This time last year, I was one pretty stressed out working Mum, who woke up one day and realised she needed a new distraction in her life.  I'd spent 15 months planning my wedding and being immersed in a wonderful world of sparkly, pretty, wedding things.  But the wedding of my dreams had been and gone six months prior, and the daily stresses of life were creeping their way back into my every day routine.

I wanted, and badly needed some of that loveliness back in my life and besides, I was still far too addicted to looking at other people's weddings on the web. I wasn't ready to turn my back on the wedding industry – and neither, it would appear, was it ready to turn it's back on me.

Fancying my hand at writing, I thought I'd try this new thing called 'blogging'.   What the heck!  I'd long been a techy (used to build websites in my spare time for businesses) and I'd always dreampt about having my own Carrie Bradshaw style column (Bradshaw is funnily enough my Maiden name).  I needed a new creative project to keep me busy. Yes, this blogging thing sounded interesting and I was keen to have a go.

And so, throughout the Month of November, 2009, I did just that, though my very first blog post was absolutely nothing to do with weddings at all – I think it was more like a little experiement to see what it would feel like hitting that 'Publish' button…

It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )

And it felt good!

I must have found myself in the right place at the right time, because, before I knew it, I started to receive comments on the blog, and this encouraged me that there really must have been people out there bothered to read my ramblings! I took encouragement and wrote some more, adding a little more wedding relevant content each time. And once I'd discovered Blog statistics, I was hooked.  I used to get ridiculously excited to see my blog 'rocket' up to the dizzy heights of 150 page hits per day. Woooooooo!!!

Fast forward the story by 12 whole months and the blog statistics report something rather remarkable.  These days, 65,000 of you are dropping by to read my blog posts every month, leaving almost 200,000 page impressions along the way. Over 2,600 of you follow the Love My Dress Blog Twitter updates and almost 1,700 of you keep a track of Love My Dress blog updates via Facebook.  Many of you email me regularly to thank me for writing Love My Dress, to share the joy of your wedding, that YOU say I had a big hand in inspiring.

And THAT, blows my mind.

I didn't realise, this time a year ago, that I was taking my first few tentative steps on a path that would, quite frankly, change my life. And I don't say that lightly.

Twelve months ago, I wasn't in the best of places. Life had gotten on top of me and I needed to break out of the rut.   Now, I am now the proud owner of a successful UK wedding blog, the lady behind 'Love My Dress' – a brand that is synonymous with elegant and glamourous style.  And I have a whole new group of wonderful friends because of it – friends that I know will be with me for life and who have, even in the short space of time I've known them, helped me through some difficult challenges (you know who you are!).  Friends who delight me with their talent and creative ability – and who represent the best of the UK wedding industry.  Twelve months ago, I had a lot to feel sorry for myself about.  Now, I literally jump out of bed every morning, eager to tackle my inbox and get cracking on my next blog post.

I love love LOVE being a Wedding Blogger.  True fact! It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )

My new 'blog badge' – help yourself or ask for a copy! {psp/high-res version also available}…

It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings ) It's not been the easiest of rides, that's for sure.  I have spent most of this year being pregnant, and my  baby surprised us all by arriving a whole month early on 7th September, throwing all my best laid blogging plans into complete disarray.  Colic and late night feeds take their toll and on more than one occasion I have nodded off at my MacBook Pro, desperate to stay awake long enough to finish my latest post! Unreliable broadband connections, windows laptops crashing just as you were about to save the past 2 hours work and dodgy emails from people that really ought have better things to do with their time – there have been tears of frustration on more than one occasion I can tell you! But throughout it all, I've remained steadfast in my commitment to updating and developing Love My Dress.  For it is now what I love to do.

And so, the 'Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog' is now a whole year old, and these days, it has come to represent a place in the Wedding Blog World that is truly glamorous, vintage and extremely very gorgeous It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )

You can expect to see some changes on Love My Dress over the next few weeks.  I've been thinking of new ways to improve navigation of my blog and working on new types of content I think will appeal to my loyal readers. I'll also be launching my Reader Survey this week  – with a FABULOUS prize for one lucky person!

For now, I'd like to say 'thank you'.  Yes, thank YOU!  Brides, Photographers, Wedding Planners, Designers, Suppliers, PR people, the Grooms (I know you visit!!) and of course my community of fellow wedding-bloggers.  Each of you have contributed in your own way to help make 'Love My Dress' a brand now recognised and respected across the UK wedding industry, and one of the top UK Wedding Blogs, inspiring and influencing Brides on a daily basis. I'm so BURSTING with pride about this, and I am massively grateful to you all for helping me with this achievement.  And in return I plan on working extremely hard from now on to make Love My Dress even more inspirational wedding blog for all who enjoy visiting.

