1st February 2017

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20th February 2017

Oooh, and here we are in another week. February always flashes by so quickly but this year, it feels as if we’re on fast-forward! Anyway, I’ve got the perfect feature today for a little time out, especially if you’ll soon be compiling your wedding gift list. Earlier this month, Ali Beaven, the amazing lady behind our favourite wedding gift list service, Prezola, joined us to talk about the top gifts of 2017 and today she’s back explaining how put together the perfect gift list.

If you’ve not yet heard of Prezola then let me tell you that you’re missing out. The wonderful Ali has married the most amazing selection of brands and items along with honeymoon funds, cash and charity contributions so that your wedding gift list can be exactly what you want it to be. Prezola is beloved by couples and by the wedding industry too for its great range and ace service. You really are spoilt for choice with Prezola.

But, when there’s so much to choose from, how do you go about compiling a wedding gift list that suits you? Don’t worry, Ali is here to tell you all you need to know…

“The thought of creating a gift list probably feels a bit weird at first. After all, unless you’re incredibly privileged (lucky thing), the closest experience you’ve had to this is telling your parents what you’d like for Christmas. The truth is, it’s quite similar. Believe it or not, your guests really do want to buy a present for your wedding. Not only will they want to commemorate your marriage, but it’s also a chance to help you build your lives as a married couple and even buy a possible heirloom that will forever remind you of them.”

How To Compile Your Wedding Gift List – Straight Forward and Honest Advice From Prezola (Weddings )

Bluebellgray Florrie collection

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20th February 2017

February is disappearing at an alarming rate my friends. Not that I’m not looking forward to spring blooms and sunnier days, but the day of reckoning (the big Italian wedding) draws ever more swiftly closer. This week we’re ordering our final bout of stationery so the timely arrival of the glorious celebration of Bex, a PR Director, and Toby, an Illustrator, in my inbox totally filled me with excitement and inspiration. These super-cool lovebirds wed on 13th August 2016 in one of my all time favourite places, the epically natural beauty that is North Yorkshire. Their ceremony was held at Holy Trinity Church, Boltby and the reception was at nearby High Paradise Farm.

“The idea of ‘bringing the outside in’ was really important to us. We wanted everyone to feel like they were in the Yorkshire hills, which is why we went for a clear marquee that looked down on the breathtaking views of Boltby village from High Paradise. Toby’s parents live in Boltby, a village in the North Yorkshire Moors just outside where Toby grew up, and a real beauty of a spot that we both love to visit. We live in London and I am from London too, so we also wanted to make sure there was a good enough of a mix of Yorkshire and London in all the little details; we love the rustic countryside but we wanted a bit of city chic too.”

Photography by Jonny Barratt

A Delphine Manivet Dress And Flower Crown For A Nature Inspired Wedding In Yorkshire (Weddings )

Bex’s incredibly stylish, modern dress was bought from The Mews Bridal in Notting Hill – a stunning creation by Parisian designer Delphine Manivet. So so many of our brides found their dream dresses at The Mews Bridal and we have a growing gorgeous posse of girls who totally rocked Delphine Manivet designs too. Continue reading…

19th February 2017

Sometimes I open a file of wedding photos and the love and emotion just jumps out from the very first image- this is definitely one of them and I am completely smitten with it.  Meet artists Xaviere and Alan, who married on a clifftop on the Moray Firth on the 29th of July 2016, pledging their continued love and commitment to one another after sixteen years together.  I just adore this day and the beautiful photographic record, lovingly created by Dominique Bader.

“We chose to marry standing on the edge of a cliff near the ancient ruin of Findlater Castle, Banff.   The Moray Firth is a very special place for us as we visited the castle when we first met and the whole coast line is exceptionally beautiful, wild and underdeveloped.   We come here on every holiday with our children and spend time with Alan’s family who live in the area.”

Photography by Dominique Bader

A Bride in Trousers for her Clifftop Wedding in Scotland (Weddings )

Xaviere looked beautiful in a completely non-traditional outfit, but one which suited her down to the ground, which, at the end of the day, is what its all about really.  She certainly proves that you don’t need a white dress (or a dress at all in fact) to be a beautiful bride.

