2nd September 2014

Hello everyone, the new Mrs Isles here and I have such a lovely wedding to come back to after a few weeks away. This wedding is full of pretty softness and femininity with a healthy dose of a dashing boy in blue. If you are like me and the beautiful sight of blush blooms makes you giddy then prepare yourself before looking through these gorgeous Ellie Gillard images. What’s impressive is that bride, Rebecca moved to Dubai just one month into her engagement to take up a new job role; so all the planning had to be coordinated from afar.

Rebecca married Tim on 14 June 2014 in a traditional Roman Catholic ceremony in Wandsworth and was then whisked by her new husband, in an open top Mercedes, to celebrate their marriage at the Thames Rowing Club on Putney Embankment.

Picking a theme didn’t come naturally as, although I’d always wanted to get married, I had never really thought about what I wanted it to look like. Growing up, my sister and I had always loved the film ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ in which the wedding month is June, so that was when I wanted ours to be. Tim and I both wanted a church wedding and thought that doing it locally to our flat would be a nice way to mark our home ground for the future.  We are extra lucky that the river is so close to us and when we found our venue we knew it was perfect for the day. The style evolved to include bright summer florals and was, hopefully, a modern take on the traditional style of wedding.”

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Ellie Gillard

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“We met on Valentine’s Day 2009, in Clapham on a night out with friends. Then on my 30th birthday in April 2013 (after a very heavy night of partying) we went to the Tate Modern. Afterwards, while having lunch by the river, Tim proposed! It was very emotional as I had just accepted a job in Dubai and I moved one month later.

We were engaged for 14 months and the planning was pretty tough arranging things from overseas. We really did have to plan ahead – each of my trips to London was usually spent with back-to-back supplier meetings! A great tool for keeping everyone on track was a website called Smartsheet – a shared Excel spreadsheet that I actually use a lot for work and project management. Tim couldn’t escape it!”

naomi neoh wedding dress, riverside weddingi, london wedding, summer wedding, ellie gillard photography

“My four beautiful bridesmaids (sister Emily and friends Katie, Emma and Annie) were all very different heights (5’2”-6’) so I decided it would be impossible to buy a dress that would fit and look good on all of them. So, being in Dubai, I bought fabric from the textile souk and gave it to an amazing dressmaker, Barbaranne Heaton of Moirai Style, to work her magic.

I found Barbaranne from the Dubai wedding directory Bride Club ME. The dress design itself was taken from a bridesmaid dress designed and worn by the actress Rachel Bilson that I used as inspiration for the style!”

naomi neoh wedding dress, riverside weddingi, london wedding, summer wedding, ellie gillard photography

Sadly, Rebecca’s mum passed away of cancer a few months before the wedding which must have added a tinge of heartache to such joyful day. However, thoughtful touches included her mum throughout the day: diamond earrings given to Rebecca on her 18th birthday by her mum, her borrowed wedding garter, a smiling photograph at the reception, a brooch of hers on the bouquet and Cancer Research donation favours and pins.

“I’d been searching online and in various bridal magazines for inspiration on styles of dresses as I had no idea what I wanted. I came across Naomi Neoh’s designs and I liked 5 or 6 of them, which I took to be a good sign. I found BOA Boutique nearby that sold her designs, and others just in case I wasn’t sure about them when it came to fitting.

As it happens Naomi’s dresses are amazing and I ended up buying Dita – the first one I tried on! (I still tried on about 15 to be sure!) I loved the classic but contemporary shape and fabric. The silk skirt was incredibly lightweight and the laced corset made me feel feminine and confident about my figure. And of course there was the addition of the flower corsage which set off the floral motif for the rest of the wedding.”

naomi neoh wedding dress, riverside weddingi, london wedding, summer wedding, ellie gillard photography

“The wonderful Ellie Gillard was our photographer for the day – she’d also done our engagement shoot the previous year. From the start she really listened to what we wanted (and didn’t want) and made the process really fun. We couldn’t wait to see the photos after the wedding, as you can imagine and we can’t say thank you enough! She really captured the laid back and relaxed vibe of the day. It was so much fun and I think it shows in the photos.

Our guests also commented on how great she had been in her ability to put everyone at ease. She was particularly commended for wading in the flooding riverbank to get the wedding party shot! We loved working with her and would definitely recommend her. We also decided to invest in a second photographer (money well spent) which Ellie was able to provide as part of the service. Big thanks to Kat too!”

naomi neoh wedding dress, riverside weddingi, london wedding, summer wedding, ellie gillard photography

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2nd September 2014

It is a sign of something special when you feel you’ve known a name forever and that’s just how I feel about Coco & Kate Atelier. I’ve been impressed with their friendly online presence, I’ve swooned a little at the range of fabulous designers they stock and I was, frankly, amazed to find out that they opened the doors to their beautiful boutique in May 2014! Now I’ve recovered a little from the shock, I’m just beyond happy to be able to introduce you to them today and you too can share my love for this deceptively young brand.