'Lady Love My Dress', as I like to call her! It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )

It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings ) Giveaways Galore!…

November is set to be a pretty exiting one on Love My Dress!  Over the past few weeks, I have been working hard behind the scenes with some of the UK Wedding Industrys best, to secure a month of fabulous giveaways for my readers, as a way of saying thank-you.

Fancy £200 to spend at Queens & Bowl? Perhaps you'd like a gorgeous Yulia Kunze headpiece constructed with original art-deco elements, or maybe an artists replica on canvass of one of your favourite wedding images? Maybe the idea of a free engagement or 'Love Your Dress' style photoshoot, takes your fancy, or a whole big pile of real-petal confetti. Or would a Flo and Percy headpiece, your own personal Le Trousseau or some handy wedding notelets from Sugalily and Emily and Jo come in handy?  If you are looking for that perfect diamond engagement or wedding ring, I can help you with a £250 voucher towards one.  From Guest books to sparkly hair pins, to vintage style wedding signage and more, I have a WHOLE big blogging bag of goodies to give away to my loyal readers this month, which, by the way, also happens to include  a bespoke, made-to-measure wedding dress of your dreams. Yes, you read that right!.. It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )

♥   ♥   ♥

So my lovely, whilst you are sipping on your morning chamomile, make a mental note to absolutely positively visit this blog every single day this month, because I will be surprising you with a number of amazing giveaways, and I wouldn't want you missing out.

And that's all right for this moment lovely people – except to say, 'Happy Birthday Love My Dress' It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )

Much love,

Annabel xXx

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It's Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old! (Weddings )


Annabel is the founder of Love My Dress. She lives in rural North Yorkshire with her husband and business partner Philip, two daughters Eska and Leanora and three dogs. If she's not being a Blog Queen or practicing her photography, you'll find her fighting her way through a renovation dust cloud as she and her family transform their forever-home.

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72 thoughts on It’s Time To Celebrate ~ Love My Dress is One Year Old!

  1. All I can say Annabel is that no one deserves success more than you! I may not have met you but in the workings we’ve had together I’ve found you genuinely lovely. And it’s especially wonderful that despite being a success story you don’t seem to have let it go to your head, and that makes you even more deserving in my eyes. Looking forward to the next year of Love My Dress! xxx

  2. How lovely, I adore this blog and will continue visiting long after I’m a married – please keep up the good work lady, you are doing a fantastic job, your blog is totally gorgeous x x

  3. Happy lovely sparkly birthday to a wonderful, great to read, weddingtastic blog!
    What an amazing job you’ve done! Fabulous! May this be the first year of many blogging years to come!

  4. Congratulations to Love My Dress!! Annabel, you’ve done an amazing job inspiring so many people and making my eyes water with some awesome weddings and photography! Keep up the good work and I hope you find some time to celebrate with your lovely family, you deserve it xxxxxxx

  5. Happy Birthday, Lady Love My Dress! Annabel, you’ve achieved so much in one year and you totally should be proud! Love My Dress became my favourite wedding blog back in February when I moved to UK from Ireland, and it remains and will remain my favourite! Well done! :-)

  6. Wow! Happy Birthday LMD! I have so enjoyed visiting your blog in the past few months – please keep up the good work, you do an amazing job and your blog is the most beautiful around!

  7. Happy Birthday Love My Dress – my favourite wedding blog by far, your blog stands out a mile as original in amidst so many other similar looking blogs. Love it x

  8. A very Happy Birthday Love My Dress! It’s clear you’ve worked so hard in the past 12months and you deserve every bit of success with your gorgeous blog x

  9. LOVING the balloons and illustrations!!! You really do have such an original and enjoyable blog to visit – well done you! I think you deserve a medal keeping it all together having had your baby early!! Amazing x x x x x x xx

  10. Wahooooo happy birthday Love My Dress :-) this was one of the first wedding bogs I came across and what an inspiration it has been. So thank you for that. But also thank you for you support and friendship over the last months. I hope LMD keeps growing and growing :-)
    Lots of Love x x x

  11. Wishing you a gloriously *Happy Birthday* :) I adore reading your blog each day and especially love the genuine variety and originality of the weddings you feature. I marry in 50 days and will be taking you along with me every day during my building excitement and nervousness. Thankyou so much. Congratulations. And above all, have a beautiful bloggy birthday :) x x x

  12. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Love my Dress,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Much love Annabel, you’ve done such a brilliant job of building a beautiful blog. I love it. And loved reading this post.
    Sarah xx

  13. Congratulations on your first birthday!! I love your blog, it never fails to inspire me or keep me going when the stress gets a bit too much.
    I hope you have a great time celebrating your success and hope that you have lots more years to celebrate in the future!

