28th March 2015

Well, I don’t know about you but I am certainly full of the joys of spring today. Have you got lovely plans for this blissful weekend? I do so hope that whatever you’re up to, you have the most amazing time. However, I’m sure that even the most wonderful weekend could be made infinitely better by the delicious prospect of £1000 toward the cost of your wedding gown from one of the most fashion-forward boutiques in the south of England. If you agree, then may I suggest that you read on…

Film production Jonathan Nicol at Other Finger Films

Churchgate Porter is just a stone’s throw from the beach in stylish Brighton and when owner, Louise Hill, was planning the opening of her boutique, she knew she wanted to offer something truly individual:

“I wanted to create a space full of gorgeous dresses for the fashionable bride. I realised that there was a space in the market for my kind of boutique, not a wedding dress shop simply stuffed full of dresses!”

Photography Copyright (c) 2015, Kenny McCracken

churchgate porter, blog giveaways, maria senvo, sharon hoey, flora brial

Dress by Flora Bridal

And now, Louise’s carefully chosen selection of gowns draws brides from all over the south of England and beyond. Labels such as Delphine Manivet, Cymbeline, Maria Senvo, Sharon Hoey and Flora Bridal sit alongside stunning accessories from Flo & Percy and Freya Rose. It’s the most tempting of prospects.

“Our dresses are for the independent bride who is confident in her style and loves fashion,” says Louise. “And I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to offer one lucky bride one thousand pounds towards the purchase of any dress in the Churchgate Porter collection.”

churchgate porter, blog giveaways, maria senvo, sharon hoey, flora brial

Dress by Sharon Hoey

To be in with a chance of winning this superb prize, just take a moment to read the details and complete your information in form below – it really couldn’t be easier. Don’t leave it too long to send in your entry though as the competition closes on 28th April and then we’ll be announcing the winner soon afterwards.

churchgate porter, blog giveaways, maria senvo, sharon hoey, flora brial

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27th March 2015

Happy Friday everyone, so who is dress shopping this weekend? We’ve the most stunning champagne tulle ballgown wearing bride, all the way from New Zealand, for you to adore today. I’m sure you will be drawn in to the sense of fun, love and joy of the day, all mixed in with a true feel of vintageglamour, gorgeous rich jewel touches and superhero powers too (in a nod to the couple’s ‘nerdy side’!).

Julie and Keith were married in a humanist ceremony and celebration, surrounded by friends family and their two gorgeous sons on Saturday the 1st of November 2014 at As You Like It, in stylish Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Keith owns a stunning beachside caféin Wellington New Zealand and Julie is a stay at home mum to their two gorgeous 6 and 3 year old boys Atticus and Henry.

I wanted vibrancy and sparkles, an almost handmade vintage Hollywoodstyle. Choosing a varied jewel toned palette, with bases of gold and navy was perfect. Especially after choosing my wedding dress, and the bridesmaids dresses. But with Keith being a total nerd, and our bond over sci-fi movies and Harry Potter books I really wanted to bring in quirky, nerdier details. Such as the Groomsmen superhero socks, the Harry Potter cake topper (and a pair of wonder woman undies that I wore!)

Photography Copyright (c) 2015, Helen Russell Photography

HelenRussellPhoto-AsYouLikeIt (156 of 191)

Bride Julie is a regular reader of Love My Dress, and it’s just so wonderful to hear how inspired she was by the real life weddings and how it influenced her own planning.

I had always loved the weddings on Love My Dress, the vintage-glam ones and London pub weddings in particular. I loved seeing brides taking vintage and quirky detail and adding them into an urban city setting. I knew I didnt want to get married in a country house, as gorgeous as these weddings are, they just werenus. We wanted a unique wedding, a party with home style cooking and our favourite people. We wanted to stay true to our personalities, and have a day that was an actual representation of us and our long relationship.

as you like it, jesmond weddings, newcastle weddings, bright and colourful weddings, helen russell photography

Id been reading Love My Dress since before we became engaged, and I loved the fact that it has a variety of vintage weddings. Not just specific eras, or definite style, or being scared of originality. The passion for weddings is so clear through the pages. And I loved Annabels obvious fondness for the North East!”

as you like it, jesmond weddings, newcastle weddings, bright and colourful weddings, helen russell photography

My bridesmaids Kelly, Claire, and Nicki, all wore Virgos Lounge Raina dress in navy, from ASOS. I absolutely adored these dresses! I was originally just letting the girls shop for their own dresses, given the fact I lived in another continent! But whilst meandering around ASOS one afternoon I stumbled across these dresses and was absolutely blown away.

I immediately messaged the bridesmaids to see what they thought and was thrilled that they loved them. The style, the colours, and the embellishments were exactly what I hadnt realised I was looking for! When the girls sent me their photos of themselves once the dresses had been delivered I genuinely welled up. They all took my breathe away on the day itself, and that was the sole reason I had asked them to walk down the aisle American stylebefore me, so everyone could see just how beautiful they are.

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27th March 2015

March is without doubt my favourite month of the year, it begins with our anniversary, ends on my birthday and brings the first signs of spring along with it.  Sam and I celebrated our ninth anniversary this month, which means that we have now been together for almost half of our lives. When I look back on all the important milestones in my life, Sam has always been right there with me. From blonde braids age 12 to razor cut bob age 21, Sam has been the constant. We have a shared history that would be impossible to untangle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

lovettes, blogging brides

Our wedding is in just over four months and we have officially been hit with the full force of wedding planning urgency, so when I sat down to write this post, I had no idea where to start. I thought about showing you the beautiful invitations that Sam has painstakingly hand crafted or introducing you to my eight wonderful bridesmaids, but my mind wondered off in a different direction. After reading Madeleine’s last post as a Lovette where she shared her words of wedded wisdom, I started to think about the memories I hope to have of our wedding day.