This luxurious and tranquil bridal boutique sits happily, along with the resident peacock, in the rather lovely Hatton Shopping Village in Warwickshire where their range of carefully selected gowns and accessories has become something of an overnight sensation. Or maybe not…

coco and kate

‘The boutique has been a long time in the making, and although we only opened our doors this spring, we’re thrilled with the response and happy brides we’ve had so far,’ says owner Sophie. ‘It was so important to us to be able to offer something different in terms of style and we really feel we’ve achieved this within our collection.’

The desire to be distinctive has certainly been uppermost in Sophie’s mind when selecting designers and Coco & Kate Atelier stocks established labels such as La Sposa by Pronovias and Watters & Wtoo alongside new names that are making a splash such as Maria Senvo. It’s a fabulous juxtaposition and it’s a spectacular success.

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2nd September 2014

I have been dying to write about this wedding for weeks and weeks now because bride Kelsey and groom Alan are both so completely gorgeous! This could be a styled shoot, except that an obvious and very real love comes pouring from the images that couldn’t be faked. The wedding is elegant, stylish and actually very simple, yet it’s those wonderful vintage touches and Kelsey’s effortless glamour that take it into the realms of heavenliness. Captured on camera in that unique Scottish light by Christopher Currie, this is a bride capable of creating some serious style crushes….

Kelsey and Alan were married on 31st May 2014 at Cottiers Theatre.  The sandy red stone of the church and surrounding tenement buildings is such a recognisable feature in Glaswegian architecture. It makes a really strong backdrop for Kelsey and Alan’s relaxed vintage style wedding.

“Alan and I first met in Vancouver Canada when I was studying makeup artistry. I work as a freelance Make-up Artist alongside running our online watch boutique so I did my own hair and makeup for the wedding.  We got engaged in NYC in Central Park in December 2012. We have been together for 10 years so I was excited to start the wedding planning!  We didn’t really want our wedding to have a particular ‘theme’ but I have always been passionate about all things old. So I guess you could say there was a bit of vintage influence.  

We chose Cottiers Theatre as our venue because of its historical beauty and relaxed atmosphere.  It is an old converted church tucked away in the West End of Glasgow.” 

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Christopher Currie

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“My dress was custom-made from Belle & Bunty. I originally thought that I would find an actual vintage dress but it just wasn’t possible finding one that was in wearable condition from the era that I wanted. I chose this dress because it was everything I was looking for but couldn’t find with an authentic vintage dress. Not to mention it was pure silk so it was a dream to wear.”

 Kelsey does indeed look like a dream in this dress – it’s the simple yet fluid line of the skirt and the intricate detailing on the bodice that really work for her. I adore the frilled sleeves too.

belle and bunty, belle & bunty, glasgow weddings, scottish bride, scottish weddings, vintage scottish wedding

belle and bunty, belle & bunty, glasgow weddings, scottish bride, scottish weddings, vintage scottish wedding

One of the main things I lusted over when I first saw this wedding was Kelsey’s bouquet, made of gorgeous silk pansies in shades of dusty mauve, peach and sage green. Although I adore fresh flowers I truly admire and covet Kelsey’s everlasting bouquet. She’ll be able to look at those gorgeous faded petals every day for the rest of her life and recall all the wonderful memories. 

“All of our flowers were artificial. I made the flowers for the table decorations. They were made from natural paper and I painted them with watercolours. I made my bouquet out of silk flowers from the 1950’s.”

belle and bunty, belle & bunty, glasgow weddings, scottish bride, scottish weddings, vintage scottish wedding

belle and bunty, belle & bunty, glasgow weddings, scottish bride, scottish weddings, vintage scottish wedding

“We chose Chris & Gillian of Christopher Currie to capture our big day mainly because we are camera shy so wanted our photos to be candid.  We had an engagement shoot in the Autumn before our wedding that we were really nervous about and were close to cancelling.  When Chris & Gillian arrived at our flat they put us at ease immediately and we knew straight away that we had made the right choice. 

In the end we had a great experience with them and couldn’t wait for the wedding photos.”

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1st September 2014

This afternoon’s wedding is very special, I have completely fallen for the beautiful florals and pretty surroundings of Richmond Park. A firm favourite of any Londoner, the vast parkland is tranquil and feels oh so far away from the hustle of the city, yet it’s touching distance and perfect for a tasteful wedding in the woods.

