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“Absolutely beautiful, cinematic, honest and completely natural wedding films. We truly love Ben's editorial style - his films make for beautiful and moving wedding day memories.”

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I’m Ben and I’m a creative professional and wedding filmmaker based in South West London, where I live with my wife, Paige, and cat.

Far from simply filming a series of standard shots, I combine care and attention with artistry and an appreciation of detail to weave together a narrative that truly tells your story, and this perspective changes how I approach each couple. My background in architecture shapes the way I see and use light. It also plays a significant influence in how I capture the qualities of space and their narratives.

Specialising in cinematic and alternative films that let you be you, I immerse myself in your day, capturing each moment whilst remaining discreet. I use small, unobtrusive cameras and make careful use of natural lighting, composition and framing rather than relying upon elaborate staging.

Take a few moments to watch some of the stories I have helped to tell, and then get in touch to see what we can create together!

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