Over the last year and a half that we have been engaged, I have spent countless hours thinking about the practicalities of the wedding, but I have never really asked myself exactly what I want to feel and remember.

lovettes, blogging brides

So I started to put together what I now call my ‘intangible wedding wish list’, of all the things I hope for on the day that money can’t buy:

  • To have a good night’s sleep before the wedding

I assume the same goes for most people, but when I have a big day coming up, I tend to find myself either lying completely awake, or falling in and out of vivid nightmares about the looming event. I would love to wake up on my wedding day feeling like I’ve slept like a baby and ready to face the day

  • To not cry down the aisle.

I really don’t want to cry down the aisle. Firstly, my crying face is not a pleasant sight. Secondly, I know that if I do cry, it won’t be a gentle, graceful wimper – it will be full on bawling and howling, then the guests will think I’ve got cold feet and it will be awkward for everyone. I really, really don’t want to cry.

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27th March 2015

Hello everyone! I’m pleased to announce that the Easter holidays are here – hoorah! Spring has well and truly sprung. But in the midst of daffodils, chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns, there is something dark, bold and utterly gorgeous looming. Let me take you back to winter, for the spectacular elegance of Rachel and Ben’s wedding, which took place 6th December 2014 in New York City.

The couple’s day was a mix of traditional Jewish elements and Great Gatsby glamour, perfectly incorporated in their chosen venue, Guastavino’s, a stunning events space in midtown east New York City.

“We love the Great Gatsby, 1920’s style, but didn’t want to have a truly themed wedding. Instead, we chose to use some touches from that era – lots of gold, art deco fonts, classic bow ties – but strived to achieve a look that was truly classic and timeless. Both of my parents grew up in Manhattan, and we met here, so we wanted to infuse as much New York into our wedding as possible.  The architecture and location were perfect for what we wanted, a glamorous, elegant, but classic New York wedding.”

Photography Copyright (c) 2015, Jacqueline Patton Photography and Nan Doud Photography

jewish wedding, monique lhuillier, tara keely, gatsby wedding, art deco weddings, new york weddings, jacqueline patton photography

The beautiful bride wore two wedding dresses on the day (lucky lady!), choosing an elegant lace Tara Keely gown to begin with, followed by a strapless Monique Lhuillier number for the evening.

“I fell in love with the Monique Lhuillier gown first. My mother passed just three short weeks before we became engaged, and when I put that dress on I just had the feeling that she would have loved it.  I never actually intended to have two dresses, but as we got closer to our wedding date, I had an urge to see if I could find something a bit unique and fashion forward.”

jewish wedding, monique lhuillier, tara keely, gatsby wedding, art deco weddings, new york weddings, jacqueline patton photography

Being just two months away, I had very limited options, but The Wedding Atelier was able to help me, showing me the Tara Keely gown that I could buy as a sample. I absolutely loved the long sleeves in lace (especially for my winter wedding), the simple cut, the train and the plunging neckline. The seamstress did an incredible job of altering the dress down to my size, and making some custom changes for me along the way, like opening the back up.

I really loved both dresses, and was so lucky to have found two amazing gowns to wear.”

jewish wedding, monique lhuillier, tara keely, gatsby wedding, art deco weddings, new york weddings, jacqueline patton photography

I think you’ll all agree that Jacqueline Patton Photography did a wonderful job behind the lens for Rachel and Ben. I simply love the shots of the bride and groom outside with the NYC architecture in the background – it makes me long to visit the city.

“Jackie was an amazing partner. We worked together years ago, and when the time came to choose a photographer, we loved the idea of knowing (and really feeling comfortable with) the person behind the lens. Her style was perfect for our event – very photo editorial, not overly posed, capturing all the right light and angles.”

jewish wedding, monique lhuillier, tara keely, gatsby wedding, art deco weddings, new york weddings, jacqueline patton photography

Rachel accessorised her fabulous gowns with her great grandmother’s vintage platinum, diamond and sapphire brooch, turned into a hair comb, necklaces from her mother, and a Reem Acra veil.

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26th March 2015

Today we’ve got something truly special for you here on Love My Dress – not only do we have an exclusive first look at a brand new collection but we’re also super proud to be able to introduce you to a new British brand that the whole team is already in love with. So, may I suggest that you stop whatever you’re doing and say hello to Botanica, the premier luxury loungewear collection from Violet & Wren

violet & wren, botanica, luxury, loungewear

Designed by Helen Pollington and Louise Barnard, who have been best friends since meeting at university in 2000, Botanica comes from the concept of brides wearing beautiful pieces during hair and make up on their wedding days and then taking these gorgeous garments on honeymoon before wearing them long into married life. Each piece is made from fluid silks that feel as fabulous as they look. I just adore the thought of starting a wedding day looking stunning and feeling incredibly feminine.

violet & wren, botanica, luxury, loungewear

I am also head over heels with the prints, each of which has been hand-drawn and then digitally rendered to create what is sure to become Violet & Wren’s signature look. There’s the delicacy and ‘magnolia glow’, the tropical ‘glasshouse palm’ and the dark, exotic charms of ‘lacquered rose’. The fabrics are, quite simply, wearable works of art. The starting point was a beautiful magnolia tree, the essence of spring, fresh, new beginnings and lush opulence with its rich, glossy leaves. The fragile pink and grey tones are offset with pops of acid lime and chartreuse to create this delicate and oriental print story.

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