The Ethics of Wedding Dress Manufacture – What Are Your Thoughts?

Hello peeps! Have you stopped by the blog already this morning? If you you've already seen this little set of 'wedding signage' inspiration boards I crafted with my own fair/photoshop hand yesterday evening for you, and this lovely  rustic style wedding from Photographer Andrew J R Squires 🙂

Make sure you pop along to see if you haven't already.

Now, here's a question…

wedding dress ethics?

Let me explain…

♥  Does it matter to you where your wedding dress is/was made, and who by?

   Does it bother you if your dress is/was 'made in the UK, or not?  Infact, do you know if your dress was made in the UK or not?

♥  Does the idea of cheap off-shore/overseas production bother you?

  Do you care that original designs can be copied for a snip of the price by these off-shore manufacturing houses?

♥  Does any of this matter as long as you get your dream dress at a price that suits?

  Would you prefer to purchase from a dress designer who claims 'ethnic' production and manufacturing credentials or does this not matter to you?


♥    ♥    ♥

I'm really very keen to hear any views at all that you may have on the above.

 I intend on following this up with something more in-depth very soon and your comments and feedback will play an important contribution to the feature.

Answers in a comment box below please 🙂

Much love and thank you all,



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