated to travel –  which covers everything from items you’ll need like luggage and travel accessories to single night stays at exquisite handpicked hotels both in the UK and overseas, days out, flying days, spa days and wining and dining days. Now we’ve written about not rushing into taking a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, but waiting until the time is right.

You might want to choose experience days and luxury hotel breaks to go towards your honeymoon or as something to look forward to in the future. (Prezola)

In the meantime however, we thoroughly encourage a UK based minimoon just to give you time to relax in that incredible post-wedding bubble that will be with you for those precious few days after you exchange your vows. It’s a wonderful natural high and a lovely way to make time to soak it all in and appreciate it by having a little time out to yourselves after being the centre of attention on your wedding day.

Pictured below, The Pig Hotel in Hampshire, a luxury retreat

Screen Shot 2018 07 12 at 15.16.04 - The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Have Wedding Gifts (for now, anyway!)

6. A Kitchenaid

Your cake-baking, yorkshire-pudding mix-making friend, no matter how terrified of the kitchen you are. Seriously, these things are an absolute genius of an invention – and, they have the benefit of being beautifully designed, so will add a really cool focal point-come-item of admiration to your kitchen worktops. A Kitchenaid really is a lifetime investment and you’ll end up using it more regularly than you think you might!

If you really want something, I suggest putting it on your list whatever the price. Guests often group together for a large purchase or will buy more than one item. We are constantly surprised at how much guests spend! Our group gifting option is brilliant for anyone worried about guests spending too much, it allows multiple contributions to one gift so you get what you really want and guests can stay within their budget.

Kitchenaids come in a variety of colours but I particularly adore these ones in pretty pastel shades…

7. A Posh Dinner Set

I love bringing out our ‘best dinner set’. We have a gorgeous Wedgwood design and it just makes us, and our guests feel a little extra special bringing it out when the visit. Plus, it means you have a like-new, restaurant quality set of plates to dine off that are minus the every day sink/dishwasher chips/colour fades.

We are definitely seeing a surge in ‘new traditionalists’. Back to the traditional silver cutlery canteens, pure white dinner services such as Wedgwood’s Vera Wang Blanc Sur Blanc and beautiful glassware. All mixed with quirkier items that reflect a couple’s true personality like cushions and throws, artwork and books.

You can explore all the dinner sets available via Prezola here, but anything by Soho Home is a winner in my books.

Soho Home Dinnerset - The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Have Wedding Gifts (for now, anyway!)

See more here.

8. Coffee Table Books

I only recently joined the coffee table book gang and I’m a total convert. I love changing the books over every once in a while, but, having them there within reachable distance, means I read them more regularly. I also think coffee table books form part of your room decor, so be creative. And explore too! Invest in beautiful books about interior design that will help you understand and discover your own tastes and aesthetics together as a couple. Invest in books about travel and start dreaming about all the places you want to go to.

9. Board Games

In a world where we are so technologically dependent and spend so much time staring out our screens, scrolling with our thumbs and checking the number of likes on our latest Instagram,  it’s a blessed relief to have a reason to leave the iPhone in the kitchen, retreat to a comfy space and partake in some good old fashioned board games.

Board games are hugely popular at the moment too. I can’t tell you how many Scrabble sets we’ve listed recently! (Prezola)

Prezola Board Games for Grownups 2 - The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Have Wedding Gifts (for now, anyway!)

10. At Least One Sonos Speaker

The easy-to-use wireless home sound system. These things are lifechanging. These modern speakers (that come in black or white and are standalone or mounted) through which you can play all your favourite Spotify playlists or iTunes Music Library (you can access a million and one music sources via your phone), will add immense sound quality to your lives.

Control your music through your phone and stream it through to any room in the house. Learn how it all works here. Marvellous brilliant stuff required by every modern household.



** This list is subject to change at any time because frankly, there are far too many Prezola goodies for me to have a top 10. I could easily produce a top 100. FACT!  Watch out for an update to my ‘top ten list’ in a few weeks time! 🙂 

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 - The Ultimate Top 10 List of Must-Have Wedding Gifts (for now, anyway!)


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