Any Bride planning on getting married in Britain, even in the Summer, always takes a risk with the weather.  The sun shone down bright on our Spring wedding day in March, but we were very lucky, and we know that.  A pretty way of ensuring you are covered (literally) when it comes to light showers on your special day is to invest in a pretty wedding umbrella or wedding parasol.  A wedding parasol can be fabulous little accessory to help prevent you from squinting in the sun and looking uncomfortable on your wedding photographs too.

I did some hunting about on Google the other day to see what I could find by the way of companies that sell, and hire out bridal parasols.  Here are some of my favourite finds…

From, the Dianna Ivory Wedding Umbrella by Chrysalin (Ref: 4061A).  Described as a 'sumptuous wedding umbrella' that features around the edge three layers of deep frill and has a slender metal frame with a leatherette handle and matching tassle (weight, 400g) costs only £29.99 and would look exquisite popped over the wrist of any vintage style Bride…

Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )
Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

Also from is the Emma Lace Parasol by Chrysalin (Ref: 1336M).  This cotton Battenburg Lace parasol is full of old world elegance, with a long straight wooden shaft and handle with silky tassle, lace ruffle trim to ferrule and tie band to rib tips and comes in white, cream (shown below) or black. Partially lined but not fully waterproof.  This lace lovely costs £34.99

Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )    
Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

Or how about this frilly and fabulous number?  At £110, this isn't a cheap option, but the layers of deep frilling in this Cancan Parasol by Guy de Jean (Ref: 1449) *does* make it the most extravagant in the collection.  It will keep the sun off and the rain too as it is fully waterproof. The fabric has a sun protection factor of 50+ – as tested by the French Textile Institute, no less!! Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )
Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

And again from, the
Giselle Pagoda Wedding Umbrella – below left, (Ref: 4051A) is a stunning pagoda
shaped canopy with graceful sweeping lines for that elegant victoriana
style. The canopy features an slight elegant scalloped and ribbon and
the umbrella has a slender silvery steel frame with a beautifully long
elegant wooden handle and matching tassle (weighs 375g).  This gorgeous
design costs £49.99 but would look fabulous propped up somewhere in your
house as a stylish accessory after the wedding, don't you think?

A less expensive option at only £9.99 is the Anna Wedding Umbrella – below right, (Ref: 1314N).  With a plain automatic opening wooden walker umbrella, light coloured wooden crook handle with wooden shaft and wooden tips to ribs.

Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings ) Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

More gorgeous options are available at, like the Ecru Parasol Umbrella, below left, costing £29.99.  This umbrella has a plain ecru canopy with a frilled edge and gives an old-fashioned parasol look. It has an ecru wooden crook handle with gilt trim and this wedding umbrella features a golden metal automatic opening frame – or the cream cotton lace wedding parasol, below middle, £29.99, or even the chic ladies walking umbrella below right, only £19.99 from Simply Umbrellas

Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )
Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )
Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings ) 

Not a totally essential item on your wedding day, but most certainly an extremely good looking luxury item that will add bags of style to your overall wedding-day look Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

If any of you Brides to be or wedding planners know of any fabulous hire companies, do let us know!

Friday love to all Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )

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Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols... (Weddings )


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9 thoughts on Wedding Umbrellas and Parasols…

  1. these are fabulous and i have been meaning to look for some of these for about a fortnight now, its like you read my mind! thank you!

  2. I found brollies galore online the monday before my wedding when scotland was having terrible terrible weather! It was raining every day and forecast to rain all weekend so knew I needed to get some brollies!
    I ordered 2 of the large chauffeur ivory umbrella’s and thankfully they never came out of their bags; best money I wasted!
    They are also based in Scotland which was great for me but the delivery was really quick so wouldnt take long to get anywhere in the UK.

  3. so helpful, I am going away for my wedding and really wanted parasols for my bridesmaids and myself, I have been really struggling to find any!thanks!!!x

  4. What gorgeous parasols. I love the fabric ones with the lace detailing. They’re so old school and have a lot of romantic charm!
    Great selection. It isn’t easy finding a nice white (or light colored) umbrella!

  5. is a new boutique hire company serving central and west London aiming to offer slightly quirkier products than most hire companies.
    We offer umbrellas for all the wedding party including, for the bridesmaids, a range of floral, heart shaped, pink Edwardian and jungle canopy brollies; children’s umbrellas; and for the gentlemen Fornasetti or even sword handled umbrellas.
    12 umbrellas of the hirer’s choice, delivered and collected at their convenience for just £60, can turn inclement weather into the favourite photo of the day.

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