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“Frankee takes beautiful photographs, and I adore how she appears to be able to so effortlessly capture moments of joy when couples are at their most natural and relaxed.” Contact this supplier now

Hiiiiii 🙂 I’m Frankee! I’m a hopeless romantic and completely in love with photographing weddings.

Each wedding is so incredibly personal to you, and I know that the photographs are the one thing that you will have left to look back on – they have to capture not just how everything looked on the day, but how everything FELT. This is where I come in 🙂

Every photo I take is taken with an end creative vision in mind. The bride and groom portraits are a big part of my photography, but taking the details shots are just as important to make sure the gallery you are presented with lets you relive the entire day, and take in the atmosphere exactly how it was.

I am based in Oxfordshire, but I photograph weddings all over the UK and destination weddings – I love to travel (definitely one of the perks of the job!).



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