  14. Congratulations Annabel! Brides tell me they love your blog as it has so much wonderful inspiration – keep up the good work! I’m sure more success is to come. (Kudos, too, for keeping up with blogging despite having a newborn – not easy.)

  15. Happy Birthday! it’s always a pleasure to read your blog and to work with you on new inspiring illustrations! Your unique style and vision and attention to detail is what makes it so special. Thank you for introducing me to the world of Wedding Blogs! x Charlotte

  16. Congratulations! Despite having no wedding to plan now I still love reading your blog. I need this wedding eye candy in my life :) Well done Annabel xx

  17. Annabel,
    can’t believe it has been a year since I was on the email list “to be notified” when your
    blog became live!
    I have loved soo many beautiful things, wedding and non, that you have blogged! Now I’m an old married I won’t be going away!
    You are an inspiration and very proud you are a North East lady! Hope my venture into business wedding wonderland is half as succesful as this here blog!
    Long may you continue!
    P.s would love to say hi to you at the bridal gathering!
    All my love.
    Natalie x x

  18. Happy Birthday LMD (the wedding version of the timeless LBD perhaps?!)!
    Annabel, thanks for taking the time so make the blog so wonderful. I stumbled across it when the wedding blog I first followed got a bit samey and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the fact it’s about bringing wonderful stories, photos and bits of wedding goodness to us rather than being an outlet for you to show how cool and groundbreaking you are… not that I’m suggesting you’re not ;)
    Keep up the fabulous work and I shall continue to read, nay, drool over the pictures! There’s 6 months to go until our wedding and, if I’m brave enough, I’ll submit my photos. Let’s scare away your readers with my ugly mug!
    Happy Birthday xx
    P.S. Fabulous work on the giveaways, too!

  19. Happy Birthday Love My Dress :) Congratulations Annabel on all your success, you so deserve it!! The success of the site is really a credit to the blood, sweat and tears you have put into the site over the past year.
    I have been loyally following your posts from the start, and I have found so much inspiration on LMD in planning my own wedding.
    Now that I’m a married woman, I still love reading your posts, getting transported away into your world of loveliness and all things sparkly and glamourous. Keep up the good work.

  20. Happy Birthday Love My Dress!
    Thanks for being the most enormous place of inspiration – both for my impending big day and my new business…
    For all you’ve achieved over the last year – you really are a super-woman Annabel! xxx

  21. happy birthday gorgeous lady, hope you are being very self indulgent in your celebrations, whole cake to oneself, whole bottle of bubbly to oneself, happiness to share with everyone…

  22. Happy Birthday !!! I absoloutley visit this blog every single day !! I wait in antisipation for my next wonderful fix of wedding inspiration. I am constantly quoting to suppliers, “I’ve seen this on love my dress, do you do it ???”. Many thanks and lots of good luck for the next 12 months and onwards xxxx

  23. Happy birthday Love My Dress. Congratulations.
    We love reading your chic blog Annabel.
    Thank you for all the mentions we love it when you feature one of our brides.
    The girls @ Fur Coat No Knickers.

  24. Congratulations on your blogging Birthday Annabel!
    Thank you for all the beautiful, inspirational posts you have made!
    Here’s to another year full!
    Jem xXx

  25. Happy Birthday Love My Dress and congrats Annabel! I came across your blog not long after starting mine and love it! So much pretty all in one place :) Wishing I was a bride-to-be so I could enter all the fab giveaways you’re having this month! All the best :) xxx

  26. Oh my GOODNESS!!! I have been out all day working on a photoshoot with my lovely friend Cat Hepple, and have just returned home to see all of these comments! I feel totally bowled over! Thank you all so so so much! I haven’t even had time to read them all individually yet but will do so once I’ve eaten and settled my little one :) You are all AMAZING! Thank you so much for supporting my blog :)
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  27. happy birthday birthday love my dress- i don’t usually comment on your site thought I am a total addict, just want to say thank you for providing so much inspiration and good advice to me, as a planning bride x x

  28. What a lovely post, from a very likeable blogger with a fab blog that clearly inspires so many. Keep it up and in another years time, who knows what you will have achieved and how many more you will have inspired!

