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“Curious Robin produce beautiful cinematic documentary films, capturing each moment of your wedding story in a timeless style, enabling you to step back into your wedding day whenever you wish.” Contact this supplier now

It is important to know that we were in your shoes once. Deciding with limited budget what we should and shouldn’t include in our wedding. There were two immediate priorities; a filmmaker and a string quartet. The latter because it would set the tone and ambience for the day that reflected who we were (the playlist was eclectic) and the former, because they would be able to capture that ambience, that essence, and bottle it for us to go back to time and time again over the years.

A wedding film is not for now. Yes there will be the immediate excitement of seeing the day back when you get your film but that is not where the true value lies. A wedding film is a present to your future selves, to your children, to your family. Imagine, just for a second, yourselves in 40 years time. What would you give to hear what your father said about you on your wedding day, when he exists only in memories otherwise. Imagine celebrating your golden wedding anniversary and playing your wedding film and saying to your grandchildren; “we were young once and full of a love which you can’t imagine yet”. That is what a wedding film gives you. Every little look, the half smile, the cheeky twinkle in the eye, the hugs, the tears. It is precious.

Our approach is to focus on old fashioned romance, with a style which echoes the nostalgic film of the 50s-60s. We are totally story centric and our driving aim is not to impress with the latest resolutions or technology but to capture the story of who you are and what your day meant to you. We take real care in making sure we give you the truest, most evocative product you could wish for.

Based in Edinburgh we have shot weddings all over Scotland and Europe but, having spent years working in Africa in a previous career, we’re always looking for new environments and cultures to give context to love stories and will travel anywhere.

Choosing your wedding filmmaker isn’t about selecting from the competition, where one style can be ranked over others. It is about finding someone whose style compliments your own tastes and values. We are always ready to get the kettle on and have a chat if you’re interested. Until then, congratulations and happy planning.

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