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“We adore Kate's natural, creative, graceful and uncontrived photography style. Nothing forced here, you only need look through her blog to view her talent and skill at capturing people looking happy.”

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My name is Kate Caouette-McCarthy and I am an American who found her new hometown in beautiful rainy Manchester. I moved to the UK in the Autumn of 2010 after spending my post-university years living in Hamburg, Germany where I met my lovely English husband. The daughter of an artist, I grew up in a household that always encouraged creativity and finding one’s path through self-expression.

At university I variously studied painting, theatre, and film but it was a semester spent in Florence where I learned about photography. I learned the history of the medium and how to process and develop my own film whilst living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I began collecting vintage and antique cameras, playing with 35 mm and Poloroid film and ultimately discovering the magic of digital photography.

Because of this background in the creative arts, I see wedding photography as an opportunity to tell a story in collaboration with many other individuals, all working to give you a beautiful final production. It’s my job to capture those details for you, to catch what you miss and to show off the many unique touches and emotional moments throughout the day, preserving an archive that will last for generations. When you hire me, especially for what is arguably one of the biggest days our your life together, I want you to know ME. I want you to know that I will take this work seriously because these memories are priceless. I want to bottle that joy for you so that when you look at those photos, I want you to feel what I felt on my own wedding day and know that you trusted someone who understood you. Get in touch, I can’t wait to meet you!

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