I was exchanging emails last week with my adorable friend and Photographer, Emily Quinton, when she happened to mention "I'm having the craziest month ever but have exciting plans for the end of it. Top secret at the moment but we definitely be revealing my plans to you soon A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings ) xxx"

Now this got me thinking.

Some amazing new Photography project?  An incredible wedding that she was shooting, but sworn to secrecy about??  Some fabulous new studio she was moving into perhaps???

I returned home on Friday evening to find another email from Emily, "make sure you check my Twitter feed for my exciting news!"...

All fumbling fingers trying to turn the laptop on through very tired eyes (we'd been at a wedding that day) ~ and then, I found this…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog ~ Photography Copyright (c) 2010, O&C Photography

A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings )  A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings ) A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings )

Emily was engaged!

Suddenly I felt a little less tired, and a lot more excited!!

Emily has very kindly provided me with permission to share this little story with you today…

"The photos of me were taken by my very good friends Charis and Owen of O&C Photography last week.  I put them out in the garden and then took Stef outside – I couldn't wait any longer! Hee hee! He didn't have a clue!"

A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings )

"We are planning to get married in June 2011, definitely outside…"

Isn't that just the most adorable and romantic gesture in the whole wide world?

I can't tell you how excited I am for Emily and Stef.  Emily and I were chatting only a couple of weeks go about her dream garden wedding, and now her dreams look set to come true.  I'm especially pleased for my lovely and kind friend, as I know how very much it means to her that her two adorable children will be able to witness their parents exchanging vows, and committing to each other a lifetime of love.    

And yes, that kind of chokes me up a bit!

And incase any of you were wondering Stef's response?….

A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings )

Hehehe A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings ) Oh how it brings smiles of joy and happiness all round for Emily, Stef and their beautiful family (shot here by the extremely talented Photographer Steve Gerrard).

Emily and Stef, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!  We are absolutely delighted for you both with this wonderful news, and look forward to enjoying the wedding planning journey with you.

True love to one and all on this lovely Sunday evening A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings )

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A Wedding Photographer's Marriage Proposal... (Weddings )


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  1. Thanks so much for linking our site in your blog…we had such fun taking these photos and seriously…my heart was all a flutter waiting for Emily to call and tell us what te response was…of course, we knew it would be a huge YES!!! x x

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