“Stripes have been my daily uniform for as long as I can remember and so it felt only right to go with a traditional navy and white sailor striped top from Boden– fitting with the nautical coastline location.  I have always enjoyed red, white and blue as a colour scheme and so decided on a red cashmere cardigan teamed with White sailor trousers from John Lewis.

I wanted for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed and knew that I wouldn’t feel that way in a dress as I haven’t worn a dress since I was a child.  I also felt very strongly that I wanted us to ‘recognise’ each other – we have been together for fifteen years, have two children and our home so we just wanted for our outfits to reflect that reality with no illusions.”

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19th February 2017

Everyone experiences the passing of loved ones at some time in their lives. Wedding celebrations can be especially stressful occasions because they are a vivid reminder that the person you have lost won’t be there physically to share your happiness.

Over the last twelve years as a Celebrant I have seen many couples grapple with their emotions during ceremonies and have done my best to help them, also in the months leading up to the day of the wedding. I have empathised and felt compassion but unless you have experienced the impact and unpredictability of grief you cannot truly know what those afflicted are going through.

In the middle of the busiest period of the wedding season last year my elderly Mother passed away in hospital here in Italy. I had willingly brought her here to live with my husband and I after a long saga of trying to find a suitable Nursing Home in England.

From The Heart: From The Heart: Good Grief (Let's Talk Personal, Life, Love )

Towards the end of the previous year she had broken her femur, suffered multiple mini strokes and subsequently endured a long spell in hospital. She became very depressed and told me she didn’t want to live anymore. No other family member was in a position to take on the responsibility and she needed 24 hour care.

My husband and I convinced ourselves that somehow we would manage the ceremonies between us and share the emotional and physical demands of caring for this wonderful woman, who was suffering from Dementia and had sadly lost all autonomy.

Thus began several months of immense heartbreak and stress. Thankfully most couples were incredibly understanding during this period and by some miracle we managed to successfully complete the season and honoured our commitments.

Even though my Mother had reached the ripe old age of 86 and was very ill nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of utter devastation and loneliness when she left us. Continue reading…

18th February 2017

Hello Saturday lovers, this one is for all of you who have chosen to curl up on the sofa this afternoon with a mug of tea, some magazines and a little time to catch up on your favourite blogs. Imô, a Project Manager and Creative Producer married Setor, an Actuary, married on 19th November last year, at Devonshire Terrace in London. The first word that came to mind when I saw these photographs was ‘glamorous’ (how gorgeous does Imô look?), swiftly followed by ‘joyous’. These images by photographer Thierry Joubert, beautifully capture the celebratory vibe of this stylish wedding. I was also rather delighted to learn that the florist for this wedding is our Little Book For Brides member, the wonderful Vervain.

“I was inspired by a darkly decadent palette with bright and bold accents. I wanted to include verdant, lush and leafy textures in the styling to add life and light to the space. Setor and I are both originally from West Africa so the latter was a nod to our culture and the rich rural landscapes.”

Photography by Thierry Joubert

A YolanCris gown for a Glamorous, West African Inspired City Wedding (Weddings )

Imô wore a Yolan Cris dress that she purchased from Mirror Mirror Bridal Boutique in London.

“The mix of beading, embroidery, lace and silk were right up my alley. I wanted a dress that was interesting with lots of texture. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one – after my husband that is!” Continue reading…

17th February 2017

Someone asked me the other day if, after two years of writing for Love My Dress, I was ‘bored of weddings yet’?  My answer (possibly delivered more vehemently than was polite) was a resounding ‘no’, and the reason is that apart from the fact I am a diehard romantic and have met some wonderful people through this role, every single wedding I write up is different and has its own interests and quirks, just like the couple marrying.  How could that ever get boring? Today’s treat is a real beauty and a perfect example of the most personal of days.  Meet David and Lucy, who married on the 30th September 2016 at Cripps Stone Barn.

“We both love the outdoors and are country bumpkins at heart so we wanted the day to reflect that.  Most of all we wanted it to be relaxed and fun with good food, drink and all our family and friends together.  We wanted there to be lots of colour mixed with traditional wood and stone and as soon as we set foot in Cripps Stone Barn we knew it would be perfect for the image we had in mind.”

Film by Tom Caldwell Visuals 

The talent behind today’s beautiful images was the lovely Frankee Victoria, who we are delighted to recommend most highly through our beautiful wedding directory, Little Book For Brides. The couple also decided to have the day filmed, and asked friend Tom of Tom Caldwell Visuals to do the honours.

