Hello I’m Razia and according to my father I’m the best photographer in the world. No bias there then ☺

I live in Blackheath, London. I’m married with three children, a big fluffy cat, five goldfish and at the last count two soppy Lion head rabbits.

I’m passionate about everything I love and believe me when I say that I really love photography. Luckily the gift of capturing the moment is something that I’ve been blessed with from as long as I can remember. From the time as a small child when my father showed me how to use his Nikon F1 I’ve loved the story each photograph portrays. Even now when I look back at those slightly worn, coffee stained photographs my childhood immediately jumps back. Who can forget those classic NHS glasses we were forced to wear, the fun filled summer holidays that seemed to last an age and when responsibility hadn’t even entered our consciousness.

I also love tea and cake – literally everyday if I can help it! Fizzy sweets are a definite must when I’m editing a wedding. The colour green helps me relax and sunny, hazy days let me drift off into creativity when I’m making a short film.

I wear odd socks, not really on purpose but that’s all I seem to have left. I love long conversations with friends. I believe in family, kindness and how its okay to focus on the things you want as long as you don’t lose sight of the things you have. That’s why I love making the everyday look beautiful because life is beautiful!

I really am so lucky to do what I love. My wedding photography style is all about capturing emotive images that tell the story of the day. This is so important to me because images are not just for the people who are present in them but also for those that are absent from them. They will one day tell a story to your children and children’s children; giving them a glimpse of who you were!

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