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Some of you may know I was involved in this amazing 'Big Fat UK Wedding Bloggers Photoshoot' with Kelly, amongst other bloggers.  For this particular photoshoot I'm sharing with you today, Kelly collaborated with Photographer Sassy Lafford of of Assassynation Photography.  Together, the two came up with a 1920's inspired theme, and boy was I blown away when I saw the results.  Knowing I love the vintage style, Sassy and Kelly approached me to ask if I'd like to share these photographs with my readers.  The answer, was of course, Yes!  I love everything about these images, the mood and tone, the colouring, the styling, the amazing venue and props, and that dress! It's all totally sublime – each element works together brilliantly {infact there are a whole host of amazing people involved in this shoot – check the credits at the end!!}

Photographer Sassy told me some more about the concept behind the shoot…

"I love all things vintage and I had a burning desire to bring some creative and very lovely people together for a 1920's Art Deco inspired shoot.  The idea for the shoot was to take aspects of the 20's and mix it with the modern day rather than to be 100% true to the 20's era.  After much searching we found the amazing Midland Hotel in Morecambe which had exactly the look I was hoping for. 

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011,  Assassynation

IMG_1269 copy

IMG_1331 copy IMG_1190 copy

IMG_1374 copy

"I then contacted the very talented Vikki at Liliia and asked her if she would like to make an art deco, 20's inspired one off gown for the shoot, she was thrilled to take part as she loves making dresses that are a little different from the norm.  My good friend Shelley of Jezebel Makeup agreed to come and do the makeup for us and all of a sudden we had a wonderfully creative team!

I wanted to tell a story with the images – not one of 'Hollywood Glamour', as so many people do with the 20's, but one of stern and serious 20's women and the men who loved them.  I love a strong heroine, not just in books but in images too!"

IMG_1529 copy

IMG_1169 copy

IMG_1175 copy IMG_1255 copy

IMG_1273 copy

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IMG_1247 copy IMG_1261 copy

IMG_1285 copy

IMG_1306 copy

IMG_1332 copy IMG_1187 copy

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IMG_1449 copy IMG_1471 copy

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IMG_1538 copy

♥   ♥   ♥

Photography and Styling – Assassynation
Male Model – Matt Ratcliffe
Dress – Vikki Lafford of Liliia
Venue – Midland Hotel in Morecambe, with special thanks to Lindsay Price
Men's suit, suitcase, umbrella's – Denise of Vintage Whistles
Make Up – Shelly of Jezebel Makeup
Hair – Samantha Blakey
Flowers – Swallows & Damsons
Props, suitcase, tea sets glasses, fur coat: Vintage Crockery & prop hire
Gramophone – Cocoa The Chocolate Wonderland
Pearl head piece – Jo Barnes Vintage
Peacock head piece – H F Couture
Diamante head piece, necklace and feather shrug – Queens & Bowl
Shoes – Rachel Simpson Shoes
Cake and cake stand – Favours by Madam Chocolat

♥   ♥   ♥

WOWSA!! Kelly you look bloody brilliant if I do say so myself, and Sassy, what an amazing job lady!!!! Big hoorah's too for every other member of the creative team who made this possible, not least Vikki Lafford of Liliia for producing the stunning 1920's style drop waist gown, especially for this photoshoot.  Well done everyone, you should be super-proud of these images.

You can see more from Assassynation Photography on Love My Dress here, more creative bridal photoshoots here and more from dress designer Liliia here. 

I hope you find inspiration in these beautiful images – share your thoughts below :)

Much love,

Annabel xXx

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17 thoughts on 1920’s Inspired Bespoke Bridal and Beachside Style…

  1. How decadent! That’s a stunning dress – love the peacock feather detail and the shots of Kelly vamping it up on the stairs are great.
    Also – is it me or does the male model have a bit of a David Tennant thing going on?!

  2. This is stunning, I adore the dress. What a stylish way to incorporate the peacock feather detail.
    Everything about this shoot is perfect… the props, the venue… everything. I Love it!
    I’ve been reading F Scott. Fitzgerald and Anita Loos’s ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ over the last week and Kelly looks as if she’s wandered straight out of the pages of these books. Perfectly styled!
    Loveaudrey xxx

  3. What an amazing photoshoot! The peacock detail on the dress is to die for! Guess who is very excited about having both Sassy and lillia on board for her wedding lol!!! And Kelly you look stunning :)

  4. Stunning photo shoot! We were very happy to provide the vintage menswear & accessories, job very well done ladies!!!
    I will be adding lots more fabulous vintage wedding suits to the website next week, 1920’s – 1980’s… : )
    Denise @ Vintage Whistles

  5. I am getting married at the Midland in 4 weeks on Friday! We are having a twenties (ish) themed wedding because of the venue.
    I’m really wishing I could wear a necklace with my dress as the jewellery is lovely xx

  6. Thanks so much everyone for your FAB comments on this brilliant post. Kelly looks amazing, Sassy has taken the bestest photographs and the whole team responsible have pulled together to create something magical! Well done ALL :)
    Much love,
    Annabel xXx

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