“Dave was in charge of finding a photographer and as soon as he showed me Frankee’s website I loved her style.  Frankee’s pictures are simple and effortless and captured the relaxed style we loved. Her pictures seem to capture the real feeling of the day.  We are over the moon with the pictures.”

Photography by Frankee Victoria

Bluebell by Temperley London for an Elegant and Colourful Autumn Barn Wedding (Weddings )

Lucy looked fabulous in ‘Bluebell’ by Alice Temperley, purchased from Carina Baverstock Couture – another of our Little Book For Brides highly recommended suppliers…

Carina and her team were incredible.  Carina chatted with me, my Mum and sister, asking what we wanted the day to be like, what they imagined when they thought of me walking down the aisle and building a picture of what I am like from the two women who know me best.  I tried on lots of beautiful dresses and as soon as I put Bluebell on I felt amazing.”
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17th February 2017

This morning’s wedding took place at Hilltop Country House in Prestbury, Cheshire on the 19th of August 2016, it was a bit rainy (always adds a bit of atmosphere) but the day still looks bright and cheerful. It’s full of country charm and they had a ‘Bake Off’ – yes the bride and groom gave Mary and Paul a run for their money, and their wedding breakfast was a gorgeously social, picnic style sharing feast. Without further ado, meet Jo, a crafty primary school teacher and Luke, a chartered accountant. Before you immerse yourself in the stunning images by Ragdoll Photography, take a moment to enjoy their beautiful wedding film by Matthew Modget Films.

“We wanted our wedding to be as much about the favourite people in our lives as it was about us as a couple, to thank them for being so important in our lives. We love markets, vintage, the countryside and village fêtes so we took our inspiration from that, along with lots of stuff that we liked and the people we love.”

Film by Matthew Modget Films

Joanne met dress designer Kate Beaumont at a wedding fair, where she had seen a few of her dresses on the catwalk. Months later, she still couldn’t get the dresses out of her head so booked to go and try them for herself.

“All of Kate’s dresses looked like they would let you move, dance and climb trees – everything I needed. We talked a lot at the fair and I fell in love with her as well as her dresses. It took me a while to get to the stage where I wanted to try on and when I went to Kate’s gorgeous, light filled attic I wanted all of them.”

Photography by Ragdoll Photography

A Kate Beaumont Bride And Wild Flowers For A Village Fête Inspired Country Wedding (Weddings )

“Peony was the dress I couldn’t forget though; I loved the flexibility of a 3 piece and the floaty, relaxed feel. With some changes to the sleeves and neckline, I went back for my final fitting and it was everything I wanted it to be, and more, she had nailed it. Kate is an absolute genius and I felt amazing in it.”

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16th February 2017

The Most Curious Wedding Fair Spring 17 Shows kick off in almost a month to the day, and it is going to be an amazing explosion of creativity of the most exciting names, movers, makers, designers and shakers in the wedding industry. One hundred and sixty of them in all at the Truman Brewery – sixty in Norwich – and all there to inspire you creative and style-savvy brides.

This the show everyone is talking about and the one you don’t want to miss. But you know that already right? What you don’t know, is that behind all the swoony Instagram product posts, the shiny images of the catwalk shows, the industrial chic styled up venue and the achingly cool sneak peaks at the new designs and ideas to be unveiled just for you at the event, is the untold story of what we like to call the ‘Jugglist Massive’ #jugglistmassive.

The Most Curious Wedding Fair and the #jugglistmassive (Weddings )

We want to share the untold story of the multi-tasking mummas that make our show and indeed, who make much of the wedding industry and their families go round (and sometimes themselves – round the bend that is!).

Something that has struck us over the years at Most Curious is just how many inspirational and amazing girl-bosses there are out there in the wedding industry who are also mothers. I guess, let’s be frank, we’re the ones who create the babies – that is something we cannot delegate – and remain for the most part the bigger part in raising them, so yes, we can have it all, but that means we actually have to do it all.

The Most Curious Wedding Fair and the #jugglistmassive (Weddings )

It can be exhausting, but there is something awe inspiring in it too, a tribe of women managing to make magic in nap times and creating enterprises while cutting the crusts off sandwiches and wiping noses, growing businesses while they grow tiny and excellent humans at the same time. Continue reading…