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It's Friiiddaaayyy – hooray!!  This morning, regular contributor Erin Hung, founder and illustrator of BerinMade is in the mood for all things polka dot.  I've noticed a growing trend for polka dots on these pages and have always loved those pretty spotty little things! They make for such a stylish stationery statement {coming to think about it, I own several polka dot dresses, I never actually realised I was such an obsessive!}. 

Love My Dress is partnering with Erin on an exclusive basis for UK readers, so expect to see many more DIY and style inspiration ideas from one of the UK's most up and coming stationery designers on these pages over the next few months and weeks {you can see more of Erin's DIY posts featured so far here}. I absolutely love surrounding myself with brilliant creative people and can't wait to share Erin's ideas with you all!  For now, let's see what polka dot creations Erin has up her sleeve…

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Polka dot wedding fan

If you pay close attention to up-coming trends, there is a huge polka dots trend coming up in Spring/Summer 2013. It’s going to come back in a huge way! In my books, though, polka dot has never really gone out of style, and I know many of you feel the same way.

So if you’re looking to prettify some of your wedding goodies  with some polka-dotted goodness, this is the place! I’ve put together a series of super easy mini tutorials and ideas that will help you easily put a dot on practically anything and everything! 

Polka dot fan, enveope liner and stationery

A few weeks ago, I was walking around a wholesale packaging shop (as you do) when I spotted these security foil stickers that comes in rolls of hundreds of them in all different colours, metallics, neons.  In all different sizes too! You name it, they have it. Amazing right? Then I had a brainwave… What if I covered everything in them? And so I did…

The three tutorials below, you will need circle stickers of some sort. A quick look on Amazon will bring you loads of sellers with results for circle stickers! 


1.  Envelope Liner

Polka dot envelope liner

You will need A4 paper (white or coloured), and coloured stickers.

Step 1: Make a envelope liner template by firstly taking apart one of
your envelopes, cutting off the glueedge of the flap, and cut away all
the flaps.

Step 2: Cover your A4 coloured paper with circle stickers.

Use your template to make guides, cut out the dotted paper into
shape of your liner template, insert into your envelopes and glue the
flap down. 


2.  Belly Band


You will need A4 coloured paper, paper guillotine, glue stick and gold foil stickers.

Step 1: Cover sheets of A4 coloured paper with gold foil stickers.

Step 2: Measure out the dimensions of your bellybands. Mine is 210 x 50mm.

Step 3: Mark out the edges, cut with a guillotine, fold around your wedding invitations and secure with glue stick! 


3.  Fan


You will need Japanese paper fan (white or coloured), masking tape, scissors and large coloured circle stickers.

Step 1: Open the fan fully, and if necessary, use masking tape to tape down the wooden edges to minimise creasing.

Step 2: Cover the fan with circle stickers evenly spaced out over the face of the fan. When coming to the edge of the fan, stick the circle stickers down firmly, then cut away the excess.

Remember that you can cover just about anything with these stickers! For this lovely wedding that Chloe Browne photographed, Jillian styled the guestbook table with an old suitcase, 3D letters from Hobbycraft. The possibilities are endless!  


4. Stamping Alternatives

Polka Dot Stamps

Want to try your hand at stamping? There are things around your home that you can use as instant polka dot stamps!

For a larger and more “stamped” look, try an old wine cork, and acrylic paint on an old dish (above left).
For more of a confetti approach, use the rubber eraser end of a brand new pencil and stamp away! For the notecards above right, I used embossing glitter, and a embossing heat tool to get a raised glittery surface.

Polka Dots

Polka Dot wedding stationery

Polka Dot wedding stationery

Polka Dot wedding stationery

Polka Dot wedding stationery

Are you as excited about polka dots as I am!? I think they can be every girl’s best friend- so full of nostalgia and charm. Happy Polka-dotting!

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