  29. Happy Birthday Love My Dress! And congratulations Annabel on creating such a beautiful and inspiring site. Like many of your readers you literally led me to the dress I ended up wearing for my wedding (to many compliments of course, as it was as lovely as all the dresses you feature here) and the real-life weddings gave me lots of inspiration for flowers, the cake and all the ‘little touches’ that make the day so special. Thanks for creating such a supportive and creative blog.

  30. Happy Birthday Love my dress and congratulations Annabel! What an amazing year it has been. I love checking your blog everyday for some very pretty eye candy and the real weddings you have are just so so beautiful! Very very inspirational for any brides out there.
    I’ve always been such a fan of your lovely way with words since you first did your real wedding feature on the forum. Your blog has got to be the best in the UK and you should be so proud. Like Karen said though, I hope you get a chance to celebrate with your lovely family. Looking forwards to meeting you on Sunday!! I’m really excited!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Happy 1st birthday and thank you for all the inspiration so far. I get more and more excited about my big day every day I read your blog…. 7 months to go! Eeekk! :) :) x x

  32. YAY! My fave wedding blog EVER! Love this blog, really love the way you write and the fact you don’t take yourself seriously at all. Keep up the good work! As an avid fan of the American wedding blogs, I feel quite proud of this one being British! x :-)

  33. Oh I love this blog! It stands out a mile from the rest, so beautiful with its pretty drawings and I love ‘lady love my dress’ teeehee! this blog has such originality and style, i am a huge blog fan but far too many others out there are the same, or do a poor job at trying to be like others! stick to what you have been doing so far annabel – i look forward to reading your 2nd birthday post in 12 months,
    lv lorna X X {a bride to be marrying in 2011 and addicted to love my dress!}

  34. Congratulations, and very well done on a superb style blog which is not only for brides! Married ladies (like me) can also enjoy all the beautiful things you bring to our attention on this lovely site : )

  35. Just wanted to say a huge happy birthday!!!!!! While giveaways everyday is soooooo exciting I can honestly say that I need nothing to tempt me to look at your blog everyday anyway. In fact I probably shouldn’t admit it but I look at it several times a day just in case you’ve blogged twice!!!! I absolutely love everything about your blog and think you are so talented. I am even a married lady myself now, we got married on the 27th August in Northumberland (wearing pronovias and accessorised in flo and percy) your blog was true inspiration for my vintage slash sweetie filled day. However my husband may not love you quite as much as I now have a house filled with vintage crockery and goodies which I can’t seem to bring myself to part with hahaha. I may not be planning a wedding anymore but I just cant bring myself to stop reading about all the beautiful weddings you feature and maybe one day my own wedding may even make it to your fabulous blog.
    Please keep going with this, you are so talented and the wedding world absolutely needs your existence
    lots of love Claire xx

  36. Happy Birthday LMD…you and your blog are truly wonderful and I wish you many more awesome years! The inspiration you provide so many with is fabulous and I think Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of you too!!! :-) Big love to you and your lovely blog lady x x x

  37. Congrats on the 1 year birthday! I’m in the states-(California) and didn’t stumble across your blog until AFTER my own wedding, but I was doing research for a dear friend who is crafting a vintage celebration and so she and I are both fans of your blog. Must admit I don’t read every day, but generally catch up once per week.
    LOVE seeing all the pretty things and wedding posts. Keep up the great work and thank you!

  38. It is so unbelievably rewarding for me to read through all of these comments.
    Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog and respond. I am more excited than I can put into words about my next 12 months – I believe so much in this blog, I adore writing for it and developing it and I love bringing so many Brides to be inspiration and ideas :)
    Now go check out the giveaways we have running and make sure you apply! :)
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

  39. Happy Birthday! I love this blog! Your features about vintage weddings are always so inspiring and it was great to read about how you got started with the blog. My partner and I are getting married on the 3rd December and we’re having a black tie art deco ball on the 4th December. I can’t wait to send you the photos! I’ll be sad when the wedding is over, as I’ve enjoyed every minute of planning it. It’s enough to make me want to do something in the wedding industry too! Love My Dress has been like an old friend – giving invaluable hints, tips and ideas that have helped enormously. Keep up the great work! Caz x

  40. Congratulations Annabel – how you manage your gorgeous family and this equally gorgeous blog with stunning results I have no idea- a wonder woman! Thank god for Love MY Dress – without it I would be bereft of inspiration although I would have less dress-envy! XX

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