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“Utterly elegant and cinematic wedding films by an exceptionally talented team of filmmakers. Minty Slippers are luxury wedding videographers who tell stories beautifully. ” Contact this supplier now

We are Mintyslippers. A bespoke film company with a passion for telling stories. Stories about people, places, moments and ideas. We don’t believe in templates or colouring between the lines, just capturing authentic moments in time. Moments that flutter with love, and life.

I’ve thought for a while now what our wedding would be like if we got married now, instead of 10 years ago. Does anyone else ever do that? Lets call it my “Fantasy Wedding”. Every time I meet a new supplier that seems different, or innovative somehow, or just organic, I add them to the Fantasy list.

I know I’m biased, but I’d definitely have my wedding filmed, by me if possible (obviously a silly idea), and I’d have an amazingly realistic memory of what happened when we got married, which I miss. A lot. More so since we had our daughter.

I’d say we’ve filmed quite a few weddings now, and so many people have that realistic memory already, and that gives me a great feeling. I want everyone to feel the love when they watch their films, lots and lots of lovely love. I just don’t want you to put it on the shelf and dust it off once every 10 years.

I want everyone who gets married to have one of our films; I wish had us 10 years ago. I’ve added that to my Fantasy wedding too. Our customers love our attitude to life and love, and our creative flare for making those moments in-between look amazing.


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