18th September 2014

This lovely little wedding was a bit of a practice run – Frances, a Senior Lecturer in Education and computer whizz and entrepreneur Alvin are actually planning a humanist ceremony at Asylum Chapel later this year, but for the legal part of their marriage, they chose to wed on 16th May this year with a ceremony at Hammersmith Town Hall, followed by a reception in the Roque Room at the Five Fields Restaurant in London.

This is such sweet and intimate London wedding and I love how it proves that the ‘legal bit’ that so many couples opt to do before having a more celebratory blessing on a separate day, can be a wonderful and meaningful experience.  I also couldn’t think of a better dress choice for Frances – she went for an original 50′s vintage gown by designer Emma Domb – a discovery made via Elizabeth Avey.

“I knew that I wanted a 50s dress, as I wear a lot of 40s and 50s vintage fashion in my ordinary life. I sell vintage clothes on the internet so knew I wanted it to be vintage.  I love the colour pale pink and blousy flowers in the lace and the beautiful soft tulle of the dress and how feminine it was. It was also a really good fit and didn’t need altering at all. I actually saw the dress appear in this feature on Love My Dress after I’d bought it!”

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Ellie Gillard

For Frances, meeting Alvin really was love at first sight…

“I like to think it was auspicious that it was the same night as the lunar eclipse in 2007 that we first met! Across the sticky dance floor of a grubby little indie club in London was my dream man: dark, long hair tattooed. He was perfect. And so, spurred on by some fizzy wine, and the encouragement/coercion of my (rather more ballsy than me) Geordie best mates, I went and said ‘Hello!’.

I didn’t have anything more than ‘hello’ so I’m glad Alvin wanted to speak to me too. It was so loud so I told him that I could speak sign language and he asked me how you say ‘Can I kiss you?’”

“We had been engaged for four years before we got married – we just didn’t feel in a rush. We found Asylum Chapel earlier this year and are planning a Humanist ceremony there for later this year – so this particular wedding-day was the legal bit.

I expected the day to be quite formal and short and had been putting all my energy into the Humanist ceremony but it was actually completely magical spending the time with our families and I would recommend doing this to anyone!”

Years ago, I bought a pair of Next flats that I loved but ruined on too many dancefloors! I trawled Ebay to find them again, putting in so many different search criteria e.g. ‘pink pumps’, ‘pale pink flats’ and finally found the perfect pair! I’m really tall, so I like wearing flats.”

“My hair and makeup was styled by Amanda from Lipstick and Curls - she’s brilliant!”

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18th September 2014

It’s that time of year here in wedding industry world when awards season is just around the corner. With the little pile of invitations growing on my desk, my mind has inevitably turned to shopping and, more specifically, the hunt for the perfect dress to wear. Now I know that you, the lovely readers of Love My Dress®, will share my fear/excitement in this – what style to go for, what label to wear and most importantly, where is a girl to go to find the gown divine?

Well, all I can say today is I wish I was on the hunt for a wedding dress because I would certainly be making tracks for Giling & White Bridal if I were…

giling and white, leicester wedding dress shop

Nestled in the leafy outskirts of Leicester and rambling beautifully through a converted farm building, Giling & White Bridal is an inspiring boutique that simply oozes character.

Owner Sarah comes from a retail and fashion background (it shows!) and along with Julia, her lovely Mum, they have created Giling & White Bridal as a showroom for the very best in bridal – from gowns for brides and maids to all those gorgeous and glamorous finishing touches that make your outfit pop with personality.

giling and white, leicester wedding dress shop

‘I have always had a passion for beautiful fabrics and design,’ says Sarah. ‘I especially love bridal gowns and the search for my own wedding dress inspired me to open Giling & White in 2012. We are a luxury boutique, offering everything from fabulous award winning designer dresses to custom-made headdresses. We also work closely with fantastic photographers, florists and hair & make-up artists to ensure we can always inspire brides with the latest trends.’

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18th September 2014

Hey everyone. No fancy words are required to describe this wedding. Suffice to simply look at these photos. I ADORE them. This feature has introduced me to the work of Lakshal Perera, and he has blown my wedding socks off with these artful images. Yes it helps that the wedding party is just so gorgeous, the blooms so pretty and the backdrops so jaw-dropping (and ahem, let’s not mention the rather handsome best man) However it is the rollercoaster of emotions that pour out of these pictures that really caught my attention.

Jenny and Sean, who are both doctors, married earlier this year on 29 March at The Convent Gallery in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia -it’s lovely to be able to share a non-UK wedding for a change and we hope that you love and are inspired by this one.

“Sean and I met at our university orientation camp located in Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. We were engaged five and a half years into our relationship when Sean organised a surprise proposal in Koh Phangan, Thailand with a gorgeous, candle-lit dinner by the beach. We were engaged for one and a half years before we finally got hitched!”

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Lakshal Perera

australian wedding, Baccini & Hill, Carla Zampatti, lakshal perera photography

We fell in love with The Convent Gallery when we visited Daylesford in search of the perfect wedding venue. Because its gardens, surroundings and indoor spaces were already so beautifully arranged, we wanted to keep our styling simple and elegant to complement the venue.

As a result, we decided on a simple colour scheme of crisp white and green but also ensured we incorporated lots of personal touches throughout to add character.”

australian wedding, Baccini & Hill, Carla Zampatti, lakshal perera photography

The handsome groom and all his seriously stylish men wore Zenetti suits and Batsanis black patent shoes, with bow-ties from T.M. Lewin.

australian wedding, Baccini & Hill, Carla Zampatti, lakshal perera photography

australian wedding, Baccini & Hill, Carla Zampatti, lakshal perera photography

Jenny had two ‘big day’ dresses; one custom made for her by Baccini & Hill in Melbourne for the wedding ceremony and another gown, by Australian designer Carla Zampatti, for the reception.

