“We adore the wonderful Minna and her commitment to producing eco-friendly and often re-wearable bridal wear. Beautiful gowns.”

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Welcome to the world of Minna. We want, more than anything to help brides to find their dream dress, and putting their own personal stamp on it, without paying an excessive price tag.

At Minna, our heirloom quality bridal gowns, hair adornments and women’s and children’s wear collection are handmade and designed in London by people who are passionate about making beautiful things. We use the highest quality silk and lace fabrics that we source all over the world, mixing it with genuine vintage and certified organic fabrics. All our dresses are made to order, which means you can put your personal stamp on it and make it truly yours. Prices start at £210.

Buy online, or visit our showroom in London, and pop up appointments in Helsinki.

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