I hope our festive pieces so far this week are helping to get you in the Christmas spirit.  Here's another fabulous little post to assist you along the way – this time a lovely seasonal DIY tutorial courtesy of Tracey Campbell of Campbell's Flowers.  I love the colour of this feature! Beautiful berry reds and winter greens.  A shall be having a go at this tutorial myself this weekend and will Instagram the results – watch this space!

Christmas Table Centrepiece DIY Tuturial by Campbells Flowers-2

My thanks to Annabel for the chance to share a bit of flowery inspiration with all her lovely readers. Today I bring you a DIY centrepiece design which you can make yourself to adorn your Christmas table.

I simply adore this time of year so, in keeping with all things vintage and this year’s Scandi trends, I thought I’d design something in rich traditional reds.  This lovely palette really benefits from using a range of colours, so think pillar box reds combined with mellow burgundies, accented with fabulous rusts and darkest aubergines and you’ll be on the right track!  Team the whole design with some lovely grey-green foliage and gorgeous seasonal goodies such as a few cones, dried chillis and cinnamon sticks.

You’ll find set out below a full list of everything you’ll need, together with some suggested blooms which you can order from your florist. Bear in mind that Christmas is peak period for us flowery folk so it might be a good idea to order from them in advance and arrange to collect your flowers a day before you want to work with them.  When you get them home, re-cut the stems and pop them in lukewarm water and let them have a good drink.  This table centre is best made a couple of days before Christmas and should last around 5-7 days provided you keep it topped up with water (although this is always difficult to guesstimate as it really depends on how high you have that heating on)!!

For your table centre you will need:

A container of your choice – I’ve used a vintage glass cake stand
1/3 of a brick of oasis – available from your florist
A pair of scissors
A few .90 floristry wires

Christmas Table Centrepiece DIY Tuturial by Campbells Flowers-8


10 small bright red roses – I’ve used ‘Calypso’
2 stems of red skimma
2 stems of pussy willow
5 stems of ‘red’ freesia
4 stems of red astilbe
2 stems of photina ‘red robin’
2 stems of hibiscus pods
a few cones, a few cinnamon sticks and a little natural raffia


Christmas floral table centrepiece DIY tutorial by Campbells Flowers

Soak a third of a brick of oasis really well in a sink or bucket filled with deep water, allowing it to sink down naturally as it absorbs the water.

Christmas floral table centrepiece DIY tutorial by Campbells Flowers

Get together your foliage as these form the edges to your design

Christmas floral table centrepiece DIY tutorial by Campbells Flowers

Start by inserting two pieces of asparagus fern either side of your piece of oasis – this will establish how big your final design will be as you won’t place any other material further than these outer edges

Christmas floral table centrepiece DIY tutorial by Campbells Flowers

Work through the design by adding more of the asparagus fern to create a soft ‘bridge’ shape, making sure you use short pieces of fern through the centre of the design. Add the astilbe to strengthen the shape.

Christmas Table Centrepiece DIY Tuturial by Campbells Flowers-14

Add the little roses throughout the design making sure that you keep the ‘bridge’ shape by keeping the central roses quite short.

Christmas Table Centrepiece DIY Tuturial by Campbells Flowers-15

Start to fill the design by using skimmia and eucalyptus, making sure you keep opposite textures next to each other as this creates a design which is naturally pleasing to the eye.

Christmas Table Centrepiece DIY Tuturial by Campbells Flowers-15

Add the hibiscus for a lovely stripy texture, a few stems of freesia for that all important colour pop, with some pretty pine cones and cinnamon sticks wrapped in natural raffia.  You’ll need to wire the cones before you can use them buy simply wrapping a wire around the bottom and twisting the wire together to secure. If you find this a bit tricky, take a look at the film below which explains in detail how to wire a cone.

Ta da! And there you have it!

So, I hope this has been fun and given you a little inspiration and perhaps the encouragement needed to have a go yourself.  As with all my tutorials, you can interpret this design just how you want – perhaps red isn’t your thing, then use all whites, creams and greens instead, or substitute the cones and cinnamon sticks for baubles and glittery bits if you just can’t resist a bit of sparkle at Christmas!

Christmas Floral Table Centrepiece DIy Tutorial_0013

Incidental close up

My thanks again to Annabel and should you need any help making this design do get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.

If you've been inspired today, please take a moment to visit the Campbell's Flowers website.  You can also find Campbells Flowers on Facebook and Twitter and via Tracey's blog.




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