Louie Tilley Lettering

“Beautiful bespoke wedding stationery, chalkboards and signs finished off with exquisite calligraphy and brush lettering by Louie. We adore her work.”

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A creative studio tucked away in London, Louie crafts bespoke wedding stationery, as well as chalkboards and signs, with a focus on hand lettering.
Importantly, you won’t spot your design anywhere else and practically every idea and finish is possible.
Louie’s background in design allows her to offer everything from colourful brush lettering to elegant modern calligraphy.
She works with independent companies to offer foil, embossing, debossing and even laser cutting, often hand finishing elements herself to achieve the perfect results.
She is based in the UK, but she is able to offer digital designs no problem for those lovely couples abroad who require designs to print (a chalkboard has even safely reached New Zealand!).
Design consultation is available for the smallest detail or an entire package and all are carefully designed around your day, just don’t be surprised if she gets more excited than you!

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