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I had planned to take today off to catch up with blog admin, update the Love My Dress Media Pack {ask for a copy!} and spend some precious time with my new baby – however, I just had to share this beautiful wedding with you, because it's made me feel so warm and fuzzy this morning as I was looking through the photographs, taken by the lovely London and Kent Wedding and Boudoir Photographer, Eliza Claire.

This is the wedding of Lee & Judith that took place on 28 August at St Thomas A Beckett Church in Sussex.

Why do I love this wedding? Because I think Eliza Claire has captured the emotions of the day so beautifully. Call me soft, but I just can't help myself when it comes to weddings and the genuine love that is visible between a couple on their special day. It could be any couple, and that look in their eyes as they stare lovingly at each other gets me every time. It is for the wonderful shots of this couple together that I'm sharing this particular feature with you…

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JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-61

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-4

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JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-3

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-11

Judith's pretty wedding dress is 'Eliana' by Enzoani, from Pantiles Bride…     

"I loved its femininity, I was about to phone to confirm on another dress when I saw this in a magazine and I knew that it was perfect.  My veil is by Sassi Holford, I had decided not to go for a veil, against the protestations of my bridesmaid who said I had to have one for ‘the Hollywood moment’ but when I tried this one on I loved the illusion and texture of its shape."

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-13

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-5 JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-16

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-57

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-12

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-17

"St Thomas A Beckett Church is a little medieval church that we came across on our bikes one evening. We said then that it would be the perfect place for a wedding, so when Lee proposed the decision was obvious…"

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-20

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-21

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-22

Judith walked down the aisle to Gymnopedie No. 1, by Erik Satie"it is a favourite piece of Lee’s and when he played it to me we both thought it would be perfect, it is very ethereal, and leaves room for all the emotion of the moment…"

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-23

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-24

"Lee borrowed his suit is from the National Theatre, who have an amazing warehouse full of treasures. He combined a Victorian frock coat with a beautiful Regency waistcoat.  He also wore a pair of silver cufflinks, given to him by his father when he was born."

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-28

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-26

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-29

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-30

Oh how I love this – my favourite photograph of them all …. how does that saying go, 'a picture speaks a thousand words…'

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-32

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-33

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-36

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-38

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-41

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-39

The reception was held in the couples own home and gardens…

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-1

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-9

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-66

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-67

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-69

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-40

"We sourced our own flowers from Covent Garden Market and from English Rose Growers, Danae at Country Roses.  We wanted simple, natural, fragrant arrangements to compliment the beautiful church. The reception was held in our walled garden which Lee spent months getting ready before the wedding and looks wonderful…"

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-50 JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-49

I just love these shots of Judith with her Bridesmaids below – the colour of the dresses really works or me and Eliza has captured this shot below of hte Bride looking beautiful and almost vulnerable so very well…

These teal chiffon dresses are from Jigsaw

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-53

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-55

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-59

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-60

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-62

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-65

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-45

The couple opted for a coffee, chocolate and vanilla sponge cake with chocolate flower decorations; "the cake was made by very wonderful and talented sister, Lizzie, who spent months designing a special recipe for the coffee cake so it would be just perfect. This meant many cake tastings, about which we did not complain!"

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-73

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-74

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-75

Moon River…

"Our first dance will be to Moon River, sung by Andy Williams. When Lee and I first began to fall in love, I had to drop over to his flat one day to return a jumper that he had lent me the night before, when we had gone to a gallery with some friends and  he hand lent it to me as the night got chilly. When I arrived at his flat he was painting a wall, with a very old tape of American Songbook Classics on, we began to paint the wall together, looking back it was a hideous colour, but Moonriver was playing, and it was beautiful. When we moved in together a few months later one of the first things we bought was an Andy Williams record."

Oh how I love that song – it was my choice to walk down the aisle to Moon River, played on harp …

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-76

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-77

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-78

Words of Wedded Wisdom?

"That planning a wedding brings out all emotions, good and bad, and that negotiating them together is part of the journey!

When we first started planning the wedding several of our friends said ‘so it’s going to be like a weekend at yours, but bigger’ and that’s exactly how we wanted it to be, just how we are on a summer weekend, but with all of our friends coming to stay at once!"

JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-71 JudithLee+London Wedding Photographer-72

Just another beautiful wedding with photographs that really stirred some emotion in me this morning 🙂

Congratulations to you both Judith and Lee – I wish you the longest and happiest of lives together 🙂

Thank you also to Eliza Claire for sharing her work with Love My Dress – you can see more Eliza Claire Photography on the Love My Dress Wedding Blog here.

Have a lovely afternoon,

Annabel xXx


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