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Hi Everyone :)   I'm shifting my wedding dress obsessing focus today over to Wedding Gift Lists.

Following the collapse of 'Wrapit' back in 2008, I've always been a little bit sceptical about wedding gift lists.  And I've never much liked the idea of having to sign up to a department store gift list either.  I don't know, the idea of having to draw up a huge list of Debenhams or John Lewis just didn't really excite me.  And yet the wedding gift list isn't something I'm entirely allergic to…

I think the idea of having a list is super-fab actually. Wedding guests, friends, family – people do want to buy gifts to help you celebrate your wedding, and it can be a daunting task to know what to get.  Making it easier for them, makes it easy for you.  And, making it easy for everyone is a fabulous new company called Zankyou.

Zankyou is a brilliant new online service that makes process of either setting up your own wedding website (to make it easy to share important information with friends, family and guests) as well as establishing your own online wedding gift list, a complete and utter breezseWatch this video, and see how…

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If you just want a wedding website, that's fine; if you want to combine it with a traditional gift list full of household items, that's fine too. However, if you want to create your personalised wedding website, with all wedding related information (itinerary, hen and stag nights, dress codes, hotels, etc), create a gift list that has anything from your honeymoon to charity donations, and organise your guest list and table plan, then Zankyou is the place to do it!  Zankyou provides couples with a space that they can customise to their hearts' delight…

"We're a team of people from all over the world who work for Zankyou, an online wedding gift list and wedding website service. Our aim is to bring flexibility and freedom to weddings, by providing couples with the opportunity to ask for any gifts they like and get the full cash equivalent in their bank account."

Zankyou Wedding Gift List & Wedding Website Service

It all sounds great doesn't it? Fun, convenient and ideal.  So what makes Zankyou different from the other wedding gift list services?

(1)  Zankyou lets you create the wedding list of your dreams. Include different stages of your honeymoon, dinner at a fancy restaurant and yes, ok, that toaster! 

(2) Zankyou transfers funds contributed to your list to your personal bank account.

 (3)  Zankyou gives you the freedom to use your contributions as you please. You're under no obligation to buy specific gifts in specific shops within a specific timeframe. Sounds good, right? 

(4)  Zankyou is transparent about rates. We give you the best deal on the market by far and if you find a better rate, we'll match it! 

(5)  Zankyou's wedding website gives you a whole range of useful tools, including information on your itinerary, electronic RSVP for your invitations and a guest list management feature that easily converts into a table planner tool, to help you with all your planning headaches! 

(6) Zankyou is a truly international service. It's ideal for destination weddings and also gives your guests the option of using your wedding list and webpage in any one of six languages (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese).

Now come on, that's impressive!

Zankyou Wedding Gift List & Wedding Website Service 

I love how the Zankyou website makes it easy to just, well, do what you need to do.  There's no fuss or complication – the home page has links directing you immediately to instructions on how to set up your wedding website, and/or your wedding gift list…

"Our rates are some of the lowest on the market, we operate in more than 15 countries and we're constantly updating the site with new tools and characteristics to make Zankyou one of your wedding's biggest allies when planning your wedding…"

Zankyou Wedding Gift List & Wedding Website Service

Zankyou is also ideal for couples who are getting married abroad or mixed-nationality couples, as Zankyou's service comes in 6 different languages. Guests can check out your wedding website in their own language and we have a multilingual telephone service for guests who want to make contributions over the phone

"Also, we're a pretty fun group of guys and girls with experience in communication, PR and technology. We're really into wedding trends – as our multilingual wedding site Zk Magazine shows – we love social networking and are currently getting more and more familiar with Twitter while updating our Facebook approach.

We've all travelled a lot, speak several languages and come together like the UN once a week for our big Zankyou meeting (thanks to Skype!)."

♥    ♥      

So, the task of creating a wedding gift list should be one you look FORWARD to from now on 🙂 Pop on over to the Zankyou Online Wedding Gift List website for further information and assistance. 

Tell me about you – have you got your gift list sorted yet?

Much love,

Annabel xXx



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