An Engagement in Paris….

Sometimes, I don't need to work hard on finding the words for an introduction to a feature, because the photographs do all the speaking for themselves, and there are no simpler words for me to use to explain my feelings behind this morning's blog feature other than to say 'I love it'.

This touching engagement shoot was photographed by Caroline Weiss of Candysnap Photography who told me more about how she came to be photographing this sweet couple around the streets of Paris…

"I was invited to the shoot by my friend and fellow wedding photographer Christophe Viseux.  The couple are Jayne and Philip who are from Singapore and will be getting married there in November this year. They decided to book in for an engagement shoot in Paris after a recent trip to Europe.

Before I went to Paris I came across this amazing song 'Beautiful Land' by Nina Simone and it totally inspired this shoot.  I also made a slideshow with music…"

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Candysnaps


Paris shoot-2

Paris shoot-26

Paris shoot-23

Paris shoot-4

Paris shoot-5

The words to the song by Nina Simone are:

"Red is the color of a pretty pillarbox,
Orange is any orange on a tree.
Yellow’s the color of a bag of lemon drops,
Green is a piece of seaweed in the sea.
Blue is the color of the sky in summertime
Indigo is a siamese cat’s eyes.
Violet’s the color of a pretty little flower.
These are the colors of the rainbow skies.
There is a beautiful land
Where all your dreams come true;
It’s all tied up in a rainbow,
All shiny and new;
But it’s not easy to find
No matter what you do.
It’s not on top of a mountain
Or beneath the deep blue sea
Or in london zoo or in timbuktoo,
Or in timbuckthree.
And if you travelled the world
From china to peru,
There’s no beautiful land on the chart.
An explorer could not begin
To discover it’s origin
For the beautiful land is in your heart…"

FItting, I think you'll agree, for this touching engagement shoot in the beautiful city of Paris…

Paris shoot-6

Paris shoot-7

Paris shoot-8

Paris shoot-9

Paris shoot-10

Paris shoot-11

Paris shoot-15

Paris shoot-16

Paris shoot-17

Paris shoot-19

Paris shoot-20

Paris shoot-21

Paris shoot-25

Paris shoot-28

Paris shoot-29

Paris shoot-35

Paris shoot-36

Paris shoot-37

The bridge with the padlocks is called 'Pont des Artes' – Sweethearts affix padlocks to symbolize their love….

Paris shoot-40

Paris shoot-30

Paris shoot-41

Paris shoot-42

Paris shoot-44

Paris shoot-57 Paris shoot-62

Paris shoot-59 Paris shoot-60

Paris shoot-31

Paris shoot-34

Paris shoot-38

Paris shoot-51

Turn to the one you love today and hug them tight everyone 🙂

Much love,

Annabel xXx



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