A Heavenly Vintage Bride and her Vivien of Holloway Bridesmaids ~ A Tudor Barn Wedding at Eltham…

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It's Monday and I'm treating you to three blog features today 🙂 This afternoon's instalment is all about the wedding of Tommy & Leah, who tied the knot on 29 November last year at the Tudor Barn in Eltham.

Leah wore two very beautiful vintage wedding dresses, one for the main part of her wedding and one to dance in – both purchases from Heavenly Vintage Brides

"I love vintage, so my wedding was inspired by the 1940’s and 50’s, hence the wonderful Vivien Holloway 50's inspired dresses for my bridemaids. 

I know I wanted lace so I tried on all the lace dresses Helena had. But this dress stood out because once the sash and cape were put on it became unique and didn’t look like an ordinary dress.

My mum and my bridesmaids all cried when I put it on so that’s when we knew."

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photoraphy Copyright (c) 2012, Sophie Mutevelian

©Sophie Mutevelian  31608

Fabulous fifties style frocks from Vivien Holloway? Check!

1950s style dresses from Vivien of Holloway

©Sophie Mutevelian  31622

Tommy and all his groomsmen wore Ralph Lauren

©Sophie Mutevelian  31641

"Our Florist Joanna Marriott was recommended  by Tudor Barn, we had a meeting with her and she was so lovely and honest we decided to use her because we knew she would design what we were after…"

©Sophie Mutevelian  31673

"The Barn was such a great setting that I didn’t need to decorate it too much. Having potted herbs and plants made the wedding and because we put our flowers in terracotta pots, guests could take them home…"

©Sophie Mutevelian  31681

©Sophie Mutevelian  31652

©Sophie Mutevelian  31668

1950s style dresses from Vivien of Holloway 

"I really wanted a barn wedding, and Tommy’s boss recommended the Tudor Barn in Eltham, as she eats in the restaurant and recommended the food.  It was perfect because it was in London, a barn and the food was amazing…"

Have you ever seen a more beautiful wedding venue? Wow!

©Sophie Mutevelian  31670

©Sophie Mutevelian  31693 ©Sophie Mutevelian  31687

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©Sophie Mutevelian  31671

"I designed the cakes. I wanted the cakes to reflect Tommy and I so I had the cup cakes wrapped in lace and the icing to match my sash and the mini grey ones were to reflect Tommy. We had Carrot cake and cream cheese icing. A friend of mine did a cup cake course so made them for me…"

©Sophie Mutevelian  31692 ©Sophie Mutevelian  31710

©Sophie Mutevelian  31691

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©Sophie Mutevelian  31728 

"We chose to dance to 'Lets Dance', by david Bowie, because we both love Bowie and it was fun and encouraged everyone to dance after!"

©Sophie Mutevelian  31725

Words of Wedded Wisdom…

"I planned everything really early on, then had a couple of months to not think about it. This helped me not to obsess and stress. So then when it came to the wedding I didn’t worry about a thing…" 

©Sophie Mutevelian  31726

Just how lovely is all this?  I'm totally adoring Leah's style with her two beautiful vintage frocks. 

Huge thanks too, to photographer Sophie Mutevelian for sharing these inspirational photos with Love My Dress 

"Sophie was so amazing she was with us form morning till night. I want everyone to have Sophie at their wedding. The post production on the photos were incredible too, we are delighted with them…"

And to see us out, a little video that was made by Leah's brother 🙂 Watch that evening dress swish and swoosh as she takes to the dance floor…

You can see more bridesmaids in Vivien of Holloway here, more from Heavenly vintage here, and more 1940’s and 1950’s, inspiration here.  There is even a whole section dedicted to Barn weddings 🙂 

Are any readers going for two dresses? What about some full-circle dresses from Vivien Holloway for your bridesmaids?

Much love,


Photographer – Sophie Mutevelian
Venue – Tudor Barn in Eltham
Brides dress – Heavenly Vintage Brides
Brides Shoes – Rainbow club
Brides accessories – necklace + earrings from John Lewis
Grooms Suit – Ralph Lauren
Bridesmaids – Vivien Holloway  
Florist – Joanna Marriott
Cupcakes – Made by a friend
Hair and make-up Artist – Lawrence from Pimps and Pinups
Entertainment – Starr Productions supplied DJ set and we supplied the DJ’s


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17 thoughts on “A Heavenly Vintage Bride and her Vivien of Holloway Bridesmaids ~ A Tudor Barn Wedding at Eltham…

  1. Just beautiful! I can’t recommend Heavenly Vintage Brides enough – Helena has an amazing collection of dresses and a wonderful eye for styling. How lovely that this gorgeous bride found two treasures there! xx

  2. FABULOSO! what a lovely wedding! I’ve always wanted to see a wedding at the tudor barn as is quite near to me and I often recommend it. the gardens are perfect for pictures as they’re gorgeous.It’s a real hidden gem indeed. !
    I have one of those voh dresses, how much do we love her? 😉

  3. I LOVE this wedding! So beautiful. Both of the bride’s dresses are fab and the lace cape is so, so pretty. The bridesmaids dresses are really fun and the bouquets too.
    I live a stones throw from the venue, and usually pop in for cake and tea, so it’s great to see it transformed for a wedding. It’s a really stunning setting and has been captured so brilliantly by Sophie.
    Congratulations Tommy and Leah.

  4. Hi Lula! I sadly don’t own a VoH dress – yet! I must correct that ASAP!
    Such a beautiful venue, it looks amazing! Hopefully more people will see the venue as a result of this feature and go and check it out for their own wedding venue 🙂
    ps – I still need to feature your wedding, pleeeeease send me details! 🙂 xXx

  5. Thanks for this Abby – Helena really is an absolute oracle when it comes to all things vintage and she has a real eye for the most incredibly beautiful vintage frocks finds! xXx

  6. The Tudor Barn is literally a 5min walk from my other half’s flat and yet neither of us have ever been there…I think we may be rectifying that soon! Venue looks absolutely stunning and what a stylish couple – bride and groom look stunning and oh so happy.

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