I do love hearing from new suppliers who've not popped up on my radar, especially when they create designs as beautiful as the ones you see on this page. 

I've a real thing for wedding veils at the moment, actually, I always have had, but especially those gorgeous vintage style Juliet Cap Veils that are so in vogue right now, and those pretty boho style bands that sit across the forehead. Veils are such a beautifully romantic addition to your wedding day wardrobe. I was so not a veil girl until I became engaged and found myself on a mission for the perfect wedding day outfit.

Edinburgh based designer Susie McKenzie established the LoveBySusie brand in February 2007. With a line of wedding dresses, accessories, lingerie and corsets already under her belt, 2012 sees the launch of a brand new addition to the LoveBySusie collection of vintage inspired bridal head wear, including silk tulle veils, Juliet cap styles and hand beaded lace hairbands…

“I believe wedding veils are a quintessential element of the wedding ensemble.  There’s nothing quite like a whisper of silk tulle to evoke a breathtaking air of romance. Veils are also so on trend at the moment with inspiration from the likes of 2011 brides Kate Middleton, Lily Allen and Kate Moss who all chose to wear cathedral length silk tulle veils with exquisite lace embellishments but with entirely different end looks…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Dawn Marie Jones

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

Above, the Isabella Chantilly Lace Hairband, created from Ivory French Chantilly lace with beautiful, very delicate scalloped edges, and then embellished by hand with Swarovski Crystals and glass pearl seed beads, tying at back with silk ribbon ties, £130.

Below, the Helena Beaded Lace Hairband – a truly unique design with beaded lace ribbons in a cross at back and a lace ribbon at front, which can be worn across the forehead or on top of the hair. Hairband is made from soft Nottingham Lace and decorated with delicate freshwater pearls and glass bead, £90.

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie bridal accessories particularly appeal to the modern fashion aware bride, with a passion for luxury fabrics, sophisticated vintage design and unabashed pretty femininity.  Every aspect of a LovebySusie bride’s wedding day ensemble is a careful consideration from her wedding veil to the hidden garter under her gown.

These beautiful LoveBySusie designs fit perfectly into the style for all things vintage, a trend that from Susie's perspective, shows no signs of abating, especially when it comes to bridal wear.

“I use some beautiful vintage lace pieces for limited edition designs, but I have also taken traditional leavers lace still produced in Nottingham today, which uses designs and lace making techniques that go as far back as the 18th Century and have combined the lace with the highest quality silk tulles and delicate hand beading to produce timeless, elegant Wedding veils and hair accessories that are truly unique".

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... () LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

Above left, the Gwyneth Lace Trim Silk Tulle Veil – an exquisite vintage inspired wedding veil with blusher in super soft delicate Ivory silk tulle with either cream or pale ivory Nottingham lace trimming. This silk tulle is beautifully soft and delicate, floating to the ground perfectly and the veil is available floor and waist length. RRP £225.  Above right, the Liliana Ivory lace veil, a truly lovely wedding head piece for a vintage inspired wedding day bride. A very unique and beautiful lace design in palest ivory with vintage design lace floral trimmings, hand beaded with Swarovski Crystals, £85.

Below, the Larissa Lace Floral Hairband – Created from beautiful vintage design pale ivory Nottingham Lace , the hairband is embellished with hand cut silk organza, silk tulle and Nottingham Lace flowers which are finished each with a scattering of tiny ivory glass seed beads. The hairband is then finished with silk ribbon ties which tie at the base of the neck, £95…

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... () LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

For more designs like the ones you see above and below, head on over to the LoveBySusie website, where the entire collection is available to purchase online exclusively.

Alternatively, please email info@lovebysusie.co.uk or telephone +447765245768.

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()

Are you going to be working a veil for your wedding, and if so, what kind? Doe this style of veil by LoveBySusie appeal to you?

Much love all,


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LoveBySusie Vintage Inspired Wedding Veils... ()


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  1. Im am so thankful to Annabel for featuring my new collection on this lovely blog. Lovely comments, love the Johanna Johnstone one especially, and yes I was so happy with photography too, lucky to have worked for first time with Dawn Marie Jones from http://www.lifestudios.eu, she really captured the exact look I was going for beautifully! X

  2. This dress is absolutely beautiful. It is simple yet so elegant. The third photo down is my favorite. I don’t understand the fascination lately of the big monstrosities known as wedding dresses. Today this dress would probably only be able to pass for a bridesmaids dress. I love this dress because it is so simple that it highlights the features of the person wearing it instead of overpowering them.

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