Colleen an Account Director and Mike a Chartered Surveyor married outside in the stunning, unspoilt surroundings of Richmond Park on the 25th of May this year with a Humanist ceremony completely personalised to reflect their life together. Their reception was then held at the park’s highest point, in the magnificent Pembroke Lodge with views stretching over the Thames Valley. There’s a natural woodland feel to this wedding, flashes of deep berry mingle with dark green and light pink accents reflecting the spectacular surroundings and photographer Sofia Plana was on hand to shoot the beauty of the day in all its glory.

“I have always loved Richmond Park. Mike and I met in London and I grew up close by the park so I knew that Pembroke Lodge is a beautiful setting. I’m not sure we had a definite style, it all just came together as things we liked or enjoyed. The main thing for us was to have a fun and relaxed day.”

Photography Copyright (c) 2014,  Sofia Plana Photography

Colleen set an elegant tone with her gorgeous Sarah Janks dress from Blackburn Bridal and Johanna Johnson veil. This lucky bride got her raspberry Jimmy Choos from as a wedding gift from her aunt, finishing her look perfectly.

“The most stressful decision was the dress! I loved the elegance and simplicity of the Sarah Janks dress. The lace is beautiful and so is the V back. As for the Jimmy Choos from my wonderful aunt, they now have pride of place in my shoe collection!”

Jay Archer, our florist is a super star and produces the most beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen. We wanted natural, wild flowers and left it in her hands to work her magic, which she definitely did. We were so happy we chose Jay, she was nothing but wonderful from the first enquiry to our meetings at home and at Covent Garden Flower Market, to the wedding day.”

“Our lovely photographer Sofia Plana captured every moment beautifully. It’s lovely to have so many wonderful photos to remember the day.”

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1st September 2014

Good morning my loves, now I know that Autumn doesn’t officially arrive until 20th September, but as far as I am concerned, it arrives today.  1st September is Autumn.  Autumn is my favourite of the months and this calls for a mini celebration by way of a favourite real wedding feature.  Drum roll then for the wedding of ballet teacher Nicole to her sweetheart Matt, which took place on 16th August this year, with a ceremony at Stoke Newington Town Hall followed by a reception at Royal Inn on the Park.

This wedding oozes London cool, but what I love the most about it all is that divine original 1930′s vintage gown - a most fabulous find from one of my favourite vintage wedding dress suppliers, the darling Elizabeth Avey.  It really was the perfect choice for this celebration of love that mixed old with new, modern with a touch of quirky and that all came together beautifully.  These photographs were taken by London based fashion, portrait and wedding photographer Marc Hayden.

“We didn’t have a particular style or theme for the wedding – we just knew we wanted it to represent us as a couple. We made a thousand colourful origami cranes and hung them from wooden hoops, an ancient Japanese tradition bringing good luck to the married couple. I also read that it teaches the couple patience and commitment and that it did do!! Everything at our wedding was made by us, with loads of help from family and friends and I guess that is what made it so special; it was a bright, colourful and fun.”

Photography Copyright (c) 2014, Marc Hayden

1930s wedding dress, vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding, london pub wedding, marc

“Matt and I met six years ago. After weeks of flirting it all came to a head at a drunken party at Lucky Voice. Matt declared he loved me on our second date; we bought 3 cats and lived happily ever after.

Our ceremony was held at Stoke Newington Town Hall - it was so beautiful with its art deco features. Coincidentally my dress ended up being from the 1930s and so it all ended up tying in together.”

1930s wedding dress, vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding, london pub wedding, marc

“My dress was from Elizabeth Avey, who I may say is the loveliest woman I have ever met.  I found the whole experience of searching for a dress like a scene out of Pretty Woman – except for at Elizabeth Avey’s. I had an idea of what I wanted – something comfortable, understated but a little bit sexy, and probably from the 1930s.  Lucky for me, the dress I choose had all those things and more.  It didn’t cost the earth either, and it fitted as though it had been made for me.  It was extremely delicate and needed some repair to the lace.  But I look at it now in all its glory and feel I gave it one last show.

My sisters top and skirt was from Topshop and the other bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS.  The girls wore their own shoes.

My fresh flower garland was made by a friend.”

1930s wedding dress, vintage wedding dress, vintage wedding, london pub wedding, marc

“Our photographer was Marc Hayden. We wanted a documentary wedding photographer who would capture our wedding and present it at as a story in a very natural manner. Aside from the very few mantelpiece photographs for our parents, we had no poised images and that is the beauty of what Marc has captured. The smiles the laughter and the tears.

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