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This Friday lunchtime, regular contributor Michelle Kelly of Pocketful of Dreams shares a delectable little DIY feature that teaches ya'll how to make a cute pinwheel place setting – a lovely weekend craft project if ever there was one. You can view more DIY features from MIchelle right here on Love My Dress. Enjoy!

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Hello lovelies, Today I wanted to share with you another DIY project I created recently. These idea behind these Pinwheel Place Settings was conceived following my love affair last summer with pretty pinwheels I saw popping up everywhere. There is just something about this simple item that can spark of childhood nostalgia and make me think of lazy summer days so I wanted to incorporate them into a craft project somehow. 

I'd also been speaking to one of my brides about how she wanted to do something really quirky and 'different' with her place settings without them costing the earth so I came up with this idea for her. Made from pink polka-dot paper and a few bits a pieces I had lying around at home they are both budget-friendly and oh-so-pretty. A great way of adding flashes of colour to your tables and also a lovely little keepsake for each of your guests.

You can of course match these to your own colour scheme, just shop around for the right kind of pretty paper, and make sure the design is double-sided so you get this lovely effect.

A huge thanks to Katy Lunsford for the fabulous photography.

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2012, Katy Lunsford


You will need…

For the pinwheel…                           For the place setting…
  Square pieces of paper                    Card ~ for printing onto
  Pencil                                              Cocktail Stick
  Ruler                                               Small container ~ for base
  Scissors                                            Sand and pebbles  
  Craft straws     


How to make a Pinwheel Place Setting… 

Step 1:-

1. Cut paper into squares ~ about 7" x 7" should be fine
2. Lightly draw in pencil diagonally from corner to corner, use a ruler to keep the lines neat. Do this at both sides to create a cross shape. Draw a circle in the middle where the two lines meet as this will be your centre.
3. Next cut along the lines, stopping about 1/2 an inch from the circle in the middle.


Step 2:-

1. Now lightly mark with the pencil the corners to the left of the cut pieces ~ you will be piercing these later so don't have them too near the edges.
2. Bring all those marked corners together and pull towards the centre of the square
3. Next you want to pierce through the paper (where you have marked) with a pin ~ if you want the pinwheel to actually spin you will need to use some form of pin. I actually used a pretty fabric brad as I wasn't bothered about it spinning.
4. Secure your pin or brad in place at the back, you now have a pinwheel, it just needs a stem and a base.


Step 3:-

1. For the stems I used craft straws, but if anyone has even used these before you will know they are not very sturdy as they are made from paper. Plastic straws would probably work better, or even wooden sticks (Especially if you are using a pin as you will need something for it to stick into). To make mine sturdier I stuck a wooden skewer inside the paper straw but not right to the top as this part was used to secure.
2. To secure the pinwheel to the paper straw I pierced it with the brad fastening and opened it out to keep it in place


Step 4:-

1. Next I made the base, using an old tin which contained chinese leaf tea but have a look around your kitchen for old jars or plant pots, anything would be fine.
2. I sprayed this up with craft paint in purple and filled, first with sand then with white pebbles on the top to give the effect of a plant-pot.
3. For the name tags I created these in Photoshop using a pretty flower brush with the name written over the top, but plain ones would look fine too. Just use Word or similar if you don't have Photoshop. Then cut out the name tags using a round scalloped craft punch.
4. Stick your name tags to a cocktail stick and stick them in the plant-pot.


The lovely photography you see here is by the brilliant Katy Lunsford, a North-West based Wedding Photographer. See more of Katy’s work here.

Happy crafting, as always I'd love to hear from you if you have a go at making any of my DIY projects.




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  1. So cute and would be fun also to hand to children during the photoshoot to keep them occupied … and provide great photo and video footage!

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