“I chose my bridal dress because I wanted a dress that was simple, comfortable, elegant and timeless. I fell in love with the lightness of the lace and the femininity of the shape. I couldn’t have wished for anything more. I decided to change into a more flowy gown for the reception so I could dance more comfortably, for not only our first dance but the partying on the dance floor afterwards. Our dance teachers definitely approved.”

australian wedding, Baccini & Hill, Carla Zampatti, lakshal perera photography

Lakshal Perera was the first wedding provider we chose after the venue. Apart from the setting, a good photographer was the most important thing to us as we wanted someone to capture our special day, along with all the emotions that it would bring. We knew good photographers would be booked out well in advance and had been told by our friends to check out Lucky (as he is affectionately called) as they missed out on securing him for their wedding. On the day of our wedding, Lucky was incredible.

He was so calm, helpful and professional. He there for every important moment and so many more in between without us even realising! When we received our photos only a few weeks later, we were blown away by not only their artistry but most importantly how they made us feel and allowed us to relive the day. Thank you Lucky!”

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17th September 2014

A gorgeous little wedding to share with you this late Wednesday afternoon.   This couple actually won a competition on Love My Dress® to win a full wedding photography package with PNM Weddings, so I’m extra pleased to be able to share this wedding with you today.  Shell, a Doctor and Pete, a Design Engineer, married on 24th May this year at Trafford Hall  in Chester. This was a day full to bursting with a rainbow array of colour!

“We chose Trafford Hall because we wanted a relaxed, outdoor oriented wedding. We were keen to have a ceremony outside (although it did have an indoor option as a fall back) with a carnival feel about it.  We also very much wanted all our guests to be able to stay as they were coming from all over the country and Trafford Hall boasts a large number of reasonably priced rooms, all situated in beautiful gardens. Also, we feel that this venue was very reasonably priced and in this respect an excellent find.

The cherry on the cake for this venue was that it is a charitable organisation funded partly by weddings.  They were tremendously helpful both on the day and in the run-up, and were just all round excellent.”

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, PNM Weddings

038-Colouful rainbow wedding PNM Photography

“We were friends and housemates for four years at university before finally getting together and we were together five years before getting engaged – and engaged for two before getting married!  We really wanted the wedding to have a woodland, carnival feel with lots of music.”

032-Colouful rainbow wedding PNM Photography

“Our florist was Acacia Floral Design. We wanted bright colours. Flowers for the tables were bought from a supermarket on the day before. It worked out much cheaper and they looked great!”

011-Colouful rainbow wedding PNM Photography

“To help us create lots of colour, and create a carnival atmoshphere, we used coloured lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the marquee, coloured ribbons on the backs of the chairs and central piece of coloured origami paper cranes dangling from a wooden ring.”pnm

005-Colouful rainbow wedding PNM Photography

007-Colouful rainbow wedding PNM Photography

“Our photographers were PNM Weddings - they were really lovely and great to have around/hang out with and amazing photo’s too!”

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17th September 2014

I’ve been secretly waiting to share these images for weeks now, ever since I shared this, my favourite wedding ever to grace the pages of Love My Dress.  The bride in my favourite wedding was bead-artist and designer Clara Francis - who, if you read the real wedding feature itself, you’ll learn I’ve been aware of for some years now, but who up to now has never  designed specifically for weddings.  All that is set to change with the launch of Clara’s debut collection for brides.

I make no excuses for confessing I’m giddy with excitement about this.  I’m such a HUGE Clara Francis fan girl – her skill and level of craftsmanship is nothing short of outstanding – she is a true artisan and I’m in absolute awe of her talent (the beading in each of her designs is painstakingly hand stitched and there is simply nothing quite like her designs out there, she really is an original artist).

My excitement aside, let me explain how Clara has joined forces with one of my personal favourite wedding dress brands, the sassy and always stylish Belle & Bunty​ (the perfect pairing) to promote her new collection. And look what they did…

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Media Lightbulb for Clara Francis​ / Belle & Bunty​

018-Clara Francis Jewellery Belle and Bunty Dresses

This visual story showcases the romantic elegance of both brands through the creation of a fairytale scene. The vision of mystical romance could be taken straight from a child’s picture book, don’t you think? I love how these images ooze beauty and serenity, perfectly capturing the designers shared love of the ethereal.

Which goes without saying, I personally love very much too.

020-Clara Francis Jewellery Belle and Bunty Dresses

Alice Shreeve, one half of the creative team at Belle & Bunty, explains…

“Finding the perfect backdrop was key to creating the fairytale setting where the collaboration could really come to life. Embedding the shoot in nature was important to both ourselves and Clara as we both place a lot of emphasis on using natural fabrics, gentle colours and delicate design details.”

The ethereal, floaty feel of the Belle & Bunty bridal gowns are in complete alignment with the delicate whimsical Clara Francis headpieces, making them a perfect combination for any bohemian wedding.

008-Clara Francis Jewellery Belle and Bunty DressesBelle & Bunty’s Hannah Coniam-Thompson told me “We have been in love with Clara’s work for ages, it is so beautiful & delicate and completely unique. We share the same brand values in that everything is exclusively designed and handmade in the UK and we both strive to create something different from the mainstream. Clara’s stunningly special headpieces work so well with our dresses for a boho, yet glam wedding day look.”

001-Clara Francis Jewellery Belle and Bunty Dresses

Nature has always been a key feature of Clara’s inspiration with the shoot therefore bringing everything back full circle. Clara herself told me “I have known Alice and Hannah for a few years and have always wanted to collaborate with them because I love their vibe, attitude and aesthetic. We are all committed to well made, hand crafted, finely detailed pieces using the best quality fabrics, beads and vintage crystals”.

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