Sophie Rose Bridal of Hampshire Introduces Her Studio Collection of Simple & Sustainable Wedding Dresses

Sustainable wedding dress by Sophie Rose Bridal

I’m genuinely excited to shine a spotlight on a rising star in the bridal fashion industry with you today; Sophie Rose of Sophie Rose Bridal, an independent British designer who creates sustainable wedding dresses from her charming studio tucked away in the beautiful Hampshire countryside.

Sophie’s work pays testament to the artistry, passion, and enthusiasm that small businesses bring into our lives—and this is an incredibly important consideration when deciding which businesses to support and purchase from as you plan your wedding.
Simple modern wedding dress by Sophie Rose Bridal. No train but enough fabric to make a swish. Backless.

This article is a lovely read and perfect for a quiet moment during your work break or as you unwind in the evening on the sofa with a cuppa – Sophie invites you into the intimacy of her world and shares so honestly and open heartedly. I encourage you to honour this by allowing yourself the time to savour and enjoy the read properly (I’m giving ‘turn off Instagram and come off social media’ vibes for the evening)…

For those of you new here, this is also an excellent chance for me to share how deeply I value supporting small creative businesses, particularly those making authentic efforts to embrace sustainability. In a world teetering on the edge of irreversible climate disaster, understanding and acknowledging the environmental impact and demanding ethical production, has never been more critical.

Please join me as we open the virtual door to the Sophie Rose Bridal studio and discover how brides like you can choose something beautifully handcrafted with love from her new Studio Collection, to wear on your wedding day and in so doing, support a wonderful small business.

My aspiration is to continually create dresses that allow brides to feel authentically themselves – to create dresses that enhance their natural beauty…

Before launching Sophie Rose Bridal, I spent my days in the wedding industry, altering and crafting wedding gowns for another brand. It began to dawn on me that many of the dresses I worked on seemed to lack uniqueness in style, quality, and comfort. This realisation sparked my desire to offer something different – a brand that embodies natural elegance and relaxed beauty, crafted with premium fabrics and exceptional skill, all while being proudly made in Britain.

The most rewarding aspect of my work now, is the opportunity to connect with remarkable women – and witness their joy and confidence in finding their dress. This experience never ceases to inspire me.

Having my own business has always been a dream; it offers me the independence to unleash my creativity and pursue what truly fulfils me. And designing wedding dresses is a passion, as these garments are more than just clothing—they symbolise a cherished moment, filled with emotions and memories that families will treasure and reminisce about for years to come.
Sustainable and simple wedding dress  by Sophie Rose Bridal.

My designs are effortless, ethereal and romantic, while keeping a timeless and classic style.

The idea of brides looking back on their wedding photos, years from now, feeling confident they chose a dress that was truly right for them—not just a nod to passing trends—fills me with absolute joy.

Each gown from the Sophie Rose Bridal collections is uniquely made to order, allowing elements, fabrics, and design details from across all my collections to be mixed and matched. This ensures every bride wears a perfect, handcrafted dress that is unique to her.

Explore the Studio Collection
Modern, sustainable, simple wrap wedding dress by Sophie Rose Bridal.

Comfort is also a cornerstone of my designs; you won’t find any restrictve boning or itchy fabrics here. Every gown is designed to gracefully complement and move with the body’s natural shape.

I envision brides spending their wedding day hugging loved ones, enjoying food, dancing freely, and I want my dresses to support that comfort and joy throughout the entire day.
Modern, simple and sustainable wedding dress by Sophie Rose Bridal.
Simple modern wrap wedding dress in sustainable fabrics, by Sophie Rose Bridal.

Every gown I create is made to order, which means there’s absolutely no leftover stock or waste—each piece is crafted with a purpose.

I put my heart into selecting materials, primarily using recycled fabrics or those made from natural fibres, because working with the most sustainable and luxurious fabrics is truly important to me.

