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I’d describe my style of photography as pretty laid back, contemporary and documentary – all about the ‘real’ stuff. The tearful, soppy declarations of love. The slap-your-thigh, laugh-out-loud jokes. Just the fleeting, momentary, transient bursts of raw, human emotion. I’m also a big fan of rule breakers – those that walk barefoot through fields and don’t care about muddying the hem of their dress, Brides giving speeches and Grooms doing the worm, serving paella and street food and saying ‘no thanks’ to table plans, having your first dance to Teenage Dirtbag, and generally doing things the way you want to do them. That stuff is electric to me. I’ll always remember to take a nice photo of a pretty cake, but it’s expression and affection and fun that I’m far more drawn to.

I’m not a huge fan of gimmicks or staged images, because enough real life is happening on a wedding day, that there’s no need to construct or force it. I’ll never ask you to say cheese or to fake a smile, and I certainly won’t force you to cut the cake. I like to get stuck in to the action, fully immerse myself in the day, and actually get to know your guests. Which is why you’ll always find me on the dance floor come the evening, and if there’s a drink being spilt or a crowdsurfing guest, I’ll be right there in the thick of it and ‘avin a laff with you – cos you’ve gotta have fun above all else, right?

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