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Morning ladies and Gents, how does Wednesday find you?  I thought I'd venture over to the 'other side' today and run a feature on the male element of species.

Truth be known, I'm not reeeeeally a top hat and tails kind of gal.  I much prefer a rather more relaxed, dapper-chapper kinda look.  So when James Thompson of POSE London contacted me to see if I thought their latest collection of suits for Grooms might interest my readers, I knew in an instant they would, because secretly, I think we all share the same kind of style and preference through these wedding blog pages. I love a man in a sharp, tailored, well-cut suit. Gives me goosebumps it does.

POSE London is a small, forward thinking brand for men offering simple yet edgy fashion, whose purpose is to enhance the wardrobe of any man looking for classic pieces, flattering fit and stylish design. 

Velvet suits.  I love…

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IMG_0049 copy

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I got talking to James from POSE and here's what he had to say…

"The reason I am writing to you is recently we have had quite a few grooms into our Covent Garden store looking for a fashionable alternative to traditional groomswear and so I thought I’d drop you a line to show you the sort of thing we do and see if you thought your readers may be interested at all.   

As our name suggests we hope to offer something a bit different for those who want to stand out in a crowd!"

IMG_0117 copy

I presume most of your readers are looking for wedding dresses but if they are anything like my wife they may also be interested in looking at what their groom could be wearing too and point them in the right direction! We have wide range of styles that would fit into many wedding themes and are on trend with couples wanting a more unique and personal look on their big day…"

And so a glorious relationship {Love My Pose?} was struck up and we decided to share some Groom styling looks with my readers 🙂

I'm going to work you through a number of different styles to suit different looks this morning starting up with a walk through the seasons…


♥    ♥    ♥

The Retro Autumnal Look…

If the 1970s and autumnal hues are your wedding inspiration then this look will suit you to a tee with its retro detailed chocolate tweed blazer and catwalk inspired paisley swirl shirt. Burnt orange, gold and champagne all work with this look.

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Retro Autumnal Look

Summer Skies Look…

You've got your something borrowed and old now get your new and blue here! A classic navy suit is given a fun twist with a paisley printed shirt and soft blue tie. By the way, blue is my favourite 🙂

Summer Skies Look

Fresh Spring Look…

A Soft and Subtle colour palette of pastel blues and silver greys would match any clear Spring Bblue sky for an outside wedding. Crisp, fresh and modern…

Fresh Spring Look

The Vintage Winter Look…

This fun and fashionable look would work with a 1920s Parisian glamour drenched theme. A hint of nostalgia with a muted monochrome rose print shirt mixed with our sophisticated classic suit and quirky dickie bow- just add some flapper girls and the jazz band…

Vintage Winter Look

The English Country Garden Look…

This sytle is perfect for any dreamy, enchanted summer garden party theme go bold with a Garden Flower printed shirt and matching accessories as highlights.

Fresh, clean and quirky this look is one to stand out from the crowd!

English Country Garden Look

Punk Pink Look…

Release your inner rebel with some shocking pink ! Striking and contempory, this look would fit in with the popular wedding colour scheme or would look very rock n roll for those wanting to stick 2 fingers up at tradition!

Punky Pink Look

Evening Party Look…

Chocoholics would be in heaven in this Cadburys purple shirt. Team with crisp whites, silver or dramatic black for a regal Wow factor.

Evening Party Look

Quirky Classic Look…

Wear this classic combination of baby pink and charcoal grey for a soft vintage feel juxtaposed with clean modern look. Shabby Chic refinement with pastel charm.

Quirky Classic Look

Kitsch Flowers Look…

If your wedding going to be a Mad Hatters tea party then look no further for your groom with this kitsch look. A spring floral sprig print would compliment an array of vintage crockery, picnic tables and bunting!

Kitch Flowers Look

Deco Christmas Look…

Perfect for a winter wonderland wedding add some drama with our classic black suit, polka dot shirt and splashes of Ruby red. Just add red rose button holes to finish the look.

Deco Christmas Look for Grooms


♥    ♥    ♥


Something to please almost everyone there, and that makes me happy 😉

There are a range of accessories and add on pieces available at POSE London to complete any of the above looks {shoes, ties, bow ties, cuff links etc} – consider the place a 'one-stop-sthop' for all your Groom styling needs 😉

Price-wise, shirts begin at £65, suits are from £330 and blazers from £245. All styles are available in the POSE London store in Covent Garden, London, and can also be bought online.

Let's throw together a few more looks for the Grooms. Check out that sexy pout…

Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Rikard Osterlund

IMG_0452 copy

IMG_0512 copy

IMG_0102 copy

IMG_0134 copy

If required we have an appointment only personal styling service to help get the perfect look for the big day and an alterations service.

It would be great to get some feedback on this feature. Should I venture more often into 'wedding blog for the man' land? Which is your favourite look?

See more How-To guides on Love My Dress here.

Lots of love all,

Annabel xXx


 Love My Dress Wedding Blog – Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Media Lightbulb {still life images}


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