I also cherish and save every usable scrap, finding new life for them in future dresses, toiles, or accessories for my brides. This way, I ensure that as much fabric as possible is lovingly utilised.

Elegant and simple wedding dress with subtle split from the knee and subtle puff sleeve, worn with green block heel wedding shoes. Dress by Sophie Rose Bridal.

I’m incredibly proud of this collection; it truly came to life in a natural, organic way, going from concept to photoshoot ready in just six weeks.

Recently, weddings have trended towards a more casual, intimate vibe, and I aimed to capture that essence in this collection, while still offering the option to elevate the formality if desired. The designs avoid traditional trains and buttons, though these additions are entirely possible for brides who want them.

Right from the start, I aimed to blend my unique aesthetic into this collection, making sure it feels in harmony with my custom designs. I also ensured that brides could personalise their dresses, allowing changes in fabric, sleeves, and necklines, just like in my other collections. Each dress is made to be modified, tailored for every individual bride.

Explore the Studio Collection
Simple wedding dress with gathered waist and v-back and subtle puff sleeves. Sophie Rose Bridal. Model bride holds a bouquet of yellow flowers.

All my gowns are available in standard UK sizes, these dresses can be conveniently ordered online and tailored by a seamstress, offering a more accessible price point compared to my bespoke creations up to now.

Upper half of a simple wedding dress with a gentle puff sleeve, by Sophie Rose Bridal.

My dresses provide comfort, style and affordability without compromising on quality in any way.

The Studio Collection is much more minimal than the other collections, so not having trains means a lot less fabric and no buttons or lace also reduces the time and components used on the dresses.

Simple backless wedding dress without a train, by Sophie Rose Bridal.

As they’re all made to a standardised pattern size, they don’t require any pattern cutting or fitting from my end, which also reduces the making time considerably. If a bride wanted to add those design elements or have them made to measure, they can absolutely choose that option, but that’s where extra costs would start to be added.

Explore the Studio Collection

I always get the comments on how wearable and comfortable my dresses are and I think this is so important.

No one wants to feel self conscious or uncomfortable because of their dress on their wedding day. From a sustainability aspect, every single dress is made to order in my Hampshire studio, meaning there is no wastage or leftover stock.

They aren’t being flown or shipped hundreds of miles either, reducing their overall footprint.

My best advice to brides is, have a really good think about your everyday style and whether you’d feel comfortable translating that into your wedding dress.

For example, if you often wear dresses with square necklines and you feel really confident in that, perhaps consider looking for a gown that has that design element. Also, take time to research where you’re going to book an appointment to try on dresses. If somewhere resonates with you and they have a style that excites you, then they’re the places to go. I’d also suggest going with only a couple of people maximum.

Choosing your dress can only really be your decision and having lots of voices as part of that decision can be very overwhelming and confusing! There will be plenty of fitting appointments that your special people can be a part of if you wish, so you can still have them as part of your dress experience.
Simple wedding dress. Sustainable wedding dress by Sophie Rose Bridal.

My studio is a little haven of calm, right in the cosy heart of the Hampshire countryside, at my home.

It’s got this wonderfully relaxed and intimate vibe that just naturally comes with the setting. There’s a sense of peace that envelopes you the moment you step in, which brides always seem to love. They often tell me how at ease they feel, almost like they can let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding, and truly enjoy the experience of trying on wedding gowns in a space that’s all theirs.

It’s completely private, and there’s a genuine, no-pressure atmosphere here. Since I craft all the dresses right in my studio, we’re never on the clock. I always say to my brides, ‘If there’s any doubt, take your time. Think about it, try on more dresses, and make sure it’s your heart’s choice.’

Explore the Studio Collection
Simple wedding dress with puff sleeve, by Sophie Rose Bridal

Get in Touch With Sophie Rose

To make an enquiry or book an appointment, please email [email protected].

Designs pictured on this page are from the new Sophie Rose Bridal Studio Collection and prices are from between £550 and £900.

Visit for further details.

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