It's time for me to introduce you to another of our sponsors today, and hopefully aid you in your search for the very best suppliers for your wedding day.

Michael is the man behind the camera at Jackson & Co Photography. Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but happy to travel anywhere in Britain and beyond, he told me that, for him, wedding photography is 'all about the people'. Let's find out more…

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Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

How did you get into wedding photography?

'Like so many other people I have done various jobs which involve polishing my shoes, wearing a nice suit and trying my best to pretend how interested I am in it day-to-day. For the past two years though I've decided to gamble on something I completely adore and that excites me every day. I started out working alongside some really talented photographers, learning and refining what I do and figuring out what type of photographer I'd like to be, and as a result started picking up more and more bookings for myself along the way.'

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co 

What do you love about photographing weddings?

'People. Always people. It's that millisecond where Grandma punches the air in celebration or a gorgeous bride bites her lip nervously or more often than not one of the guests holding themselves together with a combination of happy tears and laughter. I've photographed all kinds of weddings, but to be so privileged to be there on the best day of someone's life and document that absolutely blows me away.'

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

What inspires you when it comes to your work?

'I think first and foremost any immediate inspiration comes from the couple themselves, their love and the humour between them. That can lead me a lot in terms of what types of places I shoot the couple and what type of photographs I'll take.'

'My earliest inspirations come from old black and white photographs of American soul singers in the Motown/Stax era. There's something you can't put your finger on about them, but ultimately it's a raw energy and they're full of smiles and I love that.'

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

How would you describe your signature style?

'I'm a documentary photographer. Candid photos of the Bride, Groom and their guests are what I love. However, I also love taking the couple away for a little while and giving them some space for all the excitement to settle and for them to take in everything amazing that's happening around them. It's during this time that I'll take a set of creative portraits of the Bride & Groom that form the centrepiece of their wedding photos.'

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

Can you provide a price guide?

'I start at £1600 which includes a Pre Wedding Shoot somewhere special for you both as well as coverage on the day itself. From the early morning giggles to the late night bare foot dancing on the dance floor. I offer gorgeous albums as well which start at £500.'

'My job is to make you as relaxed as possible and to hopefully help you have more fun than you thought possible on your wedding day. For me this can be as easy and simple as you wanting to show the world how in love you are and how cool your friends and family are. Great, let's go do it then!'

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

Tunbridge Wells and Kent Wedding Photographer Jackson & Co

Do wander on over to the Jackson & Co website to find out more. You can also keep up with Michael and his beautiful photos via the  blog, facebook page and twitter.

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