A Marriage Can Be, Author Unknown

A poem like this,
Is often bliss,
‘Forever’s and always’
The couple to praise,
It’s rare do you hear,
Of the love… and the fear.

A marriage can be…

Giving and taking,
Forgiving and forsaking,
Kissing and loving,
Pushing and shoving,
Caring and sharing,
Screaming and swearing.
Fighting and biting,
Consoling and uniting.

It about being, together,
No matter the weather,
About sweetness and kindness,
And wisdom and blindness,
And being strong when feeling weak,
And saying nothing when dying to speak,
About being wrong when knowing you’re right,
And giving in before there’s a fight.

To have what it takes,
When you both make mistakes,
To not run and hide,
And swallow your pride,
A marriage can be a wonder indeed,
The trick is to give, as much as you need,


Let’s raise a glass,
Or even a cup.
Here’s to the couple,
Now don’t cock it up.